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How do I configure this plugin for the new shipping zone system in latest Woocommerce? I have downloaded the lastest version of this plugin, but the documentation is for 3.0 not 3.1 Everything worked perfectly before we updated Woocommerce with this new shipping zone system. I have no idea how to get you plugin to work any longer. Here are screenshots of the settings we used for you plugin. How can I get this to work with latest shipping zone in Woocommerce?

I’m afraid I do not know why things have stopped working. I cannot find any issue with the plugin on the demo site, but I would be happy to take a look at your dashboard if you would like. Your settings look fine in the screenshots. Are those settings from within the new shipping zones? Have you configured the shipping zone as per the WooCommerce documentation?

If you would like me to take a look, please open a support ticket as those are more private. You will be able to secretly share credentials there.

Pre-sales question. Could you please let me know if it is possible to set :

*Local pickup *Free shipping depending on cart subtotal *Standard (Mail) shipping based : a) on zones or zip codes and b) on cart weight and c) extra charge (e.g 3€ )for cash on delivery (if buyer selects this option) *Express (Courier) shipping based : a) on zones or zip codes and b) on cart weight and c) extra charge (e.g 3€) for cash on delivery (if buyer selects this option)

Thanks a lot.

Same as with the other plugin you left a question on: This plugin should be able to handle the shipping basics, however it won’t be able to add the extra charge for cash on delivery. There are currently no options for that type of condition. I have another plugin that could handle that part separately but it’s not s shipping method.

Hello I need help with “cart based” issue. I set it correctly on the backend but on the live site the shipping method is not the same as the set up.

It’s difficult to say why without seeing your setup and what is happening in the front end. Please open a support ticket so you can share screenshots with me and I will gladly take a look:

Hello, I have a simple question before buying.

I need to set up shipping methods in this way.

- Shipping to Italy for free only if you exceed € 50 purchase.

- Shipping for europe free only if you exceed € 80 purchase.

is possible to have this setting?

Sure, but being honest, you could also complete this with standard WooCommerce so long as you have 2.6 or newer. This plugin is meant for setting up several pricing brackets, in different zones, quickly and efficiently. If you have no other requirements for this plugin, you may not need this plugin after all.


mickif Purchased

do I need to register my license for tis to work? if so, when I hit register under plugin I get this message: Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page. Any ideas? thanks

No, you do not need to register the plugin for it to work. The page no longer exists, but I guess a link to it does. Are you having issues getting the plugin to work?


mickif Purchased

Yes, having issues, I just replied to your reply in support. Thanks for explaining about the license.

Hi, Just now i got try the demo the cart based didn’t working

Can you please explain further what trouble you were having? I am not able to find any issue looking over it just now.

When i go to checkout then click cart based 3 option it didn’t auto calculate the shipping fees

I’m afraid I do not know which one you are referring to, but I also cannot find any issue. I counted down to the third Cart Based method setup. It was setup for the US, however the settings are all blank so it would return a $0 shipping cost. The only issue I could find is that it is disabled but still returning a rate. This is something I can look into.

Hi – Just wondering if the plug-in is compatible with Woo 3.0+ before I upgrade.

Yes, I would say so. I was not able to find any issues between this plugin and WC 3.0

Thank you. Appreciate the quick feedback.

Pre-sales question:

My client wants the following shipping set-up: -$3.99 first item -$1.00 each additional item -FREE shipping for cart subtotal over $75.00

Can this be accomplished with your plugin?

Thank you.

Not with this method, but it could be accomplished with the Table Rate shipping method offered.

Can I use this plugin to give customers who collect their products from our offices a 10% discount?

I’m afraid not. Negative shipping prices are not allowed within WooCommerce. The only way to do this is through coupons or the Fees API built in to WooCommerce. Fees can only be added through PHP code, or through a third party plugin. I do have one in my portfolio if you would like to take a look:

Hello, Can you tell me if this plugin will automatically exclude products marked as virtual from the cart subtotal?

Definitely! WooCommerce removes the virtual items from the shipping package, so the plugin should not know of their existence.


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Hello there,

I have a customer that is currently using WooCommerce for their website and is wanting to add a specific functionality. I am looking for a plugin/method to achieve this function and was hoping you could let me know if this achievable using WooCommerce Cart Based Shipping.

He has a shipping plugin that he uses BUT he would also like to offer a flat rate shipping fee ($9.95) that shows up in the cart section ONLY if the cart has specified products in it that are enabled to have this flat rate option. If the cart has a mix of specified products and non specified products the flat rate option will not show.

An alternative that would be acceptable is having the flat rate option show when there is a single (1) specified product in the cart. If the customer adds more products regardless of which they are, the flat rate option will not show up.

Thank you for your help,

Briana Cunningham

I’m afraid this plugin will not, it is very simplistic, but the Table Rate method I offer will be able to handle this. The easiest way to set this up would be to use a shipping class to denote which products are included in this flat rate. Then in the table rate method, you would calculate shipping based on class but only setup a cost for the one shipping class. The method requires a price to be given for all classes, so if they add anything other than these special items, the option will not show up.

mickif Purchased

never mind :).

hi i bought this item but i cant setting up. how i m gonna use that please help do you have tutorial or something different

There is documentation that explains each of the settings and its purpose. It comes with the plugin, or can be found online here:

If you would like to briefly describe your shipping model I am happy to help guide you in the right direction.

hi again me i tryed everyting but it doesnt work i looked docs. but it is missing something everytime

For better help with configuration it is best to open a support ticket. This way you can share screenshots, login credentials, and a summary of your shipping model with privacy. Please open a ticket here:

Hi, I just updated everything in a staging site. I now get “Shipping costs will be calculated once you have provided your address.” in cart, even though I have “Hide shipping costs until an address is entered” unchecked in settings. What am I missing? It is working fine in live site, that has not been updated since your new version. Thank you!!! Oh and all settings are the same.

I’m afraid I cannot really say without seeing your settings. I am not aware of any issues at the moment so I do not have an exact answer for you. For more personalized help, please open a support ticket and share details of the problem as well as screenshots of your settings page or dashboard credentials so that your settings can be reviewed.

Hi and thanks for getting back to me! I fixed it, there was a setting needed that wasn’t needed/checked in prior setup. Now, if I could remember which one it was, I would let you know! Too many updates/tweaks lately, not enough brain cells :).

Not in a problem, I’m glad you were able to get it working at least :)

hi, pre-sales question – I am looking for a plugin where I can set up the following settings on my woo-commerce site… we will want to set up normal shipping monday to friday, that will have a fixed cost per order for standard delivery and free shipping over a pre-set amount, which is normally easy, but we also want to offer next day delivery for a set cost, and saturday / sunday delivery for another different set cost. Can you tell me if this plugin can be configured to do this please?

Did you need certain options to appear on certain days of the week? This plugin won’t be able to do that but the Table Rate method could handle that and everything else.

Hi, I was looking at the comment here:

If I am understanding this correctly, with your plugin I can set a free level of shipping, for example, free shipping over 100.00, and then set a named shipping class and assign it to specific products that do not qualify for free shipping and then they will not be counted toward that 100.00 threshold. Am I correct?


Yes, you could certainly do that! It essentially tells the shipping calculator (for just this method) that the value of the excluded item is $0, so it won’t affect the calculation from the table you setup. Just keep in mind that if the customer buys only from the excluded items, it will still send a subtotal of $0 to the table. If you wish for the shipping to be free in cases like this, be sure your first row is based on the subtotal equal to or greater than $0.01 so that those orders are not charged shipping when you don’t want them to be.

The demo site has full dashboard access to the WooCommerce settings so feel free to give it a try before you buy :)