Discussion on WooCommerce Cart Based Shipping

Discussion on WooCommerce Cart Based Shipping

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Hi there! I hope you are well :)

I am looking for a method to show shipping costs already in cart, without the user having to type in an adress. The shipping will only depend on the amount in cart, so either it is a flat-rate fee or free shipping (when you have passed the threshold). In other words – the user should already in cart see the total cost, before clicking to check out. Is this possible with this plug-in, please? :)

This plugin will only work within the WooCommerce system, so it won’t calculate the shipping costs unless the system requests it. You can generally set the cost to appear straight away by setting a default location or using the geolocate app built in.

Hi, i have a question about conditions.

We need to have two options.

1. If the total is equal or more than 50 euros, only one shipping option is visible and the shipping is free. 2. It the total is less then 50 euros, customer can choose which company will deliver and the shipping is with a price for that company (two delivery companies in this moment)

Can we do this with your plugin?


You can definitely setup certain Cart Based methods to appear or disappear based on the customer’s subtotal. However this would require that you setup the shipping costs in this method as well. If you were planning to use an API method that connects directly to your shipping providers to get the shipping fees, then this plugin won’t be necessary. It cannot modify the results of other shipping methods, just it’s own.

Hello, I’d just like a simple plugin that offers 3 different shipping prices,+ free, ie. buy 1 product = $x shipping cost, buy 2 product = $y shipping cost, buy 3 product = $z shipping cost, then free over $100 spent on product. Does your Card Based Shipping plugin do this? (And this would be done automatically, as customer chooses the quantity). Thanks.

If it is based on the number of products in the cart, no special circumstances or products, then yes, this plugin could help! It only calculates based on one condition, however. So for this scenario you would choose ‘Item Count’. Then you can use a ‘Free Shipping’ method to setup the $100 minimum subtotal option.

Unfortunately I don’t have the option to hide this method when the free shipping option is available. (Something that my other method has and I will have to add it to this method next.) In the meantime, you could try the following Code Snippet.

Or it looks like this plugin would be helpful!

Hello, pre-sales question: Is it possible to have a discount on the shipping value (let’s say 50% on the normal shipping value) once you purchase more than 200€? Thanks in advance!

In a way, yes. You can specify pricing so that shipping is $10, but once the customer spends 200, the shipping cost is $5. So there’s no percent settings, but you can change the flat rate based on how much the customer is purchasing.

Hello. We have 28 different sizes of products, they all should have different shipping prices for different postcodes. Can this be done by your plugin?

I’m afraid not with this one. It’s a very simplistic method just based on cart totals.


I am looking for a plugin that can do the following:

1. Add a minimum value for the order 2. Add shipping fees and a minimum order at the same time 3. Different shipping fees for different zip codes.

Is this possible?

Definitely! WooCommerce shipping zones can be narrowed down by postal code, and each zone can have its own Cart Based method. This allows you to setup different rules or pricing for each zone. There is a field that allows you to enter the minimum subtotal for shipping, and the table below that you can enter one shipping cost or multiple if you need the price to change based on how much the customer purchased.


I have a presales questions,

I need to ship via weight, so Ideally my weight pricing would be

1kg = £7 5kg = £8 20kg is £11

if someone add’s two products which are both 19kg then Ideally the shipping total should be £22 and not £11 as the customer has exceeded 20kg, would you plugin do this?

Or if the customer had 2 items one being 19kg and another 3kg then it should be £19 shipping as the 20kg has been exceeded but it the remainder of the exceed is below 5kg

Is the plugin capable of this please


I’m afraid not, the rules of this method’s table are not recursive at this time.

Does it ignore virtual products in the subtotal? We sell both tangible items and virtual items that do not ship.

Yes, virtual items are removed from the shipping package in WooCommerce. This plugin calculates only on what is found in the package provided.


I have a pre-sale question. I would like to achieve that regarding shipping:

- Shipping method 1: Limited to a french postal code, 30€ minimum per order to activate shipping, shipping is free - Shipping method 1: Limited to some french postal code, 30€ minimum per order to activate shipping, shipping is an 8€ flat rate

Is it something your plugin can do?

