WorDroid - Full Native WordPress Blog App For Android

WorDroid - Full Native WordPress Blog App For Android

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WorDroid is a full featured Native WordPress blog app with lots of features like AdMob, Analytics, Push Notifications, Dedicated Image Viewer, Offline reading and much more.
Getting started with this is very easy. Just install the plugins required and put your blog URL and you are ready to go.


  • Support WordPress V2 API.
  • Automatic/Manual Push Notification.
  • Firebase Analytics.
  • Easy to use AdMob units.
  • Multiple Homescreen Layout.
  • DeepLinking.
  • Autofill Comment fields (Name & Email).
  • App Intro.
  • Splash Screen.
  • Small APK Size.
  • Easy to setup.
  • Material Design.
  • and many more…


VERSION 4.7 – Feb 18, 2022
=================VERSION 4.7 - Feb 18, 2022=============
1. Fixed crash issue on Android 12.
2. Bumped up the dependencies version and build tool version.
3. Minor bug fixes.
VERSION 4.6 – Jul 04, 2021
=================VERSION 4.6 - Jul 04, 2021=============
1. Added option to change ad network (Admob/Facebook) to WP Dashboard.
2. Fixed Subcategory issue.
3. Fixed Enable/Disable Signing from WP Dashboard.
4. Bumped up the dependencies version and build tool version.
5. Minor bug fixes.
VERSION 4.5 – Jan 10, 2021
=================VERSION 4.5 - Jan 10, 2021=============
1. Added FB Native Ad in the post list screen
2. Fixed FB Audience network dependency issue
3. Minor bug fixes
VERSION 4.4 – Aug 10, 2020
=================VERSION 4.4 - Aug 10, 2020=============
1. Added category grid with background image
2. Added Option to define no of related posts to load (APP)
3. Added Option to hide specific category (Plugin)
4. Added Option to switch AdMob to FB Ads (Banner and Interstitial) (APP)
5. Fixed Comment crash issue
6. Fixed AdMob Interstitial not loading at specified interval
7. Fixed Navigation Drawer Exception when Icon color is missing in drawer
VERSION 4.3 – June 22, 2020
=================VERSION 4.3 - June 22, 2020=============
1. Notification issue resolved.
2. Added option to enable/disable OneSignal Test Notification.
3. Anonymous Comments enabled by default.
4. Minor Bug fixed
Version 4.2 June 15, 2020
=================VERSION 4.2=============
1. Critical Bug Fixes.
2. Settings moved to the Wordpress plugin.
3. Performance improvements
Version 4.1 March 2, 2020
=================VERSION 4.1=============
1. Fixed Notification bug for Post, Web and Message notification.
2. Fixed Banner ads not working on post page.
3. Fixed crash on Tags fragment.
4. Fixed crash after signing ( <a href="">Check the solution</a> )
5. Other minor bug fixes.
Version 4.0 Jan 30, 2020
=================VERSION 4.0=============
1. Redesigned from scratch.
2. Interstitial Ads with frequency supported.
3. Light, Dark and System Default theme available.
4. Config app remotely via dashboard.
5. Fixed some minor bugs
Version 3.2 Aug 10, 2019
=================VERSION 3.2=============
1. Added tags support
2. Added AdMob Native Ads in Post Lists Pages
3. Added Sticky Banner Ads in Post List and Post Detail Pages
4. Replaced Search in bottom nav with youtube playlists
5. Fixed some minor bugs
Version 3.1 Dec 01, 2018
=================VERSION 3.1=============
+[Added] Native support YouTube Playlists and Videos
+[Added] Swipe to remove notifications
+[Added] Media section re-designed
+[Fixed] Fixed crash on home screen
+[Fixed] Integrated Crashalytics
+[Fixed] Minor bug fixes
Version 2.3 – April 25,2018
+[Added] Facebook Ads (Banner and Interstitial)
+[Added] Added Image Viewer and Downloader
+[Added] Fixed Offline Posts List not refreshing after deleting
+[Fixed] Fixed a few bugs
Version 2.2 – March 22,2018
+[Added] Option to switch to RTL
+[Added] Built-In WebView
+[Added] File Downloading support
+[Fixed] Fixed Crashing Bugs
+[Fixed] Optimised for performance.
Version 2.1 – February 12, 2018
+[Added] Added Speak Feature In Posts
+[Added] Added Native YouTube Video Player
+[Added] Added Sticky Comments/Share Bar
+[Added] Added Slider In Post Lists
+[Added] Added Rate Us In Menu Drawer
+[Fixed] Slow Posts Loading
+[Fixed] Fixed Night Mode Issue
+[Fixed] Various Bug Fixes and Performnce Improvements
Version 2.0 – February 7, 2018
+[Added]Redesigned from scratch
+[Added] 3 types of home screen
+[Added] 5 types post section
+[Added] Night Mode
+[Added] Share Posts with Image
+[Added] 3 types of notification supported
+[Added] Periodic full screen ads supported
+[Added] 5 types post section
+[Added] Force Update Supported
+[Added] WordPress Pages Suported
Version 1.4 – September 18, 2017
+[Added] - Onesignal Notification
+[Added] - Phone Number Authentication
+[Added] - Facebook Authentication
+[Added] - Twitter Authentication
+[Added] - New Email and Password Authentication
+[Added] - New Google Authentication
+[Updated] - WordPress FCM Plugin to work with Onesignal
+[Fixed] - Disabled Long Click Text Selection Inside Posts
+[Fixed] - Minor Bug Fixes
Version 1.3 – June 26,2017
+[Fixed] - Horizintall Posts gets doubled when reloaded
+[Added] - Enable/Disable Ads from file
+[Added] - Enable/Disable Intro Screen
+[Added] - Enable/Disable Login & Signup
+[Added] - Online Documentation (
+[Added] - All strings moved to one place for easy translation
+[Fixed] - Minor Bugs
Version 1.2 – May 25, 2017
+[Added] Full Screen Iframe Video Support
+[Added] Login and Signup Page (Google and Email/Password supported)
+[Fixed] Play Store App Rejection
+[Fixed] Notification when app is running
+[Fixed] Other important bug fixes
Version 1.1 – May 06, 2017
+[Added] 1 Post Style Added.
+[Added] Compatible with Android 7.1.
+[Fixed] Better Tablet Support.
+[Fixed] Internal Links open in app.
+[Fixed] Minor Bux Fixes.
Version 1.0 – April 24, 2017
Initial Release

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