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Hi, i have a bug with the Order By option, i put by name, and ascending or descending, my site is http://www.conectadigital.com/consortium/

Here is the picture, i want to order by name, alphabetically, i put the option for that but the system dont order, only for date of creation http://www.conectadigital.com/consortium/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Captura-de-pantalla-2016-09-29-a-las-10.31.11-a.m..png

i want order alphabetically the results

Hi, you need to put order field to search form. I don’t see this field on search form of your site

I have a search result page that shows posts from a plugin. The page is using a custom archive template, design by drag and drop post type builder to display the result. i do not know what custom template this will be.

now the problem is when i place the search form on the result page i expect it to filter the content on the page but it redirect to the default archive page which is index.php even though i select the AJAX option. I only want the posts contents on the result page to be filtered. please i need solution ASAP.

Hi You need to place search form and grid results on same a page. If search form doesn’t find out the grid results to display posts, it will redirect to a default page. You can read in the documentation

Hello I too have the same question as your customer Roomace. I want to use my own templates to display posts or custom posts, will it work with your plugin. I don’t want it to redirect elsewhere. How can this work?? Please kindly let me know. Thank you

Hi, yes you can custom template to display posts for custom posts type. Each custom post type will have a template to display posts

Place search form vs grid results on same page. It won’t redirect to default page

Hi, presales Q, can we disable ajax & first tick in checkboxes options & then click the submit button to get the results ?

Hi. Yes it can disable ajax

Is it possible to have a load more button instead of pagination?

Hi. I will keep in mind, will update it if possible


How about incorporating infinite scrolling? Something I could figure out, or would it be more complicated because of the filtering? Thanks!

Hello, I have a question for you. Can I use this plugin to build a search form that only search from one or two terms of one custom taxonomy without displaying the select box for terms. Thanks in advance.

Hi. You want to use search one or two terms of a custom Taxonomy. You can set default value for that taxonomy. If you don’t show it at front end you can use css to hide it.

Hi, I have pre-sale question: does it support Advanced Custom Fields? If i have checkbox fields with some options, will I be able to filter through this fileds? I would like to make filters on wordpress category page.

HI, currently, the plugin doesn’t support Advanced Custom Fields.

Hi, when i check item in one taxonomy can the other taxonomy boxes update count and/or not show if they empty? tried to do it in admin without success. sent user/pass to support email – with no respond. please support

Hi, i don’t understand your question, you can talk more details for your problem via zufusion84@gmail.com

sent more details by email. thank you

Ok check inbox

Hi. can i show what was selected in the results page? like breadcrumbs of the selected fields? example: if i choose Africa – so i”ll see the word Africa above the results like a title. thank you

Hi, currently, there is no this feature

Hi, ibought your pluging, good job, thanx, BUT it do not show Turkish fonts, can you pls help, thanx

hi, the plugins works with wp 4.7. Your last version is outdated so is it possible to test the compatibility with my wp environment?

Hi. Yes it work fine with wp 4.7

does your plugin work on avada and can it made into horizontal

Yes. It works fine

Hi. We are thinking to purchase your product, but our website is not woocommerce based. Can you answer whether this particular plugin can work with normal websites and taxonomies, and are the filters mutually related. In other words, when the change is made in first filter does it affect the second one, second one the third one and so on? Thank you in advance. Best regards

Another question is whether it would be possible to set up two colons of items in the site? In your official preview we see three colons that is why we ask. Thanks

Check email.

Pre sale question

Will this work with custom taxonomy i am using envira gallery and have tagged images and now i want to show the tags in a drop down. WIll your plugin consider tags of envira as well. Here is the demo how does it look now. http://enviragallery.com/demo/gallery-tags/

If you go to the bottom there is a gallery and it gets filtered when clicked on tags . They are not allowing to customise the tags in drop down. As i will have lot of tags i want them to be in a drop down, and so the user clicks on it and it filters the images.

Your problem is your custom post type. Is not problem my plugin. If you dont solve by yourself you can send refund

I have already solved my custom post type mr author before you even bothered to reply. Though still check your email i have posted another issue with your plugin.

Please initiate my refund, Your plugin has lot of problems and does not work as expected and written by you.

Hi, how I can display for Meta Field number of results next field as in demo?

Hi it can not display number with meta field. It only display number with taxonomy field

My Author list does not include administrators, is there a way to include them in the list?

You should not include administrator

Hi, will your plugin work with the free ACF plugin? Will it filter posts by acf fields?

Yes it work fine


Harlock_ Purchased

Hi, I want to know how to add users with roles different from author in filter. Thanks, Francesco

Check inbox

Same question as felix07. When i check item in one taxonomy can the other taxonomy boxes update count and not show if they empty? tried to do it in admin without success.