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This plugin does exactly what I need. It’s awesome! I just want to know how can I change the Subject email that the plugin sends to notify the change roles. At this time the subject is the name of my website but I want other subject like “NOW YOU HAVE A VIP MEMBRESHIP.

Hope to hear from you ASAP.

Have a nice day!

Thank you for your appreciation :)
On your suggestion I’ve just released the 2.9 version that now allows you to customize the subject!

It will be available to download in 4 – 5 days (CodeCanyon approval system takes awhile to publish new updates), however if you send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) I can send you the update via email! :)

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rulaz28 Purchased

Thanks! It’s a super 5 stars plugin!

Got your PM, I’ve just answered attaching the new version! Thank you! :)

We’re trying to use the “exclude order by status” feature, selecting te option “Yes”, then we select to exclude: Failed, Refunded, Cancelled, Pending Payment, On Hold, and Processing.

We just want to assign the corresponding roles once the order is marked completed.

BUT users are getting the roles with on-hold and processing orders.

What are we doing wrong? Thanks.

I’ve just performed a test on the demo site and the order by status feature seems to properly work (Give an eye to the Test rule crete in the Amounts configurator).

I need some more clues to try to figure out the possible cause of the issue:
  1. Which plugin version are you running? is the latest 3.1 version? if not please update then run the Roles re-calculator tool
  2. are you trying a Amounts or a Role-product rule?
  3. Once you have setted tha status filter, have you runned the Roles re-calculator to make your setting take effect also for old orders?
  4. You are experiencing the issue also for new orders?
  5. Can you share a complete screenshot of the rule configuration you are using?
Thank you.

Hello! I’m using WPML for my site, but Roleomatic is not working when a purchase is made in the Spanish (translated) version of the product. Is Roleomatic fully compatible with WPML?

Is there a Role/Group management plugin that you recommend that is fully compatible with Roleomatic and woocommerce combo? I just want to make sure that customers are placed in the correct role after a purchase is made.

Ok! I’ll reply you via private message! :)

Thanks! So far it’s working great! You guys should develop a plugin that adds a woocommerce customer to a newsletter mailing list (e.g. Mailster, Mailpoet, etc) after a complete purchase. Your Role-o-matic plugin is the only woocommerce plugin compatible with WPML (as far as I know). Great job!

Thank you for your suggestion! I’ll see what I can do :)

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Hi vanquish,

First, thank you for the great plugin.

Now, I have a problem starting a newsletter for woocommerce buyers. Even if they purchase my product and get assigned to an appropriate role (thanks to your plugin), the newsletter/stepmail (mailpoet 3) won’t start until I actually open the user profile and update their profile page (I don’t have to do anything in the profile page. I just update their profile and they start receiving the newsletter/stepmail).

I would like to avoid this MANUAL step and wish to AUTOMATICALLY start the newsleter/stepmail as soon as users are assigned to a buyer role.

I asked MailPoet 3 team the same question, and got the following reply.


MailPoet 3 does not (yet) provide any integration with third-party plugins. The only two ways one can be subscribed to receive newsletters are:

1) via the subscription form; and, 2) via import (has to be done by whoever manages the plugin).

As I do not wish to show customer all the newsletters/stepmails, I would like to ask your help on this issue.

Please help.


Hi vanquish, sorry for the late reply.

I have been trying to find a way to automatically update the user profile in order to start a mailpoet newsletter after a customer purchases a product and becomes assigned to a specific role. The clue I have been relying on is the following responses from mailpoet.

“To be able to receive a newsletter, you need to be subscribed to the list to which the newsletter is sent.”

“Subscriber data is stored in the mailpoet_subscribers table, lists are stored in the mailpoet_segments table, and list subscriptions are stored in the mailpoet_subscriber_segment table.”

So, naturally, I have been trying to automatically update “mailpoet_subscribers”, “mailpoet_segments”, and/or “mailpoet_subscriber_segment” via function.php – to no avail.

Would be great if you could provide me with some inspiration. Cheers in advance.

Unfortunately I don’t know how that table are designed, so for me it’s quite hard to point you in the right direction :)
I’ll give a thought but it should be better to ask to the mail poet developers :)

I’ll let you know in case of news!

Thanks for your honest input!! So, I did

I need help with this plugin. First the plugin could not install out of the box , I had to extract the zip file because the installation was failing. After the plugin was installed I set it up with three different products and I recalculate the database since I have one costumer with one of the products already purchased. The user still shows “Free Plan” after recalculating. How to fix this?

Ok, I had to delete the transaction and buy the item again. The “recalculate” option does not work, at least with me.

Ok, I had to delete the transaction and buy the item again. The “recalculate” option does not work, at least with me.

