Discussion on WordPress Posts & WooCommerce Products Scheduler / Restrict Access

Discussion on WordPress Posts & WooCommerce Products Scheduler / Restrict Access

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Hi vanquish,

Plugin is perfect for our needs, thanks a lot.

Except one point: when we do publish rule with restriction to a user group, it still appear in ajax search in “Flatsome” theme for everybody?

Do you have any idea how to fix this?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Unfortunately, even if that theme is widely used, if the issue is caused by an issue of is (due to its design) there isn’t much I can implement to avoid that.

Try however the following. Try editing the WPPS_PostPublisherManager.php you find inside the classes\frontend folder inside the plugin and replace line 38 with:
if ( !is_admin() && ($query->is_main_query() || wp_doing_ajax())) 
If that doesn’t work, try finding where that theme defined the handler for the pre_get_posts and set its priority to 0. For example:
add_action('pre_get_posts', array( &$this,'filter_loop'), 0);

thanks a lot for your help. You was right about ajax but during debug on mentioned line, i found that request produced by theme have is_admin() = 1 … so always missed in filters.

What what i read in the net, that it is possible that plugins or themes doing admin-ajax.php and it always return is_admin().

What is worked for me:

if ((!is_admin() || wp_doing_ajax()) && ($query->is_post_type_archive() || $query->is_main_query()))

During my tests it works fine for every screen: Guest (hidden), login (user role allow), admins ( products list still show product)

But i am still think that is pretty bad workaround :) Do you have any idea to deal with that?


actually, it sounds good as fix. I’ve implemented in the new 5.5 version that I’ve just released!

At last but not least, I would ask you to help me: If you enjoyed my efforts to assist you and/or my plugin please consider leaving the 5 stars…It would help me with sales, I would really appreciate it! :)
(to leave a rating: go to your profile page, click on “Downloads” and from there you can rate your purchases. You can also leave the rating through the plugin description page: )

Have a great day!

Good evening, is the plugin still supported? Because I see the last update of April 2021

Yes it is

Hi – I have used your plugin for over a year and it has worked great. Just recently I updated WooCommerce and the Wordpress version to 6.0. The plugin no longer works, nothing was changed. However now the products are not purchasable in accordance with the schedule that was in place. Are you aware of any bugs, will there be a solution if so?

from my tests all seems working as expected. Make eventually sure there are no 3rd party plugin interfering.

try to enable the WordPress debug mode and debug log ( ). To do that just insert the following lines in the wp-config.php you find on the root of your site:
define( 'WP_DEBUG', true );
define( 'WP_DEBUG_LOG', true );
reperform the test and see if in the debug.log located in the wp-content folder are reported more clues.

Hi, I am interested in your plugin. However, I have some question marks in my mind. I need the following features. Do you provide these features?

1-  I want to restrict some city field. For example, when the city is “Pendik”, pop-up or alert appears. This prevents the customer from placing an order.

2- I have 3 product categories. I want to prevent buying 2 different products in certain category or more than 2 of the same product for certain category.  For example; I have categories A, B and C. Let me have products A1,A2,A3, B1, B2, B3, C1,C2 and C3.

Example Carts; Category A; that I want to restrict A1×2 B2 C2 = There cannot be 2 products from category A. It should give a alert. A1 B1 C3 = No Problem A1 A3 = There cannot be 2 different products from category A. It should give a alert  . A1 A2 B2×4 = There cannot be 2 different products from category A. It should give a alert  .A1 B1 B2 C1 C2 C3×2 = No Problem

3- I want to restrict the state field. However;I can send category B to the whole country(Turkey, I am selling only Turkey). I can send category C to Istanbul and Izmir. I can only send category A to Istanbul. Example;B1 for Bursa  = No ProblemB2×3 B3 for Adana  = No ProblemA1 B1 for İzmir  = Only İstanbul can send A products.A3 B2 C2 for İstanbul =  No ProblemB2 C1 for İzmir = No Problem B2 C1 for Adana = Only İstanbul and İzmir can send C products.

