Discussion on WooCommerce for LatePoint (Payments Addon)

Discussion on WooCommerce for LatePoint (Payments Addon)

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hi I just bought this but it saying i need latepoint for this to work and its saying late point isn’t discontinued. how do we resolved this ? is there a way to make this work or what do i need to do

Hello. LatePoint isn’t discontinued. It’s simply no longer for sale on CodeCanyon.

It’s now only for sale at

Ok It’s now only for sale at

Is it standalone or integrate and interact with WooCommerce?

This item (WooCommerce for LatePoint) enables the integration and interaction of LatePoint with WooCommerce.

Pre purchase Question: Can you restrict specific gateways to specific agents?

Yes. Please contact us via the support form for more information:

i installed the addons in my preprod website and it works fine, now i move it to my prod website, and doesnt work, plz how can i make it works in my prod website and not in my preprod

Envato’s policy is one license per site/domain. You need to de-activate your license from the old site before migrating to the new one and re-activating it.

Your old activation has been cleared. You may go ahead and retry activating on the prod website.

thank you it works, but synchronisation between LatePoint and woocommerce not working please help

You’re welcome.

Please submit support requests through the dedicated form:

Let me understand, in Brazil, the most commonly used payment gateway is PagSeguro, which integrates with WooCommerce. Does this plugin allow me to use PagSeguro within LatePoint?

One more question, is it possible for the checkout process to take place within the LatePoint environment itself? As far as I understood from the demo, the user is directed to the default WordPress theme checkout…

You understood correctly. Any payment gateway compatible with WooCommerce can be used to pay for LatePoint bookings.

It would be poor user experience to have such a dynamic, and often wide/large page inside the LatePoint booking form. You have two checkout methods available, Modal (Pop-up) or Redirect.

Hello, I would like to know if you have any development of the Recurrence of appointments functionality?

If there is no plugin that does this recurrence functionality, can you do it for me?

There’s currently no add-on offering that functionality

Does Apple Pay / Google Pay appear on the payment checkout page if Stripe is used as the payment gateway?

If those payment methods are enabled in the gateway, yes.

Here’s an (exhaustive) example of how it would look:

Can payment be made via WooCommerce Gift cards via this plugin? My client wants the customers to be able to use their Gift cards code or balance to make the payment for the booking. Please advise.

Yes. WooCommerce Gift Cards or Coupons are accepted at checkout

Can the WooCommerce Gift Card or Coupon be entered on the “Your Payment Information” page or the main checkout popup window?

Please do suggest a compatible Gift Card plugin that would work with your Latepoint payment addon.

Since we’re referring to WooCommerce Gift Card/Coupon, then definitely the WooCommerce checkout pop-up window.

I’ve had excellent results with:


ogi827 Purchased

i try to update the plugin latepoint and this works. but then i tried to update the woocommerce plugin for latepoint from you and then i got an critical error and the only solution is restore my backup frrom wordpress…



ogi827 Purchased


I had replied to your e-mail. Did you receive it?

Hello! Is it possible to offer shipping methods (delivery) at the checkout? Thanks

Hello, yes. You can assign shipping classes to the service products, and shipping will be calculated at checkout.


mephz87 Purchased

Hello! pre purchase question, so it will accept any wooc checkout gateway, like payu, epayco, mercadopago or others that are plugins for wooc?

Hello! That’s correct. Any payment gateway that is compatible with WooC will work with WooCommerce for LatePoint

Hi again, does the booking informations such as extra services etc shows on the order?

That’s correct.

hello, i sent a support ticket and i m waiting ur replay please

Hello, your support request will be handled shortly.

Please be mindful of the difference in our time-zones and also the fact that our support response time can be up to 1 business day, wherein your e-mail was sent merely 3 hours ago.

Hi Tech,

hope you doing well.

How hard is it to get the order details such as total attendees and duration etc on the Woo default emails?

Looking forward to hearing back from you


Doing okay. Hope you are too.

Total Attendees and selected service Duration are already included in the Woo cart/order/email summaries

Thanks for getting back to me I really appreciate it!

My exact question was that I am customizing a email template

and I want those information to be show separated place on the email.

For example: total attendees should be separated than calendar_start_date then name etc…. according to the shortcodes form Latepoint.

I wanna use those shortcodes on the email template that is being sent to the customer.

It should not be on one column, it suppose to be separated with 3 columnar more as date/ name/ attendees/

Looking forward to hearing back from you

I see.

All that information is stored inside the respective order item meta under the key: _tx_latepoint

After retrieving that meta value (an array), all relevant booking data can be found by accessing the booking key on said array.

