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Is it possible to restrict the admin area for “WooCommerce Attach Me!” and “WooCommerce Pricing!” to user roles, such as Shop Manager? I’m thinking an Author may be confused seeing these.

yes yours is an useful suggestion To that you have just to add the following code:
WooCommerce Attach Me!
Edit the attach-me.php file and on line 128 add that snippet.

WooCommerce Pricing!
Edit the woocommerce-time-based-pricing.php file and on line 100 add that snippet.

I’ll include that enhancment in the next plugin releases.
Thank you.

Got it, thank you!

you’re welcome :)

Hi. It’s nice to see that we can control the pricing rules seperately for every product. But the function I’m looking for is that: The prices should be changing according to quantities while the way to calculate the price is different for every product.

No sure if this Plugin can work. It might be hard but the fact is we’re having different ways to calculate costs for every product since all the shipping, machine, labor fees are changing. We have an excel file holding all the prices and hopefully finding a nice plugin be able to do that.

It would be great if you can help. Thanks.

yes you can create pricing rule according to specific products and their quantity actually in cart or stock. Once selected the product, in the Time periods section just create a new time period cntaining all the Price/Dicount rule/ you need according the quantity range you wish.

Do sme test on the demo site:
user: demo
pass: demo
to be sure if the plugin fully fits your needs and expectations before purchasing.

Is there an option in WooCommerce Pricing! to have “each” or “ea.” after the calculated price?

Thanks, and happy holidays!

I’ll try! thank you :) :)

Good news, I’ve released the new 6.4 version that now implements the new text option to append text after the product price (on product page).
You find the new option in the Pricing! Text menu voice.
As always the update will be available to download in 3 – 4 days, However if you send me a private message, I can send you via email! :)

Amazing, thank you!


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please can you look at this error message:WP: 4.7 and Woocommerce 2.6.11 on my shop.

Warning: Missing argument 2 for WCTBP_PriceChanger::modify_cart_html_row_price() in /homepages/38/d326425472/htdocs/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-time-based-pricing/classes/frontend/WCTBP_PriceChanger.php on line 93

Warning: Missing argument 3 for WCTBP_PriceChanger::modify_cart_html_row_price() in /homepages/38/d326425472/htdocs/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-time-based-pricing/classes/frontend/WCTBP_PriceChanger.php on line 93

Fatal error: Call to a member function get_price_excluding_tax() on a non-object in /homepages/38/d326425472/htdocs/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-time-based-pricing/classes/frontend/WCTBP_PriceChanger.php on line 169


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I installed 6.3 actually.

I need to perform some tests on your installation to try to figure out what’s wrong in it. Please send me a back end access via private message (click on my name the use the low-right box).


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I sent you the acess information. Thanks

Pre-Sale Question: I am literally about to buy this and am happy with everything. I am just making sure that for my Wholesale accounts (5 tiers of different discounted tiers) upon checkout they will Not be taxed the sales tax? I am dealing with a nightmare of a 3rd party plugin from CodeCanyon with a developer team that is not on point and has not updated this feature on their plugin.

What do you exactly mean with taxed with sales taxes? Could you provide me an example? :)

By default the plugin manipulates item prices before taxes are applied. In case of cart discount, in the plugin option menu you can set if taxes have to be applied to it or not.

Basically I have my consumers buying who are being taxed. I then have my wholesale customers who do not get taxed. I also have 5 tiers for wholesale pricing (Wholesale | Bronze | Silver | Gold | Platinum). Each tier has its own set price each being a higher discount than the previous. I need all those tiers to not only have the ability of being tax exempt, but have their own individual pricing for my variable products. Each product has 6-12 variations.

no unfortuantely the plugin doesn’t offer any feature to remove applied taxes to an item.
It allows you to apply special prices to product/variations according to user role, but it will not remove the associated taxes.
It is a nice suggestion, I can try to include in a future release but I cannot give you any eta.


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Purchase Code: 0e5f85b8-ec2d-430e-8431-2e8874a33cc4

Dear author,

Your plugin have some trouble in Calculating Prices (Preview before add to cart)

Example: I have 3 pricing rule:

Original price: $100

1st = 1 – 20 qty : $300 (add fixed $200 to original price) 2nd = 21 – 30 qty : $200 (add fixed $100 to original price) 3rd = 31 – ... qty : $100 (assign fixed price $100)

Set using

Use case: 1. User trigger 1st by entering 20qty in the text field : result ok (calculating price result is correct) 2. User trigger 2nd by entering 25qty in the text field : result ok (calculating price result is correct) 3. User trigger 3rd by entering 34qty in the text field : result wrong (calculating price return 2nd value/previous value)

I’ve just done a test in the demo site and it seems to properly work. I’ve configured a price rule as you said for the product Maison (log in ad give an eye) and the price is properly computed. As you can see:
  1. Entering 20 quantity: the plugin properly adds 200$ to the base price (28$)
  2. Entering 25 quantity: the plugin properly adds 100$ to the base price (28$)
  3. Entering 34 quantity: the plugin properly assigns as price 100$
Make sure you are not using any caching plugin that may interfering or make sure to have properly configured the pricing rule. In case give an eye to the one I’ve configured in the demo site (hoping that no one modifies it).

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Hello I have a question before I buy this plugin. I have a shop where I sell different products, In different size bottles like 3litres, 5 litres, 10litres etc Now I want to give my customers offer so that if they buy four 5litre bottles they get the fifth one free. But this is offer is not time bound. This offer runs for all days and throughou the day. Is this possible using your plugin ?

Yes you can configure a price rule that is always active (by selecting al l the days of the weeks and all the months).

For what concerns the recurring discount (like one bottle free every five) there isn’t any special option.
You can only configure instead a discount by quantityrange. Something like if quantity in cart is min 5 apply 20% discount.

P. S.
you could use the The selected number of ites will be free option and configure different ranges. For example:
  1. 5 -9: 1 free item
  2. 10-15 : 2 free item
and so on. Do some tests on the demo site before puchasing to be sure it works as you expects.

Hi there, I can’t seem to get the demo to work correctly. I wonder if you can confirm that this is possible.

Stock level set at 50. The following prices dependent on stock level.

Sales 1-20 £39.99, 21-30 £34.99, 31-40 £29.99, 41-50 £24.99

So it get cheaper as more sells (initially £39.99 and ending up at £24.99).

Thanks! Alan