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Do you plan to make you answer to an Asian main language such as Japanese, Chinese and Korean?

Hello Leo, Answer for what exactly ?

Sorry,the question is bad. it correspond to translation of an Asian main language such as Japanese, Chinese and Korean?

unfortunately plugin doesn’t support WP localization

Can you use AdSense along with this plugin?

How you want use Adsense with this plugin ?

A page generated by RSS can be monetized with adsense?

Unfortunately system can’t fetch any Javascript code so can’t read and grab the Adsense code.

Does this plugin supports the following features: 1. Extract full content for a particular Rss feeds with images 2. Extract videos available in the content 3. Set featured images 4. Remove unwanted links from the extracted content 5. Extract content only for the specified length 6. Overwrite posts along with images

No overwrite, plugin will archive the old posts and grabbing the new posts but there’s no duplications for any contents.

Thank you. I saw your videos you have provided. I have 4 questions. 1. I want full content based on Rss feeds. This means if I provide the feed, the full content should be fetch automatically with featured image. 2. Is it possible to get videos embedded inside posts? 3. Is it possible to remove unwanted links inside the posts 4. Is it possible to extract videos from a Youtube Channel?

Yes, all of this is available but grabbing the full contents or images from the sources doesn’t work 100% with all sources so you should try your sources before you make your purchase and the demo version is opened for this

Hi there, Thanks for the plugin. I have a probelm where the plugin is not fetching more posts since the first 100 posts were imported. I’m using spinner chief with 100 queries / day API subscription and don’t see any further posts. I’ve subscribed to the ultimate plan and nothing is happening. Could you please advise? I see 90 posts fetched in the manage sources tab but couldnt see them in the posts tab.

You should fill all configurations about `Article Rewrite System` in the plugin settings page so choose `SpinnerChief` then fill username, password and API Key fields. Also enable this option `Rewrite the article content` when create/edit a new source.

Hi there, I just purchased the plugin and even though I seem to have configured it properly, it is not fetching and publishing anything. Please help me as I am nearing my launch.

please open a ticket in our support center with a screenshot of your manage source page

What server configuration would I need for more than 100 feeds? Lets say 1000 posts a day with a refresh rate at every 15min? Thanks

you can start with $10 server from Digital Ocean

i have been looking plugin can grab any content from the target website like Video Embed. is this polugin can grab a content from videos streaming website ? example : I have 2 website Movie Streamming online with same theme and same plugin can this plugin grab all ?

no, plugin can’t fetch videos.


Stambol Purchased

I set RSS url and for now 9 hours the plugin didn’t import post. How to run this manual and get post from source.

please send us your admin access in a support ticket to check the problem.

Hi! Quick question: how can you make the script add the posts to only 1 category? It always adds the post to the selected category and “uncategorized” too… and I want to get rid of “uncategorized” category… P.S. someone else bought this, I just can’t contact you from support. Thanks

ensure that this option is activated in the edit source page `Ignore the default publish settings when publish any content for this source`

Yes, it is activated, for sure.

please open a ticket in our support center or send comments from account that makes the purchase


ygroup Purchased

Is the ‘SPIN’ feature available? I did not find the video and demo access

yes, first you should select your spinner service provider from the plugin settings page.


I bought your plugin and I want to know why it doesn’t import thumbnails? I tried with this RSS feed:

Unfortunately this source doesn’t use the standard format for thumbnails, you can try here

Please, add integration with TheBestSpinner, and I will buy your plugin.

This product doesn’t provide any APIs for developers so we can’t support it.

1- will the plugin work on shared hosting? 2- can i grab all topics that related to a key word “American Muscle cars” without pre-assign feed source?

1- yes it will work without any problems.
2- yes you can but try to add in our demo, it’s full opened for testing

Does Arabic support properly?

1- I want to bring news automatically from other sites

2- Arabic language

3- I want to bring automatic news without interfering with me. Do you have this feature?

4- Do installation by you

Do you have advice using Wordpress Script

Demo is full opened for trying and testing
Plugin can work with any language and Arabic language is supported in the spinner providers also.

I did but I could not find an automatic. Is there an experience to my site?

sorry can’t understand your question

Hi there,

I’m interested in buying this plugin! :)

Does it work with Google news rss feed? How about RSS feed created via Google alerts?


Yes it will work but use our demo to try everything before buying


Stambol Purchased

I create source but i dont see in Manage Internet Content. Where is problem ?

please open a ticket in our support center with access info to check the problem