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hi there, just a few pre-sale questions. 1. is it possible to set repeat rules? e.g. at the beginning of each month, it will verify how much money customer has spend during last month/last 3 months and set new rules? 2. when would the change of role happen? at the begining of each month? or at the time of purchase? what is the basis for the amount spend? is it product only? or product+shipping cost, or including tax as well? thanks

sorry I made you confused. Let us make it this way in following scenario:
1. During 1 January to 31 January, client made a purchase of $1500.
2. His role was changed from customer to customer_level_1 due to his purchase in January.
3. During 1 February to 28 February, he made a purchase of $800.
4. Due to his less purchase, the user role needs to be changed from customer_level_1 back to customer.
To achieve this, I will be setting 4 rules:
a) Rule 1: all clients(except for admin and shop managers) purchase above $1000 during 1 January to 31 January, the role are changed from customer to customer_level_1(with roles removal set to Yes)
b) Rule 2: all clients(except for admin and shop managers) purchase below $1000 during 1 January to 31 January, the role are changed from customer_level_1 back to customer.(with roles removal set to Yes)
c) Rule 3: all clients(except for admin and shop managers) purchase above $1000 during 1 February to 28 February, the role are changed from customer to customer_level_1(with roles removal set to Yes)
d) Rule 4: all clients(except for admin and shop managers) purchase below $1000 during 1 February to 28 February, the role are changed from customer_level_1 back to customer.(with roles removal set to Yes)
In my case, I do want the customer roles to vary automatically according to their purchase during last month. so if rule 1 and rule 2 are only effective during 1 Feb to 28 Feb, and rule 3 and rule 4 are only effective during 1 March to 31 March, it is then perfect, otherwise this four rules would conflict.

Major conflict is between rule 1 & rule 4, and also between rule 2 & rule 3, system would not know which user role the customer belong to if they have spent $1500 in January and $800 in February. And By default, we do not want one customer to belong to two user roles, that is also going to confuse them.
so solution is that if effective date can be set for each rule, then we can set when the rule is effective, so as to avoid conflicts.
also note that the rule effective date(if outside the effective date, the rule is disabled) is different from the time period type (e.g. the dynamic period and fixed periods) The specified time period means this rule is targeted for the sales during that period, but the rule effective date targets for when this rule is enabled.
Further, I don’t quite understand how the fixed periods date work in the rule. As it says, “Date rules have priority that goes bottom-up. Lower rules have higher priority”. So it means that it would only execute the rule for the first met date? I guess it might be better if an option says “And” or “Or” logic to the dates would make more sense.
I am sorry to put forward all above things, Please let me know if you need me to skype with you to discuss further(and I am really willing to as this is quite important for the rule effective date).

Ahh ok I’ve understood. It would be very usefull to specify and additiona effective time period/date in which the rule will be applied (because by now the rules are applied after the starting date is greater than “now”)... right?

So as you say, an user role can be assigned during june using the february month data…. right? this is not hard to implement (sorry if I’m asking confirm many times but I would like to waisting time implementing a thing that I’ve missunderstood :) )

By now, as I said previously, all the rules are applied whenever the starting date is greater than “now”. Rules are analyzing using the list order, so if there are two rules conflicting, the lower one would “win”.

For what concerns the 2 and 4 rule according to me can be avoided. Using the 1 and 3 rules with the roles removal option enabled, the customer_level_1 is already automatically removed (if the user has it) if the amout goal is not been reached.
Note that the plugin doens’t switch from a role to another but adds the specified roles to the users.
Anyway send me a private message (click on my name and then use the low-right box) so we can talk via email/chat

Hi there, I’ve sent you a private message. let me know if you didn’t receive it. thanks – scott

I want this if it can support woocommerce subscriptions! Very simple goal, create a role based on active subscription … if subscribe to print, then subscriber-print, if subscribed to digital then subscriber-digital if both then …. do not want to create elaborate groups/memberships data is already there!

Hi shawnholt,
unfortunatelly the plugin doesn’t support any 3rd party plugin. However I could try to see if it is possible to integrate. which is the plugin you are using to manage subscriptions?
can you send me a copy? if so, send me a private message clicking on my name and then use the low-rigth box. I’ll reply with my email address where you can send the plugin.

