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Pre-Purchase Question:

Can this plugin work like this?

Product A x 5 = No free gift

Product A x 6 = Get Free Gift C x 2

Product A x 6 + Product B x 2 = Get Free Gift C x 2 + Free Gift D x 1

Thank you.

Will require custom development at additional cost to implement your specific customization.Please email us to developers@solvercircle.com for quote

Pre-Purchase Question:

Hi, is it possible some badge for products with free gifts ?

Etc. Badge on products with gift with alt in mouse over “Buy and get free gift in cart” or gift name ?

And is it possible pop up on product page to ? and gift based on taxonomies ?

Will require custom development at additional cost to implement your mentioned features

I set the plugin up, but no gifts are added to cart after selecting. Did I forget something to set up? http://fitenfightshop.nl/ please check webshop to see.


That would be great! ;)

No update yet. :(

I think you got your issue resolved with fresh install of the plugin (Y)

Hi there, presales question. I need to automatically add to the cart a gift for each product you buy of a specific category. If customer buys three shoes add 3 gifts to the cart, buys 1 add 1, etc. Thanks a lot!

Please email us to developers@solvercircle.com for such custom solution.

Good evening, I have just purchased and installed the plugin. But nowhere in the admin dashboard I can find the Gift menu.. Where can I find the setttings? Looking forward hearing from you, BR, Michiel

Please submit a ticket at support.solvercircle.com with your issue details and site FTP and admin access information .

Hello. Do you have a trial period, or where you can download a test version of the plugin ?

Sorry, it is a paid plugin and do not have any trial offer.

Presale question -

Is there any way to display the free-gift popup on the checkout page, or as soon as required products are added to cart?

Or basically anywhere other than the cart page?


It will require custom development at additional cost to implement your specific need. Please email us to discuss the quote.

Pre sale question: This plugin looks like just what I need.

1) plugin files, such as CSS and JS load only on CART or do they load on all WP pages?

2) What is the maximum amount of gifts I can make available to custumer choose? I ask this because sometimes there is a style problem on the frontend when you put 20 or 30 gifts to custumer choose. We faced this problem with another gift plugin.

3) What about frontend on Mobile. Will it allow many gifts?


If possible, can you put on the plugin test page 15 available gift to choose, and put a condition of cart total more than $ 500 so we can test? thanks gain

Hey friend, 6 days. Did you get our messagem?

Not appear in the menu option wordpress. Please update to fix plugin error.

Please submit your issue details and site FTP and admin access information in a ticket at support.solvercircle.com

Ok, tomorrow send information all.

Hello! Does your module can hide gift products from customer and set for gift products price like 0.01?

Sorry your question is not clear . Please e-mail us to developers@solvercircle.com with examples to discuss more.


oligo Purchased

Hi, i see in changelog the last update was Nov 19, 2014 – Version 2.0 and in product description the last update was 30 August 16 – Version 2.0. What did you fix?


refann Purchased


I have purchased the plugin but sadly two of the buttons on the popup gift menu do not work.

The close button doesn’t work.

The => arrow button where you can chose another gift doesn’t work.

I see some of the people had the same problems a few months ago. Is there a known fix for this?

Thanks a lot.

Please submit a Ticket at support.solvercircle.com and our team will check it out for you.

Hi, b4 purchase question… I need the customer to be able to pick a product after entering the coupon code? of gift code?


It does not require any coupon code or gift code, it works based on the conditions set at admin panel of this plugin. Please check the different rules below : http://www.doc.solvercircle.com/wordpress/woocommerce-gift-manager-pro/#!/admin_gift_based_on_multiple_subtotal

Would it be possible to add a gift by using coupon ? I would want to call customers and provide them a specific gift, when using a special coupon.

( email marketing via offering coupongs of gifts )

Sorry, cpupon feature is yet to be added.

Pre-Purchase Question:

Is the following options available?

Gift can be scheduled. User can select size option for gifts.

It will require custom development to implement such feature.

I was testing the demo.. does it only give a gift once? i added the first, which gave me a gift, then I added another 3 items, but never received a gift..

Can you set it per item or per purchase?


There are some conditions and rules applied for showing gift popup.

Presales: Is it possible to use a variable product as gift? For example a t-hirt in 2 colors and several sizes shown as gift on the cart page when someone buys 2 pieces of a product. So that customer can choose options after selecting a gift.

Please email us for custom solution.

Already bought another plugin for this matter because i wasn’t sure if i can use variable products as gift.

No problem. Thanks for keeping us posted :)

Can you help me clarify if this will work with your plug-in:

For my clients site, which is a paid-member access site, each new user receives a free 15 consultance.

We need to make sure that each customer knows how to make use of this gift& free consultion + also make sure that the user can only receive ONE free consultion, and we also need to monitor who has made use of the free consultance.

Thanks Peter

Hi Peter, thanks for the questions, but I think your requirement is completely different from the usual gift process fro an ecommerce store. So, you can discuss with our development team for such custom solution.

Hello – pre-purchase question. Can I offer customers a choice of free gifts with individual purchases? i.e. buy one of these and the choose one of the following as your gift? Thank you.