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Auto Spinner can to use with Yoast SEO plugin and Vietnamese, it increase the ability to search in google ?

The plugin does not support Vietnamese content for rewriting and supported languages are listed in the plugin description.

i have 17k synonym sql database bahasa indonesia..can you add to this plugin..if you can..i want to buy this plugin

No, If you want to add it yourself for personal use,

Adding a new language will require a synonyms for this language on the format

- Single synonyms set per line - Synonyms set are on the format word1|word2|word3

and if you have the synonyms, you can modify any the plugin synonyms files and use your own synonyms

Synonyms files are located at “inc/” folder at the plugin main directory and each supported language has a specific file for example English language has a file named “treasures_en.dat” and French language has a file named “treasures_fr.dat”

Selam, Benim fonksiyonum ile senin eklentinin arasındaki farkı söyler misin?

<?php header('Content-type: application/json'); function spin($content) { $content_keywords = explode(" ", $content); $keywords = file_get_contents('treasures_tr.dat'); $array = array(); $change_keywords = array(); foreach (explode("\n", $keywords) as $str) { $keys = explode("|", $str); foreach ($content_keywords as $keyword) { if (in_array($keyword, $keys)) { unset($keys[array_search($keyword, $keys)]); sort($keys); $to = $keys[ rand(0, sizeof($keys) - 1) ]; $content = str_replace($keyword, $to, $content); $change_keywords[$keyword] = $to; } } } return array('content' => $content, 'changes' => $change_keywords); } exit(json_encode(spin("Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet")); ?> http://muazturan.com/my-spin.jpg


Please write in English so I can understand.

This plugin is awesome.

Thanks :)

I have the same question before I purchase this plugin. How about the grammar quality?

Please check the video on the live preview to get an idea of the rewritten article. It spins a sample post in action


Wrenn90 Purchased

I have a PBN and would need this on all my wordpress sites (30 + ) will buying this once allow me to do that?

Hi Wrenn,

I have just replied to the new email.

Regards, Atef


Wrenn90 Purchased

I have been trying to communicate VIA email! Please, if that is not best way to talk what is?

Please follow reply to the email that you have already sent.

Hi, in your opinion, what is the best external article spinner for text quality and human readability?


My personal view is like the services are ordered at the description page

While you are advised to test yourself to know which is best for your case.

Regards, Atef

Not working with spinnerchief.


We have a help desk setup for support, please open a support ticket here


Regards, Atef

Is it possible to use only our own database, no external (we saw that dutch is terrible, more african then dutch). And is it possible to only spin given words, not just all words in a tekst? (with a { and } tag or something)

You can set the plugin not to rewrite and just identify the synonyms once activated this option the plugin will highlight possible words to be replaced then you can go and choose the to be replaced words manually

Does that need to be done manually every time when rewriting, or just once and then it goes on automode?

Don’t understand your need very well but You don’t want all founds to be replaced then you will need to pick manually what will be replaced and yes every time you will click the rewrite button.

Pre-sale questions

1) On your demo video for automatic plugin, you mentioned that there is adoption to spin on fetch. How is this integrated spinner different from WP Auto Spinner here? I need to know if there is a need to purchase this if I purchase your automatic plugin

2) How often do you update the default thesaurus or is this never updated after plugin purchase? I know you have an option in the plugin to add own thesaurus, but I would like to know if there si continued effort on your end to improve the default word/dictionary so that one does not need to subscribe to any other 3rd party spinner service.

3) Quite a lot of wordpress themes now use one page builder or the other with the most popular ones being VC composer, and the like. How does this plugin work with such page builders knowing fully well that the page builders wrap codes around content/text.

many thanks


1) WP Automatic plugin has built-in integration for thebestspinner.com. WP Auto Spinner has it’s own synonyms database and supports most popular APIs. It also has a UI and supports custom synonyms

2) Built-in synonyms are not updated. The plugin itself get updated in case of any new valuable feature or issue fix

3) Content is added directly to the editor like regular content that is not created using VC so there is no relation between both

Regards, Atef

wordai error, turing mode “We issued the request but the response does not contain expected json”

The plugin does not support turning mode. Turing mode takes too long time to process requests and requests get timeout.

could I protect keyword so it remain topic related like we do in thebestsppiner ?

Sure, You can set reserved words that the plugin will protect. Title words can also be protected when rewriting the content.

H There, Does this plugin support in Bahasa Indonesia?


There is no built-in synonyms for this language.

It will only work for this language if you add your own manually added synonyms

Regards, Atef


Leento Purchased

This auto spinner can use The best spinner api but your Automatic Plugin also has setting for using The best spinner. What is the difference? Do you need to set up in both plugins ?

Both utilize TheBestSpinner API, but Wordpress Auto Spinner is much more advanced with a UI to rewrite posts,modify synonyms, exclude words and it also supports most popular APIs

You should not setup both because this will rewrite the content twice.

Hi, could I compare the articles in my site before and after spinning so I could check before publishing the post ?


The article is rewritten in the plugin editor box so you can review and change if needed then send to the actual WordPress Editor to overwrite the original post.

Regards, Atef


Alex-S Purchased

Hi, is it possible to set some content of a post within a shortcode?

The goal is to spin only a specific part of a text within the content in bulk.

I am building a lot of posts automatically and i want to spin only one specific paragraph afterwards. I could place the specific part of the content within a shortcode while bulk posting it. Afterwards id like to spin only that specific part of content.

Like this:

Normal content Normal content [Content i want to spin] Normal content Normal content

Best regards!


You can protect parts that you don’t like to spin inside nospin shortcodes like this

[nospin] Normal content Normal content [/nospin]

There is no short-code to spin a specific part.

Regards, Atef

great idea, would you add Arabic, and maybe it can be integrated with Wordpress Automatic Plugin so user can chose if spinning is needed

Thanks for your suggestion but only listed languages are supported right now.

hi, i’d like your product. 1 question: i only need WordAi.com api to spin my article, not Spinrewriter, tbs api.. How to do that ?


They are alternatives. You can just use WordAI

Regards, Atef


vatih Purchased

It will be nice if you add Reserved Words or Exclude Words in every post (Post Editor).

I have noted your suggestion to the plugin development suggestions list so it may be added with future versions of the plugin. Please note that there is no specific ETA or guarantee that it will be implemented. Thanks for your suggestion.

hello “Cron started at 01:22:15 Warning: preg_match(): Compilation failed: missing ) at offset 35 in /home/xxxxxxxxxxx/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-auto-spinner/inc/class.spin.php on line 1180” error..

How can we fix it. Thank you


We have a help desk setup for support, please open a support ticket here so we can check it at your side.


Regards, Atef