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Hi, I have a website via WooCommerce, right now the only option is for the customers to all in and order. We would like to have the ability on just a few products to be able to purchase online, but the rest would still be where the customers call in.

Is that possible with this plugin?



Hello Jeff,

This plugin applies catalog mode on every single product of the store.

A slightly modified version of this pluign can do the job that you want. If you would like to get a modified version, you can email me via profile page to get the quote price and others.


Dear all,

I use woo commerce without the pricing right now. I would like to add prices to each product, but I need to add a “from” in front of the price. Is this possible with you plugin? In addition I need to deactivate the shopping cart. It should just show from prices in the overview of products, thats all. Is that possible? Thanks and best regards Antje


That will require a little bit customization in the plugin.

Customization task will cost 40 USD total.

If you want to get it done, please email directly using the profile page (



Cart, and add to cart buttons still showing. 59f9b8f2-866a-4a2e-83a1-837a77d9a186

Scrren shot:

What do I check. Not happy with all your good reviews.



This plugin works with almost 98% of the available WordPress themes.

In your case I need to check the admin area to find out the exact reason or solution. You can email me directly from my profile page:

Expected credentials via email:

1. Temporary admin access of the site 2. FTP access

If you send these, I’ll check and will let you know for further details.



evZek Purchased

i send email

checking your email. will communicate with you through mail reply.


I would like to purchase your plugin it. Before that, I need some products in catalogue mode and other products (include variable products) remain available “Add to cart”.

Your plugin would be my second purchase as previous developer catalogue plugin caused a conflict to other non-catalogue mode variable products.

Looking forward your reply.

Thank you.


I’m really sorry, because there are no such option in this plugin to put some products in catalog mode, and some others in the purchase mode.

Also, variable products does not works with the catalog mode, WooCommerce core has some restrictions on that.

A customized version of this plugin may serve your purpose, I guess. But, that will cost extra as per the customization volume.



d3lfine Purchased

Dear all,

Sadly, your plugin don’t work on my website. Could you check it if I give you all access ?

Thank by advance to your help.

Best regards, Delphine

Hello, have you maybe demo of admin panel? Everyone product can have own additional button link?

No. Every product can have a single common link.


Hello. i don’t saw the information about comptability with version : 3.1.x is your plugin is working ? thanks

It’s Compatible.


Hi, I need catalog mode for woocommerce but I need it to work for multi vendors is this possible?

No. Not Possible with this plugin.

Hi, it is compatible with Woocommerce 3.x ???

Yes, it is. Sorry for the late response! :(


bosthon Purchased


With the button “Remove Price Tag From Site” in mode On, the plugin does not hide the price tag.

This feature is the main one for which I have purchased the plugin.



Please share your site URL and login credentials via Email. I will take a look for fixing the issue.

You can email me directly from my profile page:


Dear Sir,

I need in my woocommerce store, to be able to a) sell some products normally and b) for some other products, to display information (catalogue mode) and to have a link to redirect the client to another site (to buy from that site).

Is this possible from your script?

Thank you and Kind Regards

No. Such thing is not possible with this plugin.



Can I display some products in Catalog Mode and some others in normal (shopping) mode?

Thank you

No. Not.


Hi there,

I have just purchased this plugin, but I am confused as to how to adjust the settings, there doesn’t seem to be a settings option once the plugin has been installed and activated. Please can you let me know asap what I need to do.

Thank you,



There should be a settings page in your WordPress administration panel.

If you doe’t not get that page, please make sure DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT is set to false in your wp-config.php file in the root folder of WordPress installation.


Hello, I would like to purchase your plugin, but I need some customization.
  • catalog for visitors (not logged-in)
  • full shop for logged-in users. Can you please quote for me customization – if you want to do for me?
    ...maybe that could be good next step for that plugin – even for higher price :)


Thanks for your interest. Customization will cost 65 USD.


Hello, thank you for answer. That looks not bad, but I manage to find similar solution with already build-in functionality.

hi there, is it possible to apply the catalogue mode to just single items, while other items can still be purchased?

No. Sorry for the delayed response.



I am thinking of buying your plugin. Couple questions I have to make sure it will work with what I am aiming to do. I am trying to hide the price from some items and show on some of them on my website which is We are starting to use woocommerce plugin to integrate an online shoppoing on the same website.

1) Is this plugin compatible with woocommerce plugin on my website to enable to hide the price from some items but still allow customer’s to make a purchase and reveal the price to them after they register first and proceed to check-out?

2) Also woocommerce has it’s own plugin called catalog visibility option, what is the major difference between your plugin and theirs?

Thank you for your time in advance


deeluuxe Purchased


The “Add to cart”-button is still there on the products listing page und the shopping cart is still displayed. How can this be deactivated?

Best regards, Jan

Please make sure your curt setting is set to on. You can get it from the settings page of the plugin. Thanks

Hello, is it compatible with Dokan?. Thank you

No. Thank You.


ctrader3 Purchased

Is the woocommerce catalog mode compatible with Divi? I have tried others and they crash my site.

I am not sure. Never tried with Divi. Use at you own liability.