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HI, i bought earlier most of your other plugins, so i know the quality is top :) Now i’d like this plugin as well, since afaik it’s the only bulk discount what recalculated the prices on the product page in real time. But I think i’m missing something here that some other plugins are offering: an automatic little overview-table or text with the available discounts for this product – usually located just below the price or add to cart button. This is important so that users can see that they should order higher numbers. A hand-written text is not usable for hundreds of products. I didnt find this in the demo, am I right that the plugin isn’t offering this functionality?

And a little less important, but still pretty much so: is it possible to add the discount to some columns for a csv import of products?

The only kind of discount we need: individual products will have each 4 different price-levels according the quantity bought. But those quantities and prices are different for each product.


it is due to the fact that you haven’t setted the proper product quantity. I see from the levels you creted that the discount is applied if the user buys at least 5 items.
So if you set 5 as quantity you will see that the plugin will display the applied price and the discount percentage:

ha! ok but then we’re talking different things actually. What i meant can however be perfectly added to the changes you just made. I mailed a sample of my idea. It adds to yours since yours doesn’t inform the customers on “possible” discounts before they select a higher quantity!

Ok got it, I’ll reply via email!


We have installed and configured your plugin Woocommerce pricing. After the price is computed, the tax label information is lost. We need to keep it after price calculation. In addition, is any way to change the preload message:” computing price…”? You can check it in Thanks in advance for your support. Regards

yes it is due to the fact that the plugin just shows the item price accordin the item quantity.

If you want to customize that text you have to simply modify the WCTBP_PriceChanger.php on line 128 as follows:
 echo $html." IVA incl.";

To translate the computing price text, edit the woocommerce-time-based-pricing.pot you find in the language directory file with a po editor (like ). Select the language you need then look for (ctrl + F5) the string you need. Save, it will create a .mo file that you have to save back in the language directory.

In alternative you can edit the WCTBP_ProductPage.php file. On line 71 you will find that text, replace it as you wish! :)

When we use the WooCommerce plugin Product Addons and we add a product with an addon to the cart it reverts the price back to the original price in the cart. Take a look at the screenshot.

When we use the WooCommerce plugin Product Addons and we add a product with an addon to the cart it reverts the price back to the original price in the cart. Take a look at the screenshot.

Is that plugin manupulating the item price in any way? It seems that it ovverrides/interferes with the Pricing! price manipulation process dening the plugin to properly compute the item price.

Could you try to update the plugin to the latest 8.7 version to see if you still experience the issue? If so, could you share me that plugin? I can see if there is any workaroud to let both plugin work togheter. Send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) reporting you email. I’ll reply with mine where you can send the plugin.


Thank you for this wonderful plugin. I am not at all a “tech person” and was able to successfully install it and have it function properly on my e-commerce site in a short amount of time.

My discount rule is a 5% discount off once a minimum quantity of selected items has been reached. However, I would like to set a maximum amount to that discount of $50. (I cannot set a maximum number of items, since there are different items at different prices which qualify for the quantity discount. Would you please let me know how I can set that up a maximum discount value?

Thank you for your assistance, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Hi, thank you for your appreciation :)

Actually there isn’t any option to limit the amount of applied discount, however I can try to add it as option in the next plugin version.
Just for curiosity, which kind of Price / Discount strategy are you using?
Thank you :)

Thank you for your very prompt response. I was looking at another plugin to accomplish discounts in WooCommerce, and I chose yours due to the very positive comments on your support. I am very glad I did – it was the right decision!

That would be excellent if you were able, in your next version, to include a way to limit the amount of the applied discount. I would be very grateful.

So, I am wanting to limit the maximum applied discount to $50. The Price/Discount strategy I am using is “[ITEM] The price will be a percentage of original price”. I am giving a 5%-off discount on certain products, so I have those specified. And in the [CART] percentage/discount fee, I have “95”. For my minimum quantity, I have “3”, but as I mentioned, I cannot put a maximum quantity because products with different prices qualify for the discount. Putting a maximum quantity doesn’t work because perhaps 5 of the most expensive item would be over the $50 limit, but perhaps it would take 8 of the least expensive item to reach the $50 limit.

I would like to say that I really like how the plugin keeps the original price, but has a strikeline through it, and then the discounted price next to it. I see this on both the individual product pages, as well as the cart.

