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Hello, I’m having trouble having two different forms in the same page, my code is like this:

$pdocrud = new PDOCrud(); $pdocrud->formDisplayInPopup(“AddBug”,”Add Bug”, true); echo $pdocrud->dbTable(“ad_bugs”)->render(“insertform”);

$pdocrud->formDisplayInPopup(“AddReport”,”Add Report”, true); echo $pdocrud->dbTable(“ad_reports”)->render(“insertform”);

When I click the button to make a “Add Report” through the form, the form it appears is also the “Add Bug” form…

If I make two pdocrud variables, pdocrud1 and pdocrud 2 for the same page it appears correctly but then when I click Add/save in the form it adds duplicates because there’s 2 pdocrud variables defined.

Can you help??


Please check how to use multiple instance of pdocrud on same page




How can I fix this problem? After many pages in the table the “Next” page button changes to the next line as you can see in the image.


Is there a fix?


May be some small css conflict there. Can you give me url of your website so that I can check?



I use this on wordpress page:

[pdocrud table=”my_table” render=”crud”]


how can I add extra action button to the rows?

And how can I modify the link of Add button?

Thanks in advance.


Please check http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/action-buttons

Also, there are many plugins available that allows directly php code execution in backend so you can use these examples in demo website of pdocrud directly.



How can I remove the “Print” and “Back” button from a viewform?

already tried these but didn’t work: $pdocrud->setSettings(“printBtn”, false); $pdocrud->buttonHide(“printBtn”); $pdocrud->buttonHide($buttonname = “printBtn”);


There is settings available directly for these functions




You can set it to false to hide it


Hi, i buy this plugin PDO CRUD When i going to activate this warning shows up

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare add_action_links() (previously declared in /home/u0772495/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-email-users/wp-email-users.php:97) in /home/u0772495/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-pdocrud/wp-pdocrud.php on line 104

is there is any way to fix? its better if i dont have to delete my WP Email Plugin Thanks

and when i try in my test wp this show up

SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table ‘u0345937_wp499.wp_options’ doesn’t exist

any help?


That’s strange. Please provide me access details of the website, we will check. Also, send me purchase code as it is not showing purchased label here.



Is it possible to create a button to display a VIEWFORM as popup?

I tried this but the button doesnt appear and the viewform appears directly in the page:

$pdocrud->formDisplayInPopup(“View Details”,”Details”, true); echo $pdocrud->dbTable(“wp_stuff”)->render(“VIEWFORM”, array(“id” => $idvar);

Hi, $pdocrud = new PDOCrud(); $pdocrud->formDisplayInPopup("Button Heading","Form Heading", true); echo $pdocrud->dbTable(“wp_stuff”)->render(“VIEWFORM”, array(“id” => $idvar); You can try above code. It should work. Thanks


I use Nex-forms plugin

The form data is saved within the (Form data) field In table (wap nex forms entries)

This Plugin helps to creat forms by easily

I want to read the field and deal with the data inside it by pdocrud

If this is impossible

Is there a way for the pdocrud plugin to read data from field in table for each form that is created so that I can read it with the pdocrud plugin

If you need to do extra work I do not mind paying an extra reasonable amount to work on the required development

Your best greeting



You want to read the data of nex forms and populate it with pdocrud fields and also want to save data again in nex form plugin? Is this correct? Let us know.

We haven’t worked on this plugin before so if possible you can send us that plugin to check it via email using profile page.


Hello, how can I remove the table header from specific tables?


You mean table heading? http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/table-operations

Please check above example. Thanks

hi. can I use this for real estate properties and then to show them to the public ? thanks


About Mandatory Fields warnings, sometimes it’s a tooltip that appears saying to fill that field, sometimes the field name goes red and the textbox is also outlined in red. You can see the both cases in this image: https://i.imgur.com/Op5UwMt.png

My question is, how can I remove the tooltip and show always the red text and red outlined textbox when the mandatory field isn’t filled?

Just found out that I can’t even replace the “please fill out this field” text…


First message, that is yellow in color, is specific from the browser like chrome etc. The 2nd message is javascript check from the script to stop empty fields form being submitted.

You can make field not required to remove the message using fieldNotMandatory function.



mfalraii Purchased

Please Help me =========================================== ORDER Hello..

I want to apply the same (chekbox) button on this page

http://xcrud.com/demos/index.php?page=action&theme=default Is this possible?

If you can please supply me with code or correct way to apply

I am very grateful and grateful =================================================REPLAY ddeveloper comment Hi

This feature is available in pdocrud also. Please provide your purchase code to help you further. Thanks

================================================= REPLAY

my purchase code : 627f27d1-9977-48fe-8879-44cac1b80677


I have replied to your question in another thread. Thanks

In short: it doesn’t work and i have no clue why.

I have made a database (called mysite_logbook) In it i have a table called customers. 4 Fields: user_id, first_name,last_name,user_city

In the config.php i have:

/* Configuration Settings / global $config; //script url – Enter complete url inside which script folder is placed $config[“https://wwww.mysite.nl/private_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-pdocrud/script”] = WPPDOCRUD_PLUGIN_URL . ”/”; / database / //Set the host name to connect for database $config[“hostname”] = localhost; //Set the database name $config[“database”] = mysite_logbook; //Set the username for database access $config[“username”] = mysite_loguser; //Set the pwd for the database user $config[“password”] = mypassword; //Set the database type to be used $config[“dbtype”] = “mysql”; //Set the database type to be used $config[“characterset”] = “utf8”; //Encryption and Decryption salt $config[“salt”] = ”@3dsfsdf*9934324”;

The Require once in the HEAD of the page: require_once(“https://wwww.mysite.nl/private_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-pdocrud/script/pdocrud.php”);

Is this correct ?

Question 2: You also mention”Demo folder contains the demo database sql file” It’s not in the ZIP file (or is it ?)

Question 3:(answered) The documentation index doesn’t work. The link is for instance http://pdocrud.com/documentation/#!/overview It should be http://pdocrud.com/documentation/#overview

I would appreciate it very much if you can help me. Thanks in advance,Marco


You have modified the config parameters that doesn’t need any modifications. Please restore original config file or reinstall plugin. It will work.


stimart Purchased

Hi, when will you publish an update for this beautiful plugin?


Yes, we are currently working for more features in PDOCrud, we will publish it soon. Thanks


How can I put together 2 columns from the database into 1 select/dropdown?

Like this I can only get the first part showing in the select :(

$pdocrudf->fieldTypes(“AdressField”, “select”); $pdocrudf->fieldDataBinding(“AdressField”, “ad_adresses”, “id”, “addressPart1”, “db”);

I wanted to get the addressPart1 and adressPart2 and put it together in AdressField after selecting the adress in dropdown


You can perform select query to get both column combined and get data in form array and that array can be directly passed to fieldDataBinding function.


How can I reset the fields of the form after I submit/create?

I already tried this, but it didn’t work… $pdocrud->resetFields();