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Hi – hope you are well.. I have recently purchased your product. Not sure how to access the customer portal? Where do customers login? I have woocommerce installed and your plugin.


whad do you exactly mean with accessing the customer portal? The plugin doesn’t expose any feature that can be accessed by customers. It can be used by admin and/or shop admin in order to have additional stats about customers.
The customer list can be accessed simply by clicking on the Customer menu voice:

Sorry apologies for the confusion – How do customers that i have added access the “portal” where they are able to manage their orders, re-order, update details and place new orders…similar to your demo..I

Could you share the link to the “portal” you saw in my demo?

Actually user can access to their my account area ( ) in which they can manage their user data, list the orders thay have alrady made (but actually they cannot place new orders from there). Were you referring to this section?

The my account section is not a feature offered by my plugin, it is a standard feature offered by WooCommerce.
To access it, just create a page with just the [woocommerce_my_account] in its description page then access it via the frontend.

Firstly, this plugin is awesome! It just solved a lot of problems for me. Thanks for that.

Second, I’m getting an error instead of the user login. In the table, the user login is empty except for the first table which has this error:

Warning: sprintf(): Too few arguments in /home/.../public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-customers-manager/classes/admin/WCCM_CustomerTable.php on line 90

thank you, I’m glad to hear that :)
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For what concerns the warning you are getting it sounds very strange. What plugin version are you running? would be possible to have an FTP and full admin access to your site in order to investigate further? (I think to know why in some installation that warning could be raised, but I would like to have a confirm by doing a test)

Please send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) with that data (if possible) and your email address. I also have a new version that should prevent that warning message.

hi there, just purchased, but having issue installing:

Installing Plugin from uploaded file: Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

Return to Plugin Installer

I think you are installing the whole package instead of the plugin .zip file. You have to unzip that file you are trying to install and inside of it you will find a called That is the one you have to install :)

Hello, I just bought the plugin, but when activating I got this error message at the top of the plugins page:

The extension can not be activated because it caused a fatal error ( this is a translation, not the exact text ).

Fatal error: Can’t use function return value in write context in /home/avocado/public_html/_staging/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-customers-manager/classes/com/WCCM_Customer.php on line 732

This error is due the usage of an outdated version of PHP. Note that Wordpress and WCCM plugin (as reported in the description page) both require a minimum 5.5 version.
Could you confirm that you are using at least that version? to check go to WooCommerce -> System status.
If not please update and that error will be gone.

Updating php is usually a very simple operation in any web shared server. Go to the admin panel, search for some kind of advanced configuration and in that section you can switch the php version to the latest.

Thanks, I updated to a newer PHP and everything works properly.

very glad to hear that :) :)

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Have a nice day! :)

Hi – there is a missing save button on plugin v17.9 – see screenshot. – we cannot save settings. I also have a problem with “discover by orders” – it gives incorrect data. In my store i have “completed sales” for a product called “unicorn” sold 572 units but the discover for the same product gives on 499 sold?

What can be the problem?

for what concerns the save button, it seems that there are some javascript errors (most likely due to 3rd party plugins that are including some javascript libraries raising errors) that prevent the WCCM javascript library to be properly executed and then render its html components.

Try disabling all your 3rd party plugin and then enable one by one them until you find the one breaking the options page. In alternative if you send me an a full admin access to your backend via private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) I can try to analyze that page with my tools to see if it possible to have more clues.

For what concerns the units number, note that the 499 refears to the client number, not the unit sold number. It meas that it could be that some of your clients just bought more than 1 quantity of that item.

Hi – Here is the dev console error for the options page (any ideas?)

For the 499 – I selected ONLY buyer of the unicorn sku product. see – so I filter by this product only.

And the actual sales in the shop for this sku is 572. So something is not correct.

what now?

For what concers the console error, I’m haven’t any idea about which could be the cause.
I can only advice to try to disable your 3rd party plugin and then re-enable one by one trying to find the one that may be interfering.

For what concers the number of sales I think to not understand the issue.
That 499 is the number of customer who bought that product. The 572 is the number of units sold. It means then that some of your customers bought more that 1 unit of that product.
Note also that WooCommerce in its report may be considering not only completed order, but all the orders that have been paid (so it includes processing status too).

Hello, I have been trying to get this to work for a week, but I keep getting this error message:

Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

Fatal error: Can’t use function return value in write context in /home3/public_html/ on line 732

Any information would be appreciated.

You may delete this, I figured it out.

Hey, I have a pre-sale question. The plugin looks exactly what I need! When the plugin installed it will take over the current “users” tab? Or the users got registered there as well? From the demo and comments I see, the customer can update their details in my account and it will get updated in their customer page. Thank you!

Yes exactly, no conflict :)

Have a nice day :)

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Of course, if I like a plugin I am happy to share with others :) One more question tho, I am sorry.. I am about to use WooCommerce Custom Fields from codecanyon as well, with what i can add custom checkout fields. And it will store the information either on the order or in the customer profile. Does your plugin picks up this extra custom fields as well? If not, is it possible to have some custom work done to pick it up? Thanks again for taking time to answer!

Unfortunately the plugin hasn’t any support for 3rd party custom fields plugins.
It only support the User Extra Fields plugin. It shows its custom fields on user details page.

You can show the extra fields added using the WooCommerce Custom Fields plugin on the User datails page with some custom work, but I don’t offer this kind of service.


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Good day, i have a small issue. The plugin is great, but as some of the orders we make in our shop are coming via phone, not all clients have their e-mail. In this case we use general email for such clients – i.e. “” The problem is when i want to create customer from the order page, your plugin merges all customers with the same e-mail ( The question: Is there any possibility to create customers without email? E.G. To create customer from his name and surname, or from his telephone number? all the clients have different phone numbers, it would be better for us to relate new client to his number, not to his email. Thanks and best regards

You’re welcome :)

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Done :)

thank you! :)

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Sorry changed question:

1) Is it available update new tab call “customer list, similar possition tab rating, description tab ” allow author and admin view in frontend product page? By defaul admin allow view all, but admin can choose some info hide author view. ex: purchased number phone, email, address…? Quick support buyer without ask theme purchased ID and something eles.

2) By defaul your plugin auto working basic on purchase order to be customer. What is it mean of “add new customer” and assign role in setting?

Due to the review in progress on your commet I’m not able to see which plugin you are asking for.

Could you repost your question in a new comment?

Thank you for respond. Need sometime to consider what is exactly needed for me.