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Hi there, I just want to ask how to set up the role once the role is expired it stay the same role from first purchase . Lets say if the buyer purchase the product he will become a Gold Member Role, after a month when the product expire he will remain Gold Member Role only. Doesnt need to change or downgrade to different role. looking forward to hear from you. thanks in advance!

to do that you have to do nothing. Just do not select any role in the Role(s) to assign after expiring date options and leave the No option selecte ind the Remove all roles before assign expring date role(s) option.

The plugin by default assigns a role and doesn’t not remove it after the product expiration has been reached.

Got it thanks so much! :D

You’re welcome :)
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Hello ! This plugin is making my Admin go to subscriber somehow. Also I would like to revert the role if user cancels the subscription.. how could i achieve this?

It could be that the Admin role satisfy one of the product/amount rule you have puchased.

To automatica revert a subscription, you have to set an expiring date while configuring the product/amount rule.
In alternative you have to edit the user profile deleting the role-product purchased and then manually reassing/remove the roles you need.

Hi! This is a pre-purchase question: I combine woocommerce with buddypress on my site, so my users have 2 roles (one for woocommerce and one for buddypress forums. In role management, admin sets separately these two roles, so there should be no compatibility problem with your plugin.. My question is: If you change a woocommerce role by deleting the former one, is the buddypress role deleted too? I hope it won’t be, but can you check before I purchase please?

if you delete a role used by woocommerce, Buddypress roles should not be affected.
However this is not a feature/function related to the WCRA plugin. You can test this behaviour in a test env of yours just creating a test role then deleting it to see if your Buddypress plugin has been affeted in any way (or perform any test you need to be sure that WooCommerce is not influencing BuddyPress).

Pre Sales Question: Will this work with the official WooCommerce Membership and Subscription plugins?

the plugin hasn’t any particular suport for those plugins.

When I install Role Matic it installs fine and I can set all the rules BUT it brings regular 500 – Internal Server Errors. These occur when I do things like go in to Woocommerce and try and change the status of the order. Please help – thanks

500 server error is a generic error can be caused by several reasons (like mysql that is not properly configured and it is not able to execute the query performed by the pluing). Try enabling the wordpress debug mode ( ) and then try saving an order. Report me if any error is printed by the system.

To have more clues I need a full admin access to the wp-area and a FTP access to your site. To send login data, use a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box). Once received I’ll try to perform some tets to see if it possible to understand what’s wrong in your server.

I have had your plugin for a while now and it works like a charm all except there is a conflict with another plugin. Could you look to resolve this as I would like to us both moving forward? The other plugin is WooCommerce Point of Sale Version | By Actuality Extensions. on the POS screen, there is a conflict with some CSS in a search box. You can check out their demo here

thank you for reporting the issue. Maybe I know which is the cause of the conflict.
If you send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) reporting your email I can send you the new version to test.

Hello i have a pre sale question: Do you think the option “Can customers repurchase before expiring date” can work with “woocommerce subscription” plugin who renew each month a subscription (it’s like buying the same product again)?

THank you

The plugin has not been tested with that plugin, however I can setup a demo site where you can test both. If you send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) reporting your email I can reply with mine where you can send that plugin. I’ll will lately send you the url and the access to the demo site.


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As we deal in multiple currencies and also different prices for different user roles, we’re wondering if this plugin is able to change roles based on quantity instead of $ amount spent.

Is this possible?

What do you exactly mean with “quantity”? The plugin for now allows to assig roles according to money spent on orders during a specific time range.
The “quantity” value which aspect of the order should consider? you mean the number of orders?


toby2 Purchased

I was referring to the quantity of a particular product purchased. i.e. Customer 1 purchases 10 x product 1 and the role changes.

No, unfortunately the plugin has not been designed to work considering order single product quantities. For now it is not possible.


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Hi There,

I want to send an email notification to specific email address when certain conditions are met (or when the role is changed) instead of sending email to the user.

Can you help and guide me how to do that?

Hoping for your support.

Best regads

what do you exactly mean with Certains conditions are met?

