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I would like to purchase the plugin if it is possible to change the “catalog visibility” and “stock status” instead of drafting items when the time period.

unfortunately is not possible. You can only set items as draft or in the unpurchasable state (items are visible in frontend but the ‘add to cart’ button is removed and the item cannot be bought even if it was previously in cart)

Is there any way for me to display a product as “Unpurchasable” to general visitors, but offer a link for subscribers to add to cart? If not, could you suggest a work around using your plugin?

No, unfortunately the plugin hasn’t such a feature :(
However It is a nice suggestion, I’ll consider to implement it in a future release!

Okay, so is there a way at all to restrict visitors without the link from purchasing an item? I’m worried of people hijacking an event that they’re not invited to. Not everyone purchasing will be a registered member, and not everyone accessing the event will be eligible to purchase.

Note that if an item is unpurchasable it cannot be bought. Even if an users added it to cart in some way (for example he added it before it was made unpurchasable) the plugin denies to complete the checkout removing the item from cart.
Give a try to the demo site :)

Pre-Sales Question: Is there a way to import dates using a csv? I’m going to import 100 posts. I want to set a publish and unpublish dates for all of them. Is that possible?

No unfortunately​ the plugin hasn’t such a feature.

I just installed the plugin and it doesn’t let me create a rule. I tried to uninstall and re-install but when I click ‘Add New Rule’ under the ‘Scheduler” tab nothing happens. Any ideas?

Thanks for the quick reply. I have gone through and deactivated all plugins but no luck :( This is the console error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘destroy’ of undefined in select2.full.min.js

Found it—it’s the Woocommerce plugin! (The official one by Automattic). Any suggestions? Or a recommendation for a different Woocommerce plugin?

Thank you for reporting this issue. Maybe I’ve a new plugin version that should fix your issue. Could you send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) reporting your email? I can send you the new version at once! :)

Hello! I’ve started using this plugin on one of my websites and noticed a strange issue. I am using this plugin to rotate products that are menu items, we have a rotating menu. The first scheduling rule in line is set to end on 5/31 at 11:59pm, at which time the publish status should invert and the next rule in line take affect beginning on 6/1 at 12:00am. Everything worked as expected, except that it all happened yesterday, a day early. The old rule shut off at 11:59 on 5/30 and the new rule started at 5/31 at 12:00am. My server offset timing is correct, the correct time and date show in my dashboard. As far as I can tell it should have happened correctly. Am I missing something? I appreciate your help – thanks!

just to see I’ve understood the issue, it happened that both rules were trigger one day earlier than expected, right?

Would be possible to have a backend access to run some tests on my plugin? If so, please send me via private message (click on my name then use the low-right box).
In alternative could you share a complete screenshot of the rules you have configured? Thank you!

Message sent. Thanks for a fast response!

Just a follow up, I’ve noticed that the change appears to have happened right around 11:59 am, not pm. So 12 hours early.


jkavin Purchased

Hi The plugin will be very useful for my project, I have been trying the demo but I am not able to figure out how to hide the Add to Cart button during the time when the product is not for sale. Please help.

You made well, but you configured the rule to be active only for customer role (while the demo account is shop manager role). I’ve just unchecked that role and now the product is unavaiable to purchase from the 9:00

If you need to make the product unpurchasable only, for example the 9:00 to 11:00, you have just to create a second rule in which you make the product puglished and purchasable and the start hour is 11:00

I’ve configured this second rule as example in the demo site :)


jkavin Purchased

Thank you for the reply. Bought it!

Glad to hear that :)
thank you for purchasing! :)


jkavin Purchased

HI! Need a little help, I have 3 product categories (7am-11am),(12pm-3pm),(5pm-10pm), Those are also the time period during which the respective products be made available for buying, Outside those times the products should be visible but unpurchasable. Can you please advise me on this. Thank You.

you should the create the following rules:
  1. 0 am – 6:59am
  2. 11:01am – 11:59am
  3. 3:01am – 4:59am
  4. 10:01 – 23:59am
For which the the visibility rule is visible but unpurchasable.


I have purchased the plugin. However after selecting the dates when the product needs to be unpurchasable, the product is still getting added to the cart.

It sounds strange. As you can see from the demo site: products are properly setted purchasable/unpurchasable according the configured rules.

In your case it could be due to a availability rule miscondiguration. Could you share a complete admin access to your site? if so send me via private message (click on my name then use the low-right box). Thank you.