Hello! First of all thanks for this awesome plugin! Totally I found what I need!

Tell me please how to echo how many money current user spent?

Hi victorslate,
thank you for your words :)
For now there isn’t any method by which echoing how much money an user spent.

To know which users beleongs to the various created roles (and so know how much money they have minimum spent) you can go to the Users -> All users menu voice. On the top of the list are reported the current existing roles. Clicking on them you can filter the list and know which usere belong to selected role.

To have a more deep users stats (products bought, how much money they have spent in all time or a specific period, which users have bouught specific products,...) you could consider to use this other plugin of mine: WooCommerce Customers Manager.

Let me know if this could be useful or if you had in mind another idea!

Why not? Here is a method to display: echo wc_get_customer_total_spent() I trying to understand how your plugin processing this function and how can I use it to display anywhere on my site. I need to display spend for selected periods (i.e 12 month).

I’m tried to change Woo function and add this line AND date > NOW – INTERVAL 12 MONTH but this isn’t work…

Maybe you can help? Here is a code:

function wc_get_customer_total_spentNEW( $user_id ) { if ( ! $spent = get_user_meta( $user_id, ‘_money_spent’, true ) ) { global $wpdb; }

$spent = $wpdb->get_var( "SELECT SUM(meta2.meta_value)
        FROM $wpdb->posts as posts
LEFT JOIN {$wpdb->postmeta} AS meta ON posts.ID = meta.post_id
    LEFT JOIN {$wpdb->postmeta} AS meta2 ON posts.ID = meta2.post_id
WHERE   meta.meta_key       = '_customer_user'
AND     meta.meta_value     = $user_id
AND     posts.post_type     IN ('" . implode( "','", wc_get_order_types( 'reports' ) ) . "')
AND     posts.post_status   IN ( 'wc-completed', 'wc-processing' )
AND     meta2.meta_key      = '_order_total'
" );
update_user_meta( $user_id, '_money_spent', $spent );
return $spent;

Because the plugin was not designed to offer that feature and never claimed to have. Furthermore support service is not meant to be used as customize service.

However my plugin doesn’t use the nateive wc_get_customer_total_spent(). To compute how much user spent during the configured time period it simply retrieves all orders containing the selected products (if any) in the specified time range and then computes the total amount spent.
This function is the get_orders_by_date_and_user_id() defined in the classes/com/get_orders_by_date_and_user_id(). You can have a look there and try using it.

You could create a shortcode that simply calls it passing the user_id, using as $time_period value the “fixed” one, using as $date_rule an object containing the dates you need (maybe passed as parameter to the shortcode) and null for the $products_restiction paramenter.
Once done you have processes the data that function returns and then displays the total.

Hi,, sorry if this question is already answered in plugin information but I think its not there. If a user has 5 days remaining of X role and he triggers the plugin again to give him 30 days more of that role, does he start with 30 days or with 35? thanks.

The variations inside the same product is a great idea, although they can be different products if it is more easy to code for you. Example

Product1: Editor subscription 1 week Product2: Editor subscription 1 month

Or you can make it with variations inside the same product. As you wish.

That is correct, a user would not be very happy if they have 5 days remaining and when they buy 30 days more the other 5 days disappear.

I really think that you can be the first one on making this type of plugin that a lot of people requires.

ok, all clear!
I think I can both support product and variations. I’ll let you know in case of news! :)
Thank you for the suggestion and the explanation! :)

good news, I’ve release a plugin update that now allows to associate roles to products.
Plugin page and demo have been updated, it will be ready to download in half a day (codecanyon approval system takes a while).

The plugin is now named WooComemrce Role-O-Matic and now allows you to associate to a product one or more role, expiration date (fixed or relative) rebuy and product buy restrictions.

It has the features you have listed except for the expiration date extension. For now, if rebuy is allowed and the customer rebuys the product, it will loose the remaining day of the old subscription. Is in the work to implement this feaure.

Meanwhile I hope you enjoy :)


Z3r0 Purchased

hi its not working for me, not changing the user role. i would really need some guidance. thanks


Z3r0 Purchased

also i get this: Cannot load woocommerce-role-by-amount-spent.

