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mouwanx Purchased

I bought the module and it works very well, except that my shop is multilanguage, I grabbed the options of products in English, but I would also like to have product options with 5 other languages depending on the language chosen . Thank you for guiding me on that.

You can use WPML to translate the options.

Hello i want to make a website like this link

When the customers buy a book they will add their photograph how i can make it ?

I’m sorry but you can’t add such a level of customization with the plugin alone. You can only have an upload button that is on the product page.


rfortin24 Purchased

Pre-sales—I have a shirt that the customer can select one of two variations, A or B (each has a unique SKU, weight, etc).

I’d like to add the following options: If the user selects A, they must choose a color. If user selects B, they must choose a color AND a size. These options should NOT change the SKU, weight, etc of A or B.

So to be clear, can I make certain extra options visible depending on the initial selection of a variation?

No you can’t alter a global form depending on specific products. You can assign global forms to specific products though.


rfortin24 Purchased

I just noticed the import/export CSV option when building a form. Please correct me if I’m wrong: I can build a complicated form tailored for a specific product, export it, and then import it to another similar product and make my edits, correct?

Yes you can do that. If you building a global form and just set it to be displayed on a specific product it is easier to just duplicate the form (from the global form list by hovering the form name) and then just change the product you apply the form.


possek Purchased

Hi, I bought the plugin, installed it correctly and tried adding a form to a specific product, using the “builder” tab inside product – TM extra product options. The thing is I can’t find any options created on my product page. How can I do to display the form?

Can you show me the product URL please?


possek Purchased

Hi, no worries. It seems it’s a theme issue. I tried with a different one and it works. Thanks!

Hi there. Have you guys considered to release a near future update with a tabbed section with functionality similar to the slider wizard?

I was wondering about creating an extension myself, but with no documentation on that matter I’m afraid it’d be too hard to dig the plugin’s files so I could sort it all out to begin with.

Thanks in advance.

I’ll see if it is possible and add it to the to-do list.

Please do that. I’d really appreciate it. I’ll also extend my support so I can keep a track on it.

Hi, I need that, when choosing an option, the price increases or decreases by a certain percentage to the basic price, rather than changed to a fixed price, which can be set in the option. Сan Your plug-in do this?

Well, that depends on what do you mean. If you want to translate the strings in the plugin that you can use anything that translates .pot files like poedit or loco translate plugin. If you want to translate the strings of the options you create then you have to use WPML.

I want to translate the strings in the plugin. Can I translate them automatically and not manually?

For the strings in the plugin the easiest method is to use the loco translate plugin. There isn’t any automatic translation though for any plugin.


duycanh Purchased

How to turnoff area more info “ADDITIONAL INFORMATION” in product simple page, Please help me, thanks

I’m not sure what area is that. Can you point it to a URL for me please?

Pre-sale question. Does this plugin allow dynamic price for each different option in variations?

Suppose I have a variable product:

Sandwich -> Bread type

Egg – Roll = £2.00 Egg – White Bread = £2.50 Egg – Baguette = £3.00

Is this possible with this extension? I would like a demo admin if possible. Thanks.

The plugin doesn’t alter how native variations created with WooCommerce work. With the plugin you can create only addon type options with optional pricing.

Apologies – Too much on my mind. My initial comment was my desired outcome. I can’t do that with native variations. With your plugin, can I create a variable product; ‘Sandwich’ and as a product add-on add bread types and set different prices for each bread type?

Well, yes you can, but there is a catch unfortunately. This cannot be done using the builder mode of the plugin unfortunately. You will need to use the old (normal) mode and work with that. The downside would be that you can only create radio buttons, check-boxes or a select box without any customization like the builder. Actually we only keep this mode for situations like yours.

Pre-Sale Question: does the date and time picker available within this plugin applies to the checkout page or can be setup product by product? Thank you.

All of the options are for the product page only.


silenx Purchased

Issue with latest woocommerce 3.0.4 .. can not open ticket because the site is in production and i rolled back woocommerce to 3.0.0 . Error is in the cart .. got internal server error message ( on woocommerce cart page ) when click on order button. Please fix!

I don’t have that issue on my end. For internal server error I will need :

- the issue active

- an admin account

- an ftp account

You can email me via my profile page at codecanyon.


Question: can this plugin add extra fields to the WC Vendors sellers page?

Thank you, Vanxed

No, WC isn’t compatible. The plugin is only for a WooCommerce product page.

Here’s what I’m looking to do (I realize your plugin alone won’t do this – perhaps you can point me to other plugins that would be complementary):
  • Product catalog mode (no price or cart/checkout)
  • variations with swatches, dependent variations (select one kind of wood, have those stain options appear with swatches), multiple variations (drop downs in addition to previously listed), custom variation section where people can type their own things in
  • request for quote / add to quote with using the variations
Can you help??

The plugin will not work in a catalog correctly.

If by variation you mean native variations created with WooCommerce then what you describe except for displaying a variation attribute with a swatch isn’t possible. You have to create options with the plugin that are not variations to do the “dependent” part and not in conjunction with a variation attribute but antoher option.

Quote plugin need to add compatibility from their own side, it can’t happen from our end. The only one I know it worked is WooQuotation

Ok thank you. Do you know of any plugins (or what keywords I should use to search) for the dependent options?

If you mean dependent in the variation attribute I’m sorry you will not find anything like that, at lease I’m not familiar with any.

Hello. I am designing a Wordpress website and it is a popcorn business. I need to do this: by having conditionial fields such as 2 popcorn flavors in 1 tin and it populates when the number is slected. I need to have that on this site: Is it possible to do this with this product “Woocommerce Extra Product options? If yes, do you have instructional guides too? Thank you.

Yes, you can create something like that with the plugin. It is pretty easy.

Is it possible to edit Add to Cart redirect for each product? Many thanks.