Hi, My name is Caio, I am a developer from Brazil. I have a cliente who has a WordPress marketplace made using Handy Theme, WooCommerce and WCVendors plugins. She really likes your plugin and wishes to get it – in order to continue, I would like to know if your plugin works well with the theme and plugins mentioned above. (Of course, consideration there is no javascript in the website’s code). Thanks so much, have a nice day.

Hi Caio,
the plugin has not been teste on Handy theme and doesn’t have a specific WCVendors support. However if you send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) I’ll reply with my email address where you can send me those plugins and theme files.

I can then setup a demo site where you can test together to see if it works as you expect.

Would be very helpful if this was compatible with WooCommerce Memberships – currently you can only restrict viewing/purchasing of products by a time period from when the user purchases a membership. We would love to be able to define when a product is viewable and purchasable by a specific date and by member status. This would, for example, allow us to make all products immediately available to Platinum members, but we could then drip products out one per week to Gold members.

thank you for the suggestion, actually it would be very usefull. I’ll see if it will be possible to extend the plugin to be compatible with that one, but for now I cannot give you any eta.
Thank you.


leedoy Purchased


I am in the process of buidling my ecommerce website and looking for a plugin that allows setting expiry date/time of a series of products. I have been using the demo version to understand better your plugin and am very interested in it. Nevertheless, I have a few questions. As I am a clear begginer in building an ecommerce site, apologies if these will sound ridiculous to you :-)

1. Will the plugin work well with other woocommerce plugins such as woocommerce quick view plugin ( and woocommerce pick up locations ( I guess the answer is yes as these 2 are also woocommerce compatible, but I dont know to what extend plugins can intefere negatively…. and these other 2 are the ones I will need as well.

2. Is it possible to hide an entire category (of products), including the category tab/link itself from the shop? When playing with the demo I have created several categories (A,B,C) to which I have associated different products (X,Y,Z). I have successfully created a rule of Unpublish > category A -> all products (XYZ) -> date/time, which, when reaching date/time set, triggers all the products of category A to disappear (= success!). Nevertheless, the category A itself (title/tab) remains visible in my shop, and when clicking it, it displays a disappointing empty space and the message “no products were found matching your selection”. Therefore is it possible to remove the category all together at that date/time, and/or at leats to customize the text field that show up? (vice-versa: is it possible to create a category full of products that altogther will only display at the set date/time?)

Thanks a lot!

Hi, thank you for your appreciation :)

For what concerns your questions:

  1. I think there should be no problem, however I haven’t directly tested so I cannot assure you at 100%
  2. No unfortunately this is aspect not managed by the plugin
If you need further info, feel free to ask :)

leedoy Purchased

Lovely! Thaks for quick answer, much appreciated :-) I will let you know if I need any help when I buy/install the plugin in the next few days!


leedoy Purchased


Apologies in advance for the lenght of this comment…. :shocked: !

I bought your plugin a few weeks ago and would like to confirm with you that I am setting my rules up properly, and/or understand where I am mistaken as not all rules apply.

My intent is to make certain pages of my ecommerce site visible/invisble to the clients (actually anybody that is not me / the admin of the site) and when set as invisible, redirect them to a given url.

I have 5 specific pages that need to get published / unpublished every week, as shown below, each page contains woocommerce products:

Page: PAGE-1 Publish: Tuesday 5:00pm Unpublish: Sunday 5:01pm Redirect: redirect1 Comment: Page 1 needs to be visible every Tuesday as of 5pm, until Sunday 5:01pm (when page goes offline and the redirection starts being effective for everybody but me, the admin)

Page: PAGE-2 Publish: Wednesday 5:00pm Unpublish: Monday 5:01pm Redirect: redirect2 Comment: Page 2 needs to be visible every Wednesday from 5pm until the following Monday 5:01pm (when it goes offline and the redirection starts being effective for everyone but me)

Page: PAGE-3 Publish: Thursday 5:00pm Unpublish: Tuesday 5:01pm Redirect: redirect3 Comment: Page 3 needs to be visible every Thursday from 5pm until the following Tuesday 5:01pm (when it goes offline and the redirection starts being effective)

Page: PAGE-4 Publish: Friday 5:00pm Unpublish: Wednesday 5:01pm Redirect: redirect4 Comment: Page 4 needs to be visible every Friday from 5pm until the following Wednesday 5:01pm (when it goes offline and the redirection starts being effective)