Is then the plugin active? I need some more clues about your woocommerce installation.
Have you properly installed and activated the plugin? If so you should see the Role-O-Matic menu voice on the left menu.
Could you report me a screenshot of the role assignment rule you are try to appling? would be possible to have a backend access? (if so send me a private message using clickng on my name and the using the low-right box)

Is it possible to change a role per amount spent per order?

no unfortunately the plugin doesn’t not have that feature. It is a good suggestion, I’ll try to see if it can be implemented in a future release, but I cannot give you any eta.


I have a rule that gives auto “Member” User role upon hitting $120 value in a checkout.

However, I noticed that the User will have two roles “Customer” , “Member”.

Is it possible to remove “Customer” when he has become a “Member”?

Thank you for the prompt response!

What is the difference on Role(s) removal and how would it impact anything?

How will I be able to get the new feature?

The role(s) removal feature removes the roles assigned if the rule is no longer satisfied.

For example you assign a customer the addtional “Member” if he spens 120$ during the current year. Let’s supporse that last year he spent 120$, so he was Customer and Member. This year hasn’t spent 120$, so the Member role is automatically removed by the plugin. This can be done be cause he still have a base role of Customer.

In case I’ll implement to remove all the current roles and then assign the new one (in this case Memeber), I have to disable the Role(s) removal option for this kind of rule. This to avoid that an user can be without any role.

For what concerns the update, I’ll release via codecanyon. Meanwhile you can send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box), I’ll send the update via email.

... But I can easily avoid the case of an user can be without any role. In case a role is removed and the user would have none assigned, the plugin will assign again the base role of Customer…. so do not take care of what I wrote before :)


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Interested in buying your plugin. Does this work with the official Woocommerce Subscriptions plugin yet?

the plugin has not specific support for that plugin. However it can assing roles to your customers according the products and the amounts spent that lately can be used by that plugin to manage subscriptions.
Feel free to ask me further questions.


alqc Purchased

hi just purchased the plugin and start to configure an automatic role assigned product !! it doesn’t work for me !! I configured the product to give a subscriber role after purchasing it and nothing happens the client still have the same role “customer” !! Any suggestions ??

this is the normal plugin behaviour, it assign addtional role according to the amounts/products rules.
However I can add an option to assign just one role (removing the old ones). I’ll let you know by replying here!


alqc Purchased

ok thanks

I’ve just published the new 2.2 version that adds the option to remove previous roles.
The item will be ready to download in half a day, however if you send me a private message I can send you the update via email. Let me know!

When I click the menu “role-O-Matic” . Show “Cannot load woocommerce-role-by-amount-spent.” WC:2.6.7 PHP: 5.6.26. Please help me. thank you.

This is a quite strange error. Which plugin version are you running? is the latest 2.2 version? In case please update it to the latest.

Are you using and admin/shop admin account or a custom one?

I need some more clues to understand what’s wrong in yuor installation. Can you also enable the wordpress debug mode ( ) and report me any further error message?

Hi! One suggestion for the next update, include the option to choose to which “role” change after the date expires. Today it automatically changes to “customer” and it would be nice to be able customize this. Thanks!

Good news!
I’ve released the new 2.3 version that now allows you to assign roles when a “Role product” expires. I hope you enjoy! :)

The update will be avaiable to download via CodeCanyon in half a day (their approval system takes awhile before pubblishing new updated).

You’re amazing, thanks!

P. s.
If you have enjoyed the plugin/support service please also consider to leave the 5 stars! I would really really appreciate! :)
(to leave a rating, go to your profile then click on “Download” tab and from there you can leave ratings to all your purchases)

Have a nice day!

Hi, just found this plugin and think about buying. Just a question if this plugin (sounds good) works for me:

I want to give a first time buyer a discount of x euro. if he buys a second or more products he should get a discount by 10%.

My problem right now is, that common price by user role tools (e.g. included in booster) just have the CUSTOMER role, which is also assigned for first-time buyers. I don´t want to implement a new role and assign manually. -> problem: first-time-buyer gets a 10% discount because with the first purchase, the user became a CUSTOMER instead of a x€ discount.

2. question I understood, that a buyer will get 2 roles if a rule (in this tool) will change his status. which status will be used in this case by other tools (e.g. price-by-user-role tools).

hopefully I didn`t explain too complicated ;-) thx for your answer Volker

Try clearing cache and to logout If you was already logged. In case try a different browser.

