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i have a pre sale query :

we have a country weight based shipping price list where prices are predefined for specific country groups based on weight in the following format:

Max weight (kilogram) | Cost ($) | country group number (shipping zones)






Now my question is, can i implement the above using your plugin ? if its possible then plz explain with reference to ur demo

I have also post this same query to ur other plugin’s comment’s section (Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce) . so let me know among of ur 2 plugins will be best suited for my requirement

waiting for ur reply

Weight ranges are only specified by the beginning of the range. This is the column Total Weight Equal to and Above. I used one of your scenarios in the example I linked to above. It will show you exactly which settings fields you need and how to use them based on the scenario you have.

in my scenario , if suppose the cart weight 105 grams then the returning shipping cost will be 5.95 right ? because 105 > 0 && 105 > 100.01

Correct, it will use the last qualifying row in the table. So it will ignore the row for weights greater than 0 because it is also greater than 100, the second qualifying row.

Hello. I am not sure if this plugin would solve my problem, could you please help me? What I want to achieve is the following:

My flat rate is 900 HUF, however, if there are more than 1 products in customers cart, shipping cost should be 1490 HUF, no matter if there are 2 items, or 5. However if there is more than 10 items, shipping cost would be say 2000 HUF.

Is this possible with this plugin?

Thank you for your reply, this sounds great. However I am still confused about one thing:

I have a 900 HUF shipping class, which gets increased to 1490 based on quantity as we have discussed. But can I manage different shipping classes seperately?

Say I have another shipping class which is default 1490 HUF, I don’t want this to be increased with quantity, only the former shipping class.

Is this possible? Thank you.

Not this plugin, but my other one could. I have a Table Rate shipping plugin that would allow you to separate the cart into groups based on shipping class. Then you could calculate a price for each group/class, and combine the prices into one total shipping cost.

Thank you for your reply, I will look into that other plugin!

Hi, I’m trying to implement a very complex shipping rate. Please let me know if your plugin can do it.

Shipping rules are based on District AND Weight.
1) District 1, 6 Ton for $XX
2) District 1, 10 Ton for $XY
3) District 1, 15 Ton for $XZ

4) District 2, 6 Ton for $YY
5) District 1, 10 Ton for $YX
4) District 1, 15 Ton for $YZ

You can have a look at the shipping quote that my shipping provider provided at here :

I would like to also know if you plugin could display map of customer’s shipping address when calculating shipping price?

It sounds like this plugin should be able to. It’s very basic, but it can handle changing flat rate prices based on the cart’s weight. It uses the WooCommerce shipping zones to handle the location condition. So long as you can define the districts within their zones, this plugin should be able to work!

I just purchased this plugin. But upon installing it, in the settings it says it is depreciated???

“Cart Based (deprecated)

This method is deprecated in 3.1 and will be removed in future versions – we recommend disabling it and instead setting up a new rate within your Shipping Zones.”

Did I just waste my money? Please explain.


You know, I think I figured it out. Seems like you can do the same thing in the zones area. Whew!

I apologize for the confusion. Unless you’re a prior user you shouldn’t be able to see the legacy method so I’m not sure why that appeared for you. But yes, that page has been deprecated as it’s the old way of doing shipping. Since WooCommerce 2.6, it is preferred that you use their shipping zones now.

Can this plugin handle conditional shipping? for instance, only show Y shipping method if X payment is selected?

This is a simple method that handles one of three options at a time: subtotal, quantity, and weight. It does not have any further conditionals.

Hi, I’m considering buying now but I want to know if i’ll be able to achieve the following shipping rates: I want to set the shipping to be 10$ for 1 item, $14.95 for 2-3 items and $21.95 for 4 items or more.

Can i do this? Thanks

Many thanks :) will but it now

installed and worked exactly as i wanted, thanks a lot

Excellent, I am glad to hear it will be helpful for you!

Hey! Pre-sale question:

There are 3 shipping conditions I would like to set up with the plugin:

1. Condition for 100% discount and free shipping for coupons.

2. Small packages: $ Y

3. Three or more small packages and big packages: $ Z

Is this possible with your plugin?

Looking forward to your reaction!

Cheers Mickey

I’m afraid not with this plugin. This is a very basic shipping method based on a few of the cart’s total values like price or weight.

I notice you have not updated since April 2015. When WP 5.0 comes out will there be a conflict? I had another cart based shipping plugin on my site and WooCommerce wouldn’t update because the plugin hadn’t been updated.

It looks like we have spoken through email as well, but just to be clear for anyone else, the plugin is still maintained (although the last update was actually July 4th, 2016). At this time I have found no problem with WP 5 or WC 3.4, but support is always available should you run into a problem :)

I have WP4.9.8 and WC 3.4.4, this plugin run for me? I would like if With this add-on, I can configure my shopping cart to charge the shipment on the percentage of the order

Yes, this plugin will run on the latest versions of WooCommerce and WordPress alike, and one of the cost types is indeed a percentage of the customer’s subtotal.

hello, your plugin allows me to prevent the reload of the page on single products like this plugin?

This is a shipping plugin. It does not handle any functionality or display. It merely calculates shipping when WooCommerce asks it to.

Hi Question.. Can I use this to work with Printful Print on Demand Service? I want to include shipping cost into the total price and offer free shipping for certain United States and Canada

I’m afraid I do not know what that plugin is, but this plugin is merely a shipping calculator so it shouldn’t have a problem. It determines the shipping price and associated title based on your settings. It then sends it to WooCommerce who is responsible for the processing and charging of the fee.


bluefuze Purchased

Is this plugin dead now? I noticed it hasn’t been updated for a long time. Will it work with the latest version of Woo?

There have been no feature additions lately but it will still work. It is tested with each beta version of WooCommerce and no issues have been found so a bug fix update was not necessary.