Discussion on Wordpress Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Discussion on Wordpress Dynamic Keyword Insertion

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Hello, is this cloacking in google ads or is this leagel for ads policy?

Hi, is your tool still working and also: it is working with Elementor? thx

Yes, still working, works with any page builder. Cheers.

Does this plugin works today? can i also change Headline and Meta Title? How is the result when i go with longterm KeyWords, do i get this Long Term Keyword or do i get Long-Lerm-Keyword in the page?

OK, I will see if I can adjust the plugin for you

Hi @masterbig, the new version has been uploaded. Give it a couple of days to be approved, and then you can download it. It will replace ”-” with ” ”.

Hi, is working with the last version of WP? it;s still supported?

Apologies for the delay. I didn’t receive an email notification of your comment. Yes, the plugin still works.

hey, i want to buy this plugin is it can work best for my top boxing gloves?

Hi, Can’t get this to work on my website

Hi. What is the shortcode you are using?

Hi, great plugin. thanks! Is it possible to add multiple keywords? (i.e. listenfor=”keyword; keyword2” ) or any hack you can recommend?


Sure. For keywordinsert listenfor=”keyword” default=”default phrase” [keywordinsert listenfor=”keyword3” default=”default phrase3”]

However, the question becomes where do keyword2 & keyword3 come from?

How can Google Ads send more than 1 keyword or keyphrase to use in this way?

Thanks for that. I’m actually using the plugin not only for google PPC (where you will have the single keywords) but on other pages i use it when i pass parameters using gravity form. This way i can custom my thank you page with a custom text based on the parameter i take from the form that was submitted.

That’s a great idea.

Hey there, Do you know if this plugin works with Beaver Builder?

If Beaver Builder accepts shortcode, then yes, it should work.

Hi, just purchased this plugin. I got it installed, and it works if I manually enter /?keyword= in the URL, but when I organically search for and find my website, the on-page keyword remains the default. Does this work for organic, or is it for PPC only? I’m also wondering how I would test the PPC functionality so I don’t spend my ad spend budget. Thanks for the info!

Hi, please log a ticket here

Hi I Purchased & installed the plugin but it does not work you can test see code inserted in above landing page used for adword is

Please help me out.

Hi Smita Babar, sorry for the delay, please log a ticket here:

For the capitalization function, can I set it to ALL CAPS? Thanks.

Hi Jikey, you will need to use CSS to turn your keywords into all caps.

I see, ok.

Hi, Can you please confirm the link for raising a support ticket. The following link does NOT appear to be working . I am tryingto use the dynamic keyword insertion in my Adwords landing page urls but i am not clear how to implement. If you have any information about this other than what is provided on sales page please do so.

Just to clarify further, I have a landing page I want to dynamically change the “lpurl” part of the landing page address by replacing it with the “keyword” that can be passed through by clicking on the Adwords Ad. Is there a way of achieving this?

Hi Shailendra,

Apologies that the support portal is down.

The plugin can only insert text into the page, not into the URL unfortunately.

I will have a think about how we could achieve a dynamic URL, but I don’t think it is possible.

Hi, having real issues with the plugin working with Divi Theme can you confirm it it’s compatibility.

Hi Stuart, it has worked with Divi in the past. What is occurring, can you be specific?

Dear sir, want to buy this plugin , is this used for Google adwords dynamic keyword replacement concept?

Hi, the plugin captures the keyword(s) used to trigger the ad. It was not specifcally designed to work with dynamic keyword replacement, but may work. If you buy and try and it doesn’t work, I will refund your purchase.

Hey SDK,

Let me start off and say your support here is amazing. I am not a customer yet, but very close after reading through here. Great work, seems like just the plugin I am looking for.

Just a couple of pre-op questions:

My plan is to use the DKI for use in a small CTA pop-up on site, for organic keyword visitors.

The description says it does, but am wondering how it picks it up. Is it similar to how Google Analytics does?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi Jaymon,

Yes, it is the same mechanics used by Google Analytics.

When you click a link on the Google search results, the URL changes to something like”search term”&url=””.

The plugin will grab the search term from ?query=”search term” and place it where your short code is.

Kind regards, Steve

Are you sure it poses the keyword in the URL after clicking from Google organic search results?

I have not seen it do this in my own experience even on sites using HTTPS. But I do know it does this from Adwords results.

Yes Jaymon, sure.

If you try the plugin and it doesn’t work for you, I’m happy to refund your money.

Regards, Steve

How I can use text with an apostrophe?


Problem found: My It\’s an electrician Website

Hi Zaraguin. We’ve updated the plugin to handle apostrophes. Please check the URL above again.

How can I implement this directly into css code?

Hi Simon. Sorry for the delay. The plugin is not meant to be used in CSS code. If you can work out a way to inject Wordpress shortcode into a page template or theme resource, then you might be able to have a .php file that you can use for CSS styles.

I’m testing the shortcode but it is only showing one word (default) when I test this shortcode [keywordinsert listenfor=”keyword” default=”default phrase”] on

The plugin does not work with curly quotes ”. It works with straight quotes “

Thanks, it works now! I copied the shortcode with curly quotes from codecanyon. How can I force each keyword to use Capital?

I see. I will let them know. You will need to use CSS, like this:

h2:uabb-infobox-title-prefix {text-transform: capitalize;}

I installed the plugin but it does not work the same as the support page. You can see a test in

In addition, when the “default phrase” should come out, it only “default” by not putting all the text in quotation marks.


Can you switch to Twenty Seventeen theme, and see if the shortcode works?

Regards, Steve

Hello, can I use the keyword inside the code? Something like this:

span style=”text-color:#[keywordinsert listenfor=textcolor default=000000];”

Can’t get it to work.

Hi Simon,

Can you try adding quotes around your parameter values:

span style=’text-color:#[keywordinsert listenfor=”textcolor” default=”000000”];’


That doesn’t work for me neither :/ Any other ideas?

Hi Simon,

Please open a support ticket

This will allow me to provide some properly formatted CSS code for you to try.

Regards, Steve


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