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I did a test checkout, but I was not able to but the receivers info in anywhere for an email to be sent to them.

Hello!!! I sent a request on here 6 days ago and your support forum 3 days ago.

I provided you with my login information on your ticket system now my ticket is gone!! Please help me resolve the issue

Responded to.

Pre sale question: I would like to create a gift card for a product which it can be only redeem for that product.. It means, i have a t-shirt and somebody wants gift that t-shirt… once payment is done and code is generated for the person involved in the gift.. does that code can be only redeemed for the product that he received in mail? Could Gift code for product 1 can be only redeem for product 1 and so on?. Thank you

Hi, by default the plugin doesn’t support this but this feature can be integrated into the plugin for you.

Hi, will this work for restaurants who want to sell gift cards online but for offline use or it is only for e-commerce use?

Hi. It can also be used for offline use as well. Thanks

Hi, where i can find more info about offline usage?

You can check the product page for details. Thanks

Is this plugin PHP7 ready?

Yes it is.

Hi there

So I just need to understand a few things before purchasing.

Is there an option for custom priced gift cards? In other words, can the buyer of the gift card enter a custom amount they’d want to spend?

How does the product expenditure work? If a person buys a $10 card and the product costs $9, will the coupon have $1 remaining which can be subtracted from another purchase later on?

Hi, yes a buyer can enter Gift card amount. Thanks


Can I add custom amount in gift card for user to enter the amount

- Narayana

Hi Narayana, yes you can. Thanks

Hello, I have a problem with taxes. When i sell a gift card for 50€, the receiver can only activate the gift card EXKL. Tax – here: 42,02€ ! Please support

HELLO ?? support ??

Hi, gift card value is the price of the product. Thanks

My client wants to offer a mail print version. Would this be possible or workable? To print off a coupon code for them to use?

can I import my own codes?

You can create your own codes.


I have 2 Pre-Sale questions:

Is this plugin compatible with Legenda Theme of 8Theme? I’m asking because it uses AJAX add to cart functionality.

Can the bought gift cards be applied to the standard woocommerce “add coupon” field at cart/checkout or is a separate field necessary?



Yes it’s compatible with the theme. The gift card code can be applied to the standard woocommerce “add coupon” field at cart/checkout.


Hey, when the email is sent is the coupon attached (for example as printable PDF-coupon) or does the recepient only gets the email with the couponcode? Many thankyous for replying soon

Hi, yes the coupon is attached in the email. Thanks

Ok. Great. Thank you. ... As PDF? And the design can be free configured/created?...

Presale question:

With this plugin it is possible to add several value options in a single gift? I can add a box to “add additional value” and another dropdown list for the shipping? I need something like this:

When it says that the coupon is not generated unless payment is successful, what does that mean?

Does the code get generated when the payment is authorized, or captured?

Or does it get generated when the order status is changed to “complete”?

Coupon is generated and sent via email for order status completed or processing.

Which is it? Completed or processing?


Gift Certificates are not applying to shipping. Only to product.

The checkout page doesn’t show the titles to the fields. Any quick fix for this?

Pre sale question: I have a currency conversion plugin installed. Is your plugin likely to work with this? Or do gift vouchers have to be bought in the base currency?

The plugin works with currency conversion. Thanks

Hello, I am very interested in your plugin, I want to ask if your plugin support this feature of gift card in which (person A) can buy for example ( Chilie’s ) gift card from my website with specific amount and sent it to( person B ) . Then (person B ) can go to( Chilie’s ) and take a meal with the specified amount in the card. Can that be possible? Also. how can (Chilie’s) read the code in the gift card?