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Pls help, i have try to add a registration form in the admin.php template in the editor. but after updating file it show me a blank page.pls how can i solve this issue. URGENT! <form method=”post” action=”<?php echo site_url(‘wp-login.php?action=register’, ‘login_post’) ?>” class=”wp-user-form”> <input id=”user_email” class=”input” type=”text” value=”” name=”user_email”> <?php do_action(‘register_form’); ?> <input type=”submit” name=”user-submit” value=”<?php _e(‘Sign up!’); ?>” class=”user-submit” tabindex=”103” /> <?php $register = $_GET[‘register’]; if($register == true) { echo ‘

Check your email for the password!

’; } ?> <input type=”hidden” name=”redirect_to” value=”<?php echo $_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’]; ?>?register=true” /> <input type=”hidden” name=”user-cookie” value=”1” /> </form>

I should have probably listened to the comments for this Plugin. It is not working as advertised. Was just pointed back to the Document which is really basic and does not help much. Hopefully the Author will ping me back and help. Has anyone been able to get a refund? I tried creating users (Teachers, Students, Guardians) from the DashBoard and no e-mail gets sent out to them with their password. Should these uses be created from the WordPress “users” menu??

send me admin and ftp access devsolver@gmail.com thanks :)

Sorry I cannot provide the Admin password information as it is a website of a non-profit organization I am helping with and they will not allow me to share Admin credentials outside. I hope you understand. If there is some other thing you want me to try that would be great.

Hi, Just bought this great plugin. Simply excellent but just one problem facing here. When I am creating student/gurdian/teacher account, how they will get the username and password ? They don’t get anything in their mail.

And other things, How can I make email as the alternative of mobile number ? I mean I want to use mobile number as the alternative of email/username. Is it possible ? Waiting for your reply.. Thanks

without solving this issue, it’s useless to me

its ok but i didn’t got any access info from you contact with my email address devsolver@gmail.com thanks :)

just now sent again. please check

Happy New Year,

This will probably be one of the stranger requests you have been presented with on your software.

I am curious how easy this would be to customize to fit our needs. My wife and I have been working on a website for a non for profit hockey club our kids attend. They are in dire need of a decent management system. Since the club is basically a hockey school the closest plug in that fits what they need is a school management system.

To make this work I would need to make the following changes.

Students become players Teachers become coaches classes become teams A lot of features not related would need to be removed or hidden custom fields needed for registration (player position, birthdate, etc.) Parent/Guardian would stay parent/gualrdian and be linked to the wordpress account (many kids are too young to even use an account) parents would need to pay the registration for their kids need reports on the registered and paid kids Players are promoted based on their age Players need to be assigned to Teams after tryouts Teams would need to be scheduled for practice and games and at different venues Results of the games need to be recorded by teams player stats would be nice attendance to practice and games would be great payments will be check or paypal. We are using woocommerce now to do payments

We have used profile modules and woocommerce with gravity forms to get the basic functionality we have now. We are not php programmers. We are doing this for the club for free and they can’t afford to pay programmers. How difficult do you feel it would be to adapt your plugin to make it work to fit the clubs needs? If most features are possible which become difficult?

Thanks kindly contact with me my email address devsolver@gmail.com thanks :)

Pre-sale question:

I am using another School Management Systems found in codecanyon and I am now looking for alternatives because the others failed miserably. Here’s my requirements: 1. I am managing a college, not a school. 2. Since it’s a college, we are not taking daily attendance but per-subject attendance. 3. Subjects sometimes at the same day (2 or 3 subjects in a day), so daily attendance is not suitable. 4. Each subject, has 2 and half hour class, 1 hour first session, half hour break, another 1 hour second session. 5. Each sessions will be marked present, absent and “LATE”. Would love to be able to write comments beside the attendance status of students (using wordpress-style comment box would be great), so we can put in information like how long were they late (we can write 10 or 15 minutes), OR write reason for late. 6. Based on point no.5, attendance will be counted according to their late timing and reasons/excuses for late, which will be used by attendance moderator staff.

  • After seeing your demo, I want to also ask a question pertaining to the points I stated above: I see that we can put attendance per class basis (as teacher account). Is it possible to fulfill my requirement no 2-4 above by adding 1 student to multiple classes? I cannot do it as teacher (only possible as admin?), but I could, then I create scenario like this: - Student A has class Principle of Design, Freehand Drawing & Color Theory (create those 3 separate classes). - Each classes above has two sessions Principle of Design session 1 & session 2 + the rest of classes (I proceed to create copies of those 3 separate classes with addition “session 2” behind the name). - Attendance can then be marked based on these classes.

*From demo, I can see that we can add attendance on student marks. How does the GPA scoring work on this? I am trying to add attendance in an exam to show their attendances of classes right before the exam date. That way, if students have less than 75% attendance will not be able to join the exam and therefore will get 0 marks here. But when I input the attendance with 0 marks, it shows as grade A+ lol. So here’s the next set of questions: - can we edit those marks description? - What is highest marks and how does it work? Why is it 400 (highest)? - What is others mark? How does it work? Highest is this mark (out of -?)? - Attendance as well, max mark for this? is this based on percentage? - how is the GPA counted on this?

