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Greetings, I would like to buy this plugin for the “conditional logic” feature. I would like to use it for filtering products by manufacture or color or size, on categories pages. Is this plugin useful for my needs?Also, I have the xstore theme is it compatible with this theme? Thank you

I’m sorry but the conditional logic isn’t for that purpose. The logic is for showing/hiding elements on the product page depending on other element values.

Hi, I’ve read all the comments and some kind of like my query but nothing specifically the same.

I’ve inserted a different image for each product variation. If I select an option in order on the product page. The product image changes as it should however should I change my mind and go back a step, the image does not change with it as I select a new variation.

Is this just the way it is?


You said “variation” so I assume you are talking about the variations of a variable product. That aspect isn’t controlled by the plugin but from WooCommerce only.

HI, thanks for your reply. Sorry for the confusion. I’m using your plug in to replace the standard woo options. My client has a site with too many variations for Woo to handle. So, I’m using drop down options that basically act as the variations would. That’s where the confusion is but I can confirm, i’m only talking about the plug in.

I have various elements with drop down boxes that have a number of product options in them. These options have corresponding images as featured in the plug in. This is is what I’m using.

I’ve inserted a different image for each drop down product option. If I select an option in order on the product page. The product image changes as it should however should I change my mind and go back an option, the image does not change with it as I select a new variation.


When the Order is created the current image used is saved in the Order. If you later alter the image used in that choice, the one in the Order will not and cannot be changed as the data used for the image displayed in the Order is actually being saved in the Order and not fetched from the original option.

hi does you plugin have any other plugin who support UPC barcodes for variation products and products filters by prices, sizes etc..?

I’m not aware of anything like that I’m afraid.

Hi there, I really liked this product but I have one question before buying it. Can you suggest me a bundle plugin that is compatible with this plugin. To understand what I want to do by an example, let’s say I want to sell a gift box that contains flowers, necklace and chocolate box. I want to sell them in one box but each one is customised or has a variation, the flowers colour, necklace text to be written and chocolate brand, I hope this is clear, Thanks.

The only compatible plugin for that purpose is Composite Products from woothemes.


ovalez Purchased

have a problem with price

i have an item, the price is Rp 2.000.000 but when i add to cart or checkout, the price is change to Rp 1.999.999

can you help?

Please open a support ticket to troubleshoot issues like that as I will need more information. This comment section isn’t for troubleshooting.

my query already some one have there “Hello Is there any chance to make this plugin work with WooCommerce Ultimate Multi Currency Suite ( ) author of this currency plugin told me that this should be very simple on your side and that he can assist if you would be willing to do it.” have you any solution now?

Unfortunately, not every currency plugin can be supported. On the one you mention the alternative currency method cannot be supported I’m afraid. The other one should work, but we are don’t have official support for it.

How i can translate “Options amount” and “Final total” in cart page?

Those strings are visible only on the product page, not in the cart (at least the ones coming from the plugin) and you can change them by going to the plugin settings->Strings tab.


We purchased this plugin and its not working with Royal Theme. url is below for theme. is our store demo url of product. Image of product is not changing based on options selection.

We are not using any other plugin just woocommerce 3.2.6 is used.

Kindly fix it asap and do communicate us over messaged personal email address as thats our development email id.

we are looking forward to your revert as this plugin is not working as mentioned.

thanks in advance and awaiting your revert on mentioned email id.

okay kindly cc to our development email and if needed we can provide the pwd of stores.

I have already emailed what I will need.

great. sent details required. now we will communicate over mail…let us know once something comes up. thanks