Page: PAGE-5 Publish: Saturday 10:00am Unpublish: Thursday 5:01pm Redirect: redirect5 Comment: Page 5 needs to be visible every Saturday from 10am until the following Thursday 5:01pm (when it goes offline and the redirection starts being effective)

Here is how I have set-up the rules for Pages 1 and 2, but with no luck as they go offline/unpublish fine, but are back online/pblished the next day… I’d appreciate your feedback on what I am doing wrong, or why this may be happening:

PAGE 1: -Rule name: “Page 1” -Select item type: “Custom post” -Select custom post: “Page 1” (ie select page-1 in drop-down list) -Create a new date rule where: . Status: publish . Choose role: leave all unselected . Redirect: none . Start date type: Day of the week . Days of the week: Tuesday . Months: all selected . Years: 2017 . Start hour: 17 . Minute: 0 -Add new schedule date where: . Status: unpublish . Choose role: Client . Redirect: “redirect1” (ie select redirect1 page in drop-down list) . Start date type: Day of the week . Days of the week: Sunday . Months: all selected . Years: 2017 . Hour: 17 . Minute: 01

PAGE 2: -Rule name: “Page 2” -Select item type: “Custom post” -Select custom post: “Page 2” (ie select page-2 in drop-down list) -Create a new date rule where: . Status: publish . Choose role: leave all unselected . Redirect: none . Start date type: Day of the week . Days of the week: Wednesay . Months: all selected . Years: 2017 . Start hour: 17 . Minute: 0 -Add new schedule date where: . Status: unpublish . Choose role: Client . Redirect: “redirect2” (ie select redirect2 page in drop-down list) . Start date type: Day of the week . Days of the week: Monday . Months: all selected . Years: 2017 . Hour: 17 . Minute: 01

And so on for the remaining 3 pages…

As said, the core issue is that pages go offline just fine but get back online too early (I guess at midnight the same day)...

Thanks in advance for your kind help!


Hi, than you for reporting a detailed description of what you what to achieve.

Few questions: the PAGE 1 is properly goes off line on Sunday at 17:00 but returns online at Sunday at 0:00? or at Tuesday at 0:00?

Why only fort the unpublish rule you selected the Client role? Note that in this way the page is not setted as draft, but just it will not accessible by client role. So if you are accessing your site as Admin, you will se that page normally published.

have you enable the Invert item(s) status during unmatched time period for one of the two rules?

Can you check in the wordpress dashboard if the plugin is properly syncronized with your time?


leedoy Purchased

Hello again, thanks for the super quick reply! To answer your questions:

1. I have tried different set ups, so am not 100% sure on the exact time when PAGE 1 came back published/visible. Yesterday it was offline, then this

2. I chose Client because I thought anybody else than me would be a client (or have a client role, as the plugin specifies ” if you select “unpublish” and then select “Customer” as role, the item will be invisible only for all the users with customer role and non-logged users.”. I guess I am wrong in doing so? Should I select all roles excluding “Admnistrator”? I know that the setting I chose (selecting “Client” only) means I can still see the page even during unpublished hours, but I use a private session / browser to check how the site shows up for unlogged/first-time visitors, and I could see the PAGE 1 just fine…

3. Nope, there are no “Invert items status during unmatched time period” enabled.

4. I did check the dashboard and time synchronization: everything is OK from this pov.

Thanks again!

So the issue is that is goes online too earlier or that it goes offline when it has not?

I need to know exactly which is the issue in order to try to figure out which tests I have to perform in order to fix it.

From the 1. I’m a bit confused: you say that you are not sure when the PAGE 1 came back published…so how exactly you tested that it was published to early?

You also say that yesterday it was offline, but actually it should be online from Tuesday, is it right? So you page are not published as they should be?

if you send me via private message (click on my name then use the low-right box):
  1. you email address
  2. admin access to wp-admin area
  3. FTP access
  4. Detailed description of the issue of a page link that is not working (for exampe: http://yoursite/page1 now should be offline instead is online. The scheduling rule associated it is named “page1”).
I can try to perform some live debug on my plugin scripts in order to get more clues about the issue and fix it. Thank you.

Hello. Awesome plugin! I was just wondering if anyone happened to report any issues with the scheduler not working correctly when using weeks of the year and using 2017 and 2018 at the same time? My scheduler seemed to hit a hiccup and lost the first new rule for 2018, and it wouldn’t let me add the rule back in until I deleted rules from the 2017 year. If you’re not able to assist with this outside of a support plan I understand, just wanted to check. Thanks!

