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Hi, Is there a trial version I can try before I buy? I have multiple posts with different categories for businesses “not custom posts” and i’d like to try and see if this will play nice with filtering them.

Thanks in advance.

Thank you for your reply. Is there a way to display posts into lists or no?

I bought the plugin.. looks great but it’s not fetching the checkboxes from ACF.its showing empty on select custom Fields.

Send me admin info via my profile. I will check it


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I have several posts belonging to multiple categories (or tags). I understand visitors can filter their search by categories, but is it possible: 1 – to define which categories I want to display 2 – allow visitors to select multiple categories/tags?


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Thanks, one more question: is it possible to use 2 categories boxes (like you use categories and tags in your demo but with 2 times categories) in order to have different sort of categories in each box, even if they are all from posts?

Yes it can work fine


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Great, many thanks!

I can show some collapsed fields?

No settings to show default collapsed fields

Anyone know how to remove all of the blog posts from appearing and just filter down to just the ones I wanted to include in terms of select blog posts and not all of them? mercurygate.com/test

blog posts, it is displayed at first loading page. It is a grid results with default posts from a custom post type. it is a default grid so it doesn’t have any settings for exclude or include terms

Hi, Is there a trial version I can try before I buy or some documentation I can look at further in understanding how this works? Your demo is a bit confusing. I know there’s another plugin for filter content based on woocommerce products but I thought this was supposed to show only custom post types made by something else other than woocommerce? Also you don’t show the horiztonal view on a desktop, which I would like to see as well and not just for mobile view. Also wondering how the content that’s rendered controlled? Like what info does it pull and display after you’ve filtered through the settings for results?

Hi thank you for your swift response. I understand woocommerce is a custom post type, that’s not the problem, the problem is showing examples of other posts types other than Woocommerce that I have trouble picturing. For ex. This plugin sorta misleads people into thinking they can use the Star Rating in their custom post type (that’s not woocommerce cpt). Am I wrong? Also can you show an example of a horizontal menu working? Can I see the documentation so I know how this works and if it’s for me? Since there’s really no backend demo for me to see usage/examples.

Star Rating only have for woocommerce, you can custom layout of default Woocommerce, it support horizontal fields on mobile. You can send request documentation via my profile. I will send for you documentation

I’m well aware of that, it’s just a tad bit misleading is what I’m saying. I think you should lead with show other examples of usage with custom post types and not with WooCommerce since you have another specific plugin for that as well. It lessens the confusions for your audience is all I’m saying.

How does this work with Advanced Custom Fields? I see it’s mentioned but the demo doesn’t show how this works or the doc doesn’t explain.

Yes, it work fine. No demo for it

Hi, Is it possible to make hierarchy drop-down for custom taxonomies, with your plugin?

Hi. Yes, it is

I wish there was a way to save selection to user. So for instance I run a news website and i can filter the front page to only show Sports and Music category, I want it to save so next time user visits it will be saved for that logged in user.

the plugin doesn’t support save selection to user


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Best plugin. 5 stars! Thanks!


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I have hundreds of categories on my site. I know that you can additionally sort by categories of goods “SELECT”, but it turns out to be a very large list, it would be nice to specify in the settings that the category itself changes when the user moves to another category of goods and easily uses the tags for tags in the active category.


Hi. If it possible to control search results view?

Hi. I font understand your question. You can custom template for grid result

How it will look in subcategories?

It filter all categories you selected

Can I use the range slider to dates??

No. It only use for deverloper

I have more than 5000 post over 20 years, I can not make users have to go from month to month. Do you have any idea how to use the range for the dates?

You can talk more info about range dates via my profile

Hi, is it possible to call the id of a form in shortcode by slug (search-form) and not by id (12345)?



No, it need to id for each forms