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Hi, i have installed new version via ftp, but now when i add a property o r edit the old one, there is a sign: No valid property type found, please create one first. what means that? if i upgrade th plugging, remove all the setting data? i always have issue when load new pluggings version. 2. This plugging have social icon to share properties? thanks!

Hi, Have you set the property type before? and for no. 2, yes it does have social icons to share properties. for related supports question, please submit a ticket via this link here Cheers!

yes i set before. 2, where can i find social share icons into properties? thanks!

I have 2 types of property lsitings A and B. I want to show A property in different page and B property in different page. How do i do it? Please help me. Reply me at

Hi, for related supports, please submit a ticket via this link here Cheers!

How can y create dropdown menus in the search bar with google maps like the one on yes of lands

example: city: city1,city2,city3

country: country 1 country2 etc

as a dropdown

Currently it is only possible with custom coding, creating a new formatter for the address field

Hi, For related supports question, please submit a ticket via this link here Cheers!

I am considering buying this product but I want to know if it supports the Nigerian Naira Sign

The plugin supports all currency sign and formatting according to ISO 4217

Regards. Victheme

I purchased the Real Estate Property plugin and after I installed it, there was a message in the WP plugin page saying that the real estate plugin needs the Victheme Core Plugin before it can work properly. How do I get this core plugin??

If you download the complete package zip file from code canyon, inside the zip file there is file called which contains the victheme core plugin.

Thanks – found it. But I found several other zip files so do I have to install each one manually?

yes correct, if you need those plugins as well.

Hello VicTheme, Is there any way we can email you?

Hi there, May we know what’s this regarding about? for related supports question, please submit a ticket via this link here Let me know. Thanks!


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Hi there, i can’t open your ticketing page, so i’m writing here a comment. I need to put a search module in the home page. How can i do it?

hi there, we noticed that you’ve managed to submit a ticket and we’ll make sure to get back to you asap. please wait while your ticket is still on queue, thanks!


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Hi, I have some problem with the edition of type and attributes of proprety.

When I click on the edit button, it say that he is loading some thing but nothing apear, So the add or the edit button doesn’t open new windows for the modification or the creation of a type or attribute

Hi, Please you provide the details and email them to along with the URL so then we can check further? thanks.

Hello, I simply want to add the search side bar to my site but am unable to find where this is or how todo so. Please help, many thanks.

Hi There,

You can try using “widgets” and place them in your theme sidebars.



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Hi, I’m having a map issue, it won’t load.

Hi There,

Seems there is a clash in css from your theme, you can try using :

.googlemaps-wrapper[data-icon]::before { display: none; }

to remove the icon css as specified by the theme.

also you may need to register googlemaps API key from google to allow displaying the maps and the plugin requires valid address as it will pass the address to google geocoder to retrieve the marker lat and longitude.

Regards, Victheme

Dear all, This is to let you know that I am very pleased with the provided support from the author; usually within a few hours.

Regards, Jan.

Thanks for the kind word Jan :)

Hi friend! When I upgrade the plugin, I loose configurations like property types? Thanks

Hi, Which version of WordPress that you use? and for related supports, please submit a ticket via this link here we also noticed that your supports has expired which you can renew from your dashboard. Cheers!

will this plugin allow for users or admin to draw a polygon and then see all the properties that fall inside it?

No, there is no feature for that

I have 1 issue I just need your help and hopefully something i’m doing thats just a tad wrong…

If I create a Taxonomy for property type, it works great, if i do it for ‘available’ an attribute i made, it works great. But if I use them both together, in any order they bother disapear and I have to either recreate the widget or the VC item. And I’m using your latest most updated version. PLEASE let me know what, if anything I’m doing wrong!

Hi there, Please send the details and submit a ticket via this link here we also noticed that your supports have expired which you can renew from your dashboard. Hope it helps, Thanks!

Hello, is it possible through the plugin to include customer data records and their requests about houses?

and perhaps cross this data with the flats insert?

Best Regards R.

Currently the plugin is integrated with contact form 7 which can record customer request at the very basic form, more advanced integration such as integration with CRM is possible technically but will require custom coding to do so.

Regards, VicTheme

Hello – Considering the purchase of your plugin, but curious: is it possible to export the feed of listings to additional websites?

Hi, Thanks for interested, unfortunately, our plugin does not support export import migration, you need to use migration plugin in order to do so. Hope it helps, Cheers!


I notice in the demo that you have property statuses such as
  • For Sale
  • For Rent
  • Available
  • Not Available
  • Leased

Is there an option to set the status of a property to “Under Offer”?

Thanks, Monica.

Hello, also will it be possible to add a contact form (e.g. contact form 7) to each single listing page?

Hello, also will it be possible to add a contact form (e.g. contact form 7) to each single listing page?

Badges markup will show and if using the default template it will be overlayed as the demo and you can add contact form 7 to the property single page

Hi could you please tell me the latest version of this addon? 1.4.0 ? Thanks

The latest version is 1.3.18

HI! can you tell me please how use the social link to share in each property ? o r a link to learn to use it? thanks

My support has expired. I had paid twice to do it. and always expired But never can i resolve it. You could be so kind as to tell me where the information is. Because I read the entire document and can not find it. Kind regards!

You can only disable / enable the icons per Property Types (via the Manage Types -> Edit -> Fields -> “Share & PDF Button” -> Checkboxes for each of the icon element) or globally ( via Manage Fields -> Share & PDF Button -> Edit -> Display -> Leave the field empty to disable it)


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