Discussion on WooCommerce Delivery —Delivery Date & Time Slots

Discussion on WooCommerce Delivery —Delivery Date & Time Slots

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Hello~! I sell cookies and do local delivery only twice a month on a set date and local pickup only twice a month on a set date. Can I use your plugin?

Unfortunately we do not have an option to select a delivery date per shipping method. We only have that by delivery time.

Hi, you plugin is so cool, just wonder can we set a different charges based on the delivery time slot ?

eg: 7-10am is $15, 10-11 is $10?

Well currently not, but we can customize / add this feature for you on Charge. Contact us at

Hi, Can we check deliverable pin codes on the product page instead of checking them on the checkout page? Thanks in advance, Av00

The delivery date and time is only possible in checkout, cause it affects all cart items and not single products.

Thanks for your quick response. Yes, you are right, but if the buyer can check their pin-code availability on a single product page, then It will be great for reducing abundant carts. Also, do you offer a refund if not satisfied with the plugin?

Unfortunately we do not have this option sorry. We are tied to Envato’s refund policy, you can find here:

“Enable delivery date and time options for a specific State in Woocommerce Checkout”

Hello, May I know can your plugin to set the different date and time form when customer in different City / States?

If at New York, it will display one date and time form, and if at LA, it will display different / another one date and time form.

Many thanks!

Hi there, no sorry we do not support different dates and times are state or city.

When date field is enabled on Php 8.0 or 8.1 the plugin crashes on the Checkout page. ” date(): Argument #2 ($timestamp) must be of type ?int, string give…”

This sounds like you use a data format that does not exists. Check the date format in general settings of our plugin AND the date + times you entered into date / time settings.

When all that not works,please open a ticket and we take a look:

Hello, I want to buy the complement, but I have a question. We currently use an Estimated Delivery Date plugin for Woocommerce Pro for Product Preparation 1 or 2 days and it shows it that way, in the product and in the payment gateway there are not all products, most of them are delivered on the same day, you can handle the Same information for the products with this plugin.

Our plugin supports global delivery date & time options in the checkout. These are not single product based.

I have a small feature request;

It is easy to temporarily disable a day from the ordering process, however it is not so easy to temporarily disable a timeslot without having to remove it and re-add it later. It would be handy if a checkmark could be placed next to each timeslot where you can temporarily disable the time slot. This would be useful when big orders come in that need additional preparation time.

Second, all your plugins still seems to be displaying the incorrect language at the backend. I’ve filed a bug report about this around two years ago and was assured that this would be adjusted, but unfortunately I have not seen any changes in this regard. It is really inconvenient that I have to use Google Translate at times in order to use your plugins. I’d appreciate it if you could look into this.

This does not come as a surprise. You really love hiding behind support renewals. None of the other devs on here behave like this. I had reported this issue while support was active and no solution was provided. Have you looked at the ticket number? What have you done to provide assistance for my original ticket? hint: nothing – besides mentioning that this would be fixed with the next release of WeLaunch. Surprise, surprise nothing was fixed, despite your assurances. If I were to pay again for support (which I won’t) I have absolutely no confidence that you would actually take action and fix this.

Sorry, but as said we checked the issue (without any support renewal) and we can not replicate your issue here nor can any other customer. That means, it must be something with your specific installation and we have to check this with a developer in depth. However that for we need a valid support license.

That is absolute nonsense. I’d have no problem whatsoever extending support when troubleshooting newly reported issues, but I reported this while support was ACTIVE and I was informed that this would be fixed with a future release of WeLaunch (ticket 12182). When someone is informed of this, one would assume that the problem has been found. Yet, I have not seen any update fixing this.

At the time there was also no mention that this was related to my install, you did not inform me of this in the ticket that I had opened, nor did you bother to ask for a login. I also do question this conclusion as only your plugins are affected by this.

In any case, your position is abundantly clear. Have a nice day.


where can I find radius shipping documentation? This: is a screenshot, not a documentation.

I checked all the boxes and whats next?

Don’t see the point as plugin doesn’t work as suppose to and there is no documentation to check on.


Marcizus Purchased

Renew license for US$ 40.50? Are you kidding me? It basically a new license. And the fact that there is no documentation just proves that it is impossible to set it up without extra knowledge.

1-Does it compatible with dokan multivendor plugin?

