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Hellas, I am looking for a plugin that has this feature: Show all customers who bought • a specific product • one product in a range of products of a specific category • one product in a range of products of a specific tag Greetings

yes the plugin could sui your needs.
  1. To know which users bought a specific product, you can use the who bought feature. Go into products list and click on the who bought feature:
  2. To discover users who bought products beloging to specific categories (not tags), time range, etc you can use the Discover by orders feature: . Just select the categories you need and then hit the Discover button.

Before any purchase, please use the demo site to perform all the tests you need to be sure that the plugin actually fits your needs and expectations. In case you need further info, feel free to ask :)

Thank you!

Hello, I just purchased this and there’s no way it’s going to work for my application. My user database is 23000 users with over 23000 orders at any one time. It’s simply too slow. Can you please provide a fix or a refund?

I’d like a refund please. How do I request it?

Refunds can be requested through the Envato help center.

Thank you. I wish this would have worked out for me as I could really use this utility but upgrading to a dedicated server ($300+ per month) is not something I can do right now. I feel this could have been avoided with a little bit of an update to your item description. No hard feelings, it just didn’t work for me.

I’ve tried to Export full customer list but the download popup didn’t show up. I wait till 100% and nothing happen. download selected customers csv works just fine.

I’m using woocommerce v.3.0.9

Hi, without any further clue it is quite hard to determine the cause. Try updating the plugin to the latest 20.4 version that you can download from codecanyon and try using a different browser.

For further support you have to renew your support license.

Ok I already extended support license ;) I updated version 20.4 but still didn’t work. please see vdo below it open new tab but no file to save Download selected customers CSV work just fine

Thank you for renewing :)

It seems however a browser issue that is not able to download the generated file. The new popup is due to the file that the server sends to the browser once the operation is ended. However it seems that for some reasons it is not able to save it.

Could you try a different browser and report me if you still experience the issue? Is this the first time you experience the issue? Try also purging browser cache and eventually disable 3rd extension (like the ones that block popups).


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Hello, I tried to export my customers so that I could import into a new “test” website and the import came through but a lot of the customer names, email addresses, etc. are jumbled up. I have an account on the site and my customer profile came through with a different email address and user name. It also does not export as a CSV file so I could not open it in Excel to verify the data before I imported it. Can you help?

for what concerns the csv Excel import, please refer to the guide reported in the plugin description page under the How to import into Excel paragraph. Excel will not properly open a csv file if not imported using the right procedure. In alternative you could use any CSV editor like:

For what concerns the import procedure, are you sure that you have not altered in any way the csv file before importing? The csv file has been generated by the Customer Manager plugin or using any other software? Are you using the latest 20.4 version of Customer Manager plugin?
This kind of issues usually are related to the fact that the csv file is not properly formatted.

If you send me via private message (click on my name and then use the low-right box) the following:
  1. you email address
  2. Full admin access to the wp-admin area (for both the export and the import site)
  3. a FTP access (for both the export and the import site)

I can perform some tests to see if it possible to determine the cause of the issue.

Thank you.


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Can you let me know if you just Query the existing data held by WooCommerce or copy / create any of your data from the WooCommerce Data?

the plugin is not storing any customer data on any custom table. It just queries WooCommerce data computing on the fly in order to display the customer stats.


aotyehel Purchased

That’s great – thanks

You’re welcome :)

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Presale question: I have a bunch of custom user meta fields for my WooCommerce customers. I need a report that will combine both the custom user_meta with the purchased product information.

Will your plugin do this? One report with all custom user meta plus the products those customers purchased.


I’m sorry but unfortunately the plugin hasn’t such a feature.

The demo login is currently going to a front-facing My Account page.

Does this support displaying unique checkout fields for each Guest order?