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Hi there, I just want to ask how to set up the role once the role is expired it stay the same role from first purchase . Lets say if the buyer purchase the product he will become a Gold Member Role, after a month when the product expire he will remain Gold Member Role only. Doesnt need to change or downgrade to different role. looking forward to hear from you. thanks in advance!

to do that you have to do nothing. Just do not select any role in the Role(s) to assign after expiring date options and leave the No option selecte ind the Remove all roles before assign expring date role(s) option.

The plugin by default assigns a role and doesn’t not remove it after the product expiration has been reached.

Got it thanks so much! :D

You’re welcome :)
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kennyopr Purchased

Hello ! This plugin is making my Admin go to subscriber somehow. Also I would like to revert the role if user cancels the subscription.. how could i achieve this?

It could be that the Admin role satisfy one of the product/amount rule you have puchased.

To automatica revert a subscription, you have to set an expiring date while configuring the product/amount rule.
In alternative you have to edit the user profile deleting the role-product purchased and then manually reassing/remove the roles you need.

Hi! This is a pre-purchase question: I combine woocommerce with buddypress on my site, so my users have 2 roles (one for woocommerce and one for buddypress forums. In role management, admin sets separately these two roles, so there should be no compatibility problem with your plugin.. My question is: If you change a woocommerce role by deleting the former one, is the buddypress role deleted too? I hope it won’t be, but can you check before I purchase please?

if you delete a role used by woocommerce, Buddypress roles should not be affected.
However this is not a feature/function related to the WCRA plugin. You can test this behaviour in a test env of yours just creating a test role then deleting it to see if your Buddypress plugin has been affeted in any way (or perform any test you need to be sure that WooCommerce is not influencing BuddyPress).