2-Can users choose different delivery date for the products from different vendors in the same checkout?


No sorry that is not supported

Hi there. I just purchased this plugin. Is it not PHP 8.1. ready? I disabled all third party plugins but get the following error (in the logs) AH01071: Got error ‘PHP message: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: array_filter(): Argument #1 ($array) must be of type array, bool given in /var/www/vhosts/\nStack trace:\n#0 /var/www/vhosts/ array_filter()\n#1 /var/www/vhosts/ WooCommerce_Delivery_Time->add_field()\n#2 /var/www/vhosts/ WP_Hook->apply_filters()\n#3 /var/www/vhosts/ WP_Hook->do_action()\n#4 /var/www/vhosts/ do_action()\n#5 /var/www/vhosts/ include(’...’)\n#6 /var/www/vhosts/…’, referer:

Your error says that you did not set any delivery times in our plugin settings.

Ok, thank you for your reply, i will check

Is there any ability for a reminder to be sent to the customer before the product ship date?

You can do this in WooCommerce directly when you edit an order > message to customer.

I want this to be done in an automated fashion, it is quite time consuming to do manually

Well currently not, but we can customize that for you on charge. If you need a quote, send us your request to

Pre-Sales Question Can we disable the customer from selecting the date and the time from the billing page (our customers are on recurring billing), and then in the admin area update the delivery time & date manually from a nice box or is these fields only displayed in the custom fields area of the order for the admin?

We currently only use custom fields in the admin order display. No “nice” box.

I’m wanting to purchase the plugin but need to know first if the plugin is compatible with Divi Theme Builder. The WooCommerce cart is built using Divi ThemBuilder so it is a custom cart.

I’ve tried several other plugins and none provide what I require, or just aren’t compatiable.

Hi there,

when your cart follows the Woo coding standards and has one of these actions implemented, it should work:

If you do not know, you can buy our plugin and test. If it should not work, contact us or you can get your money back.

Will the plugin work with WooCommerce Lead Time. Which each product has a handmade time .

I do not need time slots , just the delivery date show at cart

You can disable the delivery time in our plugin settings of course. Then it should work!

a recommendation. They must update the plugin so that it can display the information of the day and time of the order in the woocommerce app.

Hi there,

we did some research, but it seems the WooCommerce app does not allow any custom order meta to be displayed yet:


I have several questions about your plugin: 1. Is it possible to set the delivery day to D+1 (not to make a delivery the same day), because drive 2. Is your plugin compatible with the default WooCommerce delivery methods. Because I’m going to do paid shipping methods, and a free version via drive 3. Does your plugin allow to indicate unavailable days and times for delivery?


Hi there,

Yes all of your questions are possible with our plugin :)


I want to determine on the basis of postal code check whether we deliver the order and if not the customer will receive a notification and can only opt for free local collection, is this possible?

In the current version of woocommerce, this is confusing for our customers, they do not initially see the delivery option on the shopping cart page, but only after entering the correct zip code on the checkout page. However, they often do not see this and then order anyway, but then the order will automatically receive the local pickup status and the customer understandably does not want that because they live too far from the local pickup location.

Our plugin will also only show this on the checkout page sorry.

Hello, Is it possible to use this plugin to achieve this? Shipping Rates calculated by Distance (Google Map Api) + Product Class.

Nearly, but not the product class thing unfortunately.

Hello! Can you please tell me if it is possible to set the time in the plugin before which, if ordered, then delivery today, if later, delivery on the next business day + 3 days? For example, if the order was made before 08.00 am, then delivery is available on the current day + 3 working days of delivery, if after 08.00 am, then from the next working day and + 3 days

What you are looking for is to set specific processing times per delivery time. Unfortunately we do not have this yet, we only have global or processing times per shipping method.

No, I need a global order time setting for all shipping methods. I need to specify depending on the time before and after 8 am delivery the current day or the next day

Sorry but we do not have this.

Hi may i know where i can find the documentation of radius shipping setting? especially the google matrix distance setup

Hi there,

sure! What do you need to know exactly? In Plugin settings you also have a detailed description of each setting :)

Because in the documentation there didnt mentioned how to setup the google distrance matrix api key

Ah that you mean. The google API key must be obtained through the google API console. Here is the offical instruction by Google:


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