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Getting Support response for this plugin is slow and very frustrating when you are trying to setup. As good as the product may be, but if you are not available to provide prompt support, the product is useless to us.

our ETA is 2 days as we cleared in the support page here !

I’ve just installed this plugin to my wp site and just go to setting page to modify something but couldn’t save, the page was not moving/redirect to anywhere.

yes it support reading videos as object or iframe inside any article page

can you add the feature to get videos from the common video websites such as youtube by playlist, user, channel?

Okay we will implement this feature in the next update .


I think you meant deleted the comment ?

yes please

hi i want to buy this plugin, for example this site is working. But if write rss.xml this is not working then how to get the rss feed ?

waiting for your reply.

not every site has a RSS feeds so some of websites don’t provide this service .

Hi, It seems a lot of things do not work on this plugin. I have issues with it just adding new rss posts every 24 hours, regardless of what i set the feed grab for, and the photos do not work, they seem unable to grab full size or input them into the post. it ignores instructions in the settings mostly, making this no different to the free ones already available. Are there any updates to fix issues due out?

The grabbing content feature maybe doesn’t work 100% with every RSS source so we always improving it as we can with all cases. You can open a ticket in our support center with your RSS source link and we will test it and try helping you and in case we don’t you can request a refund if you find our plugin is useless for you

Hi, I purchased before her:

and this account is cancelled, and you send me purchase code for auto update. But now when I try to auto update to version 3.3 there appears: “This purchase code already downloaded the latest updated version 3.3”

But I doesn’t updated to version 3.3, and I can’t download here because your cancelled you old account, and opened new here. Can you just give mi right for this new account?

Please try again now !

HI, is it necessary setup cronjob ?

Plugin uses Wordpress cron-job system so if there’re visitors for your website then the cron-job will run automatically .

Hi, in rss Content page app not showed Shares,Likes Comments number.

It happens due to Facebook and Twitter API changes but we will release a new update tomorrow to fix this problem .

Is update already available?

Envato team review it before publish .

can you use this plugin for many sites..??

License is available for one site only

Bro, your plugin is not working. I set it to work, for over 48hours, it has not grabbed anything. My site has been blank

it’s important to know why it’s not working and tell us the missed functions in your system .

Ok I got some errors from the log while I was trying to edit some feeds. Can I send it to u via email?

HI, plugin not grab new content and every old post in rss content has the same score.

Please check the error logs page and send us a screenshot for edit source page .

error log is empty

Please open a ticket in our support center for quick response and it will be perfect if you provide us an access info or a screenshot for your source edit page


web-mat Purchased

Hi, I am interested. There are compatibility problems with wordpress multisite?


Hello Mark, Sure it’s working on multisite plus it supports auto install/uninstall for any new site in your network automatically


web-mat Purchased

Thanks for the reply

you’re welcome

Can it import full text from rss? My rss source doesn’t have full text in feed.

sure, system can smartly grab the full text from the RSS links. There’s a demo which you can use it to add your source and watch the results .


I bough the plugin, but the plugin is not getting any images with the feed although initial sources had pictures with it, and if image is retrieved it is not being placed as featured although i specified it.

Can you help?

Grabbing contents feature accuracy doesn’t reach to 100% so maybe you will find some errors like missed images.

Does this fetch full content? If yes, does it also fetch images and videos?

Yes, system fetches the full content but its accuracy doesn’t reach to 100% so demo is opened to try your RSS source before buy your licence.

It’s work good .. but content does not go to the category I choose the category but it put the content to : unclassified category. see the picture :

Please ensure that you disabled this option `Ignore the default publish settings when publish any content for this source`

Hi, Can you please explain about Facebook Access Token. How to get it for your plugin?

Hi, in rss Content page app not showed Shares,Likes Comments number.

please check the `System Error Log` page and open a ticket in our support center if you find any logs

Hi, can I disable the links when it gets posted ?

Unfortunately these results come from Google and system can’t manage this part.

I did a test of a feed that I will work on. I noticed that it’s not picking up the images. Why is it like that ?

If images locate outside the article body, system can’t fetch them.

When is the rewriting done ? , is it as the articles are fetched from RSS or upon publish ? becuase i need to pay for spinnerchief ultimate and the API have qury limit

For articles that you will select for publishing only.