WooCommerce User Role Based Pricing

WooCommerce User Role Based Pricing

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WooCommerce User Role Based Plugin, which allows you to enable your shop catalog mode. Using WooCommerce User Role Based Plugin, you can set any price for different user roles..

This plugin lets you modify product prices based on user roles. Price modifications can be done at the product level. The plugin also provides the ability to change shipping charges based on user roles. If you want to hide or make an empty price for a specific position, you can choose to do so.

Top Features for WooCommerce User Role Based Plugin:

  • Pricing based on user role
  • Enable different prices for different user roles
  • Pricing base on each product level
  • Make empty prices
  • Hide Product Add to Cart Button when Make Empty

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How Actually Plugin Works

If you want to set the price role based on users for a specific product, go to “add new product,” and you will see the “Per Product Section for User Role” under the “admin product page.”

You can add a regular or sale price for each user role regarding the product, and if you want to make “product price” empty for the position, you have the option available too. Once done, click on “update,” and the product is configured.

Shop & Single Product Pages

On the shop page and single product page, each user with their user role can see the price that the admin can set from the backend.

Setting Options

We have some setting options in the back office for the admin to get full control over the plugin.

  • Enable Plugin function
  • Enable Per item wise price setting
  • Exclude User Role to not show in per product section

Pre-Translated Languages

Change log:

Version 1.0.8
WooCommerce deprecated hooks update
Latest version Compatibility check
Version 1.0.7
Latest version Compatibility check
Version updated
Version 1.0.6
Latest version Compatibility check
New hooks added as per WooCommerce priority 
Version 1.0.5
WooCommerce deprecated hooks update
Latest version Compatibility check
User role based dropdown with pricing
Version 1.0.4
Latest version Compatibility check
WooCommerce deprecated hooks update
Version 1.0.3
Some js and css fixes on backend
Table layout fixed
Version 1.0.2
Compatibility check with Latest WooCommerce Version
Version Updated
Cart Price issues fixed
Version 1.0.1
Language files updated
Version 1.0.0
Initial release