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Can you change attributes in bulk to make it apply for all products that I add even after defining it, not just the existing products?

Hell zisko,

I do not really understand what you mean? Could you please be a bit clearer?

Best regards DB-Dzine

Hi, I mean, when change a attribute which is accessed a group, does the change affect all product attributes in this group? Like bulk edit attributes…

This plugin does not affect the normal WooCommerce Attribute functionality. So when you change e.g. the name of an attribute then this does not affect the attribute group.

You should just not change the slug of an already grouped attribute, as it then gets removed from the group.

nice work gud luck :)



When I tried to activate the plugin I got the error message: “Fatal error: Can’t use method return value in write context in …/httpdocs/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-group-attributes/public/class-woocommerce-group-attributes-public.php on line 87” What should I do?



an updated Version is on it’s way. You will be notified when it is available.

Best regards DB-Dzine


Will this plugin only apply the attributes you set ?

Because normally it will show a list of all attributes that are set in the backend.

Let me know.

Hello Donmir,

when you add attributes to your product, this plugin automatically recognizes if it is inside an attribute group or not.

In the backend you have an extra list of attribute groups and their attributes inside.

Best regards DB-Dzine

Hi there I might be missing something but how do assign an Attribute Group to a product? Cheers

Hello studiopda,

created attribute groups will be assigned automatically. You do not have to rework all your products or manually assign the attribute groups. Just add the attributes as usual and it will work ;)

Best regards DB-Dzine


The plugin seems what we need.

Is there a admin panel demo site?

We are creating a motherboard product site.

There are many specs on our each product. We need to group spec together and give its group title.

Like this : https://box.everhelper.me/attachment/427361/6aae5787-f6a5-4e6f-8b78-cc28b3328fa8/104019-he0Vd1VAfPirF18N/screen.png

- Except the attribute group title. All the spec list have be “attributes” not text. We will build a site product search filter. it need “attributes” as filter.

- We hope we can add some css code to the title or attributes.

- Each attributes group have many attributes.

- It have to display on frontend.

Is it the plugin feature here?

Thank you!

Hey HeeHA,

unfortunately there is no admin panel demo, but you can take a look at the screenshots. They may show you how the plugin works.

For your requirements I would say YES, everything that you need should be covered by the plugin. This plugin does not touch the normal WooCommerce Attribute Functionality, it only modifies the output of it. So Filtering etc. should work as normal.

Best Regards DB-Dzine


Is it possible to see a screenshot of woo-commerce product adding page ? I have many attributes which I use to compare products and it takes time when we are adding products because we have to add around 10-15 attributes one by one for each and every product. Is it possible to create a attribute group and add them with one click or drop down ?

For an example I add a group called Computer. Under that I have RAM,Hard disk, processor ..etc

When I select computer group I should see all the attributes under the group and add values. Eg (RAM : 2GB, Hard disk: 1tb, Processor : 2.0)

waiting for a quick reply Thank you!

Hello ashhabmm,

this plugin will not modify the product adding page. So the feature you are describing here is not a part of this plugin.

Best regards DB-Dzine

can you send an screenshot of products adding page ?

Well this plugin is not the one you are looking for. The product page looks like normal.


I just buy your plugin but i have a fatal error when i try to activate.

How can I fix it?

Thank you. I have fixed the bug and an updated version is on it’s way.

Hi, thanks for your quick reply. Do you have a date for this upadte?

It needs to be proofed by envato. You will be notified by mail.


zweiw Purchased


when i disable the option “Visible on the product page” in the attributes settings of a product, on the Frontend there will appear an empty

of the attribute an so it gets styled with the background-color i set up in the group attributes settings.

Does woocommerce creates these empty tds by default? How can i fix this problem?



zweiw Purchased

*an empty table cell

Is this the same error as described before? If so please send the credentials to the mail address below.

Thank you


apekel Purchased

Hi, I just purchased your product as it seemed like what I needed. so I went ahead and enabled it and created 3 groups, and added the existing attributes into those groups. When I go to the product page and look under the additional information, I dont see anything different from before.

