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Hi there, When I use a shortcode for a single product, my global add to cart shows up in only text link form instead of button… How do I fix it to show up exactly like my product page? example in link.

Global Add to Cart functionality is not working. I purchased this plugin just for this feature only that it add all variations on single add to cart.

Please help me its urgent.

I am using this with following

WP version: 4.8.x Woocom version: 3.1.x

But did working.

Hi akash9793,

Link to the issue?

Bets regards,

my licence ID: 7cf2797c-76e7-49e9-874d-ad12b9c8097c

Global Add to Cart functionality is not working. WHy?? I purchased only for this feature.

Hi akash9793,

Please do not double post.

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Hello Please give me support i purchased this plugin but you did not reply from 2 days.

Hi akash9793,

By posting another support request, you are just pushing your previous support request a place down the list. We will do our best to reply asap.

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marie911 Purchased

Hi there, I would like to order my product in the table. Can you help me with that please? Thx, Marie

Hi Marie,

Please order the variable products via the product editor :)

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monde902 Purchased

Hello Spyros,

we are successfully using your plugin, everything works fine, but we facing one issue and we need your help and support.

We are selling variation products with additional services (products add-ons), for that, we are using WooCommerce TM Extra Product Options plugin.

Printscreen how it looks like our products with add-ons (simply, we are offering to pack the product for the additional price):

But unfortunately, the price of additional service do not appear on cart page and checkout page as well:

When we have disabled Woocommerce Variations Table – Grid, everything works fine:

It seems, that Woocommerce Variations Table – Grid plugin rewrites the calculation in the cart, therefore we couldn’t see the total sum with add-on price.

WooCommerce version: 3.4.1 WordPress version: 4.9.6

Looking forward to your reply.

Regards, Evaldas


ASC-Group Purchased

Hi, i just installed the plugin. But the top of the productpage stops working. I cannot click any of the normale images anymore. Or use the Social Share buttons.

Please check:

My purchase code: a0c929c9-2618-4d2f-bbe6-30ef33cffe34 – 11 Jun 2018 REGULAR LICENSE

Thank you

Hello, Is there a plugin that works with this one to price the products by quantity? Thank you

Hi, do you mean something like discount by qty? I am not aware of one. Sorry.

Hi Support – Thanks for a great plugin.

Just one question… When i have an item with variable products and those variables are out of stock, the product page says “Now go add some variable products!” instead of showing the variables as sold out.

Hide Out of Stock variations is set to NO, Treat zero quantity variations as Out of Stock is set to NO. Globally products with 0 stock are set to hidden which hides the product from shop listings but the variables within that page should still show right or am i doing something wrong?

Thank you for your time


Hi Ryan,

Did you try setting the out of stock products to visible?

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