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Just purchase, tried to install get following fatal error

Fatal error: Can’t use function return value in write context in /home/olivesky/public_html/dev/stabo/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-customers-manager/classes/com/WCCM_Customer.php on line 732

This error is due the usage of an outdated version of PHP. Note that Wordpress and WCCM plugin (as reported in the description page) both require a minimum 5.5 version.
Could you confirm that you are using at least that version? to check go to WooCommerce -> System status.
If not please update and that error will be gone.

Updating php is usually a very simple operation in any web shared server. Go to the admin panel, search for some kind of advanced configuration and in that section you can switch the php version to the latest.


I have a problem to show guest list. I check that the problem is my theme (Quode Bridge) when i change the theme, the list work perfectly.

How can i solved it?



to request support you have to use the account you have used to purchase the plugin.


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Please delete this post – wrong window ;)

no problem :)

Hi Guys, Love your plugin but unfortunately we are getting a Javascript error & have had to disable since updating to Woocommerec 3.0.X It was preventing variation products from loading in the WP Dashboard on our website.

Would be great if you could please provide an update for this. More detailed Information can be found here…

Thank you.

it’s only just one guy, me :)

the plugin has already been updated to grant support to the latest 3.0.7 Woocommerce. Download the latest 17.2 version from the plugin page and you should good to go :)

Haha Sorry bad habit. Thank you very much for the quick response. I really should have checked that, but for some reason we haven’t had any notifications of updates & quite shocked to see that we were on 12.4. Surprised we hadn’t run into issues before now. Thanks again & All the best fella!

Very glad to hear it fixed :)

P.S. if you haven’t already done, if you have appreciated my support please consider leaving the 5 stars! I would reeeeeally really appreciate! (To leave a rating: go to your profile then click on “downloads” and from there you can rate your purhcases! :)

Haha Sorry bad habit. Thank you very much for the quick response. I really should have checked that, but for some reason we haven’t had any notifications of updates & quite shocked to see that we were on 12.4. Surprised we hadn’t run into issues before now. Thanks again & All the best fella!

Your plugin pretty much makes the point of sale plugin non functional. With Customers Manager enabled I am unable to enter a customer name or search for a product in the POS system. If I disable it … I have no problems.

When Woocommerce Customers Manager is activated I cannot search for a product or a customer in the point of sale screen. The search boxes are displayed but I can’t actually type anything in the boxes. As soon as Woocommerce Customer Manager is deactivated the search boxes work fine.

The only version I can download from Codecanyon is 17.2

Yes use that one, I forgot to update the version in the latest update but actually it is the 17.3 version. For further help I need a full admin access in order to perform some tests on that page. To send admin access use a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box)

Hi, I installed the plugin but customer details page doesn’t load correctly! please help

Hi! I installed your plugin but customer details page doesn’t load correctly

It could be that some 3rd party plugin are interfering breaking the customer details page to properly work. Try disabling the other plugins re-enabling them one by one until you find the one that is interfering then report the issue to the author in order to fix it.

This plugin used to work but for some reason the Discover button no longer does anything. What are some common plugins that it is incompatible with so I can check if something it brekaing it?


until now there aren’t any now plugin that interfere with the discovery feature.
Try updating the plugin to the latest 17.3 version that you can download from its codecanyon page. If you are still experiencing the issue, try disabling all your 3rd party plugins and enable one by one until you find the one that interferes.


We are interested in possibly purchasing WoocCommerce Customers Manager plugin. A couple of pre-sales questions:

1) How much overhead does the plugin have on website performance and on server?

2) What changes does the plugin make to the wp database? Are these changes reversible to remove every trace of the plugin if we decide not to use it?

Thank you,


  • The plugin can have some overhead on webiste only when you are accessing to the Customer area. It has to compute some operation on all the user data, so in case you have big user list (like thousands of customers) and a low performance server (like a standard shared web hosting), you could experience some slow-downs. Other site area are not affected by the plugin.
  • It doesn’t add any additional database or tables and it doesn’t not modify any existing table or add any additiona metadata. It has designed to not add junk data to woocommerce installation.

  • Before purchasing, give a try to the demo site. It has 4800 dummy customers. Do all the tests you need to be sure it actually fits your needs and expectations. In case you need further info, feel free to ask :)

    The bulk email feature is nice, but I certainly don’t want to select the customers manually, so a powerful and flexible query engine would be appreciated – AND, as one is likely to have users or forum participants, too, on one’s site, it would be nice to extend the queries no non-customers, too, read: include all registered users. And a query that I’d like to see being able to perform is:

    ‘Select all users from country=Österreich or user_email like ’’, ... and allow me to email them in bulk.


