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Nice work! GLWS :)

much thanks , so great !!

Nice work! GLWS :)

much thanks , so great !!

Good Work, wish you best sales :)

much thank, such great :D

Very beautiful

much thanks sir :D

Hi TheDoge, Very good plugin I just installed it and liked it very much. Just one problem … The upload files button (not imgur) is not showing up in internet explorer. They are both working fine with Chrome & Firefox, but with Explorer some some reason it is not showing. Any ideas to fix that ? Thanks!

Please forget about my last comment. I just refreshed the page and all is perfectly working now :) Thanks for this great plugin and take care ;)

well very thanks, if you have any feedback, please tell me then, i’ll improve it right away !!

Edit: Had a problem but double checked after I posted (should have done it before). I do have a question though. When it does the loading indicator, its really ugly. (a black and white skinny oval spinner, and its big). I will continue to try and pinpoint the class or whatever I have to do to fix it. Maybe you can make this easier for us and put in something in the backend? Take a look please

Im really glad you made this plugin, I needed a solution for people to upload because of space and basically to let the other site (imgr) handle it all,heh) Thank you.

Not sure if you’ve been thinking of any other improvements. Will let ya know if I think of anything. Perhaps keep another image provider in mind in case something happens to imgur?

Thank you for your advice, so you want an option to change the style of the loader ? if you want to change anything, you can change in file : assets/style.css

If you understand some coding :)) i’m trying to dig in the google drive, i’ve made some hidden file in the plugin.

and am a bit busy, but i’ve already have some thing on my mind about update new feature for the plugin.


shouyi Purchased

Hi upload image has been uploaded without working

Hi, so sorry that i’m not sure what is your problem ? could you be more specific about this?

is this the same as the dw imgur plugin?

Hi, it’s like an extended version, can also support bbpress and can upload multiple image

Hi. I have 2 questions for you. 1. Can I turn off uploading to my host?

2. I can’t upload Images from my phone ( sometimes working). Can you fix this? If You fix this I will buy immediately.

Hi, so sorry for my late reply 1. yes you can toggle on/off for every upload options 2. I have noticed this and you can try the option to fix bug in the Plugin’s setting page