Discussion on WooCommerce TrackingMore

Discussion on WooCommerce TrackingMore

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Hello, the plugin works perfectly, but I was wondering if there is the possibility that you change the tracking format so that it is displayed more simply and clearly, something like the image below: currently it looks like this:

but it takes up a lot of space, and on the cellphone it’s more complicated…


Hi, thank you for your suggestion! I’ll try doing my best for a future release!

Good news, I’ve updated the plugin! the Timeline is now more likely the one you posted! I hope you enjoy!

You provide an excellent service, thank you very much


Hello, i can use this plugin without external shipping services? In my case, i delivery by myself and i want a way to show my clients the delivery status, can work using the status on woocommerce product? thank you

I’m sorry, you cannot. The plugin, as reported in the description page, is a connector for the TrackingMore service. So it requires a TrackingMore subscription.


hevis Purchased


I purchased Woocommerce Trackingmore plugin yesterday. I installed it and activate with a trackingmore API key. However, the tracking information was not shown in the emails and order pages as expected. Please advise how to fix it. Thanks!

thank you for purchasing. If you send me via private message (click on my name and then use the low-right box) the following data:
  1. your email address
  2. full admin access to the wp-admin area
  3. FTP access
  4. a detailed step by step guide on how to experience the issue
I can perform some further tests to see if it is possible to determine the cause.

NOTE: all the requested points are mandatory, do not forget to report any of them.

Thank you for your collaboration.

Hello. Nice plugin. May i know if it can track all courier services?

thank you. The plugin is a connector for the TrackingMore service. You find the full curriers list in the TrackingMore site:

your product does not track Yodel UK courier as trackingmore needs Yodel with postcode data to be sent as well. most UK couriers want postocode data anyway these days to be tracked in more detail. e.g. DHL, UKMAIL, Hermes etc.. Please update your API code for trackingmore so that Yodel UK can be tracked.

As can be seen by editing the WCTMW_Order.php file located in the classes\com folder, at line 407, the plugin fills the ‘tracking_postal_code’ field by using the shipping postal code.

hi, I am using your woocommerce trackingmore plugin and when I click add tracking it just sits and says please wait. My API key is correct , Is it a tracking ore issue or a plugin issue ?

how come it is working on your demo site and not my live site. I contacted trackingmore and they say I still have credits so it should work.

Try eventually disabling the other plugins and to make sure you are running the latest 4.1 plugin version.

For further support, you need to renew your support license.

This plugin is not working after recent Woocmmerce plugin update.

I am unable to delete a tracking.

When I click on delete it shows deleted but If I refresh the page then that tracking is still available.

To request support, you need to use an account with a valid purchase and support license associated with it.

The plugin, however, works as expected. As you can see from the demo site, trackings can be deleted without any issue.


This is valid purchase and from Envato Element. Since there were no option to contact so I contacted here.

And plugin was working find. infact still work but after last update it is not able to delete the tracking if I click on delete.

It shows it as deleted but if you refresh the page then you will that tracking still there.

I’m sorry, but from my tests it works as expected. Once you hit the “delete” button you need to click the “save” button.

If the issue still persists, you need to purchase a copy via the Envato marked (it shipps with a 6 month support license). Once done, If you send me via a private message:
  1. admin access to the wp-admin area
  2. FTP access
I can eventually perform some further investigation.

Hello, aliexpress standard shipping, I recently changed the format of your tracking numbers, now they seem like USPS, and the plugin does not recognize it, you can try with this tracking number “42033195927489027120 08583119488266” it looks like USPS but it is from aliexpress standard shipping ... ////////....

I’m sorry, but it doesn’t depend on the plugin but on the TrackingMore service.

If you try to input the codes you reported in their site: and no shipping is recognized. The plugin just reports the tracking data returned by that service. If, however, for the tracking code you are using no shipping associated, the plugin won’t display any data.

Make sure you are using the right tracking codes. If so, try contacting the TrackingMore help staff.

As reported on the plugin description page, I’m not affiliated in any way with the TrackingMore service. If you having any issues with them, you should directly contact their help staff.

Glad to hear that!


There is a problem. I have this DHL tracking no: 8230270215


It has been shipped from Istanbul to Kuwait and delivered.

But on the tracking more page, It says shipped from China to USA


I have tried 2 different tracking code, same problem. Wrong result.

What is the issue?

I will do that. Thanks. But If not work, I am waiting for your understanding for refund. I want to buy other plugin:

Hi, You have declined my refund request. I understand you, If I buy another tracking plugin on your page, will you accept my refund request? Because I can not use this plugin. Waiting your understanding

Yes ok, we can do in this way.

hello I am using DSers to fulfill orders from aliexpress. it pushes the tracking number to the order notes in woocommerce. how can we make those orders to automatically syncing with trackingmore?? your plugin can make it possible? or any other way?

thank you so much!

I’m sorry the plug-in hasn’t such feature and there isn’t an easy way to achieve that.


Hi, I’m sorry, are you asking for support for a TrackingMore subscription plan?

