Discussion on WPCS - WordPress Currency Switcher Professional - Multi Currency

Discussion on WPCS - WordPress Currency Switcher Professional - Multi Currency

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This is a pre-sales inquiry.

I would like to know if your plugin offers a shortcode feature that allows us to enter a price, which can then be converted using a currency switcher. I am specifically interested in displaying the price of my rental car listings. These listings follow a template similar to a single product template, where prices are fetched dynamically from the backend of the listing and displayed on the front end using a dedicated widget. Could you please explain how to use your shortcode and integrate it with the listing price? You can check here “”  AED prices come from the listing widget and your shortcode are small black font under this widget.

Thank you.


Please watch this video –

How to implement these prices in your template depends only on the template, but most likely you will need code customization


In your template all text data which shows price should be wrapped into shortcode [wpcs] OR you can directly use PHP function there $WPCS->wpcs_exchange_value()


pasabon Purchased

Hi Guys, does wpcs work with litespeed cache ?

Pre sales questions, I,m using free version. The shortcode is showed output amount very small font. How to increase or resize shortcode font size? [wpcs_price value=20]

Such as, [wpcs show_flags=0 width=’300px’ txt_type=’desc’] The shortcode included width size.

I want option resize price (text size) for the shortcode [wpcs_price value=20]



Ok! Great!

Does it support easy digital download, well it work smoothly with it


Unfortunately, I didn’t understand your question. Please describe it in more detail.

Is it possible to increase the rates by a , because if we are going to exchange that amount in the bank I will receive less money. I would like to increase the rates in 2 and keep CurrencyAPI as aggregator ?


Sorry, your screenshot doesn’t work. You can’t use a percentage, only a fixed number

Unfortunately, because if i use fixed numbers we lost dynamic refreshing


Please write me here –

And we’ll try to find a solution

Hello, the code [wpcs] is not working. Should I put any php code or something, for this shortcode to be active ? Please support, as the smart design, I lazy loading, so it is taking too much time, Sometime it loads, it doesn’t.


Please write me here –

and drop me exact lonk to the issue

Your support forum does not send emails… I have registered and I am still waiting for my confirmation mail. I desperately need help as I cannot get the plugin to switch currencies.


Support doesnt sends any emails, you should register on the support forum, if you have troubles with registration – send us please email with which you tried to register here


Pre-Sale question Is premium plugin work better then free one? I have issue with free plugin that with WP Rocket I set to show EUR for European country but I see that show USD ? also I have 5 sec delay when I have cache, if I buy premium plugin is possible to somehow to fix that issue?

P.S. I try to disable WP Rocket and issue is still here with free plugin?

I try to find on internet some article to speed your plugin to show first and I found some article that add priority to your plugin but its not working :(

to speed your plugin*


Please write here –

And paste a link to the issue

to speed your plugin*- Please read this –

I have a Prepurchase question

When you use something like for example

[wpcs_price type=”fixed” value=”USD:20,EUR:10”]

to give a discount to a particular country where there is a sale, but all the prices are listed in data-amount=”USD:120,NIS:10” basically showing the prices available in all currencies in the code.

Is there a way to avoid showing all prices in all currencies in the code? as not all discounts are available in all locations and shouldn’t be shown in the code.


Unfortunately no. This is necessary to work with cached pages.

That’s a shame, I’m actually using another geolocation plug-in for similar functionality (Not the same) that doesn’t have that issue.

So it might be possible to solve it in a different way than exposing all available prices in the code, you might want to take a look at different approaches.

Regardless, thanks for the answer. cheers


Ok! I will pass your suggestion to the developers

Hello, Pre-sale question. I am interested in buying your plugin, unfortunately I cannot get it to work. I am currently trying out the free version but nothing I do seen to make the rates come up. it is either 0 or “none”. I have a feeling if I can just get it to work it might be just what I need. I do not want the currency API but would use the fix rate.