For what concerns the installation procedure, when you download a plugin from codecanyon you are downloading the whole zip that contains both the plugin .zip and documentation. So it is a normal procedure to unzip it and install in your backend only the plugin zip file. If you try to install the entire package it’s normal that you get an error.

For what concers the re-calculator, as reported in the plugin description and in the re-calculator page, it only recomputes roles for “role by amount” rules.
For what concerns role by products rules, roles are assigned only when the order is placed or modified and its status is not between the ones selected in the Exclude orders by status in the plugin options menu.
Make sure that the order relative to the user that you are testing has a valid stauts.

For example if in the demo site:
user: demo
If you try to buy the banner product, you will see that the plugin properly assigns the “Gold club” role to the purchaser.

If you have properly configured the Exclude orders by status option and the order has a valid status and you still experience the issue, I need then a full admin access to your site to try to figure out what’s wrong in it. To send login data use a private message: click on my name then use the low-right box.

1) Amout spend rule , can i also give them blade image icon (Before of text roles given)?
2) Can plugin work like here in comment? Autho/ purchased. If any return/refund will remove the purchased text.
3) Is it have any bladge total sale rule also?

4) After all is it provided any shortcode for something to add anywhere? I want add to user profile widget so the blade can see link this web (under your username RIGHT sidebar have many blage)

So as the screenshot, this is the only place show ROLE from your plugin
Can you update it appear next to user role to make everyone see ROLE given by your plugin? or shortcode to us find the way add to another plugin profile. WHY?
Before i want to sale for anyone, and feeling comfortable about this, i uauslly check how level of this buyer (like the way on ebay). As experience , 90% people will not sale or purchase from 0 level account. If i sale for someone on ebay with 0 level, i will very carfully, even dont sale for them for expensive item (90% fake account , try to get my item)

Thank you for the suggestion, I’ll see if it will be possible to implement in a future release.

Thanks. please update me know. i will purchase

We have the following problem with the use of the plugin, while we configure the created roles (rol1 and rol2) so that they are delivered when the order of woocommerce is marked as complete, the role is being delivered to the user independent of the status of the order. A solution for this us is of great help and urgency due to each role is associated with its respective plan with different costs.

I’ve released a new plugin version that fixes this issue yesterday, however it will be ready to download in 3 – 4 days (codecanyon approval system takes awhile).
However if you send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) reporting your email address, I can send you the update!

Does the update affect the settings in my current version of the plugin?

No, you will maintain you actual configuration and settings.

Hello again. The plugin update works perfectly. But now we are trying to add order status conditions to the role assignment flow (waiting for payment, completed, etc). Is there any way to do it with the current version of the plugin?

What we want is to have a temporary role for the customer to test the product once an order is placed and then when the payment is completed assign the role of the purchased plan

no unfortunately for now it is not possible. However it is a nice suggestion, I’ll consider to implement in a future release but for now I cannot give you any ETA. I’ll let you know by replying here in case of news.

Ok thanks.we will be waiting for this new version.We really need it for our web

Hi there,

Your plugin is very interesting, but I have some questions:

I will have a subscription site, where a user can buy from 4 options (using woocommerce), and I need to change automatically the role to Vendor while the period of the subscription is active. Does your plugin do this?


Yes, you can achieve this. The plugin allows you to create Product – roles rules by which you can assign one (or more) role(s) to users according to the purchased product. You can optionally set an expiring date. To configure those rules just use the Products Configurator menu.

The plugin has a full demo site:
user: demo
pass: demo
perform all the test you need before purchasing to be sure that it fits your needs and expectations.
If you need further info, feel free to ask :)

Thanks! :)

You’re welcome :)


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HI, there is a bug with the new woocommerce 3.0.0 I have to disabled the plugin. I can’t select other tabs in all the admin panel/adding products/etc while this plugin is active. I think the issue is related with ajax: Hope to hear from you ASAP. Thanks!

which plugin version are you running? That issue should be fixed in the latest 3.3 version. Can you donwload the latest version and install? just deactivate and delete the old version then install the new one. Don’t worry you won’t loose any setting. Let me know.


rulaz28 Purchased

Hi, you were right. I was using old version. Now everything is working good. Have a nice day. Thanks!

Glad to hear that! :) have a nice day! :)

Hello, this is a really great plugin!

On the My Account page, can we add a description of the role (besides role list and next role) about what is being offered for that role? For example, current role is Silver (Description: 10% off for category 1 products), next role is Gold (Description: 20% off for all products)

unfortunately the plugin doesn’t not offer such a feature. For now you have to manually create a page where you explain the benefits for each role.

However yours is a nice suggestion, if possible I’ll try to include such a feature in a future release.

thanks for your prompt reply and looking forward to see your new version


jaaaay Purchased


Just purchased two of your plugins. They are great!!!

