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Hi. The plugin said it got visual composer? The plugon already included or?

If i want to use it without Vc can i? vc slows the site

And u said for some customers they should create single php files or templates. If I don’t know how to make them do u have a template ready for me? I want to use MAKE theme from theme foundary

Please advice. Waiting u. Thanks

Hi There,

Support is available for valid customer only, could you verify that your support license is still valid?

Regards, Victheme

Visual Composer is not included, the plugin doesn’t require VC to run properly but it is strongly recommended if one need to build complex layout using shortcodes, otherwise one can build complex layout using template and PHP

A generic single php and archive php template is included and automatically integrated to the theme but it will not guarantee 100% integration for things like theme headlines, sidebars, and content wrapper markup since we dont know every theme in the market markups for generating proper single and archive template

Regards, Jason

what should I do to get the property object of the post? so I can access any of the fields and attributes and render them using my custom html for each field. I tried $post->property but it returns empty string

Hi There,

It would be faster if you can open a ticket at

Basically, in some theme $post->property can be null / empty due $post is global

so in your template, just after $post->property = new VTCore_Property_…....

copy it to a local variable like $property = $post->property;

and then use $property instead to get all the current property data.

Regards, Victheme

I did this

global $post ;

$property = new VTCore_Property_Entity_Property($post->ID);


$property->initializeFields() ;

$property->initializeAttributes() ;

but when I called:

$property->get(‘attributes’) I got empty array how can I get the attribute Display name and value form the attribute slug?

Hi There, Can you open a ticket at for faster response and better coding formatting

$slug = ‘my_attribute_slug_you_can_get_from_attribute_page’; $property ->loadMetaData() ->initializeType() ->initializeFields() ->initializeAttributes() ->get(‘attributes.’ . $slug);

that will give you the attributes array, you can drill the array further by using dot notation such as :

->get(‘attributes.’ .$slug. ’.somearraykey.anotherarraykey’);

Regards, Victheme

Can you duplicate property types?

This is a bit of a nightmare, as I have a number of property types and the only difference is the name. i’m not using the default settings, so taking me forever to add them, would take 2 mins if I could duplicate then just change the name

You probably need to craft in custom php code for “mass duplicating” property types, you can take hint from the property generator plugin on how to create a property type programatically.

Regards, Victheme

Hello :) I have two questions. I want set the property grid page in container and i dont know where can i add this.. ( page is to large ) Second is a some like 3 last added properties on front page, how can i do this ?

Hi, For related support questions, you can submit a ticket via this link here Cheers!

will this plugin work with Kallyas theme. Also will be able to create a featured property slider on the home page that highlights 3 to 4 properties in a slide show

We are not familiar with Kallyas theme, the plugin provides visual composer integration with shortcodes “property listing” that you can use to display teasers, for slideshow, you may need to adjust visual composer “carousels” post template to display the property post and its field / attributes

Hi, have replied to the other message, please check, thanks!

Hi Cant Get into support..not connecting to Envato… How do i had additional countries and currencies.. also i want to add featured properities to my home page how do i create featured.


You can check this user documentation here Meanwhile, we’re contacting the ticket system support for the problem, you can send us email at if there’s still any question. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Additional countries and currency can be added via the button in the “field” table, for the currency, you must use ISO4217 code so the plugin will convert the currency sign and number formatting automatically according to the ISO 4217 rule.

For creating a “featured” property, you can try having a “featured” status via field status, then use visual composer – property listing and have it query taxonomy -> property_status = featured to display the featured listing.

i sent two email….can i get some help. not able to connect envato to support

Hi, We’ve replied to your questions (please see above) and where did you send the emails to? seems we don’t receive any emails regarding to your issues. Please send your email to if you’re unable to submit a ticket via ticksy. Thanks!

Hi I am trying to create a property type” Commercial” however if i create it from scratch it does not display the media(pictures) in a slider(fotorama).as it is in a single page post on all the others ,,..if i change one of the current types to commercial is goes back to listing the photos versus the slider layout.. I sent two emails from

Hi There,

Could you open a ticket at and provide us with url and login credentials so we can check the configuration?

Regards, Victheme

i Sent the ticket

Got it, will follow up your ticket, thanks!

Good day… Are you guys seeing my ticket or emails? i have trouble connecting with envato…i have submitted ticket since this morning…help please

Yes, we’ve checked and received, your ticket is on queue, our technical support will get back to you asap, thanks!


I have purchased your plugin and currenlty configuring to suit our needs and have a few questions i hope you can assist with. All questions realte to the site,

1 – On the homepage we have added a simple search. The field ‘Any Location’ is not in line with the other fields and not sure what is pushing this out of position. I would also like to position the Search button beneath the ‘Any Location’. Is there any to make the fields narrower so that they are in line with the Welcome to .. text above? When adding a border to the fields they are not displaying, ideally would like a search box that would look like the one on the demo,

2 – When we run a search from the the above simple search, no results/posts are found.

