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Nice idea. Would instantly buy it if you could integrate the category and single product elements on a per category/product basis and not only globally.

Great idea this plugin – easy it makes adding the text and shortcodes .

Hi guys,

Nice plugin. I installed it but also came across the feedback point of applying single product elements to product categories. Is this a future feature? If yes, when can we expect this?

Best regards, Michiel

Hi , i am thinking also to implement it , but i can not give you a date right now . Of course i will inform you once done :) . Best Regards

This doesn’t work.I try to upload it and Wordpress just tells me it’s not a plugin.

Edit: Nevermind, Envato download links are breaking your files. Refreshed the payment page to get an original link and it worked.

Hi , unzip it as have the documentation folder inside and use the plugin zip , or just download the installable file . Regards

This is really good. Would I be able to add different images on different category/product pages? I see you’ve used the same image every where.


Just sent you the email.

I have uploaded the website on a test domain and a week ago emailed you the backend access.

Hi Razzc , i am sorry . Usually the support it is given once the plugin it is purchased , and not before . Regards


I would like to know with if with your plugin I will have this ( ) instead of this in my website ( for the payment form .

thanks in advance for your response, Chris

Hi , i think not , my plugin is not related to the payment method at all , but can add a text image or any other content after or before this box . Regards

I have uploaded the website on a test domain and a week ago emailed you the backend access.

Hi Razzc , i am sorry . Usually the support it is given once the plugin it is purchased , and not before . Regards

Hi gema i install the plugin but not appear options.

I need personalizate ” After Single Product Summary” , in single product area.

Hi Gema

The 2 places I’m looking for are:

1. On single product page – Directly above the Description tab – possible ? (same width as product description)

2. On the shop page – between product archive row 1 and 2. ?

That would be something :-)

Pre Purchase Question.

I need to add a questionnaire before the checkout fields (after the apply coupon field). your plugins seems to be the one which will do the job for me.

Q1. can we add Contact Form 7 Shortcode Before Checkout? Q2. If yes. how Contact Form 7 Form will work here… do we need to add separate submit button for contact form 7 form or it will be submitted once Order button (woocommerce checkout button) is clicked?

Q3. will contact form 7 send the form separately in email or it will be stored with woocommerce checkout fields.

Q4. can we hide the text/form which is added by your plugin and only display when someone click on to show it (just like the way coupon link works.. coupon field only appears if we click on click here if you have coupon?

Hi you can add there any custom text , custom code or shortcut . If will work perfectly depending on the code you enter on it . Regards

Hi, does it recognize / supports the shortcodes fo ACF Advances custom fields. I want to polulate ACF fields of products to the products page using your plugin. Does ist work?

Yes the plugins supports the shortcodes .

Hi there,

Is it possible to add different banners/text on each product page or each category ??


No this plugin works only globally , not for specific categories or product pages .

Thank you for developing this awesome plugin :) works perfectly! It would be even more awesome if it would support custom content on category pages! :)

Hi Gema,

Can you just confirm whether I can add a different texts for separate products or this is global only? I need to add manufacturing lead times for every single product, but they do vary..

Hi, Is this plugin still work now? Is it support the responsive theme?

Sure , if the theme it is responsive yes , and also it depends what you will add in the custom fields , if will be text image or custom html code – need to be responsive . Regards

Pre-Sales Qtn if you dont mind:

I want to show the “Packing Type” on the Prod Page. Eg: Per Set, 10PCs/PKT, Per Pc, etc.etc…

See link below as illustration.

Will your plugin allow me to do that ?

I can’t use Attribute or is there a default WooCommerce feature that i don’t know about ?


Yes it can be done using the plugin , but will be the same for all the products as the plugin works globally not for category or single products .


Hi, this is a presale question…I need to customize my ec-commerce store. 1- is this plugin compatible with the flatsome theme? 2-is it possible to add different sections to the product page? Specifically I need to add sections near the price, near size, near the add to cart button and under add to cart button. What I need is some space to add more information about shipping time, size charts link, discounts, payment methods, guarantees and so on. Will I be able to add flatsome shortcodes? 3- is it possible to add 3 or 4 more tabs under the add to cart button?

Looking forward to your reply thanks kind regards manuela

Hi check the online documentation to know in details whats this plugin really do . Regards

Is there any plans to make this a per product basis and not global? If so, when? Thanks

Hi. Has this plugin been abandoned?

No , Why ? There was not need to update it as it is still compatible with the last wordpress and woocommerce versions . Regards

OK. I ask because Wordfence is flagging it as a potentially abandoned plugin since it hasn’t been updated in so long (13 October 14, according to the info on the plugin overview here). But if it doesn’t need updating, it doesn’t need. Thanks for writing back.