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Hi, I just bought this plugin but the installation failed. What does it mean?

Use the filter woocommerce_upsell_display_args:


I can change the number of columns and post_per_page from mandatory-accessories.php but how can I do if I what to do it by a function?

See above. You can use the filter.

Hello. This accessories is not possible to use on variation attributes? I need to have different accessories for each variation attribute.

No this will not work :(

Hi there, We tested this plugin immediately after purchase and found this product isn’t what we thought it was, it doesn’t do what it came across as being able to do. Maybe we had it confused with another plugin, which allowed product add-ons like variations / options “accessories”. We also sent this message on date of purchase: 17 October to request refund. thank you

We have accepted the refund now. Have a nice weekend :)


topfert Purchased

Hi, I’d like to request a refund please. It’s not working on my site


Hi there,

could you explain what is not working in detail? Could you send WP-Admin to support@db-dzine.com so that we can take a look?

Best regards :)

hi, pre-sales question: does wp-bakery visual composer is necessary to use this plugin?


no it its not.


dyplin Purchased

Hi, great plugin! 1. Can I remove the link from the product image and title? I want to keep the visitor at the single product page. 2. Sometimes I got 7-8 accessories. Is it possible to create a carousel slider instead of grid? Would be nice!

Hi there,

1) our plugin uses the normal content-product.php template. You could modify this if you are familiar with coding. Otherwise it is not possible

2) This depends on your theme ;)


can we rename Mandatory Accessories and Optional Accessories on Front END? Would also like to disable automatically adding Madatory Accessories to Cart, is it possible ?

and Can we select Position to Display same as your Plugin WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together ?


Hi there,

yes you can rename them with Loco Translate for example. Disabling Mandatory accessories is not possible (as they are mandatory).

You can of course move the position of the accessories via custom script. See: https://plugins.db-dzine.com/woocommerce-product-accessories/faq/changing-the-position/

Best regards


LiranR Purchased

How can I cancel auto add to cart of mandatory products so it only will also act like the optional products?

Hi there,

you can add the following hook into your child theme functions.php

remove_action( 'woocommerce_add_to_cart', array( $WooCommerce_Product_Accessories->plugin_public, 'maybe_add_mandatory_accesories_to_cart' ), 35 );

LiranR Purchased

Thank you so so much!

You are welcome :)

And if you like our support or plugin we would be happy about a review here :)


soniris Purchased


Just bought the module that does the work. Some issue with the display :

- Optional accessories are display one above the other (see here) :https://www.soniris.com/fr/shop/tournage/blackmagic-ursa-mini-4k-ef/

1) How to display all accessories on 1 line ? 2) How to reduce image size ?


Hi there,

it seems like the standard hook we use “woocommerce_after_single_product_summary” is not applyable for your theme.

You need to change the position via a custom Hook like we described here: https://dev.plugins.db-dzine.com/woocommerce-product-accessories/faq/changing-the-position/

Hello, How can i disable the add to cart button form a Mandatory Product? Thank you

Good Morning!

First up: nice plugin, works perfectly. :)

Just one Question: where are the relationsships between a product and its accessories saved in the database?

Background: We would like to import a lot of products (ca. 3.000) into WooCommerce from a CSV-File – INCLUDING the Accessories for each product. Perhaps you have an idea how we could do this. Thank you for your help!

Kind regards, Michael from Nuremberg


it’s saved in the post meta table. Try looking into your table and search for the key accessories.

Found it!!!! Thanks a lot!!! :)

I would like to reposition the Optional accessories farther up the product page. Is there a way to do this?

hi, i’ve an issue using woocommerce product accessories, if i click on mandatory ( or optional) accessories -> search for a product.. -> always “no matches found” , i’ve a lot of single products and upsells field is working good. can you help me?

best regards

Hi there,

do you get any console log errors? Can you check that, or send us wp-admin credentials to support@db-dzine.com?

Hi again,

another question: is there a way to sort the output list of the accessories?

We would really like to have the list sorted alphabetically on our page.

Is there a way to do this?

Kind regards, Michael


you can copy the file “mandatory-accessories.php” from the public > partials folder to your woocommerce child theme folder. Then you can set your own “orderby” into the query.

Thanks again, this helped! Now our output is in alphabetical order! :)))


How can I reduce the column size?

Hi there,

we use $woocommerce_loop[‘columns’] = $columns; So you can modify the global $woocommerce_loop variable.

I think this is possible in customizer with newest version.

Hi! We’re getting this error when we’ve added the plugin: Warning
: sizeof(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in
For this code in the plugin (both optional-accessories.php and the mandatory-accessories.php):
if ( sizeof( $accessories ) === 0 || empty($accessories) ) {

Not all our products will have accessories(as we want to sell them seperately as well. Is this a known problem or is our solution misconfigured (we’ve just started developing with it)?

For the products that work (doesn’t show an error), it returns an empty arrray instead: array(0)

Ok we will add an additonal check to the partials files. Wait for an update.

Cool! Thanks for fast response :)

Pre purchase question, I have lot of accessories with few categories and products for product, for example, Connector category has few connectors, Lens category has 4 ~5 products and so on…about 10 categories of accessory products in one product. I’d like organize with tabs. Is it possible to achieve these with your plugin?

No sorry.

Good Morning from Nuremberg,

we successfully removed the function that put mandatory accessories automatically into the cart. Works like a charm.

BUT if you put a product into the cart, then add some accessories from the “mandatory” – and then remove the product again, he also removes the “mandatory accessories”.

Also: if you put a product in the cart, then add some accessories from the “mandatory” list and then change the number of the product from one to two – the number of “mandatory” accessories ist also doubled.

To sum it up: in the cart mandatory accessories are still treated as mandatory accessories, although we patched out “auto-add”.

We would simply need two different categories of accessories without any “mandatory” functions.

Is this possible? How do we do this?

Your help is very much appreciated.

Kind regards, Michael

Hello again, I found out myself – simply add the following code to your functions.php to disable all the “mandatory” stuff:

remove_action( 'woocommerce_add_to_cart', array( $WooCommerce_Product_Accessories->plugin_public, 'maybe_add_mandatory_accesories_to_cart' ), 35 ); remove_action( 'woocommerce_after_cart_item_quantity_update', array( $WooCommerce_Product_Accessories->plugin_public, 'maybe_update_mandatory_accesories_in_cart' ), 35); remove_action( 'woocommerce_cart_item_restored', array( $WooCommerce_Product_Accessories->plugin_public, 'maybe_restore_mandatory_accesories_in_cart' ), 35 ); remove_action( 'woocommerce_remove_cart_item', array( $WooCommerce_Product_Accessories->plugin_public, 'maybe_remove_mandatory_accesories_from_cart' ), 35 );

Great, that you found a solution :)

hi, pre-sales question. does this recompute the shipping cost? i.e i do not what any shipping cost for product accessories. only the main product. thanks!


no sorry.


javilabbe Purchased

This plugin doesn’t work with Variable Products??

Yes it does