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2funky Purchased

Hi, how to translate: There is already a wrap product on cart. Remove it and add any other you like….. Not in .po file? Regards Pete

Hi , There it is the fields in the backend to fill in any language so no need to translate it . Regards


2funky Purchased

Hi, thanks for quick reply, but I can not find the field. Can you send a screen print or guidance – is not under woo + gift wrap. Thanks Pete

Hello, I have a question before I buy this plugin.

On the demo site I saw that I can configure this plugin to make a gift-wrap option available to my customers.

My questions are: 1.) Does this plugin work with WooCommerce Customer/Order CSV Export? 2.) If it does how are the options exported as an extra item in the order or as an option (like say option giftwrap in an extra column) ?

To explain: My fulfilling company asked me if it is possible for me to create a new SKU for the gift wrapping eg. GIFTWRAP, which would be added to the order list as an extra item to the order. So say for example a customer buys a hand cream and requests a giftwrap, the order would be for one hand cream and for one giftwrap item. I think it’s going to be ok if I create the giftwrap as an option (not as a new Product in Woocommmerce), BUT the important thing is that it gets listed as an extra Item(!) on the exported order list.

Is this possible ?

Thanks and warm regards


Hi, will this work with the shopkeeper theme?

Hi, is it possible to use this plugin as the free version (4 predefined cards) but with the simple option for the customer to add his name at the bottom of the card ? I mean I just need a “name” form, no more options. The customer choose the card he wants, fill the form with his name, and that’s it.

can we add a note for the gift wrap?

Yes , as you can see in the demo , there it is a field to add the gift wrap message . Regards

hi, please check your email.. i need help because the girt option not properly shown on the cart page. thank you

Just answered to your email . Let me know .


nwadmin Purchased

hi, i have a problem with the plugin, when i buy a product and select a gift wrap, the console show me an error and nothing happens this is the error in the console: websocket.js:112 WebSocket connection to ‘wss://’ failed: Error during WebSocket handshake: Unexpected response code: 400

Hi , I sent you an email . Regards


dyplin Purchased

How can i make the Gift Wrap Message required?

hi i’ve sent you an email. please help to reply. thank you

Just answered to the email . Regards

Dear Sir/Madame,

We are interested in purchasing your plugin and what we would like to know is if you can set a max cart amount rule?

For example:

For purchases >30$ gift wrap—> 0$

For purchases <30$ gift wrap—> 1$

Thank you in advance


I purchased this plugin a while ago and it was working ok – until today.

When I introduced the giftwrap option, I did not allow my customers to add customised messages to the giftwrap request. So the option to show the message box was set to NO. Today I enabled the message option and the following happened :

1.) I cannot UNSET the show message box option anymore – it’s set permanently to YES and even if I change it to NO and Save … upon reentering the settings the option is set to YES

2.) When I add a giftwrap to my orders and input a message in the text box – the checkout page won’t load shipping options. ie. I get a “No shipping methods available” error.

The above doesn’t happen when I deactivate the plugin.

The great thing about this plugin is that the Giftwrap is added as an extra product which is what my 3PL requested of me … but right now I cannot use it.

Please help !

Warm regards


Hi , Please check if the plugin you are mentioning it is mine . The Envato notification displays “wantondude has not purchased the item.” Regards