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Hello, pre purchase question. Would the accessories go over or under the additional information/reviews?

Another question. If I have 12-20 accessories, can I show them in a grid view? Or is it limited to carousel slider only?

And also, can you change the text optional accessories to something else? I tried on your demo but its very limited to what I can change on your demo site so I don’t know about these features.

For design we adopt the design from your theme -> if your theme uses a slider, then we use too. Otherwise it’s grid view.

You can translate everything / overwrite the strings via Loco Translate.


wobby Purchased

Hello, I just bought your plugin and I need to change were the accessories are shown. i need to include them on the tabs in Woommerce products page. Please help asap. Thanks


wobby Purchased

Hello, I’ve purchased your plugin and installed it on my website. Is it limited to how many products are shown? Also I want to make the products grid smaller in size as I have many accessories to display….how is this possible? Please let me know asap

Thank you

Hi there,

it is not limited. The design however is automatically adapted to your theme layout. You should ask your theme dev where you can change the columns of accessories.

Hi, Is this plugin compatible with WPML?

Unfortunately it does not work.

Can you send wp admin to

I sent you access.


Can I add multiple mandatory products, but only one needs to be checked like here:

No sorry thats not possible.

Whitch one is not posible ? The mandatory accesories to be variable product ?



itsoue Purchased

Hi, the plugin works well on my theme – But I need to rename “Optional Accessories …” to French title. How can I do this ?

You can use loco translate to translate this string.


itsoue Purchased

I don’t want to translate – just replace the title – How can I do this ?.

Yes loco translate is also for overriding strings in plugins :)


dudlaj Purchased

Hello, I was trying the snippet to change the number of colums. function filter_woocommerce_upsell_display_args( $array ) { };

$array['columns'] = 5;
return $array;

// add the filter add_filter( ‘woocommerce_upsell_display_args’, ‘filter_woocommerce_upsell_display_args’, 10, 1 );

But it is not working for me. Thx for support Jaroslav Ondra

ADD: I found the problem – I am using the Shopkit theme with the Product Loops for WooCommerce plugin – if i switch the product loops plugin – it works as expected – so I will contact the theme author and I will let you konow about the result. Thx for support

Ah okay Great :)