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Hi, how do you make the group of attributes to align with each other like in your demo, currently they look like this for me https://www.screencast.com/t/Pjw33G4VB


seems like some small CSS tweaks need to be added. If you send us wp-admin to support@db-dzine.com we can do this for ya ;)

Grüß dich,

hoffe es ist ok, wenn ich mein Anliegen auf deutsch schreibe :)

Ich habe ein Problem mit der Reihenfolge. ich lege eine Gruppe mit 9 Attributen an und speichere sie.

Wenn ich dann ein Produkt anlege und die Gruppe dafür aufrufe, erscheinen die Attribute in völlig willkürlicher Reihenfolge. Mal alphabetisch, mal völlig ohne erkennbares Muster. Ab und zu sogar in der Reihenfolge wie ich sie angelegt habe. Übersehe ich hier irgendwo eine Funktion oder einen Haken?

Hier mal ein paar Screenshot von neu erstellten Produkten und die von mir angelegte und gewünschte Reihenfolge:

https://picload.org/view/ddcdodwl/unbenannt.jpg.html https://picload.org/view/ddcdodwi/unbenannt2.jpg.html https://picload.org/view/ddcdodww/unbenannt3.jpg.html

Ich habe zwischen den Screenshots nichts verstellt. Einfach nur nacheinander 2 Produkte erstellt und die Gruppe abgefragt. Es wäre vorteilhaft, wenn die Attribute dann auch in er Reihenfolge erscheinen, wie ich sie vorgegeben habe. Danke dir! Gruß aus Köln


Deutsch ist natürlich in Ordnung. Kannst du mir einen wp admin Zugang an support@db-dzine.com schicken? Dann guck ich mir das eben an.


Meine Güte, das geht ja fix bei dir. Hut ab :) Email kommt sofort


Virkboy Purchased

This plugin have 3 group Attribute styles but i do not understand how to change these styles

Hi there,

you can change the attribute styles within the plugin settings.

Good morning, thanks to this plugin I can group attributes so that for a given attribute, eg materials, I have several options and each option has a different attribute assigned to it?

Below is a link for a similar use for materials: http://roletysolar.pl/rolety-bez-kasety/1-mini.html#/1_szerokosc-20_40/2_wysokosc-20_170/rodzaj_materialu-jednobarwne_i/jednobarwne_i-a801/jednobarwne_i-a801/jednobarwne_i-a801/jednobarwne_i-a801/jednobarwne_i-a801/jednobarwne_i-a801

Hi there,

no – our plugin only groups your products attributes. It does not create options as this is part of Woo’s Variations.

I’m using WooCommerce group Attributes plugin. This is a AWESOME PLUGIN. Now I’m searching a product comparison plugin that will compatible with it and compare Attribute in groups. Suggest best plugin?

Well this is our compare plugin: https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-better-compare/21158249

But as we said, this is not compatible with grouped attr. as for now.

I check that – i can’t add selected products category or products for comparison it compare all products of my site.

Yes correct

Added to favorite… !! I’ll buy soon. Thanks for this!

Mary Guicat

Can you make group Attribute plugin compatible with WooCommerce Products Comparison plugin for me


Virkboy Purchased

Have you made the group Attribute plugin and WooCommerce Products Comparison plugin compatible? Make its format in such a way that it is easy for Mini Browser because there is no scroll feature in the mini browsers. Current scrollable format is not working good with android mobile mini browsers.

No we have not.


Virkboy Purchased

If not, then make it. It will be beneficial for both

Hi, I’m not a Wordpress techie, so I apologize if my concern below is groundless.

Your plugin requires the installation of another plugin (Redux Framework). The term “framework” sounds big and bulky to me and I wonder if it can slow down the site significantly.

I will most likely not install any other plugins based on that framework in the future, so I wonder if it’s worth installing a complete framework for the sake of using a single plugin, or if I should try to find another group-attributes plugin that works out of the box with a single installation.

Can you elaborate on that? Thank you.

Hi there,

normally it should not affect your site’s performance. We use redux framework offical framework plugin – instead of other themes / plugins who use the embedded version, which is not future / update proof.

We suggest you try it out – if anything should break, get in touch with us or we give you a refund ;)


I bought the “Grouped Attributes” plugin, but the sections below do not work

1- Group Attributes setting > Style > Character Value Divider> New Line.

2- there is no feature for upload image for “Attributes Images” section.

Please solve this problem

Answered in Live Chat.


“Allow one attribute to be in multiple attribute groups.” Does it mean the variable can use one grouped attribute?

If you set this to true an attribute can be inside multiple attribute groups.


Gibts eine Möglichkeit das Layout auf zwei Spalten zu ändern ?


es können nur die 3 Layouts benutzt werden die in den Einstellungen zu finden sind.