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I need to know if your plugin supports this situation. For my coaching website Client must be able to pay for 90 days and book 12 sessions of one hour each Thank you

can you please explain a bit more with an example of your need and email us at developers@solvercircle.com ?

Does this appointment booking system support multiple appointments to be booked during the same time frame. We have a service business and we have 1-3 installers that are doing service calls for us and most of them are doing appointments during the same time, like 8AM, there may be 3 of us on site at the same time at 3 different locations. Does the system allow for all 3 appointments to be on the calendar at the same time? This is a MUST for us and we are looking for a calendar that allows this.

Yes, you can have your 3 men as the 3 Schedules. Thus each of the persons can have their own schedule at the same time.

Hi Friends, Im very interesting in your plug in. I have a very important pre-sales question: is it possible to put an shortcode to see a public calendar in any page in my website? This page have an login form. I will apreciate your prompt response. Thanks a lot in advance.

Hi, Thanks. In trial free version I can not add appointment in “Appointment Scheduling” chart. Is it normal? I can only handle two timeslots. In paid version is possible to handle more? It seems to me that the plugin is only for a internal control. I cannot see the shortcode for the patient to request his own appointment. Am I wrong? Thanks a lot for your answer. I am really interested in purchasing your plugin , but i need to know it.


Here again I am bothering. Is urhent to make purchase. Four days ago i ask this: In trial free version I can not add appointment in “Appointment Scheduling” chart. Is it normal? I can only handle two timeslots. In paid version is possible to handle more? It seems to me that the plugin is only for a internal control. I cannot see the shortcode for the patient to request his own appointment. Am I wrong? Thanks a lot for your answer. I am really interested in purchasing your plugin , but i need to know it. Thanks in advance for your prompt answer

Hi There,in paid version you can add as many appointment schedules as you want. The Schedule and calendar can be seen at the site front, like you can see at the Demo, so that the patients can book their preferred available timeslot from the calendar.

Love this plugin _Pre-Sales Question:

1.Can I remove the option for payment and price> I need to use it strictly as a schedule manager. 2.Can we maintain more than one calendar. “Like a conference has different session blocks” Will we be able to allow the booking of a time and still allow for the same time booking but for a different venue? 3.Can I allow for multiple booking for same time slot and can I limit the number to :5 or 6 or 7 etc….

Thank you

As you need to sell the same time slot for multiple booking, so you can check our EventCommerce WP Responsive Event Calendar Pro : codecanyon.net/item/eventcommerce-wp-responsive-event-calendar-pro/10716644?ref=wpproducts

An application with this plugin can create reservations for pitches fishing, where you can book or weekly or monthly basis, can not book for more than 4 times a year or even a month later? or if the calendar notes in December can not book in January but only in December, and when a pitch was booked Mr can be booked again by another user, you can do? thank you.

It will require custom development to implement such Custom rule. Please email us at developers@solvercircle.com for a quote.

Hi, 1. is there any way to customise eg colours and calendar appearance? 2. is there any way to integrate other payment methods besides paypal, eg stripe?

maybe will shall add that in next release.

I have a few questions on this: 1) when do you plan to include an email arlert for admins and clients when an appt is made, I think this would be basic for any plugin of this nature?

2) How much does it cost to include stripe payment feature or any form of card payment system (apart from paypal), that allows clients to be directed to checkout soon after registration?

Otherwise the plugin will not have much use for me.

Sorry, we discuss custom development costs only through email. So,please email us at developers@solvercircle.com

Hello. I’m looking for a special kind of plugin, which can manages multi reservation, more than 9 differente places with many time slot. And I also want to know what are the different types of payment included. Thanks you

I think, it may be useful for you, for each separate places/venue you can create separate Schedule, please check the Documentation.

Currently it has only Paypal payment gateway, if you need more payment gateway, please email us at developers@solvercircle.com to discuss the quote for adding more gateways.

Hello there wpproducts!

I have a couple of pre-sale questions for ya. Looks like a great plugin by the way!

The first one may be a little dumb but it just helps to know anyway …

1. The public cannot see the full calendar? I wouldn’t want people seeing other people’s appointments, only we can see the calendar, correct?

2. We will not be using the payment system so the payment field will not be shown unless we use it correct?

Thank you, Christine :)

Demo is useless. Add item and then get told “No Item in Cart!” when I did add an item, and cant go furthur.

The DEMO looks to be working perfectly :)


I have been asked by a client to do an online lawn/grass cutting system and I have a few questions: I was wondering if your plugin can have custom fields or drop-downs? they will require drop downs for the size of garden with price additions depending on the option chosen along with options of service they require e.g. basic, premium with different price options and finally is there an option to have reoccurring booking and does your plugin link to google calendar or an online calendar application for the client to view availability on their mobile phone? Thanks.

Looks solid. Too bad that layout is not responsive.

Hi, I want to create a clinic website where each doctor has their own timetable. They are added to WordPress admin as Authors.

I want set up a timetable for each doctor and let each doctor to see only the timetable that belongs to him or her. How can I do that?

Thanks, Alex.

I think, you will need a custom solution. Please email us to developers@solvercircle.com to discuss in details.

Pre-sales question… Does the Calendar allow for recurring appointments and group classes?

We are looking for an addon which allows Clients to book into a recurring group fitness class on a weekly basis, without having to go back and constantly update their booking.

We can provide custom solution at additional cost. Please email us to developers@solvercircle.com to discuss a quote. Thanks.

How do I get the calendar to show up on a web page. I set it all up but can’t find any information on how to make the calendar show up on a page or post.

But that’s the point. I don’t see any short code to copy and paste. Where is it supposed to show up?

sorry for the Inconvenience Travis. Can you please provide us the access info at the Ticket system at support.solvercircle.com, we shall investigate and will let you know the issue and solve it for you as well. No worries :)

Usually this plugin creates a Page automatically for you with the page name: SC Appointment Calendar and the shortcode is : [appoint_sccalendar]


CVScott Purchased

Presale Question: I have a client who will be booking rooms for various client usage. I need to be able to allow customers to select the room and time they want to book and have each room be a different price. Is this possible? And, obviously – I need for each room to have its schedule during the day, so one person could select room A at 9am, one person could select room B at 9am – 5pm, etc… Is this possible? Thanks!


CVScott Purchased

Also, client just asked if this application would also work with scheduling her for life coaching in a specific room on certain dates. So we would use it for this and my question above.


CVScott Purchased

Hello – is anyone going to answer my questions now nearly 2 weeks old???

Please submit your questions in a ticket at support.solvercircle.com and we shall be able answer you during this week.

Hello. I want to make the purchase but I have doubts. I want to know if you have options for the number of reservations for a date also conififying the time. I await …

Pre-sales questions:

Can I set the calendar display to 24-hour format?

Is it possible to prevent customers booking new appointments too close to the actual time? (e.g. first available appointment will never be closer than 1 hour from now)

Is it possible to issue a confirmation number to customers who booked an appointment?

Please email us to developers@solvercircle.com for custom solution for you.

Good Morning Where well finds the free version to test has a hairdressing salon network with several professional and with sells of products.

Sorry, we are not providing any free version at the moment.

Some presale questions: 1. Is it possible to switch to other language (german) or translate it ? 2. 24h times instead of AM/PM ? 3. Are the Fields to fill from the Client customizable ?

Thank you so much for asking questions, please email us to developers@solvercircle.com to discuss the questions and for customization.

This is great but it isn’t responsive! Are you able to adjust it so that it is so i can purchase it? You will get a ton more sales if it’s responsive.