$bookingDataArray = $orderItemMetaValue[‘booking’];
$totalAttendees = $bookingDataArray[‘total_attendies’];


caioa8 Purchased

I’m from Brazil and I would like to integrate a Brazilian payment method called Mercado Pago in latepoint itself, being a payment addon, do you do this personalized service?


caioa8 Purchased

Hello, can you create a demo page to test your plugin?

The demo/live preview is available here


caioa8 Purchased

The Mercado Pago Payments for WooCommerce plugin works with transparent checkout, so that the user does not leave my website to make the payment, I would like to know if it will work with your plugin

All payment plugins compatible with WooCommerce works with WooCommerce for LatePoint

Hello, this is a pre-purchase question. I am working on a web page for a client. I asked the author of LatePoint – Appointment Booking Plugin some questions, but I still haven’t received an answer from him. I hope you can help me.

Questions about the LatePoint plugin:

I plan to use the LatePoint plugin to make a website for a client who has a yoga studio with 6 devices (pilates reformers) available every hour. Users will not only be able to purchase one appointment, but also be able to purchase different plans (Pre-purchase appointments) that include a certain number of sessions (appointments) per month on those devices (while the package includes more appointments, the price per appointment is lower).

The idea is that users can manage their reservations on the dates and times available in the month and be able to modify or cancel their place in the agenda only up to 24 hours before.

It is assumed that users will only be able to schedule the number of sessions included in their paid plan(s) that must have a validity period and if they do not use their schedules for their corresponding appointments in that period, they will not be able to use them later. And they can also modify or cancel their place in the agenda only up to 24 hours before The idea is not for clients to pay each time they book an appointment, but rather to pre-purchase packages or plans for multiple appointments (which vary in price). Will it be possible to do that with the LatePoint plugin? The question is why it seems that the user pays for each appointment he makes. Any ideas?

Questions about your plugin: WooCommerce for LatePoint

In case the LATEPOINT plugin is unable to accept pre-purchase appointments, I am thinking as an alternative to use the WooCommerce Wallet Management plugin and to achieve this I think I will need to use your WooCommerce plugin for LatePoint. Am I right? My idea is that when selling the “appointment packages” they are paid by paypal and the Wallet plugin allows me to make a cashback to the user according to the “package purchased” and with those credits in their wallet users can “buy” more appointments free.

Can you give me your opinion? Do you think it can work?

Another question, do you know about coupons? For example, can I have a coupon on the condition that if 5 appointments are purchased, they can get a discount equal to the full value of the next appointment?

Thank you very much in advance for your kind response and best regards.

Thank you very much for your fast and kind answer.

AutomatorWP for LatePoint instead of WooCommerce for LatePoint?

In your case, both. AutomatorWP for LatePoint would be used to check for every 5th booking and generate a LatePoint coupon.

That functionality could also be implemented as a customization. You would have to email us for a quote.

Hi, how to translate steps with wpml ?

Hi. To translate steps, you may follow the official translation guide:

Hi.. I have a difficult scenario and was wondering if you had something that could do this with your plugin or other extension? – I need to be able to set prices in 2 different currencies for each LatePoint service but then depending on the currency they will checkout with different payment gateway. Is there a way to do this with your plugin? eg price is $55 but then ZAR price is fixed at R 777 for example. I don’t need live exchange rates. USD Pricing will be via PayPal, but ZAR pricing will be via ‘in person paymewnt” or Bank Deposit or other wooCommerce Gateways. (even if this isn’t via woocommerce in the beginning – just need the gateway selection based on currency in Latepoint directly so if that was a separate addon that could also work)

WooCommerce for LatePoint, together with the free plugin Payment Gateway Currency for WooCommerce are exactly what you’re looking for. If your requirements are in fact more advanced than that, please reach out directly using the profile message form

Thanks – this would work in most cases, but i don’t need live rates unfortunately for this use case. We have to have fixed for each product, in each currency in latepoint as the values have symbolic meaning more than physical conversions will be able to display. If i need something custom i will message and explain in more detail.

Is it possible to customize the checkout page?

Yes. you can utilize checkout page designers such as AeroCheckout (used by the demo), CheckoutWC, or the free alternative, FluidCheckout

Hey tech can i use paypal or stripe still it says i can’t enable any other payment in latepoint but i want the options to appear on the form still.??

Hey Jared. Sorry, by default, that’s not possible, as WooCommerce already support both those payment methods.

If we get enough requests, we may implement it in the future.

If it’s a feature you urgently need, we do offer customization services at an affordable rate. Contact us for further discussion and a quote.

hey tech i am unable to send and receive emails with the plug in installed, also it appears to be preventing me from completing a booking through latepoint on the backend


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