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Hi there; When I want to define some new rules, some of the last new rules defined disappear and goes out. For Example, I define the new role ‘DigiMan01’ and ‘DigiMan02’, after I enter the new role named ‘DigiMan03’, it is not shown by the plugin, Or when I define the ‘DigiMan04’ role, it replaces the last one (instead of adding to the last one). Please help me out there.

This seems to be related to a server issue that is not properly able to manage the posted data.
Please check in the WooCommerce -> Status menu the PHP max input vars value. It should be above 6000. If not, please edit your server php.ini (or contact your hosting maintainer) in order to fix it. Once done recheck that menu to be sure the modification took effect.

I have a custom role called ‘Rep’ I am looking for a plugin that will allow me to remove that user Role. Will this work? Would their user Role be changes to Customer or just blank?

For that purpose you could create an “amount rule” in which if the customer spent at least 1£ in last 3 months ( for that use the dynamic period and then set 3 months) the plugin will assign the customer and the other roles you need. Enable the Role(s) removal if amount spent doesn’t match By selecting the Yes or the Selected ones options.

For the existing user you can use the Roles re-calculator to make rule take effect.

The role recalculator will remove all users in the last 3 months that haven’t applied?

No, role re-calculator doesn’t not delete user accounts. According to the existing amount-rules it assigns (and eventually removes according to the rule settings) the selected user roles.

Pre Purchase question

With this plugin, is it possible to add the option as toppings for Pizza and then the toppings to have different prices according to the SIZE of the pizza? for example when selecting 9” pizza, per topping cost is £1 but on when selecting 15” pizza, set it £2 per toppings?

No, the plugin doesn’t offer that features.

Can the role o matic work like this ? Buy a product from a selected category and you will get a additional role ?

No, if a category is changed it will not trigger the role-o-matic. The plugin assigns roles according the purchased products only when an order is placed or when if it is modified via backend.

So if you simply modify a rule by editing a category, it won’t affect already computed roles. The plugin hasn’t any support for 3rd party plugins like the “Post Expirator” plugin.

So what does the recompute do ?

As you can read in the plugin description page, it is used to recompute roles according the existing “role amount rules” (the one created using the Amounts configurator menu).

Created new user role and assigned to 4 products.

I click Recalculate user roles and 0 users are updated.

Looks like I did not check your documentation in detail before purchase. It seemed an obvious function to have.

The primary reason I bought this plugin is to assign user role for my existing purchases by product.

Is there anyway to get this done.

Figured how to get this done using the amount configuration.

Just one more issue. I have items that cost Zero that I want to assign roles. Unfortunately the amount configurator does not allow Zero as a value. Any way around this?

No unfortunately it is not possible. It doesn’t allow 0 amount because otherwise the role will be assigned to any user placing at least one order.

I use WooCommerce Memberships, which tracks entitlements after buying certain items on store. For example, customers might get 1 month of membership after buying product ABC1. The membership roles have their own start and stop dates.

I’m looking for a plugin that will auto-assign a specific role (additive, not replacing) to users based on Membership purchased, and if membership is extended or removed, the roles would then change accordingly.

On the demo, I couldn’t see any integration with WooCommerce Memberships specifically. Granting a role at time of purchase doesn’t help much, even with an expiration date, because other things might change a user’s membership period.

No, I’m sorry but the plugin hasn’t any support for the WooCommerce Memberships plugin. So if any membership plan is modified, this doesn’t not affect roles assigned by the Role-O-Matic plugin.

However maybe I can try to extend the plugin. Could you send me a private mesage (click on my name then use the low-right box) with the following info:
  1. your email address
  2. A copy of that plugin
I can try to see if it possible to add a new special feature that allows to assign additional user roles (like already happens for “product-role”) in case a meembership is purchased (or renewed after it was experied for a long time) and eventually revoke those roles if the memmbership expires or it is cancelled.

However I cannot assure you anything, I have to study that plugin code and documentation to see if this extension is possible.

Presale question

1) Will i be able to retain the previous roles of the user , one the role is removed as the part of the rule .

For eg , lets assume, the user A has a custom role 'cust1'. As the part of the woocommerce purchase by using your plugin , he gets 'trial1' role for one month.

Now my question is that , will the user retain role ‘cust1’ after one month , when the role ‘trail1’is removed from as the part of the rule we created

2) Do i need to create the role ,by using your plugin or can i use any existing roles



yes you can use any pre-existing role created with any plugin

For what concerns the role removal, in case the rule is a “product-role” rule, if you set an expiration data, the all the assigned role associated to the rule will be deleted. If you want to terain a role, use the Role(s) to assign after expiring date option selecting the one you want to leave.

Please use the demo site before purchasing to perform the tests you need to be sure the software fits your needs and expectations. In case of further info, feel free to ask.

Hi, can you please tell me does this plugin assign new role based on one time purchase amount or total amount through some time period. And does it work good with Woocommerce dynamic pricing & discounts from Rightpress? Thanks

the plugin hasn’t any particular support for the Woocommerce dynamic pricing & discounts plugin from Rightpress.

For more info about the plugin, please go to the description page. The plugin has also a demo site where you can fully test it before purchasing in order to be sure it actually fits your needs and expectations.

I have a problem with the Woocommerce-Role-O-Matic plugin. The last function in the woocommerce-role-by-amount-spent/classes/com/WCRA_Cron.php file breaks front-end user registration. I have custom fields in registration through Advanced Custom Fields, however, upon registering, I get the get_current_screen is an undefined function error which can be referenced from here: I have commented out this function and it works as expected, however, I would like this to be looked into. Thank you.

thank you very much for reporting the issue. I’ve just released the new 4.5 version that should fix it. Give a try and let me know!

You can manually download the new version via codecanyon or receive as automatic update by installing and configuring the Envato updater plugin:

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