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What’s wrong?

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Hi, I think you are using a lower PHP version (-5.5), will consider that

Its fixed. You will receive a notification when the processing is done, so you can get the latest files.

Hi, can this calendar be put on a sidebar widget? If so, can we see a live preview or at least screenshots of it? Thank you.

Hi There. I would also like to know about the sidebar widget as stated above?

Hello, due to the nature of this calendar type, I did not considered the widget.


It is possible customize this calendar adding one form above him? I mean, like “Booking Calendar Contact Form”.

Thank you!

Demo is not working… Nothing clear about calendar…

found – saving is disabled in dashboard – but is it working? then, in full version- there will be and the edit btn – and I would be able to change the event’s time? – that is very important for me, sorry for a lot of questions (your’s script implementation is so good)
and allow me one more question: in principle, can this calendar take the events from MY wp table in DB? and after edit – write them back? I think yes – but want to prove from your side as author. Then this calendar is mine )
wp calendar and wp ajax full featured calendar – what’s the difference?

This has been discussed over email.

yes, sorry – the thread was before we discussed – forgot it.

How is the category filtering work? is it possible to show several calendars on different pages on a site, where we show one category on one side and another category on the other?

HI, I have a question before purchase: I want to sync” x” google calendars. The select filter show me the different google calendars?

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Hello, Are you using the latest version? Can you supply a temporary access so I can see your issue? Head over to and write a message there so we can solve this.

still doesnt work. 1 year later. bump. refund please?

How you are doing this? Send me some proofs of this “bump”. WP version?

Hello, what’s the difference between “WP Ajax Full Featured Calendar” and “Wordpress Calendar”? Which one is better?

That you have to see for yourself. Wordpress calendar is a improved and complex version, it uses the wordpress core api and you can sync to google calendar, use google calendar with local calendar. WP Ajax Full Featured Calendar is local calendar only.

calendar stuck on November, does not default to current month

where did you see that?

I need a new calendar plugin for a wax center. Some appointments will be 15minutes while others can be an hour. Is this calendar flexible where it will open up time based on appointment length?

Hello. I am not getting the last part. From the demo, what you see is missing for your case?

Does this calendar work? Would be able to log in to admin, to understand how it works?

Yes. Check the demo here: and the login info here:


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hello, when i click the event on calendar it is not working the popup information:

You can opt for popup or single page view, currently you are using single page view. On settings change “Event View” to “Modal”.