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I submit a ticket 5 days ago but I still haven’t received any feedback yet. This plugin is still doesn’t work with my web. I don’t have enough time, so I ask refund this gift card plugin to move to better plugin.

I left my tickets here

1st I installed this plugin for the linked product, but the email is not sent to the receiver’s email account.

Even in the checkout page I can’t see the label for the ‘sending this gift card to someone’ boxes.


2nd I also found 4 more issues as well as it doesn’t send email automatically to the receiver.

1. I can’t find the receiver’s email and name in the woocommerce order details in wordpress admin panel after any customer bought the gift cards. So basically I can’t send the gift card email to the receiver even manually.

2. When I check ‘Hide gift cards from shop page ’ in the woocommerce gift card setting, I have to put certain price like $1000.00 in the custom amount gift card product page in order to see custom price box.

However the price like $1000.00 that I put to make custom amount gift card shows up in the [coupon_page] page.

The price should not show up because it is custom amount gift card.

3. When I check ‘Hide gift cards from shop page ’ in the gift card woocommerce settings, gift card products are showed in [coupon_page], but I can’t changed the fonts, colors, layout etc. in that page.

4. It seems like that I can’t move ‘sending this gift card to someone’ boxes to the product detail page.


Hello. I will answer your questions as you have asked the accordingly.

1. Receiver’s details is saved in the order post_meta. We do not display that information in the admin backend.

2. We will review this and get back to you.

3. Fonts,colors and layout of any page is not managed or controlled by the plugin.

4. The recipient fields ONLY appear on the checkout page and no where else.

My biggest issue for this plugin is that if customers buy gift card products (including custom price gift cards) for their friends, this gift card plugin treats the order like regular product, and don’t send email to their friends. I can’t even maually send the gift card email to their friends because I don’t find the email and name of their friends in my admin > orders panel.

And for your #4 answer. The recipient fields are placed on the checkout page but customers can not see the titles of each field in the checkout page, so customers can’t know which fields they have to put their recipient name, email and message.

I still haven’t received the #2 answer…

Hello, I submitted a ticket (Ticket ID: JXG0CSHC9F3373) 20 days ago and still haven’t answer since 16 days ago. My ticket was initialy about translation but since there are other problems with your plugin. Now I no longer have time to wait for an answer from you, I need a refund in order to find another solution. More I see that I am not the only one to have no answers and to have problems, proof of your serious I imagine …

A customer told me he received 6 codes, but he bought only 4. Is it possible? Gonna give 5 stars, but first I need to be sure no free codes are delivered. Please!!!

Hi, that’s impossible ! Did you modify the plugin?


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Hello, I have a problem with taxes. The shortcode [total] When I sell a voucher TTC, the amount sent is in HT. Example: gift voucher of 100 € is shipped to the recipient 83,23 € Thank you for informing me about this.


If I purchase a $50 card and buy a $30 product, I can not use the another $20 balance? I am getting “Coupon usage limit has been reached.” error. And I don’t see the usage limit option anywhere to edit. How can I allow the balance using thing ?



Arthurl Purchased

Hi, Is your plugin fully compatible with Woocommerce 3.0.4 latest version? Thank you in advance

Hi,yes it is.

Thanks for this new update! Keep UP ! :D

Btw my friend, dont forget to update your changelog ;)


Thanks Mate :D Have a nice day :)


Arthurl Purchased

HI, Can you update the change log. What is new in the latest update Thank you


HI, I just updated the plugin. Works great. But in the checkout options, I don’t need the phone number and recipients’ address. How can I hide these 2 input boxes ? Any idea ? I think this is unnecessary for me, and might cause my clients to leave the checkout page before paying. Thank you


I purchased this plugin but no add to cart button appears on the product page? You can view it here

can you help?

Hi, looks like you have not entered a price. Kindly set up a price for the product. Thanks

am using the plugin on client license and the “Allow buyers to enter gift amount” is not working it is not showing the enter price can u tell me why?

i didn’t enter price for product and it is empty if i enter price it adds the price i added from the admin and not the one from your plugin

I was under the assumption that there will be a way to create gift cards for customers. I would like a refund.

Pre-Sales: Can my customer reload or add credits to the giftcard?

Hi, the gift card can not be reloaded as it’s not a wallet system.

Hi! I need to send as a copy for the admin the gift e-mail that’s sent to the receiver. How can I do it? Thanks!

cc the admin in the code.

Yes! How do I do that?

Hi! I need to send as a copy for the admin the gift e-mail that’s sent to the receiver. How can I do it? Thanks!

cc the admin in the code.


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Right, how do I do it?

Hello! Where can i found The Gift card Email to be send to the recipient ? I dont see this in order admin. Thanks! :D


Hi, it’s on the plugin settings page.

Hi! In Canada, When gift certificates are used to pay for part of a taxable purchase, the GST or HST is calculated based on the price of the item, and then the amount of the gift certificate is deducted, as if it were cash, as in the following example:

Price of item $100.00
HST @13% 13.00
Subtotal $113.00
Less gift certificate (20.00)
Net charge to customer $93.00

Possilbe to do that with your plugin? If yes, how to setup that plz. Thanks

Humm unfortunately, 7 days without answer is a very bad indicator … I think I will look for another solution. Sorry.

can i sell itunes anf google play cards with your plugin thanks