Can I do these or which one feture with your plugin?


I’m really sorry, the plugin hasn’t such features.

Hi, can I set it up so that a certain product is just updated every 5 minutes?

I’m sorry the plugin hasn’t such a feature

hello, we have installed this plugin on a multisite site .. but it doesn’t work. Does it only work on “normal” sites?

Hello, the plugin hasn’t any particular support for multisite installation and its features. Note also that the Envato license usage agreement allows using the software on only one site at a time.

If you however report to me some more detailed info about what you mean for “doesn’t work” and the configuration in which you are operating, I can eventually try providing some help.

Hi there!

I need to hide a single product for two roles. I works fine but the product is also hidden for anonymous users. I need the producto to be visible for non-logged users.

Please, take a look the capture to see what I mean:

How can I get this?


I also tried with the oposite option to Publish instead of Unpublish but I get the same results:

Yes, the plugin is designed to work in that way. If you choose to restrict the visibility by user role, the item will be hidden for guests.

It was implemented in this way because several users suggested that if not in that way, the users belonging to the role for which the item was hidden, could simply just log-out to see what they should not see.

To not hide product for guest users, do the following:
  1. edit the WPPS_Post.php file you find in the classes\come folder
  2. replace line 351 with:
    if(( $visibility == 'publish' && !array_intersect($roles,$current_user_roles)) ||  ( $visibility == 'draft' && array_intersect($roles,$current_user_roles)) )

This is an untested modification, proceed at your own risk and properly test before implementing it in your production site.

Hi there, we’re using our Woocommerce site as the back end of a mobile app, which accesses product details via REST API. Will scheduled actions set up in your plugin be reflected in the REST API results? I really hope your plugin will do this, I have spent a very long time looking for this solution!

I’m really sorry, the plugin hasn’t any particular support for REST API.

Pre-sale question:

1- can I hide a woocomerce product for a given role at product level (inside edit product page) ? thanks.

2- Is compatible with Flatsome theme?

I’m sorry, scheduling rules cannot be set at product level.

The plugin is compatible with any 100% fully WooCommerce compliant.

Hi there, I am using the plug in on my site and it seems like if i set my woocommerce product to – Purchaseable (selecting date) and flip. it does not seem to hide the add to cart buttons

please make sure that there are no 3rd party plugin interferences and that your theme is fully WooCommerce compliant. As reported in the Set product unpurchasable paragraph, the plugin needs the theme properly tirggers the woocommerce_after_single_product, woocommerce_loop_add_to_cart_link and woocommerce_single_product_summary actions in the shop and single product page (as the woocommerce referece templates do) otherwise the plugin cannot hook properly to the the theme to remove the add to cart button. All well designed theme correctly use these actions.

Hi I have Pre sale Question we are doing a Offers and promotion website. Doing this website we are looking the Product scheduler plugin

And i have some Question for this I just want to make sure before buy

Is this plugin support for Variable product

Please read this DOC for more details for our website activities and let me know is this plugin will help for us to use


I’m sorry, but the plugin doesn’t support specific product variations :(

Hi I have a few requests for enhancements. Great plugin so these are not criticisms :-)

1 – Collapse all Rules Button. I am adding 25 rules and it so slow scrolling up and down the page to add a rule. Maybe have a separate tab for adding a rule.

2 – Change the wording here.

Unpurchasable Enabling this option the item will be visible but will be unpurchasable to all or for the users according to the role restriction option. Leaving to “No” the item will remain visible and purchasable.

I have no idea what this means and I speak English :-)

3 – It looks like when click Update that all rules are processed. Even the rules that did not change.

4 – No one uses the word Invert much.

Consider rewording

Invert item(s) status during unmatched time period?

Selected item(s) status can be inverted if the current time doesn’t match the selected time period. Choose an End hour and End minute to properly configure the time period.


Flip item(s) status during unmatched time period? Selected item(s) status will be flipped from <Published> to <Draft> if the current time doesn’t match the selected time period. Choose an End hour and End minute to properly configure the time period.

