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bakdogan Purchased

I have two questions if you don’t mind

-Ok I am looking for a solution I couldn’t get my head around with the options in the plugin. I want to offer per quantity discount. Let’s say my item is $10 but if they buy two then I want to offer 10% discount, more if they buy more of the same item up to of course a certain percentage. Need this for both per quantity and per quantity range (such as no discount up to 5 pcs, but if you buy 5 you get 25% discount etc.) is that possible?

-When I use image replacements, it kind of looks weird with label and checkbox placements. Is it possible to place the label under the image, or move the checkbox along with the label.

- I’m sorry but that isn’t possible even with the discount plugin

- You will need to show me in a URL what you mean by that please.

In general it is best to open a support ticket for things like that, this comment section isn’t for support.


bakdogan Purchased

I don’t know where your support platform is at, can you link it please I didn’t see it on the side or the product page


turner2f Purchased

Is the update on November 11, 2017 version 4.6.4 ?

Is the changelog updated ?

It is now.

I have one minor issue, I created a global option, which is a dropdown box that contains items with different prices – this works fine.

I want this amount to be the final amount, but it seems to also add the products value as well?

Thanks – I’ve changed ‘Override product price’ to ‘yes’ in plugin settings->Global tab->price, but it still adds the products value.

Please open a support ticket to troubleshoot this further.

Thanks for your quick response. I think I’ve fixed it, I had my price type set to ‘fee’, I’ve changed this to ‘use options’ and it now works fine.

Can this plugin do something like this in terms of the variable multi selection?

I’m afraid not, this is out of the plugin scope.

Hi, is it possible to separate the value of the options, that I have, for example, the monthly payments and the one which is paid once (immediately)? At the moment, all options count on a single value, how do I separate that?

Can you show me in the product URL what you mean please?


besfe70 Purchased

is there a way to hide specific item metadata, I am trying not to show some values in invoice if i hide the .wc-item-meta all items will be hidden, I am wondering if there is away to hide specific element i am trying since one week but no luck>br> thank you

Note that this works only if those are settings are on at the moment of the purchase. eg you can’t make it so that previous order have those elements hidden as well.


besfe70 Purchased

thank you


besfe70 Purchased

not just thank you
thank you so so so much!!!!!!!!!! wonderful results

How does this plugin work? In the documentation it says it works on simple products. I am trying to setup a simple product but make the options selectable with no influence to the price. Yet, I cant seem to work it out. Do you have any tutorial or any CSV from the demo to import?? Help, I am lost.

I’m happy to help out.

The options do work in simple product. Just edit your product and go to the builder mode to add your options. Adding a price to the option is optional. What you must have in order for the option to show up is a price on the product. if you leave it empty the product is not purchasable so the options won’t show up.

Anyway to import the YITH WooCommerce Product Add-ons entries yet? I’m willing to pay for the this if needed, I’m having so many issues with 1000’s of entries that are super hard to manage in the YITH product, I need a better way. I think others would convert as well, if they knew it was an option to import that data they have already entered. I never used your product yet, because I need to get the data from point A to point B and they do not match in anyway. Thanks

I’m afraid no, that isn’t possible.

I can’t even pay to have it done? Thanks

I’m sorry but not from our end. We cannot take any custom work at this time. You will have to outsource this.

Hi, While adding variations it stops in step 1 of 5. Could you please let me know why?

Do you mean native variations?

Yes you are correct

I’m not sure what are those steps you 1-5, 5-9 then or what do they have to do with the plugin.

Hello! I’m having issues joining your support forum. I’ve registered using our purchase code and haven’t received an email confirming a password. I have also tried resetting the password but no email came in this instance either.

Our issue is with text areas and fields not extending 100% width, as you can see here – Do you have any hot tips?


Thank you – still no email though unfortunately. That CSS worked for the text areas but not the text field…any more hot tips? Thank you! Really appreciate your help :)

Ah, for the text fields you need to also add:

<.tm-extra-product-options {
    width: 100% !important;

I think I love you. Thank you! <3

I think i found the perfect plugin! My website is here:

As you can see i am NOT using the default shop page, nor do i want to use the product page. I have managed to display all my items one page, and currently you can click the + button to quickly add products to the cart (without going to another page).

I now want to be able to add extra options, but i dont want them to clikc something like Cake, and then be presented with the product detail page, for them to add it to the cart. Instead i want a popup to be shown which allows them to select the options. And once the options are selected and the product added to cart, it should allow the customer to continue to browse the product list so they can go on and add more items.

The demo doesnt seem to show how the popup feature work. Can you confirm if the above is possible, and could you possible show me screenshots or update the demo so i can see this feature?


I can’t say 100% for sure that this will work like you want to since the plugin alone cannot do what you ask.

The pop up feature doesn’t have anything to do with what you mean, it is something else and involves showing a section of options in a pop up i nthe product page.

The only way I can think of something like this could work is if you use a supported quick solution and you are able to modify all of these to work outside of the WooCommerce product page or archives.