Forgive the numerous questions. Already 2 plugins bought similar to this, with both as turning out disappointment. Support also only cover current features and no possibilites of users helping developers in adding new features (they charge extra for those). We are a college partnering with City of Oxford College and would love to have a working system for our study model. If this works, then I can submit proposal to have this system implemented with other City of Oxford College partners around the world.

Hope to hear from you soon and thank you in advance! Cheers…

Hi guys, I am inviting all those who purchased this theme to check. Are you able to create a new student account as admin, and then login to that account by yourself? The process of doing so doesn’t give us any password for student accounts.

I have just purchased for one day, but I can’t continue on. Campus director asked me to create accounts for all existing students, but I have absolutely no way to do so since I (as admin account) can’t create password for them. I thought creating new student account will send password to their email, so I tried to register using proper email (also set proper email setting already). So far no password sent to my email address. To do so is also not viable, because we have major students not have any email address.

So what happened: I got flagged and reprimanded by director for “buying unusable plugin”, which just seemed to make sense since I cannot proceed with it anymore anyway.

So I invite all of you who purchased to agree that such a basic feature should be part of this plugin: to be able to create student, teacher & parent/guardian with ability to create password for them (so we just need to hand these people their login credentials). This comment will serve as official feature request, because I don’t want this to be an extra charge (which the developer seems to keep mentioning when I first contact him about these issues).

And another thing I want you guys to also check. My campus has classes that starts at 2.20PM and 9.30AM. As of now we cannot use ‘class routine’ feature, because the plugin only limits to hourly input (no minutes input), so 2.20PM becomes 2PM, 9.30AM becomes 9AM. I can’t be asking my campus to change the classes’ time, can I?

Oh and bigboss555, no threat or offense intended with this comment. I’m just a normal everyday dissatisfied buyer. But until those basic things can be implemented, your plugin is more like a ‘beta’ version to me, which deserves 1/5 rating as of now. Will improve only as things improve better.

Account information going to email but we are changing 1) add custom password when create account 2) changing dashboard so u will get update version but i am really unhappy for 1 rating thanks :)

It’s ok to know we are moving on. Definitely as features improve, ratings will improve. Having more happy customers is the success, but changing unhappy customers into a happy one, that is the miracle! :) cough reputation management cough

Good Day. Is this plugin up to date? Has it been upgraded for this year?

LIVE Preview is not working

yes we are working on that soon it will ok thanks :)

Think I might leave this plugin alone….I need one that works

ok thanks :)

I want to use the plugin in Thailand, thai Language.Is it possible? tks

U need to do conversion and change text for Thailand but you can use only one language after conversion thanks :)

So u need to change text from page i will tell u where u need to change one by one thanks :)

Dear Supporters, I need to change the calendar which is used in your plugin, to Persian calendar. I want to know about cost of this? can you offer your price to change all of calendar and event calendar in your plugin? I want to buy it but before buying I need to know about this cost. Many thanks for your supports

contact with me via email devsolver@gmail.com thanks :)

demo login is not worling for teacher, i need to login to be able to test it before purchase. thank you

Check now thanks :)

demo working :)

Please, I need to know, can Student or guardian be able to view and print individual results at every term?

Secondly, can I set a specific login pin/password for students separately and PIN?

I am desperate to purchase this software but I need an answer to that

check our demo for every user then decide thanks :)

Thanks for your reply, one more thing please, is there a colum for CA (Continue Assessment) While managing marks please…?

have you login using any teacher information ? if yes then u can check also no problem thanks :)

I have bookmarked this page for purchase but some comments scared me though the live demo is working fine. I believe you guys have updated the plugin. however my question is what programming language and level of experience will I need to customize this plugin and is it compatible with WP Rara themes?

I m sure it will and if u need any customization we can do that for u thanks.


Nice application & I would love to have it for my school. Please answer few questions bellow:

1 – Is it all open source & possible for us to modify it as per future needs & requirements?

2 – Can I add custom field in student registration form?

3 – Can I generate/print/send monthly fee slip for a whole class in a go?

4 – Can I customize student invoice as it still need some more columns & fields?

5 – If a student have previous months outstanding fee, will the system add it automatically in new invoice?

6 – From where we can send email to a particular parent with respective student’s mark sheet, attendance report etc?

7 – Is there any section where we can see particular teacher’s salary ledger & particular student’s fee statement with paid & unpaid status?

8 – Can we send bulk notification email to all students, parents & teachers?

9 – Is SMS notification feature available?

10 -Is whole accounting including income, expense, salaries, bank etc included?

11 – Can we add privileged users with respective rights & permissions of access to admin sections?

12 – If some required features are not available & I send you a list of required modifications/customization, would you do it for a reasonable cost?

my friend you need modification kindly contact with my email address devsolver@gmail.com thanks :)