Discussion on WooCommerce Page Builder

Discussion on WooCommerce Page Builder

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asichash Purchased

hey i just brought your plugin 5 mins ago i would now like a refund. i downloaded looked to edit product page template, but there no wpbakery edit button. my product page is now all code text, need a refund or a fix. i have messaged your support looking for a reply thanks


So sorry for not answer you sooner, we have just back from holidays… Please kindly refer to the #documentation, you will see the solution.


Hi, I wanted to read some solutions on your support page and I registered on your website but never got an email with the password. I also checked the Spam folder and there is no message from you. Can you please make sure your registration page actually works and get back to me with the password please?

Hi, we have just sent you an email with your account information. We will check the issue.


presale question can i able to edit checkout page like add field in billing section or hide field

Hi, no. It’s not supported in the current version.

I purchased both of your plugins but have a serious issue. I thought that the Product Grid Builder would allow me to create a grid element that would be used by the Archive Products Loop element within the Page Builder; however, whatever I do with Product Grid Builder overrides the Product Archive Templates I set. Is there a way to do what I was hoping for?

Hi, This plugin is already supported for the WooCommerce Product Grid Builder. Yes, it works with the Archive Products Loop element. But there is an issue on compatible with the latest version of WooCommmerce and WPBakery Page Builder and this feature is not working correctly…

And the issue was resolved, we have just released the update version for both our plugins and it working fine now. Please update it on your site.

Thanks for your understand,

Best regards!

Is this plugin to customize every product page or just create a general template? I am looking to edit product pages like i would any page, basically be able to add lots of content, faq, info that i customize per product and not just have all the same layout and information added to the footer.

Hi, yes this plugin is what are you looking for. You can create unlimited the templates and apply for the product page that you want. 100 templates for 100 product pages, 1 template for all products in a product category… or just 1 template general template for all… or the special templates for the product types like Simple product, Variable product… Please kindly refer to the #Documentation. And if you have any assistance, please feel free to create a ticket on our support website.


Thanks but doesnt seem exactly what i am looking for. This is just a template builder for woocommerce, i am looking for a per product editor. Basically be able to edit the “template” on the product page. Not sure if it even exists but looking for more editing that just long and short description

Its possible with your plugin make a product archive like this?:

my main question is if i can make accordions and show the attributes of colours and sizes as they appear in the link.

Hi, Yes it’s possible.

Thank for your purchasing our product.


hello am looking to achieve this look in the shop page (working with Avada theme) please check screenshots. please let me know if I can do exactly with your plugin. thank you

Hi, Thanks for interesting in our plugin. Yes, our plugin can do that. But to do that, you need to use one plugin (our plugin): WooCommerce Product Grid Builder. You can see the features that available in our plugin that can do exactly with your screenshots. And we recommend you install both of our plugins to do that.


I’m having a major problem with this plugin. It worked great from the start; however, a major bug has occurred and now it is making the website not appear all. There is a bug that is making nothing show when the plugin is turned on.

Note: I am using individual product items (5 of 6) appear on the homepage of my website with custom layouts.

Note: The website is

Hi, Could you please create a ticket on our support website: Our supporters will so happy to help you.


Thank you for the new update!

You are welcome!

Cavor Purchased

Hi, font awesome icons don’t show up. I left a message on support a week ago but I haven’t received a response. Thank you regards

Hi, we have just responded to your ticket. Regards!


Medic61 Purchased

I don’t see any current updates to this plugin. Is it dead?

Hi, This working fine with the latest version of WP and WC… What’s the issue that you having? Please create a topic on our support forums. Our support team so happy to help you.



Medic61 Purchased

Thanks, I just hadn’t seen an update in awhile and wanted to be sure it’s still being supported.


Jenari Purchased

Hi Team, i have an issue with variable products. When I have a variable product, the add to cart button disappears.

Hopefully you can help.

Here for example:

Best regards


Jenari Purchased

Solved the problem :) Thanks

I am having a hard time trying to figure out how to use this. It’s clunky and difficult. Your tutorial video is very very old. I’d like a refund.

Hi, do you have imported the demo and try to set it to see how it work? And please create a topic on our support forums. Our support team so happy to check your issue and help you.

Dear team, how can we translate some items with WPML? Thnx for helping.

Or is it possible to create more templates/pages and link them to the choosen language? We are working hard but nothing works…

Could you please help us out?


Please create a topic on our support forums. Our support team will check the issue and help you.


Hi, I have a pre-sale question. Is it possible to add product variation gallery using your plugin? Please let me know ASAP.

Thank you. I have purchased the plugin. My website is in the staging stage on a subdomain now. How should I proceed with installing the plugin so that my license is not wasted on the subdomain? Please keep me posted. If you want me to use your support website from now on, I will do that.

Hi, I have been waiting for your response for last couple days. I have also submitted a ticket on your support website. Please respond soon. It’s urgent.

Hi, we have responded your ticket on our support website. Please add your reply to your ticket if you feel you need to ask more questions.



intren Purchased


We have to switch from PHP 7.4 in few days:

Do you have PHP 8.1 compatibility?

Waiting for your reply! Thanks! Tom

Hi, Our plugin working fine from PHP 7.3 – 8.1.5 and we are using PHP 8.1.5. It’s working fine.

If you have an issue with the PHP version compatibility, please create a topic on our support forums. Our support team will check the issue and help you.


After I installed the plugin, all pages except the store and homepage turned into 404, why?

Hi, Please create a topic on our support forums. Our support team will check the issue and help you.


Hi, it can only work with WPBakery together? I use flatsome theme, and install your plugin, but cannot find your plugin in the menu.

Hi, yes! the WPBakery page builder is required.

Hi there, is the page builder compatible with Fooevents for Woocommerce? Or will it be at any time?

Hello! Hope you are well.

I received notice of a new release, however, I see that the date is still February. Is it a mistake?

Btw, preview is a blank page. Just to let you know.

Hi, This update for the Envato Market Sale. The version of the plugin is not update so the date is still for the current version.

And the preview working fine. Please try to clear the caching on your site.



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