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Hey, I’ve sent a message to support a few days ago and haven’t had a reply. I’m having difficulties with the prepurchase button not showing and also the countdown timer displays oddly. Please could you take a look for me at

Hi, I don’t see countdown timer on that page. Thanks

Hey Scopes, I’ve had to switch it off as it was causing issues with customers purchasing the item. Please could you try this one instead?

The error message after the checkout page

This order’s status is “Pre Order”—it cannot be paid for. Please contact us if you need assistance.

>Unable to make the payment through payment gateway >Unable to change the button text

scopes, button text is not working?

Unable to checkout through payment gateway

Are you going to update the plugin to support Woocommerce V 2.6.x?

Yes, pretty soon :)

Does this plugin work with Woocommerce 2.6.8?

Hi, pre sale cuestion : is it possible to parameter a 50% charge me later option or is it only 100% of the price ? In that case, any way to customize the % via the source code ? Thanks by advance. Regards.

Hi scopes,

Im having troubles to get this plugin to work on my website. It is not displaying its button anywhere on any product page, could you give me some help on getting the plugin to display otherwise I wasted 35EUR.


This plugin does not work – no prepurchase button shows up despite following directions exactly. Additionally, I tried to use the item support area and their form didn’t even work (never allows me to submit the request). Not off to a great start with this plugin.

Hi, what version of WooCommerce do you have installed on your website? Also please check to make sure the add to cart button text is not being controlled by the theme. Some themes forcefully change the text and prevent plugins from doing it. Thanks

Presale quick question. Is it possible to charge a small amount at the order (like 15% of price) and then the rest when available ? I’ll be interested.

No, partial payment is not supported. Thanks

Pre-Order Botton is not showing. When are you going to update this?

Latest version will be available for download soon. Thanks

This plugin does not work with the latest woocommerce update (3.0.4). I tried contacting them through the separate support link but the submit button would not send the message so I finally had to try to send an email through codecanyon. Just wanted to give people a heads up that this does not seem to be reliable yet for 3.0.4 Woocommerce. I can literally turn the plugin on and off and it breaks it every time it is on.

Hi,please check your email. I replied you immediately you sent me an email.


elmo_tt Purchased

Hi just bought and installed your plugin but the button which is supposed to say ‘pre-order’ is still saying ‘add to cart’. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have noticed people complaining about the same issue.

Many thanks for your help.

Hi, sorry about the delay. I just uploaded an update to address that issue now. Thanks

Hey there! We’re looking for a solution to handle pre-orders. Does this plugin allow to set a minimum quantity treshold to charge customers? For example, we set a minimum quantity to be sold to “12” and as soon as at least 12pcs are purchased, the customers are billed?

Hi,the plugin doesn’t works that way.Thanks

Any plan to add this feature? Thanks

Hi! A pre-sale question, it his plugin easy to translate into other languages?

bought and installed the plugin, the emails sent out was easy to transalte, but where to change other stuff like for e.g. countdown showed on product page?

also, there seem to be a problem, cause it doen´t change the text on the “buy” button, even though i wrote in something else?

Hi, kindly email me a temporary login to test issue with your button text changing.

Hi. Just purchased and some problem. I translated preorder text for button but button stills tells to customer : “Add to cart” instead of text for preorder. Second problem : possible to change display format for availability date ? English inside but I’d prefer DD/MM/YYY instead of english YYYY/MM/DD. Thanks.

Is this still being updated ? How can I show a list with all preorder titles ?

Hi, do you have live preview for this plugin?

Hi, currently we do not.