In javascript populate <Published> and <Draft> depending upon value set by user back at Status


Thank you for sharing your suggestions and corrections! I really appreciate! I’ll do my best to include them in a future release!

Thank you!

I’ve been using the scheduler on my Wordpress site with woo commerce without issue, until it recently stopped being able to update and save any changes I enter. I’ve just purchased and installed the latest version 5.3, and the update button still seems dead.

It sounds very strange. As you can test in the demo site: (user: demo, pass: demo) the update button is clickable without any issue.

Please try eventually to disable the other 3rd party plugins to see if you still experience the issue. Thank you.


I am unable to give you a review because there is no button to add a review. So far though – great plugin, great support.

I am having problems with some of my shop product urls. They report 404. So i had to duplicate them and add a schedule to the new dupicated products. This was not easy because the plugin lets you select products by name only and it is impossible to tell which product is the new one because they have the same title. Can i suggest you include the post-id in the product selection dropdown? This would help to add and remove the correct products from schedules.


thank you for your appreciation and for the suggestion! I’ve just released the new 5.3 version that now show the id before the product/post title!

You can manually download the new version via CodeCanyon or receive as an automatic update by installing and configuring the Envato updater plugin: (here the guide that explains how to configure: ). To manually update just deactivate and delete the old plugin version and then install the new one. Don’t worry you won’t lose any data :)

Regarding the rating, to leave it: go to your profile page, click on “Downloads” and from there you can rate to your purchases. You can also leave the rating in the through the plugin description page:


Thank you. That’s what I mean by great support!!! If only all plugin developers were as committed to customer service. They might sell more too.

I will download the plugin update after Christmas. I have everything ready for December and no more updates today in case anything breaks :-)


Thank you for your words! I really appreciate! :)

Have a great weekend! :)

Hi, we are having functional errors when are products are set to draft, the publish feature is not working correctly. Can you please help us with this bug, it is also not changing the cycle of the product in real time (publish/purchasable – publish/unpurchaseable – unpublish). Thank you for your help.

Without any further clue, it is quite hard to determine the cause.

First of all, note is you are using the WooCommece Availability Scheduler plugin in conjunction with this plugin, they will interfere with each other on managing the product visibility and purchase/unpurchasable function. So make sure you are not using both together.

Try also disabling all the other 3rd party plugins and report me if you still experiencing the issue.

If so, please use the demo site:
user: demo
pass: demo
to recreate the scheduling rules you are using and report me if you still experience the issue.

Thank you

I have followed all of your steps and we are getting mixed results on our site still. Have you had this problem happen before? Results work sometimes but when we keep testing it will not work the next and so on.

Unfortuantely, such a problem did not happen. The plugin works as expected by properly scheduling products.

It sounds strange that sometimes it works and others not. It could be that in your site a caching plugin or module is interfering. If you are using any kind of caching, try disabling for shop and products page. Try also enabling the WordPress debug log ( ) and see if the debug.log you find in the wp-content folder any further details is reported. Try eventually give also a look to the server error log.

Hello, I bought this plugin thinking that it would work but it does not seem to work.

It changes the status of posts, but it can not change the status of ‘articles’. The problem is that you have to select the articles one by one, except that in my case the articles are posted by the visitors and no use. I want the status of all ‘items’ of a category to be changed without having to select them.

Uhmmm, your categories are equal to post statuses? This sounds strange.

However, it doesn’t really matter. So the articles posted by the user are the default WordPress “post”? In that case, in the select item type select the WordPress post type and then select the categories you need:

Make also sure you have properly set the “publish” date in the scheduler rule (could you attach a complete screenshot of the rule you configured?).

Note that if any plugin is interfering with post status manipulation, this may prevent the plugin to be properly able to switch post status.

I did the test as you indicated by selecting the categories where I want the articles to change status and again the status ‘pending or draft’ of the article does not change to ‘publish’. The only way for a status change is to select the exact item from ‘custom post’, but in this case the plugin is not really useful.

I’m confused about the fact you are selecting the item from custom posts instead of the normal wordpress posts. Is that a default post type or a custom one?