In alternative try also logging using the following page:

strange. logged out from envato and…. demo works. thx a lot….appreciate your support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! will buy this tool, due to your excellent support!

Very glad to hear that, Thank you :)

In case consider also to leave 5 stars, I would really really appreciate :) (To leave a rating go to your profile, then click on “Download” and from there you can rate your puchases).

Have a good night! :)

Hi there, I currently have 4 levels of roles created for my customers; I’ve tried setting a few different amount rules; but they didn’t work. I’m wondering if you can help me out here, please! I know I am really bad at these logics.

0. REG

1. SLV

Within 12 months; total spent is greater than $10000; role change from REG to SLV Within 3 months; total spent is less than $2000, role change from SLV to REG

2. GLD

Within 12 months; total spent is greater than $60000; role change from REG to GLD or SLV to GLD Within 3 months: total spent is less than $12500; role change from GLD to SLV or less than $2000, from GLD to REG

3. RYL

Within 12 months; total spend is greater than $150000; role change from REG to RYL or SLV to RYL or GLD to RYL Within 3 months; total spent is less than $20000; role change from RYL to GLD or less than $12500 from RYL to SLV or less than $2000 from RYL to REG

once the rules are configured, have you runned the Roles re-calculator tool?
Note that the new roles will be assigned to an user only when he places an order if you don’t run the role recomputation using that tool.

For what concerns the rules configuration, I’ve don’t clearly understood what you want to achieve. Can you share a screenshot of your rules? in this way I can tell you which login you have configured.

Hi there, do you have an email address that I can send you the screen shots? And Yes, I did use the re-calculator.

Send me a the private message. Click on my name then use the low-right box. I’ll reply with my email address.

Hi, this tool helped me very much to streamline my admin processes. unfortunately, since a couple of days, it doesn’t work anymore. Only changes I’ve made were updating wordpress newest version and php to 7.0. Any ideas? thx Volker

It sounds strange. Can you try updating the plugin to the latest 2.4 vesion and retry doing some tests?
I’ve performed several test in my PHP 7.0 env and the plugin seems to be properly work.

Can you share me a screenshot of the role assigning rules you are using? In this way I can try to reproduce your configuration in my test env to try to see if I can eventually reproduce the bug and fix it!

I have a presale question
I know that under the terms of the license I can use the product only on one site.
But I always make a copy of the site on localhost (to check after updates, etc.).
Will I be able to work with your product on my localsite and on a real site with one purchase code?
Will I be available all the features without entering a key in the localsite? (except auto-update, because I don’t need it on my localsite)

Yes there is no problem. You can use the plugin on both local and production site.


neonmeow Purchased

receiving message “validation failed” when trying to add rule to amounts configurator

please advise

This error is displayed when you have not filled all the required fields. Make sure to have properly setted all the fields.


Pakito85 Purchased


is it possible to add a "VIP client" role automatically for clients who have spent more than € 200 in the last year and "GOLD client" if they spend 201 if they spend more money after being VIP?

Thank you

Yes you should be apple to do this. You can configure multiple rules that applies to users according to their actual role (use the Role(s) restriction section) so you can assign vip client role and gold rule with interference (the first applies to customer role and the second only to vip role). It also has a ful live demo site, give a try before purchasing doing some tests to see if it actually fits you needs and expectations.
In case of further questions feel free to ask :)


Pakito85 Purchased

Hello As this is configured:

From today all customers who buy more than 5 times acquire the SILVER paper and if they buy more 10 times they only buy the GOLD paper.

Does not apply to previous sales if not from now on …

Is it possible to send the client an email with the change notification?

to ask for support please use the account you have used to purchase the plugin.
Thank you.


Pakito85 Purchased

Thanks but I will not buy the plugin without clarifying my doubts. Thank you!

Sorry, I thought it was a post-sale support request.

However to apply a role for previous sales you can use the Recalculate user roles tool.
For what concerns email notifications, the plugin hasn’t any feature to notify the customers about role change.

Hi, in user profile i see this line: Warning: date_format() expects parameter 1 to be DateTimeInterface, boolean given in */wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-role-by-amount-spent/classes/com/WCRA_Global.php on line 21 There is a problem?

that issue has been fixed in the latest 2.7 version. Please dowload it from the plugin page.