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Hello Themecomplete,

I would ask you a courtesy to answer me also if my support is expired.

On i created a product with options.

If you click on “Aggiungi altri partecipanti” (in english “Add more partecipants”) you will see a price in grey and one price in green.

Gray is the base price of the option Green is the Sale Price.

My problem is that in the Final Total (Totale) of the product page, only the sale price is shown.

It is possible to show also another Total for the base price?

Best regards Fabrizio

There isn’t any possibility to distinguish the price I’m afraid.

Many Thanks, one last question please: I’m currently using radio buttons. It is possible to show description not in tooltip but like a normal text?

I’ afraid not. There isn’t any code to support that. It seems to be a popular request though so I’ll see what I can do about that.


bibic0711 Purchased

Hi is the options for showing options in popup box on product page been cancelled? Thanks!


bibic0711 Purchased

Found it, thanks!!


Carinev Purchased

is there any way to use wptouch plugin? i had problems. when enabled the plugin works, but repeats the tables extra production options. any suggestion?

The plugin isn’t compatible with wptouch I’m afraid. There are many things that can’t be made compatible with that plugin.


Carinev Purchased

Do you suggest a compatible plugin? Or do I have to change the subject?

I’m sorry but I’m not aware or any.


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Hello, is there a way of changing the “add to basket” button text to “customize” if the product has options ?

If you mean on the product page no. If you mean on the shop/archive pages then yes. You will need to enable the “Force Select Options” from the plugin settings->Display tab and then on the Strings tab change the “Force Select options text”.

Hi, Pre-sales question. Regarding this page:

When I select GREEN color for the t-shirt, the main image on the left and the 1st thumbnail below it is changed from BLACK to GREEN, which is awesome. But is it possible to change all the thumbnails? So, for e.g: if I select RED, I want the left main image + ALL the thumbnails to change to RED (red t-shirt back, red t-shirt front, red t-shirt side etc.?)

Then when I select BLACK again, it will change the main image and ALL thumbnails to the black t-shirt.

What you described isn’t being done by the plugin. This is the standard WooCommerce behavior for a variable product when you assign images to variations and you have those images in the product gallery (this is only for WooCommerce 3x. Previous versions don’t have this feature).

What you want requires a different type of plugin, one that deals exclusively with the gallery.

Thanks a lot, but if I want to add a selection dropdown box to my product page, I still need to use your plugin right?

If you want that to be something custom like an addon to the product then yes (eg the “Select a package” of “Fabric” in the demo page).


Tigl Purchased

I have the plugin working for around 100+ product options. But I now want to increase the price of all options with 10% how can I do this?

You can only do this manually I’m afraid.


A couple of pre-sale questions. My store is running different pricing for different countries. Can this plugin allow me to set prices manually for different countries/currencies or does it take just one value and apply for all countries?

Can I add an image to an extra option and also have a checkbox next to it? So the user can select the extra option by clicking on the checkbox and also see the option visually.

The plugin isn’t a currency plugin so it can’t help you with currencies at all I’m afraid. you can only use the supported currency plugins with the plugin, but there isn’t any support for price per country type of plugins.

About your second question yes that is possible. You don’t actually adding an image but converting the checkbox to include an image.

I guess, I didn’t frame my question correctly. I’m selling Product A in USA for $29 and want to offer it’s variant at an additional $1.50. Now, this same product I’m charging about 799 for it in India, will this plugin just charge 1.50 Indian or does it give me an option to enter a custom value? As 1.50 in Indian is a huge loss to me.

For the other question, do you mean to say that the image replaces the radio button or they both can be displayed together and clicking on either will select/deselect the option.

1. No, the plugin cannot help you at all for this. This plugin doesn’t deal at all at how you price the base product. The main purpose of the plugin is to add addons to the product.

2. You can have both.

I had a problem with my website, I decided to restore my backup of May 12 and I get the following error:

Fatal error: Class ‘TM_EPO_COMPATIBILITY_woothemes_composite_products’ not found in / home / content / 03/11312903 / html / wp-content / plugins / woocommerce-tm-extra-product-options / include / compatibility / Base.php on line 47 “

I am not able to restore because of that error, please I need help to restore my web page.

This means that for some reason the backup you have is missing plugin files.

Delete the plugin manually via FTP and then download and install it again.

Hello, I need to record a car’s VIN number with every order. Since this a fairly long number I would like the user to confirm it by typing it twice. Is there a way to do this?


I’m sorry but no, there isn’t such a functionality.

I am using the radio buttons with images to select conditional options – problem is that when I visit the product page it has an option selected by default (highlighted) so the other conditional option does not show up. Once I hit the rest button I can see the other option. Is there a way to change this – or do I not have a setting correct?

I will need to troubleshoot this. Please open a ticket at the support forum as I will need more information.

I’m really interested in your plugin, however, is there a “dynamic pricing” option to have prices be lowered based on quantity? An example: a T-shirt item ($10), options are screen print on both front ($5) and back ($5), that totals to $20. If they end up buying say 50, I wish to lower the price by 20%. Normally, I’d use “WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts” but not sure how it will affect real-time Final Totals.

I’m afraid not. The plugin doesn’t have any discount or otherwise pricing features.

But if I purchase WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts by RightPress, will their dynamic pricing and discounts apply to the “options” offered in your plugin?

You can extent the discount of the products to the options. There is a setting in the plugin options for that. This is a global setting though, it will affect all options.

I understand that this plugin is not compatible with Wootheme’s Dynamic Pricing but only WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts. Is it possible with “YITH WOOCOMMERCE DYNAMIC PRICING AND DISCOUNTS” by any chane?

No it’s not. We only support the plugin from RightPress.