3 – Again on the homepage we have a section titled, Fresh to the Market, where we would like to list our new properties, is there a way to create these, maybe the photo and basic details?

4 – As a test property, we have i cant seem to get this to appear centre on the page. Where can we change the colour for the icons to the right of the photos, the colours for the attribute icons and the maps icon?

5 – On the above property, how can we get the the map to be zoomed in further?

6 – on all pages we have links in the footer, for example ‘Properties for let in Warrington’ i would like to link this to the result of a search, how owuld this be completed?

7 – On the property search page the properties are aligned horizontally but i would like them to be set as a list.

8 – The Advanced search on the property page isnt delivering results when a search is completed?

If you can assist with any of the above queries it would be much appreciated, Thank you

Hi, For related supports, please submit a ticket via this link here Thanks!

Thank you will submit a ticket now.

I am looking for a cheaper alternative for the RETS PRO wordpress real estate plugin that works with RETS MLS, IDX connections and so I have a few basic must-have questions.

(#1) Does your plugin have the ability to connect to a live RETS data server to pull in and update live data via a cron job? and if so how does it handle the removal of sold listings. (#2) Does it have the ability to connect and pull down listings images from the RETS server or have the ability to also hot-link to a 3’rd party media server like the RETS PRO does? I’d much rather hotlink them than have to download them like REALTYNA plugin makes you do. (#3) Does this have a basic agent or office roster option or is that part of the theme that you’re using? (#4) Map search – ? if no then if I have to manually import everything I might as well buy the wpresidence theme as it has maps, social login as well as listing alerts etc and can import listings as well from a csv file.

Hi There,

Sorry the plugin is not capable to pull data via MLS / IDX.

Regards, Victheme

It would be nice if the changelog here was kept up-to-date. It’s now 2 releases behind.

Hi There,

The new update just got approved by TF and we have updated the log for it.

Regards, Victheme

Hi! Is this compatible with the Jupiter theme? Thanks!

Hi, we only do testing on standard twentyfifteen theme so we dont know if it is compatible with jupiter or not.

Greetings, I installed the plugin: WordPress Installable file only The plugin is installed, but I do not see the control panel the extension.

I can not open a ticket. I sent to you by e-mail the details of the entrance to the site. You make me harm, I am more than a week trying to get an answer, if your plug-in problem would replace him.

I can not open a ticket. I sent to you by e-mail the details of the entrance to the site. You make me harm, I am more than a week trying to get an answer, if your plug-in problem would replace him.

You can send the details to and still don’t have any idea why you can’t submit a ticket.

Greetings! Some pre-purchase questions.

1.) Wanted to confirm I can use visual composer to style the property layouts. So for example I could have gallery on the right hand side, price information and property address on the left hand side, and then underneath all the rest of the property details.

2.) I can easily edit the advanced search function to show or take away features, add cities. Is it also possible to add Agents into the search function?

Thanks so much!

Hi there,

It is possible to generate “template” layouts for property single page using visual composer and groups of shortcodes to a certain degree of customization and usually additional extra css will be required to truly integrate it to theme.

We recommended to create a single-property.php template whenever possible though.

You can show / hide features (fields, types and attributes) from the advanced search forms.

Cities, country and state were made using taxonomy terms so you can customize and rearrange it as you wish.

Agents has its own search widget / shortcode to search agents (user) but it is not possible at the moment to filter property search by agent.

Regards, Jason



I would like to buy this plugin but I have certain doubts whether these plugins have those features or not :

1. I want to filter and show sold out properties on a different page? 2. I want to show properties for different cities on different pages? 3. I want to have a map search.

Are these possible? If yes, I will buy them. Please reply asap.



Still awaiting your kind revert.

Hi There,

I believe it is possible for all of those 3 features, but you may need to adapt archive-property.php and single-property.php to view the number 1, use visual composer to craft a shortcode to display property filtered by cities for number 2, and use map search widget or shortcode for number 3.

Regards, Victheme

I see your plugin comes with Contact Form 7.

Does you plugin have any conflicts with Magic Tooltips for Contact Form 7, or can it be used without issues?

The plugin is here:

Hi there,

The plugin does works with Contact form 7, but we haven’t tested if it’s compatible with this Magic tooltips. Hope it helps.


Hello, Question before purchase: can the price be removed in the presentation of the house?

The field price can be disabled, when disabled both teasers and single page wont show any price.

hi, can agent submit his property listing from the frontend ?

Hi, no, agent can only submit from backend. Hope it helps, thanks!