Absolutely! This method uses the WooCommerce shipping zones which will handle limiting your shipping to certain postal codes. You would then add a Cart Based method to each of your zones. You can enter the shipping cost in the table, just one row since you have flat rate prices, and there is a ‘Minimum to Ship’ field where you can enter the minimum price.

You can give it a try on the demo site if you would like:

Hi, i’m interested by the plugin, does it work with all themes?

Yes, this plugin calculates shipping and returns the results to WooCommerce for processing. It does not modify or add to the display at all. Your theme manages that part.

Hi Bolderelements,

I sent you a message earlier but realized that I should’ve used this feature. We bought the table rate plugin, but realized it wasn’t suitable.

May I check if I should just purchase this plugin instead for this use case. We have two kinds of shipping classes, either products are computed by weight or by number of items.

So if you buy food, we need to use weight (kg) and a certain multiplier and if you buy non-food, we just compute basing on the number of items.

We used tablerate + the plugin for multiple packages and ended up with having one shipping line for each product.

So with this plugin, is it possible to order both food and non-food and only have two lines of shipping computations on checkout?

I’m afraid not with this plugin, it is very simplistic and limited in features. Only the Table Rate method can handle this kind of scenario. You can use the Multiple Packages and split by shipping class if you wish the customers to see the shipping prices separately. Otherwise it would work with the Table Rate method alone.

This tutorial would show a close example to what you are looking for, however you can also open a support ticket on the same site if you would like some direct help. I can help review your settings and make sure we get it up and working the way you need.

Would appreciate if you can reply to refund request on ticket number #3508 and ticket 3517.


We want your plug-in to be installed in our online store for weight calculation. Weight up to 12 kg. If you weigh more than 12 kg, display a message “No shipping methods available, contact us”. However, in case someone is in Attica zone, the only available shipping method will be the point of receipt.

are they feasible?

If you are looking to setup simple weight ranges with a flat rate cost at each range, then yes you could use this shipping method. The table allows you to specify the weight range and cost, and there is an additional option on the page that can limit the order to a specific weight value.

Hi, what’s the difference between your two plugins?
“Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce”
“WooCommerce Cart Based Shipping”
I am trying to apply shipping costs by country based on weight, also indicating for some countries the free cost based on an expense.
I’m looking for a plugin that is a perfect integration with the WooCommerce shipping areas.
Thank you

The Cart Based method is much simpler. It can only handle a few different scenarios and is meant for users looking for something a little more simple to setup. The Table Rate method is much more flexible with many more conditions and the ability to mix them together. For example, with the Cart Based method, you can only base shipping on price OR weight, not both. With the Table Rate method, you could setup a series of weight based rules, and then have a price based rule to override them, just like you described above.

Pre-Sale Question: I have a client using FedEx to calculate shipping. Currently if someone buys 5 items it gets a shipping quote on each and totals it up. My client wants to combine the items (add the weight together) and get 1 quoted price. EG: 5 items of 2lbs each should ping Fed Ex as 1 item of 10 lbs. Is that what this plug does?

No, this plugin is it’s open shipping method. You can set custom/manual rates by weight, but it does not connect to any APIs or other shipping methods to get the shipping cost.

Ok thanks. Any idea if there is one that does the ‘math’ on the weight before sending to a shipping API?

I’m afraid not. I would have assumed that was the default behavior of that plugin.


I’m searching for a shipping plugin which calculates shipping costs based on a custom attribute, in this case ‘Full Box Percentage [%]’.

For example: item A has a Full Box Percentage of 40, Item B 32.5 and item C 38.5. If a customer order each item twice, the total is 222% which means 3 full boxes.

Is this possible with this plugin? The problem is that I can’t only rely on weight as our products have different sizes. The alternative is to use the weight attribute for this, but that will be a last resort.

Hope this will work out. Thanks for answering already!

This is actually a very simplistic method that can only calculate shipping on a few aspects of the cart. It won’t be able to handle anything more advanced like this.

