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ViroLucio Purchased

Hi, sorry for my english. I’ve a problem. The extra products are calculated out of subtotal. Is possible include extra products in subtotal?

Thanks Luciano

When you add options with pricing the total price of the options is being added to the product price. If however the price type of the options is Fee then it will be displayed in the subtotals section as a Fee (which is quantity independent).


romuald13 Purchased

Hi If I want to put an option to support an association. Should my basket increase by 20% is it possible?

Best regards

I’m afraid not that isn’t possible.


fbajri Purchased

Why price on the product page is different with price on the cart?

Please help.

thank you

Please give me an admin account and the product URL to troubleshoot this. You can email me via my profile page at codecanyon.


fbajri Purchased

Email sent. thanks before

Hi, Just purchased this, Iv hit a problem with radio button images. They are showing as a single column, how do I change this?

Enter the column number you want on the “items per row” setting of the radio element.


Odeexx Purchased

Its so fustrating. I’ve installed your plugin, set the products and fields, checked with everything but still nothing show at front end. Then I try to register at your support centre but no password have been sent to my email. Feeling helpless.


Odeexx Purchased



Odeexx Purchased


Please email me via my profile page at codecanyon so we can sort both of these issues. I would need an admin account, the product URL and the username on the forums you used.


astrabox Purchased


1 ) How can I get the variation description of each variation ?

2) How can I get 2 or 3 images of each variation without showing other images variations?

Thank you so much for your help.

1) I’m not sure what the variations description has to do with the plugin. Native variations features are not used or control with the plugin.

2) I’m not sure what you mean by that to be honest. As far as I know each native variation only has one image attached to it.

2) why there is no possibility of adding more photos. Your plugin can add only one photo. Is it possible to add different pictures for each product?

2) I’m sorry the plugin isn’t for adding photos to a variation.


Impressive as having an e-commerce in Wordpress only appears problem, this time was with this plugin the following errors appeared from one time to another:

Notice: Array to string conversion in /home/albab842/public_html/loja/wp-includes/formatting.php on line 1025

Notice: Array to string conversion in /home/albab842/public_html/loja/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-tm-extra-product-options/include/class-tm-epo-builder-base.php on line 3479

Could you help me, please!

I have just answered on your email.

It worked, thank you very much for the support! =)

Glad I could help out!

I’m afraid not. The “alternative currency” method of this plugin cannot be supported. We offer full support for Aelia Currency Switcher and WooCommerce Currency Switcher from realmag777.

On the date picker, is it possible to grey out (cannot be selected) the date starting yesterday and beyond. The only date that can be selected is starting today and any date in the future. Is this possible with current plugin’s version?

Reference site:

On that site, with your plugin, is it possible to setup delivery date request like that? Thanks.

That works, thank you. How about the button that displays today, Fri, Sat, Sun… pre selected date like that starting Today. Is that possible?

I’m afraid not.

Okay, thanks for your prompt response.


littleego Purchased

Is it possible to add ‘multiple’ file upload input, instead of adding many file upload fields? One of the options we have is for multiple pages in a booklet, so we’d rather not have to create many file upload options instead of just one multiple input upload.

There is only an official bets plugin that supports multiple uploads.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function is_product() in /home/content/p3pnexwpnas06_data02/09/3106309/html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-tm-extra-product-options/include/class-tm-extra-product-options.php on line 446

I have had to remove the plugin and have lost functionality on the shop.

Would love if you could help me fix this.

If this happens on the latest version I would need troubleshoot this.


It is on the current version.

I was running some updates and something happened with woocommerce during the update process which caused it to delete itself. Once I got woocommerce re-installed and activated, I was able to re-upload and activate Extra Options.

Sorry about the mess, thank you very much for your speedy response!

Glad this got sorted :)


I bought this plugin today and I’m having a trouble with text field. It doesn’t work. The area field it is ok, but in text field I can’t type any word. Please check it in this page:

The Pickup Address on the left is a text filed, The pickup address on the right is a area field.

Could you help me with this?

Go to the theme options in the “Form styling tab” and set “Overall Form Style” to “Inherit from theme skin”.

Well thats worked but this breake all the design =S Do you have another solution to this problem? Something in css?

I’m sorry when the “minimal” mode is used the theme adds extra HTML code that breaks the design of the form. There isn’t any way to fix something like that.


bluejeans Purchased

I am hoping to purchase, and would like to make a Rx opthamology form where a customer can add their prescription with conditional logic (ie if they choose “Prism” the field for “Prism Options” is revealed. Can the plugin handle this kind of operation?

It depends on what you want. Here is for example a live site that uses the plugin for something similar.

Click “Add Prescription” to see the options. Note that this site is heavily customized though. You won’t get such a result without customization, but you will get an idea of what it is possible.


bluejeans Purchased

Thanks for the very fast reply, I will purchase and give it a try!


designroom Purchased

I would like to get the date and time fields I’ve set for products with WC Extra Product Options plugin and use their values within a custom function.

The function for which I want to use those fields values hooks in woocommerce’s order page and print some custom fields (from another plugin) right bellow the order details.

How can I access those fields I created with WC Extra Product Options and get the data I need so I can implement that in my function?

That is actually a bit complicated. Go to the file class-tm-epo-admin-base.php and see the function tm_woocommerce_order_item_line_item_html to see how something like that can accomplished. You would need php coding knowledge though to understand what is happening.


1., I need some help please! I have a product where customers can choose only one extra from different extras. This is ->Pizza + 1 extra but there is some options like -> Bacon, Ham, Extra cheese. If customer buy a Pizza with e.g. Bacon, I need to disabling the other options! How can I do this with the plugin?

2., I’m used the plugin on a site which was completly deleted. Now I’m trying to use and registering on the new site with my user name, API key and purchase code but the plugin returns “Trying to activate with an invalid purchase code!” Do I need to deregister the plugin first?

Thank You, Csaba.

1. I’m afraid this is not possible.

2. You should have deactivated the plugin first. I don’t see that your username has the plugin registered though.

Hi, I’m trying to figure out if your plugin can do what we need. I have a parent product “Bike Graphic” that needs dropdowns like “Long-Sleeve, T-Shirt, Sweatshirt”. Each of those dropdowns has a separate SKU, and would have options such as color and size (these options do not need individual sku). Is this possible with your plugin?

Okay, so I can’t have separate options for each variable type?

If you mean for each variation (which is the combination of the attributes used to create the variation) then you can with the use of conditional logic. you will need to use the style variation feature though to enable the use of variations to the logic.

okay, thank you

A new problem appeared, after you indicated to me that a plugin I was using was in conflict with the Extra Product Option, now another problem appeared, when buying a product it generates a message written “submithandler”, can you help me once again?

I have answered to your email and correct it this issue.

Now, it’s working. The best support of plugin! Tk, again!

Hi..I am enjoying working with your plugin but I am getting a bug with the height of sections when hidden conditional items are shown…the section’s height is not expanding and content can not be seen…any ideas how to fix?

Can I see the product URL?

We are designing a woocommerce website to sell and rent digital tools (including consulting service) and SaaS to businesses, wondering if your plugin can help?
Do you have a demo for such a need, please?