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Hi, can you add the words you want to be in the word searches?


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Hi! To customize the game adding your own words you have to modify the json file. To generate the matrix, follows these tips: 1)The number of letters of a single word must be minor than the matrix size (i.e. a 10×10 matrix can’t contain a word of 11 letters) 2)Avoid words containing uncommon letters 3)Take this tab as a reference to choose the lenght and the number of words to insert: ? From 0 to 1 word matrix dimension -2 (i.e. for a 10×10 matrix insert only one word of 8 letters) ? From 0 to 2 words mat. dim-3 (i.e. for a 10×10 matrix insert not more than 2 words of 7 letters) ? From 0 to 4 words (mat dim-4) ? From 0 to 4 words (mat dim-5) ? From 0 to 5 words (mat dim-6) ? From 0 to 6 words (mat dim-7)

Hello, Is it support non-english and utf-8 alphabets? I need to use it with Arabic language with letters: ? ? ? ? , ...

let me check, please send me a mail with a text example to support@codethislab.com

email sent, kindly let me know… thank you

mail sent!

HI, is it possible to remove the language screen, and go straight to levels on start? ...Thank you in advance

hi! to remove the language screen we have to customize the game and modify the code. For further info please write at support@codethislab.com

Hello I need added features in word search like categories to choose how much you charge for this functionality?

hi, in this game is already divided by category, you can modify them and the related words following the instructions in the documentation http://showcase.codethislab.com/games/word_search/readme/ and the advices in the item details section

hi, does it support Arabic language

hi, to make the game supporting Arabic we have to modify the code. For further info, write at support@codethislab.com

Hi, what program do I need to edit the words? and 2) If I purchase, can you please remove the languages for me, so I have 1 language.

to change the word list you can use any text editor like notepad++. If you want to remove the language panel we have to customize the game, write at support@codethislab.com for further details