    ‘Select all customers with a total purchase amount over 300.00 Euros’


    ‘Select all users who have commented on my blog in the past 12 months’


    In short: please add more power to the user selection query for further bulk emailing (templates?), and please extend it beyond customers to include subscribers or bbp_participant or any other role/user_capability.


    thank you for sharing your ideas. I’ll try to improve this aspect in a future plugin release, but obviously I cannot give you any eta! I’ll let you know by replying here in case of news! :)

    Hello, Unfortunately I’m unable to utilize the ‘Discover by orders’ portion of your product in conjunction with Ultimate Addons for VC being installed/enabled; I’ve contacted both you and the authors of Ultimate Addons for VC, despite you providing a excerpt of code potentially causing the issue, the other vendor refuses to make any changes and they feel that due to their market coverage and expanded use that the issue is within WooCommerce Customers Manager.

    Needless to say, I’ve had your product for several months and sadly only utilize minimal capabilities, although I’m hoping further discussion and/or resolve can be made for users that also require Ultimate Addons for VC installed/enabled.

    Ultimately I’m hoping you might have an alternate suggestion, solution and/or open dialog with the authors of Ultimate Addons for VC in search of a resolve.


    what do you exactly you mean you are not able to use the Discover by orders’ portion of your product in conjunction with Ultimate Addons for VC ?
    Could you provide me some more detailed info about the issue (eventually with some screens) you are experiencing?
    Thank you.

    If Ultimate Addons for VC is enabled, I’m unable to select a start and/or end date as the product that is used for selecting dates doesn’t work in conjunction with UAfVC, despite dozens of ‘debug’ changes to UAfVC, subquently I’m unable to input dates, thus the ‘Discover’ button doesn’t function, hence, the entire Discover by orders doesn’t work when Ultimate Addons for VC is installed/enable, in our case, the UAfVC plugin is absolutely required, not to mention included/incorporated within our theme (i.e. Impreza); in communicating with BrainstormForce, they refused to acknowledge and/or modify to resolve the Javascript error/conflict that you previously identified. FWIW, we are using the latest (and registered) version of UAfVC.

    Please advise.

    Unfortunately I cannot do much more. Reading your emails, the issue is related to the following javascript code injected in every admin page:
                // add your shortcode attribute and its default value to the
                // gallery settings list; $.extend should work as well...
                _.extend(, {
                    type: 'default_val'
                // merge default gallery settings template with yours
                    template: function(view){
    I cannot implement any fix into my plugin to deny that 3rd party code to raise the error or to be injected in every admin page (usually javascript code should be injected only in specific plugin admin pages). It would be sufficient that the developer catches the error with a try/catch block.

    As reported that crashing javascript error make the WCCM discover javascript library to be not properly executed, but as you could understand further than discovering which is the issue and point you how to fix, I cannot do more if it depens on 3rd party code.

    Hi, compatible with Woocomerce Product Vendors?

    no it hasn’t any support for that plugin.

    Hi. I have a pre-sale question. can i see customers of a specific product varaiation and print it? am not sure about it from your demo because when try to see customers of specific variation, i gets an error. Please assist me asap. thanks.

    thank you for reporting the issue. I’ve fixed it in the new 17.5 version that I’ve just released.
    Retry now, it will work. :)

    If you decide to buy, the new version will be available to download in 4 – 5 days (CodeCanyon approval system takes awhile to publish new updates). However if you send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) reporting your email, I will send the update directly via email! :)


    yumit Purchased


    I have a questions.

    I have many sellers on my woocommerce for b2b.

    To exempel Seller A have customer B,C,D ( user role ‘Seller A’) Seller E have a customer Y,Z,W ( user role ‘Seller E’ )

    When seller A loggin to admin panel can he see just customer B,C,D.

    When I chance displayed roles on option menu but it changes to all users.

    Please, I need some help with this or have you any idea for this?

    Yes, this is because WCCM plugin saves all its options as general options, so it is valid for all users.
    It is not designed to have any option specific to user profile.


    curvdaryn Purchased

    Looking to add a column to the “Customers > Guest” table that has the products listed that the customer ordered. We are using to export a spreadsheet and need to know what was ordered.

    Willing to pay you ASAP to implement this if there isn’t a way to currently do it.

    Let me know.

    Thank you