If so, you should contact their help staff. As reported in the plugin description page, I’m not affiliated in any way with the TrackingMore service ( ):

The plugin relies on the TrackingMore service so it requires at least a free TrackingMore plan to work. The plugin author is not affiliated with the TrackingMore service in any way, for any matter regarding the subscription plans, you have to eventually contact the TrackingMore service.

Hello, suppose that a customer buys 3 different items in the same order, when I enter the 3 tracking numbers (they are 3 tracking numbers because they are different suppliers) the system shows the 3 tracking numbers in the customer’s order, but does not relate which product belongs to each tracking, is there a way to relate each product with its tracking number? for example an image or the title of the product next to the tracking or maybe show the comment that is placed in the admin area? Or maybe you can tell me what shortcode I can use to show admin comment to show in client order,


It works perfect, thanks for considering this change, and updating it super fast, excellent service


You’re welcome! :)

At last but not least, I would ask you to help me: If you enjoyed my efforts to assist you and/or my plugin please consider leaving the 5 stars…It would help me with sales, I would really appreciate it! :)
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Have a great day!

Of course, gladly

How I completely remove timeline from order details page?

for that purpose, edit the WCTMW_OrderDetailsPage.php you find in the classes\frontend folder and at line 23 just insert:

hi after update to newest version my website have status 500 error code

Thank you for reporting the issue, plese update to the latest 4.0 version I’ve just released.

Hello, I would like to customize the client part a bit, could you tell me which file I have to modify so that it appears like this image: I only want to show a single image of the carrier and the tracking number

Thank you !

You’re welcome :)

At last but not least, I would ask you to support me: If you enjoyed my efforts to assist you and/or my plugin please consider leaving the 5 stars, I would really appreciate it! :)
(to leave a rating: go to your profile page, click on “Downloads” and from there you can rate your purchases. You can also leave the rating through the plugin description page: )

It will be a pleasure, Thank you!

Hello, I have an update problem, in the admin part it looks like this:, on the official page it looks like this:, but the client does not have update and it looks like this:

it seems that the AfterShip service is not returing the proper shipping data. This migh depend on an issue releted to you API key or simply to an issue of their service.

If you send me via private message (click on my name and then use the low-right box) the following data:

  1. your email address
  2. full admin access to the wp-admin area
  3. FTP access
  4. number or the order for which you are experiecing the issue
I can perform some further investigations. Thank you.

it seems the problem is with that particular code, it doesn’t matter, the others seem to work fine! Thank you !

You’re welcome :)

Hello! ive forgot to say that i found a little issue. When the customers receive the email notification from the TrackingMore plugin, they can see the sender of the e-mail but it shows broken. in the woocommerce e-mails it shows correctly as E&E Vapor Emporium but in TrackingMore plugin dont. Actually its showing in the sender section as E&E Vapor Emporium. i hope you can help me with this little issue too. sorry for sending to you many messages lol

are you referring to the Active notifications emails? In that case, it seems that your emailer server is escaping that string.

As you can see from the WCTMW_Email.php component located in the classes\com, at line 96, the plugin just returns your blog name as the name of the sender.

Try eventually modify that line, by entering a name that contains any special character (like the “&”).

For example:
return "EE Vapor Emporium";

Thanks for your answer, i’ve forced the application to show my website name in the sender section, now it shows correctly as E&E Vapor Emporium. by the way, i hope the API can allow to use SMS. i will ask to TrackingMore support team if they can do something. Thanks for the great support! 10+

Glad to hear that! I hope it too, cross fingers!! :)

Meanwhile, have a great day! :)

Hello, good morning! i’ve recharged sms balance in TrackingMore website and configured the SMS notifications for In Transit, Out for delivery and Failed attempt for my customers. just by adding the tracking number using your plugin automatically TrackingMore will send the SMS notification to the specific number? if its possible, will be great by adding the SMS function using the current SMS balance in TrackingMore to your plugin, in that way will be more easier because you can put the tracking info in WooCommerce and sending the SMS notification at the same time while you press the button save. Thanks in advance!

the plugin fills the customer_phone data using the billing phone number entered by the customer while checking out.

That data is then used by TrackingMore to send SMS notifications. You have, however, make sure you have properly configured your TrackingMore profile.

Thank you for the suggestion, but unfortunately for now the API doesn’t allow to manage SMS or send notifications :(

Hello vanquish! thats bad to know, hopefully in the future the API can allow to to manage the SMS notifications. fingers crossed!

Hello good plugin, but I have a problem, the system shows this error: Tracking xxxx cannot be created, due to the following reason: Tracking does not exist. the tracking number is new and has not been scanned yet, but I need to give the tracking number to my client, Thanks

China EMS ePacket

I’m really sorry, but if you are getting that error, it means that the Tracking more service is not able to retrieve any data for that tracking code.

As reported in the plugin description page, I’m not affiliated in any way with TrackingMore. So to have more clues info about that code, you should eventually contact their help.

Please make also eventually sure that the code you are using is actually correct.

hello,how can i export tracking again with export orders woocommerce plugin

I’m sorry, what do you mean with “export tracking again”? could you provide a more detailed description?

Please note also that to request support you need to renew your expired support license.


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