Discussion on Woocommerce Variations to Table - Grid

Discussion on Woocommerce Variations to Table - Grid

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Hi, there is an 500 error on plugins settings page, any idea?

Hi WebandgoMacsi,

We could not reproduce the issue. Can you please make sure that your website is updated?

Best regards,


Is this plugin not maintained anymore?

We get multiple errors in the backend:

Active PHP session detected and Rest API error. Does anyone has the same issues

This needs to be fixed asap!!

A PHP session is created by a session_start () function call. This interferes with the REST API and loopback requests. The session must be closed by session_write_close () before making HTTP requests

Why no response? It is a shame

This is a problem on our websites, can you give an update of this problem?

Why is this item just removed and not updated anymore ? You have 2300 sales. This is not acceptable from an Elite author.


It has not been removed. It is alive. We have tested it with the latest Woo (5.2) and we could not find anything going wrong.

We are planning on adding more functionality :)

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Hello. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but “Woocommerce Variations Table – Grid” is causing all kinds of problems.

1. “The REST API request failed due to an error. Error: [] cURL error 28” 2. “The loopback request to your site failed. Error encountered: (0) cURL error 28”

Also, we’re having frequent, but intermittent, problems adding multiple variations to the cart. Eg., 10 variants are added, but only 8 are actually added. As I say, the problem is intermittent, sometimes all variants are added, other times not.

This product is a good example…

I have personally deactivated ALL plugins, played with PHP version, deactivated cache, etc., all without success. The site is hosted with SiteGround who have also identified Woo Variations Table as the problem.

Are you working on any updates? The plug is very much liked by the client, and we do want to use it.

Regards, Ian Stewart.

Hi Criterion,

We suspect what may cause this issue. We are working on resolving this. Please give us some time to do this right :)

Best regards,



can you update your description images, they are not available and we cant see nothing

The latest version of your plugin does not work with Woocommerce 5.3, I am experiencing js issues and the js version im using is 3.6.0 the most current version. Please resolve.

This plugin will not install, message:

Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin installation failed.

Running Divi theme with all updates current, please assist.

Hi. Im having issues with the Cart to Quote for Woocommerce. When user accept and checkout it gives error “The selected product isn’t a variation of Product A, please choose product options by visiting Product A. Please help.


We have Woocommerce Variations Table – Grid installed on this site: It is a multilangual site where we use WPML for our Swedish part: We can put products to the cart using Variations Table on the English part, but not on the Swedish. Try these products: and Can you understand why?