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Hi there! Interesting plugin. One presales question: Is it possible to add several groups of “optional accessories” per product? thanks! GLWS

Hey Dariostar,

if your theme is responsive then the accessories are repsonsive too. Regarding the group functionality: I will not promise you something that may never come. So please do not buy this plugin in mind that this functionality will come.

Best regards DB-Dzine

Okay. But what about my earlier question. is that possible too?

” can I add several “groups” of accessories? I need to make something like: Step 1, choose from these. Step 2, add these. Step 3, add some of these or skip, and step 4, add some of these… These are 4 sets of accessories and options available for 1 particular product.”...

No this is not possible. Sorry.


On you demo, I cant add to cart. It only shows send inquiry.

I want to know if your module will do this:

- If client adds Product A to the cart
- Force Product B to the cart also.
- Removing product A from the cart will also remove product B
- Product B can not be removed

Can your module do this?

Hello KreativeAlien,

unfortunately my plugin is not able to do this.

Best regards DB-Dzine

Hi, I need to add accesories to a product. I found that how to do that by creating a additional product and then link it to the first.

But I do not want to sell that accesorie separettlly.

If I sell a breakfast delivery I want to be able to add a magazine as an extra, but not to sell those magazines sepparetly.

Hello aatmarketing,

unfortunately this plugin does not cover a free accessory mode. What you can do is just put a text to your products like “Free Magazine included – Buy Now” or something similar.

Best regards DB-Dzine


This looks good but missing some functions. This would work nice as a hamper creation plugin. For example The main product is the hamper itself. Optional extras could be step 2 add items to build the hamper. Would it work like this?

Hey RecipeBrag,

I will put this features on my development schedule.

Best regards DB-Dzine

How do I customise the optional-accessories.php template? I’ve tried copying it under woocommerce in my theme but it doesn’t recognise it.

Hello liamcoyle,

you could edit the template inside the plugin folder itself.

Best regards DB-Dzine

Sorry but plugin not work with theme you can fix for me or get back my money

Ok fixed this one too. Plese wait for email notification.

Thanks you

You are welcome ;)


teadea Purchased

The plugin looks interesting but how can we add an accessory like logo within the product since it comes with the price?

Hello teadea,

you could create the product “logo” with no price and add it to the accessories. But this makes the product purchaseable for your customers, so you should remove the add to cart button.

I would just suggest you to write in the product description “Comes with free Logo” or something similar.

Best regards DB-Dzine

Hy i have translate the language file in italian, but it seam not working have put the mo and po file in Language directory should i send you the 2 file?

Hi marcovito,

yes please send the language files to support@db-dzine.com

Please also send a WP-Admin login to this email, so that we can debug.

Thanks DB-Dzine

Hi there,

how are you? I hope good.

Just a pre-sale question: in your plugin, can I remove the price from optional/mandatory accessories area.

ty in advance Stefano

Hi there,

sure. Either you could enter the products without a price in the system itself. Or you could remove the prices via CSS like this:
.mandatory-accessories .price {
display: none;



I purchase the plugin, but I can get it show on the translated language page, only original language is showing the optional accessories..

Yes of course. Just make a request.

Thanks, should I be sending an email to you? If yes, what is it?

You have to make the request here via Envato.


dariukui Purchased

Hello, can i add accessories to variations too?

Hi there,

of course you can add them to a product variation page. What I do not know is, if a variation will be added to cart, the mandatory accessory, will be added to.