Can you help please

Thanks, Ara

Hello apekel,

could you please send WP-Admin and FTP Credentials to support@db-dzine.de

I will then fix the issue for you ;)

Best regards DB-Dzine


getabc Purchased

Styling has no effect on the website. Text / Background set to #FFFFFF http://dev-2.avvero.com/product/netmodule-industrial-3g4g-lte-wi-fi-router/

Hello getabc,

have you installed and activated the plugin? Because I can not see any files in your source code of the site …

Best regards DB-Dzine


I purchased your woocommerce-group-attributes plugin for one of our developers working. It turned out the plugin was not feasible in our project for the following reason.

“The plugin did’t create a relation, like an array, so i couldn’t use it in our custom frontend”.

Is is possibly for us to get a refund?

Greetings, Bram van der Linden Blis. Digital Agency

Hello blisbiz,

for sure, just make the request.

Best regards DB-Dzine

Hi We just bought your plugin: 2cd5cce8-3257-4d38-b1ca-8d9d2799256a – 13 Sep 2016 We activated the plugin but we can’t find the Group attributes plugin. Nothing appears in the Woocommerce menu and nothing appears in the Products menu. Is it a bug ? thanks

Ok, so now I can see the plugin but I have an other issue:

I am not able to edit properly a attribute group. I can add a group name but I don’t have any box to add attributes inside the group or to add an image.

Please see a screenshot at http://kubixdesign.co.uk/images/plugin-screenshot.jpg


We have fixed this issue right now. An updated version is in queue and you will be notified when it is available.

Sorry for the inconvenience

Thank you! It is all working fine now.

Pre-Sales Question. Does this work for simple products or only products with variations? I have >1000 products each with three attributes and my simple requirement is to display these visually on the product page with an image, can this product do that?

Hi there,

this plugin is more for grouping attributes, not for adding an image to an attribute.


Please consider altering HTML output of the attributes listing as currently attributes are separated via HTML break tag. Any possibility for future updates with proper table or list markup?

Plugin works great, just disappointed that sustainable HTML markup has been overlooked once again.

Hi there,

we hope, that you have seen, that there are 3 different layouts you can choose from. Some needed to have line breaks otherwise it would not look as expected.

Will this work with WC Vendors?

Vendors can make there own products with a “add product template’ from WC Vendors. Vendors can also choose the attributes one by one. I would like them to choose a group of attributes like your plugin does.

Hi there,

the plugin is not tested with WC Vendors. You can test it and if the plugin does not work, you can refund.


I bought this plugin 14.12.2016.

Trying to get this plugin to work with WPML but the attribute group titles are not being translated.

Requesting immediate help with this problem.

Best regards, Evert

Hi there,

our plugin is not tested with WPML. Please request a refund as we are currently not looking forward to support WPML in the future.

Best regards DB-Dzine

Hi! I’m starting a contact lens store and looking for a plugin for woo commerce. Is it possible to make attributes like this with your plugin: http://www.visiondirect.co.uk/contact-lenses/focus-dailies-all-day-comfort

(Choose left or right eye and different power and so on)

Thanks in advance


I think this has to be done via variations, not via grouped attributes.



Nxtnd Purchased

Hello,¨ After activating this plugin i got some problems: - When adding attribute, that is asaigned to a Attribute Group i get “Connection lost. Saving has been disabled until you’re reconnected. We’re backing up this post in your browser, just in case. ” and I cant save the product. As soon I disable the plugin everything is working fine again.

When I remove the Attribute from the Attribute Group it is also working fine.

Hi there,

please send WP-Admin & FTP-Credentials to support@db-dzine.com so that we can fix this.



Nxtnd Purchased

Oh, that was quick. Email is sent! Please let me know if you have any questions

could the group attributes be assign to specific category? so when add new product, after select category, then the group attributes bill automatically added

Hi there,

no this is currently not possible.