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Hello, I want to buy your plugin but need to know that it will work on my website.

You may have access to my private site and you assure me that will work without problem?

This depends on what theme and other plugins you have installed. If you can place a shortcode, it will work.

Could you give me instructions how to pop the popup automatically after certain page has loaded?

Sure. Email me at nickalexanderrivers@gmail.com and I will send you what you need.

Soo.. where do i put the shortcode? In the home page?

In the visual editor for that particular page.

can this support self hosted video?

This cannot. Its for youtube and vimeo.

Help please. I emailed you last week about the shortcode for an automatic popup.

I’ve just responded. You should be all set.

Hey, thanks for the response. I uploaded the new zip file, unfortunately it is still not auto loading. Am I missing something?

Possibly. Can you email me a link to your website so I can see?

I was thinking of purchasing. Can your plugin do like on cnn? Video resizes and plays in the upper right corner on scroll down of page?

It doesn’t but that would be a good feature for the future!

does it have autoplay when the page is open?

Adding title and alt is easy Works Great. Please just add to your plugin instead of saying it will take special coding took me 10 minutes I am a systems expert not a programmer.

edit vimeoyoutubepopup.php

add to the shortcode array section below video ID. Video is default text.

"videoid" => '',
        "title" => 'video',
        "alt" => 'video'

then add after ahref# in the following lines of code.

alt=”’.esc_html($alt).’” title=”’.esc_html($title).’”

Now you can use alt=”some text” title=”some text” in the shortcode


This is actually funny but true. No one has ask for alt tags that can remember so I never saw it as important. I’m happy to add it.

Hello, I just bought the ‘Wordpress Vimeo Youtube Popup Plugin’ via CodeCanyon. Can you please explain me how to make this popup automatically on the homepage at: http://vandervalk.tenmedia-showroom.nl

Really cool plugin. I followed the code edits in the above comments for the image alt text, though couldn’t get this to work (it appears on the link attribute instead). Please could you advise further as far as applying an ALT description on images is concerned?

I don’t think ALTs are included but I can setup for you. Email me at nickalexanderrivers@gmail.com

Hi, I’ve just bought your plugin, and like some of the others posting, we’d like to launch the pop-up automatically on the homepage only. Could you please advise how we do this? Thanks.

Hey crdunst. Email me at nickalexanderrivers@gmail.com :)

No instructions on how to use this plugin. It’s installed now what. Sad that there are no instructions included.

Thats not true at all. There is a file in the ZIP called “README.txt”


scjrs Purchased

just bought and installed where are the instructions for using it?

There is a file in the ZIP called “README.txt”


hqcode Purchased

Can I get a video to start playing at a specific time? If not, can I hack – ah er, amend the code to add that parameter? :)

Hi. I can help you


hqcode Purchased

Great, can the code be modified to have a video start playing a preset time?

Hello, I have install the plugin open the zip folder and read the README file. Still i don’t understand how this works. Can you please be more specific? Where do i go to insert this popup on my home page. Also where do i change the link to choose my own video. Thank you,

This plugin is designed to be implemented with shortcodes. This means you can have the videos appear on as many pages as you like. Does that make sense?

it would be great if you can give shortcode examples so we can see it in action on the readme file and on your website, its not working

There are shortcode examples in the readme

the background isnt matching up with the video – how do we fix this? https://www.creatalytics.com/1-edit-learn-more/

Is this still an issue?

How come there is no Wistia support? Wouldnt any video code work for that matter?

It doesn’t work that way. Wista is a different platform so their embed implementation is different. This plugin doesn’t advertise Wistia support.