If I may make a suggestion to consider for the next update – ? It would be wonderful to see on the cart and checkout page a line which says, “You have saved $_.” so that the customer can see on those pages the total amount that they are saving.

Thank you again for your work and your support. How often do you release updates on versions? And as purchasers of your plugin, do we get automatic emails when an update is available?

Regards to you ~

thank you for your appreciation and for sharing your ideas! I’ll try to include in the next plugin version both your suggestions: Limit the max amount of applied discount for [CART] rules and the new text for cart and checkout table items. I hope to release in a week.

To receive automatic updates just install the Envato updater plugin: (download clicking: ). Activate the plugin, click on Envato Market menu voice -> Settings and then click on the generate a personal token, follow the on-screen instruction and then paste the generated token. Once done you will be notified in case of plugin updates and in case you will be able to automatically update them.

Have a nice day! :)

good news! I’ve just released the new plugin version that now allows you to set a limit to the applied discount!

It will be officially downloadable from codecanyon in 1 – 2 days (their approval system takes awhile to approve new updates).

However if you send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) reporting your email, I can directly send you the update!

At last, If you have enjoyed my support and/or my plugin please also consider leaving the 5 stars, I would really appreciate! :) (to leave a rating: go to your profile page, click on “Downloads” and from there you can rate to your purchases)


I’m using this plugin along with the WooCommerce Product Add-Ons plugin. I have an ‘add-on’ radio button field that can increase the item price by $100 depending on the option selected. However, when I activate the WooCommerce Pricing! plugin the price total in the cart is no longer correct. Can you please help?


to ask support you have to use the account you used to purchase the plugin with a valid support license associated to it.
However both plugin cannot work together. Both are manipulating item base price interfering one with the other. So you have to disable the Product Add-On price manipulation feature in order to use the Pricing! plugin.

Hello can I add discount to all products simultaneously with this plug in with one click?

just select all product categories and the configure use a pricing rule like [ITEM] the price will be a percentage of original price assigning the percentage you wish (Note: assigning a percentage for example of 80, means that will be applied a discount of 20%).

Hello. A it possible with your plugin, to give a coupon for next purchases after a certain amount spent on actual cart?Regards.

no unfortunately the plugin hasn’t such a feature.

Hi! Is the plugin supports discounts for Software product type? This type is implemented by WooCommerce Software Add-On plugin.

it hasn’t any particular support for that product however it should work. Just be sure, if you send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) reporting you email, I’ll reply with mine where you can send me that plugin. Once done I can setup a private demo site where you can test both to be sure that they actually work together.

Hi, Pre-sale question: I want to set the item price to how many units has been sold (to all, not just an individual) So something like:10$ if 100 people have bought it, and 8$ if 500 people have bought it.

Is this possible? Thanks.

I have to manually key in the total_sales number? It doesn’t know how many of a particular item I have sold?

I am trying it with Product_1. But doesn’t seem to work unless I manually key in a number for total_sales in the custom field.

That key is automatically setted by WooCommerce every time an item is sold. You should not manually edit that value. If it is not updated once the product is sold, it means that there is some problems with your WooCommerce installation, but unfortunately I have any clue on which cause it could be.

1. Hide “sale price” on shop page, product page and single product page. 2. Hide “sale label” on shop page, product page and single product page. 3. Sale price only show in cart and cart page. 4. Set different fixed price rule for each variable product.

This plugin can do above?

  1. no
  2. no
  3. no
  4. When creating a price rule, in the Select product(s) selector, select the variant(s) you need.
If you need further questions, fee free to ask. You can also try the plugin using its demo site:
user: demo
pass: demo

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Database Upgrade Required Thank you for updating to Advanced Custom Fields PRO v5.6.7! Before you start using the new awesome features, please update your database to the newest version.

Did not think i even had acf installed?

see a few comment from over a year ago.

Any Ideas?

the Pricing! plugin embeds ACF Pro. It is used to buid the admin pages menu. You can safely update! :)


gotyou Purchased

Hello, went wrong again for me, upgrade then site would noy load, had to delete plugin from ftp to get site back up

what do you exactly mean with “went wrong again for me”? note that the update process updates the wordpress database not the files stored in the plugin folder, so deleting its file and re-copying will not effect anything.