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Just installed plugin. Is there a reason that a simple “[ITEM] subtract an amount” discount would be applied to the item price, then applied again to the “total” field for that item in the cart, effectively doubling the discount amount? It’s doing this regardless as to whether it is an amount or a percentage, and regardless of the value for “Which value has to be considered?”. Really annoying, ready to ask for a refund and just pay for the much more pricey WooThemes equivalent.

the plugin hasn’t any support for that plugin. According to me the product addon assigns same product id to each addon, so the Pricing plugin applies them the pricing rules to each of them.

If you send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) reproting your email, I can send mine where you can send me that plugin. In this way I can see IF it will be possible to add support for that plugin.


headamp Purchased

Thanks a bunch for your efforts to fix this conflict, the plugin is now working as intended!

Very glad to hear that!! :) :)
Have a nice day! :)

pre-purchase question. I have been trying to find a plugin that with apply a 5% discount for 5 items or more in the cart. And another option of 10% for 10 or more items in the cart. Does this plugin do that? I see many that do bulk discounts for individual products. I need one that is for all products.

Yes, you can configure something like the following:
  1. Create a new rule selecting all your categories (or products)
  2. Create a new time period rule selecting subtract discount percentage based on cart total as Price / Discount strategy:
  3. Percentage discount: 5
  4. Select as min/max quantity: 0 – 5
  5. Individual use only: yes
  6. click on the new “new price/discount” rule and configure a second rule like the first but selecting as min-max: 6 – {empty} and as percentage 10:
  7. Select as Quantity/Amount value strategy the Sum of all quantitites for selected product and categories option:
In this way if the the sum of the selected item cart quantity is between 0 – 5, will be applied a discount of 5%. If the sum is above 5 it will applied a discount of 10%.

You find that rule already configured on demo site:
user: demo
pass: demo
do some test there to see if the plugin really fits your needs and expectations before purchasing. In case of further info, feel free to ask.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH. The plugin was worth the money. I spent all day trying to find a free plugin. I just purchased yours and got in done in an hour.

Ah ok, you purchased while I was writing the guide :)

For now there isn’t any option to customize the text. you have to edit the WCTBP_Cart.php file you find inside the classes\com folder and on line 164 you will find the ‘Discount’ text. Customize as you wish :)

Hi vanquish,

I have two of your plugins, attach me and pricing, what’s the best way to update?

To update you can simply deactivate and delete the old plugin versions. Then you can upload the new ones. Don’t worry you won’t lose any setting :)

Thank you, I was worried about losing settings :P