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Does not work, it’s not displaying any products on my website. I’ve built a query to display products from a category but it is stuck with the loading spinner icon.

please send me your site link where are you setup this plugin.

Hello, Installed Woo Grid Version 1.0 using the shortcode [swoo_grid id=”1”] on a page (in visual mode), shortcode inserted by the navbar. Nothing is shown on page, on Buid Querry I did put the category id (number) and also name. Nothing is shown. Changed divers options (animations, layouts), nothing is shown on page.

Please help with instructions. Thank you.

please send me your site link where are you setup this plugin.

I need this plugin, but after seeing that deer logo I will not buy, I had such bad experience with one of your plugins!!!!


This is presale questions:

Our theme : the7 Editor Plugin : Visual Composer

I would like to create a two column list view layout both for WP post & Woocommerce category, product on our Homepage.

The list view have Thumb image, some content(we can decide how many text can be display) , read more bottom.

The layout looks like :

Is it work with Visual Composer? Is it work with WP post & Woocommerce category, product.? Can we decide how many text can be display on the block?


It does not populate my list of products using Post Layout. I have disabled all plugins and used the factory default theme without any success.

I hope this video helps describe the symptom:

I used the envato form to report to you this problem. I also sent you an email and now, this comment.

Please reply at your earliest convenience.

Am I getting a reply any time before christmas? Angry

please send me your site link where are you setup this plugin. or if you not like my plugin please apply for refund.

I bought today you plugin. When I put a Category ID in the taxonomies field of the “Build Query” only the title is showed an nothing more, even the widgets of the sidebar are not loadeds.

What can i do?

Note: If I use Carousel it works but un Post Layout it dont works. I need to work in post layout

Regarding: Purchase Code c6536022-ede3-4b6c-9f8d-3529ed78781f


I purchased your Woocommerce Grid Layout with Carousel plugin and configured it according to your instructions; however, it does not look anything like the demo version. Unfortunately, I am not happy with the end result and I would like a refund please. Hopefully, I can purchase a different product from you in the future. I appreciate your business.

Thank you

1) Can your plugin allow create Top rated then under that have each catalog like this plugin:
The same with best seller, feature….
2) is your plugin come with slider on widget? Like this best seller:

Hi! I bought the Plugin because I saw in your examples the use of multiples filters. How I can use it? Also, it is possible to have a Price Filter? Thanks!