I’m setting up the Woocommerce “My Account” page with the [wcra_current_roles] and [wcra_show_expiring_dates] shortcodes.

It seems confusing to me that the info is separated and there’s no way to combine the two. Instead of having one code spit out the role and another the product and expiration date, the customer needs to see something like <product_I_purchased: I_have_this_role it_expires_on>

Is this possible?

no for now it is not possible. However thank you for your suggestion, I’ll try to implement this feature in a future release! I’ll let you know in case of new by repling here!


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The latest Woocommerce update has a conflict with this Role-o-Matic. When the plugin is activated, admins can no longer create new manual orders in the backend.

Apparently, it’s because Woocommerce have upgraded to Select2 version 4.

ndevlin Purchased

Oh right. I hadn’t upgraded to the latest version. It’s working now. Thanks :)

Glad to hear that :)

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ndevlin Purchased

Done thanks!

Hi, does this plugin support multi currency?

no, unfortunately the plugin hasn’t any specific support for multi-currency plugins.

This plugin looks great! It does 90% of what I’m looking to do on it’s own, and some of what I’m looking for can be completed with the addition of another plugin.

There is one feature request that I may be able to get by without for now, but would love to see in the future: The option to remove specific roles (instead of an all or none) if the user currently has them assigned.

For example: I have a user with RoleA who purchases a recurring product that also adds RoleB to their profile. When their time lapses and they do not renew I currently have the option to add RoleC (which could show they are no longer active for RoleB) but if they come back and repurchase later, I have no way of telling if they are active for RoleB without removing both RoleC AND RoleA in the process. In this scenario I would want to keep RoleA regardless of the user’s other activities.

Is that something that would be possible to add or extend?

That would be fantastic, thank you!

In the meantime do you have some other kind of newsletter for updates in general that I can subscribe to?

Thank you for purchasing :)
No unfortunately I haven’t any newsletter :(

However I’ll keep you updated by replying here! :)

good news! I’ve just finished to implement the role-removal feature you suggested in the new plugin version!

If you send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) reporting your email, I can send you the new version!
In alternative you can download it from CodeCanyon, but it will take 4 – 5 days to publish the new update (their approval system takes awhile).

I hope you enjoy :)

Hi, I can’t add new rules. I click the button but don’t work. Can you help me?

Are you using the ACF plugin? This issue is related to that component (that is embedded in the WCRA plugin). It has to be updated to the latest 5.5.14

So if you are you using any other plugin that embeds it or you are directly using it, it has to be updated to the latest version.

To discover which plugin embeds it, try disabling all your 3rd party plugins and then enable one by one until you find the one that interferes.

Yay!! Fixed!! Thanks ;) ACF plugin

Glad to hear that :)

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Hi there,

Frist Note: I cant provide screenshots here, please refer me an email or issue tracker.

I’ve configured Role O Matic in the following way (please refer to screen shoot 1) - If product “Membresia de socio AATD por 3 años” (“3 years membership”) was purchased then - Put user’s role to “Socio” - After 36 months of purchase put back user´s role to “Suscriptor”

After bought (with a discount coupon) the membership with some random test user (please refer to screenshot 2) - The expiring date is wrong. - And user’s role stills as “Suscriptor” instead “Socio”

Please help.

Thanks in advance!

send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) reporting your email. I’ll send you my email address where you can send the screenshots.

For what concerns the issue you are experiencing, which plugin version are you running? is the latest 3.5 version? if no please update to the latest version that you can download from the plugin page.

Have you properly configured the Order status to exclude option in the General options menu? It could happen that status of the order that is assigned when an order is placed is amog the excluded ones. So the plugin will not assign any role until that order reaches a status that is not excluded.

I sent you a private message. Thank you.

Like an idiot, I purchased Woo Memberships plugin and Woo Subscriptions plugin. I’ve paid a lot of money to migrate our old membership system data to Woo. What I didn’t realize is that Woo Memberships does not allow you to change a customers user role based on Membership level purchased which I would have thought was the primary function. So I can’t include blog posting access in some of my Membership levels. Would your plugin work with those plugins and provide this functionality?


the plugin hasn’t any specific support for those plugins, so it hasn’t any feature to assign user roles according the current user membership level or subscription plan.

The feature that could interest you is the product-role. The plugin allows you to assign one (or more) roles according the purchased product. In this way you could assign an user the role you need according the purchased membership level.

Before purchasing try doing some tests on the demo site:
user: demo
pass: demo

Optionally, if you need, if you send me those two plugin (send me a private message clicking on my name the use the low right box. I’ll reply with my email address where you can send the files), I can setup a private demo site, where you can test those plugin with the role-o-matic plugin.