Pleaase try the following: instead of using the Time period after publish date could you select the Specific date and select all days and months?

If this still not work, If you send me via private message (click on my name and then use the low-right box) the following data:
  1. you email address
  2. Full admin access to the wp-admin area
  3. a FTP access
  4. a detailed step by step guide on how to experience the issue

I can try peforming some further analys to try to get more clue about how those posts are managed by your installation and eventully understand which is the cause of the issue. Thank you.

hi i have a question before buying

how can i create a user with some power to show order option in panel and then assign few order to that user.

few order mean: distribute 10, 10 product to users. it can be possible with your plugin.

I’m sorry, but unfortunately the plugin hasn’t such a feature :(

Hi, I’m having difficulty with the plugin as purchased.

I'd like to make all my products available for purchase at 9:00 Am on Saturday April 27th. Before then I want them to be visible but unable to be purchased.

I tried making rules to make that work, but it’s not happening the way I’d like. I’m using the Divi theme along with the default configuration of the Woo Commerce plugin, please advise.

To do that, just create a rule with two scheduling dates and selecting all the available products.
In the first scheduling date, select the unpurchasable option and select all the available dates.

In the second, do not select the unpurchasable option and select the specific date in which the product has to be visible. The second rule has higher priority, so in the date, you select (the 27th of April) it will be applied instead of the first.

Make also sure that the plugin is properly synchronized with your server time.

Here is a visual guide:

Hello. I just renewed my support license because I am having some trouble with the scheduler plugin and I need someone to take a look at my setup and see what’s going on. How can we go about that?

The problem is that the scheduler is not activating/deactivating products correctly, and it stays hung up unless I uncheck the rule for the current week and day.

I appreciate your help!

It sounds very strange that without any code alteration/customization it suddenly stopped working without any reasons. Are you sure that you have not configured some new rules that are overriding the old ones due to priority?

Are you really sure that deactivating all the plugin you still experience the issue and no error is reported in the WordPress debug log if repeating the test?

Unfortunately, as you can imagine, without any further clue for me is quite impossible to determine the cause.

If you send me via private message (click on my name and then use the low-right box) the following data:
  1. you email address
  2. Full admin access to the wp-admin area
  3. a FTP access
  4. a DETAILED step by step guide on how to experience the issue

I can try to see IF possible to determine the cause of the issue. Thank you.

I would appreciate you taking a moment to help me out and take a look at it. I am happy to get you all of the information you’re looking for when I return to my computer tomorrow.

I’ve been using this plugin for a couple years or so and I’ve been able to figure out every other issue on my own. This issue is different than any other I’ve seen and I just need someone to help me out because I’m stuck. There is no custom code or anything in this plugin. I recently experienced some other issues with it that I could not explain and had to recreate some rules but they’ve all activated and deactivated once since then. This is a weird issue altogether so I just need a little help. I’ll follow up with more tomorrow. Thank you!

Also to say it “stopped” working is not correct. It works, it’s just tripping up in an odd spot.

sent you an email domenico about the recurrence of the inactivity of the plugin. debug log has been attached for you to look at.

Thank you, but please do not open a different thread in different channels about the same issue.

As you can imagine, I have no clue about what actions you are performing time after time in your installation that may be the cause of the interference.

Try rolling back to the last known working configuration and completely disable the plugin I’ve reported in the email.

for the first time after hundreds of time going through your plugin, i understood what you meant by this –

turns out setting the rule you want to take priority as the last (or bottom) was the solution to my problem.

but this is not especially good. please can you update the rule priority command?

it is frustrating when you have between 5 to 10 rules and some are not working simply because they are higher up on the chart. it should be able to run through all the rules and choose that which best suits the task at hand.

great plugin but i believe there is still room for improvement.

ciao, domenico

Thank you for reportin the result of your investigation and glad you find the cause :)

Note that the priority however is applied only when the plugin founds that multiple rules are appling to the same product. In case you want to “change” priority, just drag the rule above/botton the others.

Have a great day! :)


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