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Presale questions:

1) I am using this for a ticketing website. We need to be able to set the product fees (convenience fees) per product variation. So one ticket will cost $5.00 base and we want to add either a fixed fee to just that ticket or a percentage based fee to just that ticket.

2)This fee would show up on the checkout page once they select their ticket (or variable item) and would be calculated in final total

3) I need to be able to export a report detailing all fees per selected products / variables

Can this do this?

  1. Yes the plugin allows you to set pricing rules for specific product variation
  2. Yes, additional fee are showed on cart/checkout page
  3. No, the plugin hasn’t any feature to export reports

However before procede with an eventual purchase, use the demo site:
user: demo
pass: demo
to perform all the tests you need to be sure that the software actually fits your needs and expectations.

Hi, I have a pre-sale question. This looks like the plug-in I need, but before I buy I want to be very sure it is.

A cafetaria has a product X with a price of 1.50. Every tuesday it is on sale for 1.00. All year. Is that possible with this plug-in?


yes it is possible. To do that, when creating the pricing rule, just select all months of the year and then just the tuesday as day. In this way the promotion will be applied each tuesday of the year :)

The plugin has also a full demo site:
user: demo
pass: demo
that you can use to perform some tests before purchasing in order to be sure it actually fits your needs an expectations. I hope you enjoy :)

muckton Purchased

Hi there – I am using this plugin with Woocommerce Memberships but when I there seems to be a conflict. If Memberships applies a discount to a category, when Pricing is active the discount and the live price are reversed and the strikethrrough is shown through the Membership discounted price while the original price is shown in bold and without a discount. see for an example

Unfortunately both plugins are not designed to work together. Both are manipulating item prices and its html rendering so they may interfere each other during that process.

Salve, ho acquistato questo plugin e avrei bisogno di applicare una piccola modifica. Vorrei mostrare nella pagina del prodotto il prezzo totale dato dalla moltiplicazione della quantità per il prezzo unitario (scontato nel caso sia presente lo sconto). E’ possibile avere questo snippet di codice? La mia email è

La ringrazio in anticipo. Distinti saluti.

Ciao, sì intendo vedere sia il prezzo unitario che il prezzo totale.

Inoltre ho installato un altro plugin che si chiama Woocommerce Advanced Quantity, che gestisce le quantità di acquisto per esempio impostando quantità minime, massime ecc ecc, quindi ho diversi prodotti che hanno una quantità minima. Te l’ho detto solo per evitare eventuali conflitti in quanto con snippet jquery trovate su internet non riuscivano a calcolare la quantità esatta appena arrivato sulla pagina.

Un esempio di pagina del mio sito è questa nel caso tu abbia bisogno di maggiori info:

Grazie mille.

Si allora, io potrei estender il mio plugin in modo da visualizzare il prezzo totale e il prezzo unitario. Però non posso garantire la compatibilità con quell’altro plugin.

Se mi invii un messaggio privato (clicca sul mio nome quindi usa il box in basso a destra) contenente il tuo indirizzo email, posso inviarti la nuova versione.

Ti ho risposto via mail con l’indirizzo


Displaying prices in the min-max range on the product card, in categories and shopping carts doesn’t work. The question is whether maybe this display? Does it require specific settings? If not, where is this feature so that we can manually insert it.


if disabling the WooCommerce Pricing! plugin you are still not displaying the min-max, it means that this is a theme issue that doesn’t render the variable product with the min-max format. So you should contact them letting know them about this.

Where we can this function in your files, we will add this function manual to theme.

The min-max price display is not related to my plugin. It is a native woocommerce template function.

Hey i use many domains with one woocommerce insta !! Can you give a option if users visit from domain than price % increase and if user visits from price is different…


Price % increased based on domain .

No, unfortunately the plugin hasn’t such a feature.

Is the discount information stored in the woo-commerce data base? We are thinking of investing in another plugin that allows us to edit woocommerce from a excel sheet but I’m not sure if this will interfere with the plugin or be editable from that excel sheet.

no, the pricing info are stored in the wordpress tables as option or product metadata (according if you are assignin the pricing rules using the bulk editor or the product edit page).

However I strongly advice to not use third party method/tools to create/edit pricing rules. In those cases the plugin may not work as expected.

thanks for a quick response.

HI there, I have a number of scenarios that i would like to apply, could you review and let me know if this can do it?

1. spend x amount of any category or combinations of categories and add a specific product (or product variation) for a specific percentage discount automatically (if in stock of course) 2. buy x number of specific product(or product variation(s)) and add specific product (or product variation) to the cart for specific percentage discount automatically. 3. Spend x amount in the cart on anything (cart total) and add any product(or product variation) with specified discount to the cart automatically. 4. first time buyers only get x% off the cart total.

no unfotunately the plugin doesn’t allow you apply discounts to a product if the user spend a certain amount for other products, so for what concerns the 1, 2 and 3 questions is not possible.
The plugin hasn’t any feature to apply discounts just for first buyers, so it is a no also for th 4th question.

Does the plugin allow you to do discounts on quantities like 75+...menaong we do not have to define a maximum number?

yes to do that set as minimu quantity 75 and leave empty the max quantity field.

Is the plugin compatible with Woocommerce Booking?

the plugin hasn’t any particular support for that plugin, however I can set up a test site where you can test both. If you send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) I’ll reply with my email where you can send the plugin. Thank you.

Hi, quick question…. I need a plugin which allows a customer to buy 4 different items for £10. The items are all slightly different prices. Would this plugin work for that? And can it be applied globally to certain categories?

No unfortunately the plugin hasn’t any feature to allow an user to buy N different items for a fixed price.

For what concers pricing rules, the can be assigned to one or more category just using the plugin Bulk editor.