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It’s work with euro?

Yes, it works with all currencies.


Very nice idea, only a question

How can i verify my website and apply for rich pins with Pinterest?

you can apply for rich pins here but you’ll need to validate your rich pins first with the plugin.

Please download the latest update now. It has been approved :)

I was put the version 3.1 and the problem is here Best regards,

Please email me a temporary login to your site.

I have purchased your plugin and I am getting this error whenever I try to validate a product:

“It looks like your URL is missing some required info. Please check the documentation and add anything that’s missing.”

Please email me your wordpress site url.

Hi there! I have emailed through your contact page but havent heard anything.

Sorry,can you please resend the url?

Looks like a great plugin. Does it work with product variations? I realize it can’t pin all variations, but maybe it pins the default variation, or something else? Thanks, Koen.

It pins the default variations.

Can product page support multiply images in rich pin?

It uses the featured image alone.

Hello, I have installed the plugin and i got my template crashed. Can i know the reason. Let me know if i have installed it wrongly. I have installed like bellow steps.

download the plugin folder “”.

I have upload it to my site.

After i activate the plugin, i got the site was crashed.

Please email me a temporary login to your site.

hi – can i use this plugin on all my wordpress sites? i.e. is there any limit to the number of my own sites that i can use this plugin on?

and does it automate the rich pin verification process too?

lol, why is it ideal if i purchase more licences when i dont need to?

and you didnt answer my other question about whether your plugin automates the rich pin verification process?

Each regular license you buy serves as usage for just 1 wordpress installation. If you won’t be needing the plugin on more wordpress websites,you can just buy 1 regular license.

what? you just contradicted yourself? you said in your first message that i can buy it once and use it on multiple wordpress sites. i’ll be using it on my own wordpress sites, i wont be selling my sites to anyone – so i should just be able to buy a regular licence once and use it on all my wordpress sites, right?

and you still haven’t answered my other question about the rich pin verification process? is there a video of this plugin in action somewhere?

Broke my site. When the plugin was activated, my home page had my content area repeated twice. Once above the header of my website and once in the content area it is supposed to be in.

I had to deactivate the plugin. I applied for Pinterest approval, and now I am probably going to be denied because I had to deactivate the plugin. I’m very upset. How are you going to troubleshoot the problem when my website is live? Can you troubleshoot in a specific time so that I can reactivate the plugin? I don’t want this issue to affect my customers.

Thanks,I will look into this issue.

Couldn’t replicate the issue causing the site to crash between Yoast and Woopin.

I have been able to replicate the issue now and it has been fixed.

I have exactly same issue as scopes does – with yoast wordpress seo …did you fix this?

I have been able to replicate the issue now and it has been fixed.

Thank you so much – will test it out :)

Hi finally had time to test – no yoast seo conflict and it’s pinning but now none of pricing information showing on pinterest and i rechecked to be sure pinterest had validated us for rich pins—tried this and display is here

what do we need to do? oh i just tried logging out of pinterest account and saw price. is that how it works -cna’t see when logged in?

also please confirm latest plugin version is 3.2 – is that right?


Has the SEO by Yoast issue been fixed as the 2 people mentioned above?

Also will this work for Woocommerce store that has “external products” i.e. affiliate products (the store’s products lead to affiliate merchants sites when customers click to but it etc).

I will appreciate a fast response.


Couldn’t replicate the issue causing the site to crash between Yoast and Woopin. On our test servers, both plugins seem to be functioning properly.

I have been able to replicate the issue now and it has been fixed.

Validating the pin gives me the following message: We were unable to retrieve any data from your URL because the server responded with a 500 Internal Server Error error.?? What is wrong

Having bought this lugin in order to get the pins working I’d be really grateful for a reply!

Ok now it crashed my complete site please refund the money!!

Not sure why your site crashed. Did you edit the plugin?

Question—if you are logged into your pinterest account which is linked to woo pin should prices not show? i just pinned this from site as test and don’t see any prices? How is it supposed to work and how to fix?

Is this plugin still being supported? Compatibility with wordpress 4.3?

Yes, the plugin is still supported and up to date.

How can we add the pin it button to the thumbnail page so users can quickly pin items from image rather than having to see all details?

That would need additional customization. Thanks

yeah figured – can you do it? how much?

Kindly send me an email from my profile page so we can discuss on that. Thanks

Problem on my site- woopin feature still working but the button isnt’ displaying (just text) ... ideas?

Hello, is this plugin still working?Last update was in 2015!

Is it working with WordPress 4.7?

Yes it is working with the latest versions of wordpress and woocommerce. Thanks

Where are the options for changing the RichPins? The only option I see is a link on the sidebar for validation. If that is all this plugin does, then i’d like a refund. Validation is just a link on the pinterest website that anyone can access.

Hi, the plugin automatically fetches all the data for RichPins which include product title,product price,product image and other product attributes. You only need to set up these fields on the product page. Thanks

So what’s the benefit of this plugin compared to simply going to the verification page? The pinterest verification page will do the same thing right? All this plugin does is send you to the verification page. There is no actual work that is being done on the plugin side. It’s just a link.

So I paid $19 for a plugin that is simply a link to the verification page?

The plugin adds all the data for richpins. You can’t have a product verified for richpins without installing the plugin.

Hi Guys. nice Idea for plugin but its breaking my site. I tried turning off all plugins and activating one by one, then when activating Woopin, it creates the problem again. It adds the product description at the top of the page above the header.

I have disabled the plugin for now until I get a response as its definitely the plugin. I have taken screenshots of it activated and disabled. Not sure why, if it cannot be resolved would I get a refund please

Hi. Please send me a temporary admin login from my profile page. Thanks