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Is it possible just to manually approve users instead of sending them emails with links for self-approve? I’d like to be able to have control over who gets approved or not.

There are two possible situations: 1. If there is verification via email – User creates disposable email address that lasts 10 minutes (e.g and registers. He verifies the account without any problem. He can create hundreds of email address just by pressing a button. So I need to manually approve him based on email address domain

2. If there is no verification but only manual approve – User can register using an email which is not his (e.g I as admin don’t know if the email address is his or not, I can only manually approve ( seems legit, compared to

See the situation now? :)

Well this plugin only can cover any one situation of this 2.

So alternative solution is you can use my plugin as email verification by user and for admin to approve account there are some other plugins. Dont know it will solve your issue but thats what i found.

There should be more plugins which may be work like by default user blocked and then you can unblock it from admin side.

Thanks :)

Thank you too! :)

Hi, one question before I buy :)
I am going to use this plugin: to add all default billing fields to woocommerce registration form. And then I want to verify a user by your plugin. Will it work together?
Best for you

If that plugin uses all standard wocommerce hook then it will work.

For testing better first you setup that plugin and then we can try demo on your site and if it works then you can buy.

For that after setup send me email at

Thanks :)

Hello, quick question!

Does this work even when the user registers not direct with WooCommerce?

It only works with woocommerce registration forms. As hooks are used from woocommerce plugin.

Thanks :)

Hi When the user make the registration into the checkout page, he do not receive the email with the verification link but only one mail with the link to the account page, as usual

Thanks Alex


Please send me your admin details at and we will check it soon.

Thanks :)


Ruudiz Purchased


I just purchased Woocommerce email verification plugin and when I register I do not receive a verification email. I get message – “Success: Account created successfully. Please check your email address to verify account.” But I do not receive this email.

How can we fix this? Thanks!


Please send admin details at so I can check.

Thanks :)


mitcheos Purchased

Hi, all my existing customer role users have a status of not verified. Will they be able to login to their accounts now?


If you have lots of users then I have small addon plugin to verify all automatically.

yes they cant login but on login fail they will get message like to resend verification code and they will get new verification code and can approve.

If no of users are not that much then you can manually approve all from admin side and if no of users are too much then may be send me admin details at and I will setup that add on to verify all.

Thanks :)


neoDIRECT Purchased

why don’t you add language folder with pot/po files?

We used woocommerce text domain so you can still add translations there.