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total price does not print on explorer

Please open a support ticket. This comment section isn’t for troubleshooting.

Hi, PreSales I have few variations/options, Base price is 0$ A – 10$ B – 20$ C – 30$

A, B or C can be selected, on selecting any of the options displays a textbox where qty is enter, suppose user enters 5 for A then, 5 * 10 should be added to base price, similarly, 4 * 20 or 6 * 30 should be added to the base price to give total price.

Is this possible ?

Also, do you have placeholder or any field to display messages to explain or information to user to enter some value ?

Thank you

I’m afraid not, the plugin is only for adding extra options to the product. What you describe is more of wanting to buy multiple variations at once. Also, if I’m not mistaken and you only want this with quantity isn’t the native variable product doing that already?

Thanks for the reply, Default woocommerce, allows prices for variation but not qty for that single variation. it has a +/- for the entire product, my product can be ordered only once. Thank you

Can I use this plugin to get 3 custom input text fields on a certain variable product? Example I have 5 variations of size : 24,25,26,27, Custom size. I only want the input text visible in Custom size when the option is chosen, so my customer will able to put their own height, length, weight size. Thank you

This is possible but with restrictions. You will have to use the styled variations feature to enable variations to used in conditional logic and you can only do this with variations, not attributes, meaning that if you add another attribute to your variable product (other than size) then the combination of the attributes will be taken into consideration in the logic not a single attribute. of course of your variations only have one attribute it is essentially the same thing.

ok thank you I got the idea how to do this by your example

Hello. I am using a Range Picker with 5 steps (1-5). Price for each step is $10 + an initial fixed amount of $20. so, for example, a user selects Point 4 the price should be $40+$20 = $60. Can I do this? Regards.

You can’t have the fixed price aspect I’m afraid.

No Problem. Thanks for reply.


Can I add a product where a customer can add their own pacific price? And if so how do I achieve this.


You can only use custom css to hide the product price coming from WooCommerce.


Is this possible for just this product? as I don’t want to hide from all my other products.

You use something like:
.woocommerce #product-3208.product p.price {
    display: none;
where 3208 is your product id.

Hello. I really appreciate your support.

I am trying to add Radio Button (with Image replacement). Is it possible for me (using custom css) to have different number of items in each row in case of Desktop/Laptop.

What I want is:

Row One=> 3 Items. Row Tow=> 2 Items. Row Three=> 1 item.

If Above is not possible then: Can I have a condition where User can select only one option from a section. So that I can have 3 “Radio Button” added with different items per row.

Hope I made it clear.

Thanks. Regards.

I can’t think of any way you can do that with css to be honest. They only way something like that could be achieved is if you create separate radio elements in which case a user can select one of each. If the choices are all in the same radio element then only one choice could possibly be selected due to the way radio buttons work in browsers.