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That’s really cool!

Really easy but useful script. I strongly recommend you to remove live preview and add a video or something. People might steal it this way.

Good luck with sales.

Good point. Thanks for the tip.

Could a bot read the “title” tag and then use the format you’ve provided and build an email address via that?

Possible, but I think they are programmed to look for email specific characters/tags: @, mailto:, etc.

do spambots have javascript activated?? I don’t think so, so if js was not active, all the addresses are visible, right? I think this has to be done on the server side, before the page is even sent to the client, then on the client-side we have to decrypt the mailadresses (which were encrypted on server side) with javascript…

or am I completely wrong?

most spambots would not have JS activated, so all they ‘see’ on the page was an empty span tag. email addresses are only rendered dynamically by the plugin.

I use jquery 1.7.2 on my site. Will this work?


Hi – Yes, it works with v1.7.2.


Is this working with IE10? Latest Firefox, Opera etc? What about documentation?

Thank you!

Perfect. Works like a champ. Tried used Hivelogic Enkoder was a try for me…but this solution worked better. And at $4….cannot beat the price.

Hi! Do you have javascript for html? not wordpress? Thank you!

Congratulations! GoodLuck