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Daziaus Purchased


Was there a recent update that you just released this week? I updated to the latest version that I downloaded from my profile because Wordpress told me to update, however, it broke on our site and it does not update the prices.

Before we updated, it all works fine, customers are able to select options and it would update pricing. With the new/recent update, the prices do not update. I have not changed any settings, just deleted, uploaded and activated the new version as usual.


Please email me via my profile page an admin account and a product URL with the issue.


Daziaus Purchased

Unfortunately not sure if I could for a live site. The plugin is currently working since I rolled it back. It works with a non supported plugin and have emailed you before about the problem, however you said since the plugin I use is not supported, you could not do anything else. So not sure what change in the new updates but this has completely stopped working with the non supported plugin.

So if I understand correctly when using the latest plugin version with the non-supported plugin it doesn’t work at all? Unfortunately I can’t do much in this case since it is a non supported plugin.


egodron Purchased


I just purchased and installed your plugin , but I am unable to activate it. When I click activate button I get server internal error page 500. Can you please help me to resolve this issue?


Please email me via my profile page an admin account and the relevant information to register the plugin. I will also need an FTP account since your issue is 500 internal server error.

Hi i need you help: i have woocommerce booking and i have bookable product. I have to add some extra product option with this logic: the price of the extra product need to be a percentage of the total booking price.

If the total booking price is 100€ for a 3 days booking i need that the total price of the extra product is the 10%, so 10€.

The final cost has to be 110€.

Is it possible with your plugin? If it’s possibile i’ll buy it. If is not possible by default i’ll pay you to make it possibile (if you can).

Thank you, i’ll be waiting.

I will need to troubleshoot this then. Please give me the product URL and an admin account. You can email me via my profile page at codecanyon. Also, tell me exactly what you are selecting on the product, what you expect the result to be and what you get instead.

ok… now i can’t send you email. Tomorrow i’ll send you an email. Because i purchased the plugin for this function and i asked you before for this reason. Thank you

That is why I need to troubleshoot this because on other cases it works like you wanted. I’ll be waiting for the email.

How do you make a product show “Select Options” when you have those options set as required? It seems to still show Add To Cart, even if I have it set to required options.

Also your support sites font, needs some help, it’s super hard to read, it seems related to the second reply, the first post is fine, but anything after that the font is super hard to read, so I prefer using this site for now, it’s very easy on the eyes and such.



That is only for the archive/shop pages and not the product page. You can activate the “Select options” by going to the plugin settings in the Display tab and enabling the “Force Select Options” setting.


tkfranz Purchased

i was wondering if this plugin is capable of showing live preview of let’s say t-shirt and text or letters when someone chooses for example 2 letters to print on the shirt, letter a + b?

I’m afraid not.


intvijay Purchased


I need quick help. The data is not passing to order also the email sent. I have customizable product and i collect data using the plugin. Everything is good and payment also success. But in the order email none of data given is not found.

any idea how to resolve it ?

I will need to troubleshoot this. Please give me and admin account and a product URL via my profile page at codecanyon.


iris78 Purchased

Hi, is there a way to add small amounts as prices? 0,002 is always converted to 2.

You should be able to do that if you use your system character for decimal places.


iris78 Purchased

thanks! got a wrong setting.

Hi, it’s a presale question. Is it possible to put the form in a tab? And are the uploaded files visible in the email as an attachement or link? Thanks.

It depends where you tab is but yes if the options are not inside the HTML form element the upload will not work. Also, with the upload you cannot use ajax add to cart solutions.

With the builder you can create up to four columns.

If i place it inside the description tab is this inside the html form element? (sorry, but i am not very skilled regarding this coding stuff;) ) 4 columns sound amazing!

Not is not. Usually the form is where the add to cart button is.


iris78 Purchased

Thanks for great plugin. I’ve managed to set up everything, including advanced conditional fields. Nevertheless, I’m having issues with the integration with Woothemes Measurement Price Calculator. I’m selling matresses. First a user gives his desired measurements , then the foam is selected and price for foam is price*LxWXH. A second component is the price of the fabric (also selected), again calculated by Woothemes Measurement Price Calculator. Both should be added of course. How do I do that? I’m guessing comatibility means you can use it on components too, no?


iris78 Purchased

It already fails in the first step btw (price*LxWXH). Even though I used the field names from extra product options, the calculation gives a rather strange ilogical result.


Eli_zxer Purchased

Hey at this link is a subscription product but the total box is not showing, do you know what option that is? I don’t think your plugin has anything to do with it,


Eli_zxer Purchased

can you try again

Ok. I can log now.


Eli_zxer Purchased

alright I’ll wait for reply


Thanks for this amazing plugins,

I have some configuration settings for a custom of pizza product. For exemple : i had 3 size of pizza in variation Size 1 Size 2 Size 3

Each size have the same options to add, but with different price, How i can add different price and matching with size1 2 3 ?

Thanks for support,

Best regards Pascal

I’m not really sure what you are trying to do. You have variations now or not? Can you give me your product URL and explain what you want to do?


prydonian Purchased

Hi! I want to be able to have a text field on a product where and extra 0.50 is applied to the price of the product per letter typed. Does your plugin support this? Thanks.

Yes, you can choose the “price per char” price type for the text field.

Hello, first of all your plugin saved my life when i purchased it. I have a question about customizing a bit what i’ve made.

Sorry in advance for my bad english.

For the moment I sell package, in the package there is for example five items. I also have a few options, when a customer choose one option i take price of one item X the number inside the package and i put a fixed price to the option, and it’s works well.

I would like to know if can do :

1 package + 1 first option + 1 second extra option which virtualy raise the number inside the package.

Is there any way that the first option raise it’s price automaticaly. ?


1 package + 1 second extra option which virtualy raise the number inside the package + 1 option which calculate it’s price from the number of items inside the package plus the extra option ?

Thanks in advance for you answer :)

The option prices are fixed I’m afraid they cannot be changed dynamically nor they can anything else.

Thx for your anwer

Hi! I would love to buy your plugin it looks amazing, but when will you release your plugin so that customers will be able to add many files at time? Thank you :)

Hello, I am wondering if it is possible to include additional downloadable files if a certain addon is purchased?

Pre-sale question: I have a variable product, i am looking to add some addon options for this product. all of the addons are $5 each.

Addon #1 $5 Addon #2 $5 Addon #3 $5

Is it possible for the customer to enter in a quantity for each addons? [2] Addon #1 $5 [1] Addon #2 $5 [2] Addon #3 $5 =$25 option total. will this plugin support the calculation as well?


Dear Admin,

Found the selection box unable to put pre selection message, see example below :

example : Hotel list ( required field ) - Select your hotel ( <- can we setting this, if customer not choose the hotel name, it will show warning ) hotel name 1 hotel name 2 hotel name 3

or you can refer below screenshot:

Please advise Thanks DSTeam