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But it does not work to install search

Please follow the reply on the ticket that is previously open for more details.

This is an amazing plugin! The only suggestion is maybe allow it to work on pages just like it does with post.

Send me a PM here and I should be sending you an updated version that works with pages too.

This plugin can operate with okay?

Sorry for reply delay.

Yes the plugin works with any Google site including

Amazing plugin! But it gives many duplicated keywords .. the plugin must remove them to save time and effort .. thanks

- Thanks for reporting the issue. I have noted it to the plugin improvements list.

From the comments here I am under the understanding that, this plugin does NOT do the following:

(1.Give any number that would indicate the number of times a keyword is searched for any given period of time.

(2. Does not work on Wordpress ‘Pages’.

(3. Does not de-dupe it’s own list.

Am I correct on these three things that it does NOT do?

I know the plugin is very useful, and will probably purchase it. I just want to be clear about what I can do with it out of the box and what features I might need to build into it.

1) Number of times the keyword was used is not available

2) The latest updated version of the plugin works for Pages too

3) Duplicate entries may still exist in the list (to be fixed)

Did this plugin still work after google stop automatically suggest?

Yes the plugin is working now.

Hi : this plugin just worked 1 time and fetched keywords list, Now its is freeze, not working at all … No keywords , ZERO Results , very disappointing Experinece

getting just this message : keyword tool has found () keywords for the term ()

Very worst Experience with this kind of plugin, IT DONT WORK , Dont purchase

Please follow reply to the already open support ticket.

Hello! Can i use this for my 3 sites?

Single license allows the purchaser to use the plugin in one single end product i.e one wordpress installation you can check more about the regular license here

You fix the issue from up post ?

There is no current know issue with the plugin. and if you find any issue, you can report so we can check and fix if exists.

Is this plugin still work? I need to know before i buy it. Thanks

Plugin working for a short time .10 min > And then it need to remove & reinstall , what is wrong ؟


Please open a support ticket and describe the issue at your side exactly

Regards, Atef

Hi I see that last update was almost 2 years ago, is it still useful or is it discontinued? if still working, would it support Arabic?

The plugin is working just fine and it supports Arabic.

is there a limit to number of keyword searches before google bans the API key? Can you Export the keyword list?

There is no specific limit and it is not supposed to get banned because it uses jsonp to get the suggestions so your local IP is used

keywords can be shown in text list so it can be copied.

amazing plugin i wish you get good sale from this

Thanks :)


tobiy Purchased

HI can i add all keywords as tags under a post? Thank you


Sure, by clicking the select all button then the add as tags button

Regards, Atef


tobiy Purchased

amazing. Thank you Atef!

You are welcome :)

Current version is the latest version ? I am planning to buy.. pls advise.

Last Update 6 May 17

Yes, the plugin works without issues and is stable.

I’m looking to possibly buy this, when is the next update?

- The latest version of the plugin is stable and is working without issues

- There is no specific date for updates.

Hello, does this tool check the difficulty of a keyword?


It does not check the difficulty

Regards, Atef

Hello, support Yoast?


Not sure what do you mean exactly by Yoast support. The plugin can work alongside Yoast without issues.

Regards, Atef