If you want to simply send a notification email every time a notification email is sent to the user (or it should be sent):
  1. Edit the WCRA_Customer.php file you find inside the classes\com folder
  2. on line 271 you find the statement that sends the notification to the user. Add at 272 the following statement: $wcra_email_helper->send_email($recipients, $subject, $content);
  3. $recipient is the recipient email string. It can also be a multiple address string like: “,,
  4. $subject is the email subject
  5. $content is the email body content
I hope this helps

Looking at 2 of your plugins. I need one that allows for us to set pricing thresholds where customer adds 4 items to their cart and automatic discount is applied to give them the advertised special on our website. I know you have this plugin and the pricing plugin. Can either of these accomplish this goal for our website.

yes to achieve that you can just use the Pricing plugin. Create a pricing rule for which the discount price will be applied if the cart quantity is more than 4.

Before however any purchase, use the demo site:
user: demo
pass: demo
to be sure that the software actually fits your needs and expectations. If you need any further info, feel free to ask!


We have installed the plugin and from customer to client silver it changes without problems with the configuration.

Afterwards we have seen that from customer silver to gold customer does not change ..

We are changing manually, but we do not know what that failure is …

What can be??

Thank you

if it the issue depend on a plugin malfunctioning that cannot be fixed, the refound can be granted.
If it is caused by a misconfiguration or a 3rd party plugin/software interference it will not be granted.

Refund will be granted only if actually the plugin has a real bug/malfunctioning that cannot be fixed and denies it to properly work.

Hello, I have renewed the support. I will need your country and your IP to unlock the access of my hosting. Thank you

send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box). I’ll reply with those info.

Hello, I have renewed the support. I will need your country and your IP to unlock the access of my hosting. Thank you


I recently purchased your plugin, however using it on my site causes the backend to throw a fatal PHP error, preventing renewal/regular payments from being fully processed. I am hoping you might help me investigate this issue, as I have definitely honed it in to this plugin causing it (disabled all and re-enabled until the error began to occur). Please let me know if you would like admin or backend access to the site in order to assist with investigation. Thanks,

Matt B


That plugin is working just fine without your plugin activated. When your plugin is activated, that error begins to occur. When your plugin is not activated, subscriptions work as expected and that error does not occur. This leads me to believe the issue at hand has something to do with this plugin, not with Woo’s. Understandably the issue does seem connected to that .php, but if it works just fine without your plugin activated, how could that plugin be at fault?

You shoud contact their support to discover that. I don’t know how that plugin is designed and how it works, so I cannot answer to that question.

is this the script in question: ? If so, on line 124 that script is trying to access to a private object of its, the $renewal_order. However I don’t know why it is a boolean instead of an object.

Who designed it should be able to answer. I can just only say that the error is cause by that plugin so, is that code that should be fixed. I cannot implement any code on my scripts to fix other classes private objects, php doesn’t allow that.

Alright, well thank you for the info. I will try to reach out to Woo to see if they can offer some insight on their end. Appreciate your time thank you.


I really like your plugin.

I have a little different requirement, hopefully, you can help me and it can also feed into your roadmap.

Here are the use cases.

Use Case 1: If the customer purchases products worth 3000 during the Christmas period. They should receive a coupon code which gives them flat 250 off on next purchase – valid up to one year.

Use Case 2: If the customer purchases products worth 7000 during the Christmas period. They should receive a different coupon code which gives them flat 750 off on next purchase – valid up to one year.

If I have to achieve this, I was thinking, if I can change the role of the customer on checkout to let’s say LOYAL250 and send email to him with coupon code, this could be achieved.

Is there a way, in your plugin, i can configure to send a coupon from a list of coupons of Woocommerce. Also if it would be great if the coupon is sent on order completion.

Appreciate your help.

no unfortunately what you ask cannot be achieved. The plugin hasn’t any feature to automatically create coupon codes according the amount spent.
It can only assign user role according to the amount spent.

Hello, we’re using a rewards & discount plugin to give discounts based on how much customers spend, but what we’re also after is a way to give discounts if a customer has been assigned a specific role after they have spent set amounts of money during the year.

1. When a customer signs up they are given the role Customer Standard. 2. If they spend £500 – £999 they are given the role Customer Silver & 2% discount on cart. 3. If they spend £1000+ they are give the role Customer Gold and a 3% discount on cart. 4. If they spend £200+ they are given the role Customer Platinum and a 5% discount on cart. 5. On the anniversary of their signup their membership is set back to Standard until they start spending again.

Will this plugin help with any of these.



the Role-O-Matic plugin allows you to assign your customer specific roles according to the amount spent. It doesn’t apply any discount.

To apply discount accoring to the current user role, you can use this other plugin of mine:

If you wish to try both plugins together to be sure they actually fits your needs and they work as you expect before purchasing I can set up a private demo site. Let me know by sending a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box).