Thanks for the reply. I have already set up my page so I can add multiple products to basket from a single page. This part of the task is already complete.

Each product currently has a + add to basket button next to it and a user can simply add items to basket without leaving the page.

If your plugin allows te extra options for products to be shown in a pop up, I think it’ll do what I want. Do you have screenshots of the pop up window? And what triggers the pop up to be shown? Is it when you click the add to basket button?

As I told you above the plugin doesn’t contain such functionality. It only works with other supported plugins that provide a quick view functionality, but that is only on the shop/archive pages as far as I know, not on custom pages.


romfeo Purchased

When a product (with some extra product options) has a sales basic price the original price is not shown at all. After a search in the comments I’ve found that you said that this will be resolved one year ago, but it is still happening.

If you don’t enable like “Change original product price” that alter the original price display you should be able to see both regular and sale prices (not in final totals though).


romfeo Purchased

That was it. Thank you

Greetings we want to purchase this product if it can do what we need: we want the customer to be forced to pick a date-range via a pop-up calendar before checkout, or they can’t purchase the product. Also just as a bonus can your product for a customer to purchase a ‘required’ product before getting a specific product? Thanks in advance for your time!

okay, so on the product page we can force the customer to select a date range before adding the product to the shopping cart?

Not a date range, a single date.

Thanks so much for your time, let me check with the website owner to see if we can make this work!

First of all, this plugin is amazing and works very well.

I am using the global extra product options, but I need to apply it by tag or by an attribute? It’s possible?

Thank you!

Currently only categories are supported I’m afraid.

It would be very interesting to apply it by the criteria that I mentioned.

Hey, I might just be dumb, but how can you replace/hide the vanilla product option ? What I mean is that I have a variable product with conditional logic applied to the extra product options. But for the product to show up as available, I have to add a normal attribute and then a variation from the standard method, which creates an option-box that I do not want to be seen on the front-end, as I am only using the extra product options

You are not required to use a variable product for the options . You can just use a simple product instead. For further assistance please open a support ticker or post with a username marked a buyer.

Thanks for the answer. I do know that, however then it’s not showing the variable price on shop view, which is what I want. It’s just showing “0” or whatever standard price I set it to. I understand if you cannot assist me further


bkdavill Purchased

Hello, is there a way to have the final shipping package size changed when an option is selected? I was able to find your beta plug-in for adding weight, but I need to be able to change package size to get correct rate back from shipping API’s. Thanks in advance!

Some of our larger stuff we sale requires oversized packaging and the rates I am getting back are not correct because it is basing it only on weight.

Dimensions aren’t supported yet I’m afraid.


identuate Purchased

Hello, I bought the plugin assuming the conditional logic would work but I’m stumped. I need a text filed for customer to complete for a product variable. In other words product has one line printed, should offer one text box to be completed. Product has 2 lines printed, should offer a second text box and three lines a third text box and so on. It doesn’t seem like these can be added to a product variable or attribute in woocommerce using this plug in, am I correct? Thanks in advance…


identuate Purchased

Thanks for the prompt reply. We’re trying to achieve the same as this site. In the “What would you like to print” filed, when choosing 1Line and box appears for 1 line of text to be entered. see:

I understand that. I just need to see your site and what you did so far.

The way you do something like that is simple.

1. Create the “What would you like to print?” element as a select box

2. Create 3 text fields

3. On each of those text fields apply conditional logic so that they are shown only when the corresponding value from the select box is chosen.

What are the changes to make on the server to load nearly 25k variation faster? it taking long time to load now.

That screenshot has nothing to do with the plugin. You are talking about variation created with WooCommerce only.

The plugin doe not create variations but options which act like addons to the product. No matter how many options you create in a product, using the builder mode of the plugin (not the variations that WooCommerce has) only one record in the post meta table is used.

Also, note that the bulk variation module you seem to be using in the screenshot doesn’t have anything to do with this plugin or its usage.

You are not giving any solutions at all. Why is that stopped working in step 5 of 6 even though it is an add-on plugin? I not sure how you are saying that it doesn’t have anything to do with plugins then why it stops working and if there isn’t problem in the plugin where would be an issue? What is there to do with Woocommerce or WordPress?

Opps sorry, I understand your response


mattock Purchased

Hi, this looks great, PRE SALES question: I’m creating my first woocommerce store, so sorry for my lack of knowledge on this but what is the difference and advantages of this over gravity forms? many thanks

What you described is doable. The only clarification I would make is that for the product image replacement. Only the last active/selected element can change the product image (in case you have multiple elements for that purpose), the replacement image is taken from the library and there aren’t any layer capabilities (eg have one image on top of another).


mattock Purchased

Just purchased it.thanks for the quick responses.

Tell me if you need any further assistance.

I have tried to get support for your product, but for some reason your registration form won’t accept my username and email. I need assistance as the Extra Form Fields are showing up on top of my products in Catalog mode so that no-one can select a product.

In the plugin settings->Display tab you must have enabled “Enable extra options in shop and category view”. Just disable that and they will disappear.

For the forum registration make sure the username has all lowercase characters.