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Hi, i wonder:

- can i create/setup wordpress system, and install all plugin needs, and set the SMTP mail settings or other settings in any WP theme, and page contents, post contents, footer etc areas for using at any time and any web site to run One Click import demo files work great?.

For example:

- i install all wp files

- install theme and setup settings

- install any plugin and setup settings

- make a footer design with theme

- make a any page design with Visual Composer

- add a users default for my users (username/password // demo/demo)

- use any image for any pages header or content

- LAST STEP > can i run to your plugin > Create a new demo > download it

When i need this demo (ftp setup files and databases) i can click to run and all everything come back for that new web site (new ftp and new domain) ?

Do come back all upload files? all themes, plugins, settings, databases?

Can you do that?

Hello! It seems you need a regular plugin for site backups, for example Akeeba Backup, which easily creates a full site backup (with all the content, plugins and database) and you can move it to another domain.
Demo Manager is something different. It imports the database and media files and to create a demo you need to follow the instructions

hi, some questions: does this work with AWS CloudFront? also, does this is for developers only? or maybe I can create a theme library to load remotely to my multisite installation? thanks

Wow! This is a awesome product. Presale question: is the plugin compatible with WP 4.9.x ? Thanks

Hello! Yes, it is compatible with WordPress 4.9.x.

Hello! Just a quick question. When a demo is installed. Can I deactivate the plugin ?

It’s quite heavy and slow down the loading of the website.

Hello! Yes, you will be able to deactivate the plugin.
Just notification due to frequent misunderstanding of the functionality of this plugin: the plugin is for developers. If your theme has several demo versions, you need to provide your customers(who will buy your theme) the opportunity to quickly import the required demo version. Best Regards!

For the life of me I can’t figure out where the demos are located without setting up all the developer settings. I’m only interested in a few of the demos. Any advice?

Hello, we have mailed you.

1- Can you answer my questions? 2- Can we close and open the areas on the left side of the Wordpress panel as required? (Themes, plugins, comments …) 3- Can the created demo site self-delete at a certain time? Can the user delete the created demo site?- 4- Can the user delete the created demo site? 5- Can we create more than one demo site? 6- Is the demo site loading like this? (Subdirectory) 7- Is the demo site loading like this? (Subdomain) 8- Is there a way to make such a notification screen? 9- Do you have a road map? 10- Will there be an update? 11- Can I make the wordpress language settings in Turkish? 12-Is reCAPTCHA being added

13- Can we do something like this?

13- Can we do something like this? 14 Can users remove or add themes on demo sites? 15- Can users remove or add plugins on demo sites? 16- users must be able to delete demo sites. Can you add this to your roadmap? This is found in other plugins.

Thank you

  1. Yes
  2. You can restrict some functionality of the site depending on the role, but this relates to the site customization, not the demo manager
  3. No, the sites can not be self-delete. The end users can install/uninstall the prepared demo
  4. No, this can be done by the theme/site developer
  5. Yes
  6. The demo data is added to the current database and will be all the changes are displayed on the current site
  7. The demo data is added to the current database and will be all the changes are displayed on the current site
  8. All necessary notifications have already been added.
  9. No
  10. not planned yet.
  11. Yes
  12. No
  13. It is not provided
  14. After the demo installing, they can configure the site as they wish
  15. Once users have installed demo data on their site, they can change it, but they have not access to change the data which is imported
  16. The end users can install/uninstall the prepared demo

Hi, pre-sale questions. Is it compatible with wordpress 5.3.2 and Elementor page builder free version? Thanks