I am using elementor. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi. I am looking for currency plugin which can display two currencies at the same time. So, no switching, I need 2 currencies to be visible in the same time. One should be main one and the other secondary but roles must be switchable. Is this possible and please I need to see demo for this. Thanks


Unfortunately only one currency can be selected on the same time


Pre-sale question:

1) Is your currency switcher plugin compatible with Listeo @ ?

2) If it’s not compatible with Listeo, would you offer a full refund?

Thanks in Advance,

— GM


1) Unfortunately, we do not have such information.

2) To test it use a free version of the plugin –

1. What is the short code for Currency converter? I want user to put his amount that should be converted.

2. Is it possible to show only US Dollar, British Pounds, Euro and South African rand?

If yes how to exclude all others.

Please note that I am trying Free version before buying as I want more than 2. But it has to work


Ok! Please drop me exact link withe issue. And describe in detail what does not work on this page

Can’t simply provide me a shortcode that I can use?

All I need is: Users to put an amount and convert it into another currency

I need £ $ € Once it works with two then I will buy and add the third currency.

Hello zconsulting

Shortcode is on this link – [wpcs_price value=20]

20 is amount in basic currency of the site

Currency switcher drop-down: – shortcode [wpcs]

Currency converter: – [wpcs_converter precision=4]

Hello, We wanted to ask if the currency changer will be effective in “Pending Payment” payment screen as most do not translate the currencies in that page.

Also, if there is the ability to make the user pay in the selected currency.

Thank you.


This plugin does not work with payment systems

Don’t bother buying this Item waste of time. No support available at all. DON’T BOTHER

Hi there, Yes that’s are ticket.

Thanks, Adam

Hello Adam

Thank you for confirmation, in such case 1 star review is not equitable as support do its work within declared timeline

What is the maximum number of countries or currencies l can use on a website using this plugin ?

Hello, unlimited, but technically depends of ‘PHP Max Input Vars’


I am interested in your currency switcher plugin for my dropshipping website. I am already using this plugin but it is not compatible with some of the plugins in which I am currency using on my website especially Ali Dropship Woo plugin The currency switcher is working fine for all the countries except UAE mobile users. It is showing higher prices than the original one if someone goes to the website from UAE with the mobile devices, it is working fine for all the desktops.

So, is your plugin is compatible with all the plugins and themes? Will you provide support or make it compatible if it will not work correctly.

I am looking forward to your positive response.

Many Thanks


No! This plugin does not work with woocommerce at all


Try this please:

Will you provide support or make it compatible if it will not work correctly. – unfortunately it is not possible

hi there will i be able to override the rollbacks file in views/auto_switcher


You can use JS code

An example:

jQuery(’.wpcs_auto_switcher li’).on(‘click’, function(){

jQuery(this).find(‘a’).trigger(‘click’); });

thanks man that works much appreciated



Hello, is it possible to convert an ACF field? Currently, I’m using an ACF number field to output a price in £ / British Sterling. Is it possible to use this plugin to use the number entered in the ACF field to convert to € / Euros? Thanks in advance.


Yes, if value in the meta is number: , and value there should be in basic currency (GBP)


Did the shortcodes changed? all places where it used to work now just show the shortcodes :(

Please help what to do? why it’s not rendering the shortcodes?

You were right about the flags I did as shown in the link and it worked, so simple mistake. Thank you!

Ok I think I solved the other problem, I have recently updated JetEngine and that have caused some conflicts, for example not fully rendering shortcodes, meta fields, etc… I used a basic text widget in the end to fully render the shortcode as that way I still had full styling control. unlike the dedicated widgets, had some problems fully rendering.

Other conflict: iQ Block Country – that plugin with WPCS will have few IP data base errors at times will not let activate the plugins if disabled and then try to activate again will show errors.

I ended up removing “iQ Block Country” plugin and found new one to exchange it.

All works ok now! yey :)


Ok! Great


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