Discussion on Wordpress Vimeo Youtube Popup Plugin

Discussion on Wordpress Vimeo Youtube Popup Plugin

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I am searching for a plugin which can open a new window without url bar and tool bar and other bars. Actually i have a wordpress examination / test website and in footer i would like to have exam buttons like Exam 1, Exam 2, Exam 3 etc so that if i click on any exam in footer it opens in a popup window or in uper frame / window.

can i do that with this plugin ?

I keep getting an error the the Vimeo embed is wrong. How do you do Vimeo?

Are you still having this issue. Can you provide a link?

Does not work with WP 5.5. Conflicting with a lot of plugins. Please update.

I’m investigating and will get an update in place.

Plugin started to make conflicts after WP 5.5. update.

Caused by missing jquery-migrate which is disabled as default in WP 5.5.

I’m investigating and will get an update in place.

Hi there, I have tested the latest version of the plugin and it does not work nicely with WordPress 5.5 or with Woocommerce. Just to let you know. Thanks

I haven’t tested this on 5.5. What issues are you having?

Hi, I have a youtube channel that has less the 1000 subs, so a video or live stream cannot be embedded. Will this plugin be a suitable workaround, ie will it play clips that are not embed enabled? thanks

This is a solution to the problem you’re trying to solve.

I found out that videos doesnt get centered with iphone. Anything to do for it?

[Solved] Hey, I wonder if someone else get this but when using the plugin for popup a Vimeo video the video start with the sound automatically down to zero. Is there a workaround for that? Author already answered” The muted happens only on autoplay since modern browsers won’t autoplay a video that has sound.

Why when I click play the youtube audio is Muted. Is there a way to play the audio?

I am currently using the image short code.

[vimeoyoutubepopup_video displaytype=”image” path=”IMG-URLg” videoplayer=”youtube” videoid=”yxOcC1n_NHY” width=“400” height=“222” autoplay=”true”]

In order for autoplay to work on mobile devices the video has to be muted. If you disable autoplay it won’t be muted by default.

Can this be used to pop up an image also instead of a video?

Sorry, this is strictly for displaying youtube and vimeo videos.

Hi, I just purchased the plugin and have a question. I’ve submitted a support email request. Looking forward to your response.

Hi Ntijani, I did not receive a request. What are you looking to do?

First off, great plugin. It helped improve a vimeo embed issues affecting my site load speed. Two questions: (1) any workaround to videos being muted on click of pop-up image? Do I disable auto-play? If so, what’s the shotcode? (2) How do I make the pop-up responsive. It is non-responsive on mobile and on some desktop depending on resolution of screen.

Thank you for the feedback. Below are my answers to your questions.

1. The muted happens only on autoplay since modern browsers won’t autoplay a video that has sound.

2. The popup should be responsive out of the box. If you are experiencing something different, please email a link to and I will be happy to help.

Is there any chance to get option for start time? Asked this earlier with email w/o reply.

That is a misprint but this is the latest version. I will rename it to avoid confusion.

Just noticed the same thing. Start time working well :) Is there any other changes, because my videos seems to start muted as default :o

Yes, In order to do autoplay chrome requires a video to be muted by default. This is now a web standard.

i found blank page when emmbed the code. I have send email about this

Hey dahsyad, I responded to your email. Please take a look when you have a moment.

Why do I only see one interface setting that can be changed? That is the player background color and nothing else. I’m using WordPress version 4.9.4

Please see the README.txt file in your package for documentation. :)

Thank you. I found it. How do I adjust the width of the border? It is too thick for me.

That change has to be done in the CSS. I’m happy to help with this if you need me to.

hello sir, can i add vimeo video description inside per video on wordpress with this plugin?

I’m not sure I understand what you are asking here.

I’ve emailed 3 times with no response for over a week. Is this plug in supported? Please respond to my emails or I will ask for a refund.

I responded to your email but the functionality you want isn’t an out of the box feature nor is it advertised as so.

a. I have received zero response to my emails from you and clearly you did not read them because b. if you did, you would realize the “functionality I want” is simply for this plug in to work. As I said in my 3 emails over the nearly 2 weeks, the link for the pop up will work sometimes, sometimes it is completely inactive. I believe a functioning plug in should be an out of box feature. Please respond to my refund request asap.

I will issue a refund now.

hit here, how can I extend the starttime of a Youtube movie?

By default you can’t do this. Can you send this request via email?

Is there a way not to show related videos at the end of a youtube video?

Yes this can be done but I will have to make a change to the plugin to allow this.

How come there is no Wistia support? Wouldnt any video code work for that matter?

It doesn’t work that way. Wista is a different platform so their embed implementation is different. This plugin doesn’t advertise Wistia support.

the background isnt matching up with the video – how do we fix this?

Is this still an issue?


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