Discussion on WordPress Database Search & Replace plugin

Discussion on WordPress Database Search & Replace plugin

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I’m looking for something for my site will have people listed in the database on the site by me or anyone that wants to add information on that person if they know the individual. Other people that are viewing that wants to know about that person can pay to read the experience of that person that viewers free added their experiences with. Simply just doing a search by name and getting information on the person, that was free added by others. Can your software do this?

Hi, unfortunately that’s not what our plugin does. Our plugin is to replace strings in the database safely. It’s not to store content or user information per se.

hello i can install this script and trouble shoot errors with $100 subscribe to connect me on for one month free support or email

Nice spam. Way to go!

Does it work with woocommerce, for search product queries, is it better than Ajax search or other? Thanks

It should work for all plugins, all sites. However, as always with database manipulations, we recommend taking a backup first :)

Can I change all the post that belongs to a category with this plugin. I would like to change the urls of all my post including the category in the url. Can I do that with this plugin?

Our custom functions don’t include a filter for post url’s. However you can run custom SQL queries using our plugin, as if you’re doing it from your database directly. But we do not recommend running custom queries if you’re not sure what you’re doing :)

What would you like to achieve exactly? If you want to add your category url to the post url’s, you can do it from WP Admin > Settings > Permalinks directly. But if you want to update all posts that is in a certain category, that would require a custom SQL query.

hi, i have a problem with database backup, its endless loading and i have to reload the page by myself how do i fix that? there is also a js error with timepicker addon, please help me.

Hi, the password you sent in the message didn’t work. Could you check and send the logins again separately please?

Hi, the js error is coming from the WooColor plugin. You may want to contact that plugin’s author to solve the js error.

And the infinite loading is because the server is giving a 500 error when the backup function calls for admin-ajax.php on the server. It may be a directory permissions issue, or a domain / https setup issue. Hard to know, but the problem is with how the server handles requests to the admin-ajax.php. Normally it should be accessable but the plugin is not allowed or it’s just crashing because the DB is too big or server is too weak.

If you could send us a server panel login, we can try to see what’s wrong with it. We need FTP and DB access to check though.

Or you can ask your server support about why the admin-ajax.php is giving a 500 error.

Hi, we’ve just uploaded a new version, including the fix to the infinite loading in your case.

Just bought and tried to install. It seemed to install correctly but will not activate. Getting this error: “Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required ’/wordpress/core/4.9.8/wp-content/plugins/weptile-wp-db-search-replace/weptile-backup-list.php’ (include_path=’/:.’) in /wpcom-154075430/wp-content/plugins/weptile-wp-db-search-replace/wp-db-search-replace.php on line 17”

Any ideas?

Interesting. We’ll check the code but it may also be a server specific issue on your site. If you have any chance you can give us your login and FTP access, we can also debug it on your server as well. If you can, please email them to pm at weptile dot come and we’ll check it there too.

Can it replace an Image from imported demo sites of a theme or just a text? Eg Default logos to be changed for 10 imported sites of a theme! Can this be done?

Does it multisite compatible?

Hi, you can replace any URL, including your image URL’s in the database. But the image file you’d need to upload separately.

If you want to replace the image shown on any page, or image used on anywhere, you can replace the image url, the image id, or anything that’s called from the database with our plugin.

We haven’t tested with multisite yet. But technically speaking it should be multisite compatible as we directly connect to the site database. If you need it for multisite, and somehow it doesn’t work, let us know and we’ll fix it, or refund rightaway.

Demo does not work either….

Hi, looks like someone played around with important things and broke our demo database. :) Maybe a database altering plugin can’t be demo’ed :) We’ll take the demo down for a while and be back. But our plugin works as shown in the screenshots and description.

Would be good if you could answer my above question…

just did that as well :)

I have a directory website with approx 1,000 listings. On some of the website fields the http:// is missing leading to a 404 error when users click on the link to website. Would this plugin allow me to add the http to the website fields missing it..?

You can replace anything and everything in the database. So yes. you could search for, and replace all occurances with But be careful, it may end up creating http:// occurances at some places. Then you’d have to replace double http’s with a single http as the second step.

I recommend doing these only on the post tables, and not the options table as you know it’s all in the content :)

And if you have any questions, please reach us at pm at weptile dot com

Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)

Thank you :) I hope when you move your site or need a replace function, you’d buy and review our plugin. I’m sure you’ll love it when you use it as well.

Nice work. Good luck with the sales.

Thank you :) I hope when you move your site or need a replace function, you’d buy and review our plugin. I’m sure you’ll love it when you use it as well.

Congratulations! Good Luck With Sale :)

Thank you :) We love what we do and we do what we love. So we aim to build flawless and easy to use plugins. Let’s just hope our buyers also love what we built for them as much as we did :)


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