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I would like to know if this plugin is going to be updated for current versions of WordPress and Woocommerce? I would like to have something like this but I am not going to spend money on something that is no longer being kept up to date.

It would also be nice to see you respond to others who have asked similar questions about this plugin working with current versions of Woocommerce.


Yes, the plugin is still functional and fully supported. Thanks

Thank you for the quick response. I appreciate it. :D

hello, this work with them makery? if the plugin do show “Approve” dispute button in shop orders for seler. tell me. because i want buy it. please answer me. thank you

Hi, sorry for the late reply. The plugin will work with any theme that is properly coded.

Hello, the them is for multi vendor. if i buy and install your plugin this will show refunds to any vendor and buyer in page of site or just want show it for admin? I want buy it. Just i dont now that is what i want or not. I want refunds for multi vendor for them Makery. is that what i want?

Hi, the refunds will show in the admin panel. Thanks

Is this plugin compatible with multisite?

No it is not.

Hi scopes, i just install the plugin. It might be a stupid question. There is a red button DISPUTE in my recent orders but nothing happens when press it. I using dokan multivendor

Hello.I want to purchase this plugin if its can work for my project. 1)Can this plugin works for multivendor website.I operate a marketplace website.I would like me as admin to handle disputes once the buyer initiate dispute. Can this be possible with this plugin 2) Is the dispute plugin work per order or per items in an order. 3)When buyer iniate dispute would admin see it 4)Do you have a version for multivendor website and how much Thanks

Hi, the version for multivendor is higher than the normal price of the plugin. If you’re up for it, you can email me from my profile page . Thanks

It’s seem this plugin is no more supported the author is not responding to questions

The plugin is supported. Thanks

Hi, please add a demo. i am waiting for see demo.

Hopefully, in a few days from now.

Hi I have a quick question about the plugin. I would like to have it so that I set the refund period (30 days for example) and allow a user to perform a refund on their own and get refunded automatically without me getting involved.

Is that possible with this plugin? Thanks!

hi does this work with the WCVENDORS plugin ? for example if the vendor of a market place received dispute request will they receive the email instead of the site admin ?

The plugin has not been tested with WCVENDORS plugin.

hello, i have Genesis framework, installed on my website, and i wanna know if your plugin work on it before purchase.

Thanks Regards

Yes, it will work on any theme.

Hello nice plugin, but i don’t see how is it work when we add new product. where is the place allow for us to set up like 7days, 14days, 30days or 45days

Then in add new product have dropdown box to choose accpted return/No return accepted

Then also have dropdown box to choose what period we created to choose like 7days or 14days or 30days or 45days. without care about level of price

Is this plugin have report system for return/refund?

Is it will auto count down date of return/refund? What is the word after this time end ?

Hope to get your reply soon. Looking this product to use


if i have a multi site and enable this plugin separate on each site. this will work without problem? I have Makery theme and is compatible with my multisite and this is for multi vendor. if the plugin not compatible with multisite. when i enable the plugin with the theme, can work without problem in multisite?

Hi, the plugin is not fully functional on multisite.

hello, your plugin support wpml and multi currency?

Hi. The plugin has not been tested with multi currency.

Hi, this is what i experience when i try to get a refund : You cant request a refund for this order item, because the maximum time to refunds has expired. How can i add the time available to request a refund ?

Hi. On the product page in admin you can set that option for every product. Thanks


flocin Purchased

Yeah i figure it out myself.