If I could leave a second review I most certainly would. You got 5 stars from me last year when I started using this. I just hope I have an opportunity to use it on another site, it’s a great plugin. Good job!

Sorry I didn’t notice! my bad! Thank you then and thank you for your appreciation!! :)

No worries!! I wanted it here in these comments that I would give you 5 stars again if I could. I mean really, it’s not just a great plugin but your support has been awesome. You’ve done well, thank you!

Presales question – Can this plugin be used to un-publish and/or delete posts in specific categories of custom post types after a fixed time (2 Weeks)? The scenario is that our client wants to show SOLD properties on their real estate site for 2 weeks only once they are in the “Sold” category, and then un-publish/delete from the site.

Yes you can create a scheduling rule in order to unpublish custom posts belonging to a specific category (in your case the “sold” one) after X time from their publish date.

Before however procedig to purchase the plugin I suggest to perform the tests you need using the demo site:
user: demo
pass: demo
In order to be sure that it actually fits your needs and expectations. Create some custom posts assigning them a “sold” category, create a sheduling rule to “unpublish” those posts using the “Time period after publish date” policy. At last then edit the posts publish date in order to see if the puglin satisfy your needs.

If you need further info, feel free to ask! :)

This plugin has stopped working. Items that were previously not available after Wednesday at 5pm are now available all the time. Nothing has changed in the scheduler or the products. Would appreciate any help.

unfortunately without any further clue for me it is quite hard to determine the cause of the issue. Could you try to update the plugin to the latest 4.2 version that you can download from codecanyon and try disabling all your 3rd party plugin and report me if you still experience the issue?
If not, try re-enable one by one your 3rd party plugins until you find the one interfering.

If you still experience the issue, If you send me via private message (click on my name and then use the low-right box) the following:
  1. you email address
  2. Full admin access to the wp-admin area
  3. a FTP access
  4. a detailed step by step guide on how to experience the issue (which rule should be applied, for which product, which is the product page, etc…)

I’ll try to perform some tests to see if it possible to have more clues about the cause of the issue. Thank you.

Thank you. I didn’t really think I could/should provide details like that in a public forum.

The page where I’m using the plugin is You can see a bunch of things that say “Orders must be in by 5 pm Wednesday.” They are all governed by a rule that runs according to a category. It had been working wonderfully, and I’m not sure when it stopped unfortunately.

I am using version 4.2. And I have tried the plugin test to an extent—I will be able to disable absolutely everything this evening.

I will send you all of the rest of that after I do that.

Thank you for your quick response.

Hi I installed this plugin to show categories on single days. Some products, i want to keep in “Concept”-mode But the plugin always make them active I use WordPress 4.9.4 gebruikt thema: Boutique Woocommerce 3.3.3 I bought and installed another plugin, can i get a refund for yours? Kind regards Peter

if you need assistance with an issue, please report me a detailed description of it and share via private message (click on my name and then use the low-right box) the following:
  1. you email address
  2. Full admin access to the wp-admin area
  3. a FTP access
  4. a detailed step by step guide on how to experience the issue

I’ll be glad to assist you.

For what concerns the refund, Envato refund policy doesn’t grant it just for claiming an issue or because the customer just purchased another plugin instead of the one for which he are asking a refund. This is because otherwise any user could use this kind of argumentation, get money back and continue using the softare for free.

Wow this seems complex So all I want to do is: I have say 50 Products holding in Draft mode I want to Publish them one everyday . Is that possible with this tool?

Yes you could use the category but note in this way all the product that are in draft will be published in the same date.

If you are interested to publish items (belonging to same category) in different dates, give a try to the Time period after publish date option:
It allows you tu publish an item after a specific time period after its publish date. So you could modify the publish date for each item (throught the product quick edit menu in the product list page: ) in order to properly trigger the pubblish rule.

I really appreciate you taking the time to give me complete answers. Unfortunately i don’t think this will give me the end result without significant input from me. There is a post schedule plugin that say you load 100 posts it will automatically set them to schedule whatever time you set apart. I may try and find that again and see if it picks up “product” as well . If not I maty be back enjoy your easter

No problem! :) Have a good easter you too! :)

hi how does this work. i dont understand this. can you please help me with this.

to configure a scheduling rule, click on the Scheduler menu voice and then create a new scheduling rule in which:
  1. Item type to which it applies (post, woocommerce products, custom posts)
  2. Items/category to which it applies
  3. Scheduling date in which periods it is applied and which Status it has to apply to items (publish, unpublish) during that date