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Hello and I ask to return money as it was an erroneous purchase, I confused the module! We need a module that will output the characteristics of the product in the category under each product for the promotion. This plugin shows the characteristics but they are not in the code and so they will not be included in the search. I just never demand compensation for this because I bought a lot of plug-ins. But in this case it’s really a wrong purchase. If you can help me and fix all plug-in errors and make sure that the characteristics get into the page code, I will be happy to use this plug-in. That’s what I wrote in technical support.

Hi, I do not work Quick View 1.2.0

I do not see the text Quick View When you click on the icon a small window pops up. How to make it more? How to remove search by article? help me please

refund accepted.


akalwp Purchased

Hi, tanks for this plugin working very well. I also want to thank for the recent “ajax add to cart” option. BUT, this option looks like it doesn’t take care of the global products add-on (insteed of the normal add to cart btn of your plugin that is doing well)... Could you please have a look on ? (go at bottom, the first products are for demo) Thanks. Akal


akalwp Purchased

Ok I understand. The reason why this option (add to cart ajax) was important (to me) is because when an user clic on “add to cart” from the quick-preview, he/she is redirected to the product page, which is a non-sense for the way I do my shop. Any parameters I missed that could change this behavior ? Thanks. Akal

Sorry but this is currently not possible and there are no parameters or something… we need Time for such a Huge Integration.


akalwp Purchased

ok I understand, thx for reply ^^


AP4571 Purchased

Hello, I really need the option to add more data to the quick view modal popup please. I want to be able to output the product tabs, how can I achieve this ?

You can create a template in your child theme. Please see our docs

Hi, does it have the possibility to go directly to the cart (automatically) after clicking ‘add to cart’? Thanks!

so i installed it with Redux and that’s ok. But the QuickView has 3 errors: 1- it doesn’t show the price (variable products) 2- it diables funtionality of the date-picker field in the popup (is part of the product) 3- the quick view doesn’t open unless twice clicked.

(How) Can i get a refund please?


jimmyk Purchased

the next button only working for the first 2 product

Please send wp admin to – we take care about your issue when we are back from vacation 9.10.


GRWeb Purchased

I see that there is a “Basic” and “Advanced” section in the settings. However I can’t make any changes in the Advanced section?

Please make sure the custom.css file in the public folder is writeable.

Hi, can the quickview button be set as an icon over the product thumbnail on hover? Can’t find it in your doc. Thanks!

Yes but only via Customizations e.g. using custom CSS.

ok thanks, would be a great feature for the future I think. Nice plugin though!



We recently purchased this plugin for our website. An issue that we’re experiencing is the following:

“The next button within the pop-up modals of products are not working correctly. When you click on the next button it takes you to the previous product.”

Please let us know if there’s a solution for this as soon as possible.


Answered your mail.

Just purchased this plugin.. its awesome and just what i need! i’m having this “two product next” button issue that i see some other users have had.. as well as this i’m having some css issues. please get back to me asap :) thanks ryan

Hey Mate,

can you send wp-admin & detailed issue description (maybe with screenshots) to So we can investigate?

have a nice weekend ;)

Hey man, I’ve sent over all needed info :)

Hi – I just buy the plugin, I hope it works in my project. One important question: I’m using The Grid (grid plugin) as a template for WooCommerce (inside the main loop). Question 1: Did you test your plugin with The Grid ? Question 2: How can I change the Shop Loop Position (or hook) for other than the listed in the dropdown? Question 3: Do you have a Shortcode to use in a custom php template?


The plugin work only on the first click -open modal, and after that all the quick view buttons stop working.. just stay loading and stop without open modal again. Also, inline never works. I’m using OceanWp theme. Why so complicated?

So no extra plugins, just strait woocommerce install on Oceanwp and the button only works the first time I click and open the modal. After that, the buttons don’t work anymore… IF I REFRESH THE BUTTONS WORKS AGAIN, BUT ONLY ONE TIME. The console says: JQMIGRATE: Migrate is installed, version 1.4.1 jquery-migrate.min.js:2:542 An Error Occured: 400 Bad Request! Please contact System Administrator! woocommerce-quick-view-public.js:135:9

What does it mean? thanks for your help!

Please send wp-admin & FTP to

Hi there, I have been using your plugin for a couple months, had a few little issues at the start but thought it was working all ok.. however, I have been running some tests, adding things to cart etc, and it appears when items are viewed, selected and “added to cart” whilst in quickview mode more often than not that product is not getting added to the cart. Sometimes it does get added, however I’m finding a lot of items don’t get added. I believe this would be quite frustrating for my online shoppers, and have reason to believe this has been happening the entire time, I was just never told about the issue. What can I do to stop this from happening ? Lousia

Can you point out the items where this happens? Are these variations or so?