Just attemped to have a look at your plugin. Your live preview is broken because when I add any product to the cart the cart is still empty so we can’t preview. The plugin settings menu item is also broken on the live preview.

It sounds like you may have cookies blocked on your browser. I’m afraid I cannot replicate an issue personally with the site when I tried it just now.

You were correct. I looked and the demo cookies had been auto blocked by chrome. I unblocked and all is good now.


I have some pre-sales questions:

My site offers products in pick-up in several stores. When the order is over 40€, the shipping is free, otherwise it is charged at 9€. Can your plugin allow to charge 9€ only when the subtotal is below 40€. And if yes, is it possible to force one or the other solution depending on the amount of the cart (don’t leave the choice: when the cart is over 40€ -> nothing happens; and when the cart is under 40€ -> 9€ fee. Second question: how are these fees taxed?



Definitely! Only one option is returned from this method (because WooCommerce requires a selected shipping option when shipping is enabled). The price of said option will depend on the configuration of the method and the customer’s cart. I setup a brief example for you on the demo site if that helps!

In terms of taxing the shipping cost, this is all done by WooCommerce. The only tax setting within this method is to disable taxes for this method only if you so choose. (There is the option to include the order’s tax as part of the subtotal if you want, but that is different.) Otherwise it applies your tax settings as they are configured in WooCommerce.

If you have any further questions, please let me know!

Thank you for your answer!

In fact, I use the local pickup plus plugin, which allows to schedule pick-up appointments and the choice of the pick-up location. I only offer this possibility to my customers, so the settings in ‘Expedition’ of WooCommerce are not taken into consideration, you see? Do you think it will work then?

I’m not sure I understand. Is the Local Pickup Plus not a shipping method? It looks like it is. I cannot override how it functions, but this method can add a second option to the list a possibilities. I thought you were looking for a way for customers to choose between pickup and shipping, correct? If you add a basic free method that comes with WooCommerce, does that show up as a secondary option?

Hi there, using the price based calculation I’m currently having a problem with product bundles. Do you have any idea how to tackle this issue? Because the $package only contains the sub items of the bundles and the price of those is zero, the calculation is incorrect. Since I don’t have any bundles in my excluded classes, I’m going to use $package[‘cart_subtotal’] and subtract the excluded prices opposed to the other way around. Unfortunately from the top of my head I have no idea how to easily implement support for product bundle plugins.

Are you already using the Cart Based method for your shipping? I do not see an active license assigned to your account. I’m afraid we cannot provide support without a license and support package, but I would recommend that if you are using this plugin it is up to date. We used to have custom code that supported the WooCommerce Bundle plugin, but it was found unnecessary with recent changes to how the subtotal is calculated in our shipping plugins. It’s been a little while since I have tested the two together, but if you are still running into issues with the most recent Cart Based Shipping version, I would recommend opening a support ticket here:

Thank you for your answer. My client is still using version 3.1.1 and she’s the one with the account bound to the purchase. I didn’t find any information regarding our problem from last year and the bundled item issue in your changelog. For now we’ve found a solution and will keep an eye on updates.

Okay, no problem. That is indeed rather recent. While there were many file structure changes in 3.2, the functions for calculating the subtotal are the same between the two. If you would like to leave feedback for the changes you made, please let me know via private message (or support ticket if you are able to login). I’m happy to consider placing a filter or something so you can make changes without altering the plugin in the future. Then you won’t have to repeat the changes with following updates.

Hi: would like to know if it is possible to do this with this plugin: If I add a specific product in the basket (even if there are others) you can put free shipping costs


I’m afraid this plugin does not have any product based settings. It is simplistic shipping model setup only for price, weight, and quantity ranges. I would recommend looking at our Table Rate method which has product and shipping class based settings. It could achieve this goal.


1) Can your pluging calculate shipping costs based on total weight and total volume of the entire order (multiple products)?

2) Is there a lookup table we can configure rates and classes in?


No, this is a very simplistic method that can only charge by weight and not the volume as well.


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