Thanks for response. We’re already using a rewards / discount plugin which does most of what we need, the main thing is getting these updated user roles on spend amount. Do you know if your plugin will work with other 3rd party plugins or does it depend on what the other plugin is? Cheers

The plugin doesn’t have any support for 3rd party plugin. So you have to manually configure the amount per role rules in order the plugin to properly assign user roles according to the amount spent. It doesn’t assing or revoke user roles according to 3rd party plugin actions.

hello, does this plugin work with woocommerce subscriptions? a userrole should be assigned once a subscription is made and should be automatically removed when the subscription ends or is not paid anymore

the plugin hasn’t any specific support for subscriptions plugins.

However you can use the Role per Product feature that allows you to assign roles according to the puchased product (that in your case could be a subscription). The Role per product allows you also to set an expiration date that can be extended if the user re-purchase the product.

You can test this feature before purchasing using the demo site:
user: demo
pass: demo

In alternative, if you send me a copy of that plugin via private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) and a detailed description of you use case (how and when a subscription is created and automatically renewed, when is automatically cancelled and so on), I can try to extend the plugin to have support for that plugin features!

Hi, I’ve bought Role-O-Matic and would like to know if my scenario can be done.

Upon registration user gets standard “Customer” role. If user’s total amount spent within a year is over $500, then user gets upgraded to “VIP” role.

But the “VIP” role would only be valid for one year. So for example, if user gets upgraded to “VIP” role on Jan 1st 2017, the user’s “VIP” role would expire on Dec. 31st 2017 and auto rolls back to standard “Customer” role on Jan 1st 2018.


for that kind of purpose create two rules using the Amounts Configurator menu.

In the “Time period type” select the “Fixed periods” and in the “Dates” section create a period that goest to the 1st January 2017 to 31st December 2017.
In the “minimum amount” set 500 (this value doesn’t not consider taxes) and in the “Role(s) to assign” select the VIP.

Create a rule for wich the date goes from 1st January 2018 to 31st December 2018, “minimum amount” to 0, “Role(s) to assign” customer and “Remove old role(s) before assign the new one(s)” set to yes.

After doing that run the “Roles re-calculator” tool in order to assign roles to user that already placed orders in your store.

Pre-sale question:

1) Does AUTOMATIC ROLE RECOMPUTATION mean that it is possible to change user roles based on lifetime purchase value of a customer who has made all his purchases prior to installing this plugin?

2) Does AUTOMATIC ROLE RECOMPUTATION work without causing server load issues if I have 4000+ customer orders (4 products)? My servers configuration is 2 core CPU and 2 GB RAM.

  1. it depends on how you have configured the amount per role rules. If you create rules that takes in consideration your store lifetime then the answer is yes.
  2. No, the operation requires active server computation resources. So if you have many users each of them with several orders and you have you may experience server slowdowns

wth Purchased

Hello, Could you please help me out here. I have two questions.

First, i have serveral variable products. The variation is the time that they buy to have acces to some content (1 day free, 3 month, half year, one year). I bought a product, voor 1 day free. But after 1 day, i still have acces. It looks like the user rights aren’t set back. Is there someting going wrong? I have set two products (the master product and the variation)

second is it possible to import old user (from another system)? We are building this website and have members on our ‘old’ website. Can i import them with the time they have bought acces to on the old website?

I hope it is clear, thank you for you help. It looks amazing!

Thank you Jeroen de Rooij

Yes, The Role-O-Matic just assign roles to user. To restrict page access I’ve used this other plugin of mine:

Just create a new scheduling rule in which:
  1. Select custom post as post type
  2. Select the pages you need to restrict the access
  3. Select the page in which unathorized users have to be redirected
  4. Select the “publish” visibility option
  5. Select the role for which the pages have to be visible (like Vip Customer)
  6. Select all the month and days available
In this way just the users belonging to the selected role(s) will be able to acess the selected pages. It also has a demo site in which you can test it in order to be sure it actually fits your needs and expectation. In case of furher info feel free to ask. I hope you enjoy :)

wth Purchased

Thank you for your reaction, I did a quick check, it looks great. Is it possible to set rules to categories? Based on a specified role?

Thank you Jeroen

Yes, you can create scheduling rules using also categories. You can also set for which roles the publish/unpublish rule has to take effect. In your case for example the publish rule will take effect only for “Vip customer” role. For other roles, the page will be “unpublished” (so will not be accessible).