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I’ve emailed 3 times with no response for over a week. Is this plug in supported? Please respond to my emails or I will ask for a refund.

I responded to your email but the functionality you want isn’t an out of the box feature nor is it advertised as so.

a. I have received zero response to my emails from you and clearly you did not read them because b. if you did, you would realize the “functionality I want” is simply for this plug in to work. As I said in my 3 emails over the nearly 2 weeks, the link for the pop up will work sometimes, sometimes it is completely inactive. I believe a functioning plug in should be an out of box feature. Please respond to my refund request asap.

I will issue a refund now.

hello sir, can i add vimeo video description inside per video on wordpress with this plugin?

I’m not sure I understand what you are asking here.

Why do I only see one interface setting that can be changed? That is the player background color and nothing else. I’m using WordPress version 4.9.4

Please see the README.txt file in your package for documentation. :)

Thank you. I found it. How do I adjust the width of the border? It is too thick for me.

That change has to be done in the CSS. I’m happy to help with this if you need me to.