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bg2002 Purchased

Hello, the demo site and your text description of the pluggin show multiple options for automatic guest to customer conversion on the ‘Options’ page:

The options page of my installation of this pluggin looks completely different and doesn’t have these options:

I have deactivated all other pluggins except for this one and woocommerce to rule out conflicts. Have these features been removed?

Which plugin versiona re you running? Is the latest 18.2 version? if not try downloading the latest 18.2 from codecanyon and manually update. To update: just deactivate and delete the old plugin version and then install the new one. Don’t worry you won’t lose any setting.

In alternative you can automatically updating by installing the Envato updater plugin: (download clicking: ). Activate the plugin, click on Envato Market menu voice -> Settings and then click on the generate a personal token, follow the on-screen instruction and then paste the generated token. Once done you will be notified in case of plugin updates and in case you will be able to automatically update them.

If you still experience the issue, try enabling the wordpress debug mode ( ) and see if in the options page any error is raised that prevent the plugin to properly render that page. If this is not helping I need then to log into your system to try to figure out what’s wrong. To do that I need:

  1. admin access to the wp-admin area
  2. FTP access
I’ll perform some tests to see if it possible to understand the cause of the issue.

bg2002 Purchased

Hello again, The info on the pluggin page said I was running 18.2, but to be sure I uninstalled the pluggin and reinstalled it using the Envato updater you recommended. My options page is still missing the guest to customer options. I enabled debug mode and don’t see any errors when I view the options page.

I’m on a shared managed wordpress server and am wondering if there is some conflict at the server level. I will try contacting them to see if they know what’s causing the issue. If they can’t help, I’ll try to get you ftp access so you can look.’

Thanks for your speedy reply. Aside from this one issue I’m having, I love the pluggin!

Ok, I’ll wait for your news :)

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have a nice day!

Hello , in this plugin the user is avail to access all the product or they can only access thier owe product , like if we have two users than they both have thier owe product’s dashboard or a single dashbord

no unfortunately the plugin hasn’t such a feature.