WooCommerce B2B

WooCommerce B2B

The eCommerce world is divided between e-commerce B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer): in B2C e-commerce, the customer is a final consumer, but in e-commerce B2B the customer is another company.

WooCommerce B2B is a plugin that allows you to enable Business-to-Business mode in your WooCommerce shop, to use it for wholesale.

By enabling WooCommerce B2B, you can display prices only to logged in customers, moderate registration, only allow orders reaching a minimum amount, add new useful fields to products and checkout page… and now also manage product categories visibility!

But it is not over here! New and very useful features that will be released with the next updates are already under development.

For more information, see developer Official page.

List of Features

✔ Hide price to not logged in users
Only registered and logged in customers can see product prices and can purchase.

✔ Vat number field in billing address and in email
Add mandatory VAT number field in billing address, in order email and in order details in backend.

✔ Customer group pricing [UPDATED]
Create customer groups with customized discount percentage to differentiate price lists.

✔ Product categories visibility by group [NEW]
When enabled, every customer group can be set to view only some product categories depending on its group. Obviously, also products belonging not allowed product categories will be hidden.

✔ Extended registration form [NEW]
Add extend registration form with billing fields.

✔ Approve user registration
Feel free to decide which customers allow to buy from your store, enabling the accounts you deem appropriate.

✔ Account approvation notification
Send email notification to each customer when its account is enabled and active.

✔ Minimum order amount
Only allows customers to check out if their cart total is equal to or greater than established amount.

✔ Minimum product quantity
Customer must add to cart no less than established quantity of product.

✔ Incremental product quantities
Only allow the product to be purchased in groups of established quantity incremental.

✔ Customized messages
Customize all B2B messages by using proper filters.

✔ User bulk actions
Assign multiple customers to a group in one single click or enable/disable customer accounts with bulk actions.

✔ Login wih email
Simplified login with email address instead of username.

✔ Compatibility
Require WooCommerce v3.x.x and compatible with all themes.

✔ Multilanguage
100% multilanguage support and currently provided with Italian and English.

✔ Hooks
Lots of hooks to easily change the default behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I see the options?
In the admin page, under WooCommerce `Settings` menu

If I uninstall the plugin, what happens to its data in the database?
By default the plugin delete all its data if you uninstall it
You can always deactivate the plugin without loosing data

Why cannot I view the status and group fields on the user edit page?
Status and group fields are available only for users with customer role. All other users do not have them.

Is it possible to have a public price list and allow users logged in to view the discounted price dedicated to them?
Yes, it is possible. Simply deselect the “Hide prices” option, so each guest user will see the default price assigned to the product, while the logged in customers will see the discounted price (if assigned to a group)

If I activate `Product categories visibility` option, what it happens?
You can select in every product category the visibility for each customer group. Customers can see only products belonging the visible product categories. All not visible items aren’t displayed in all the website (menu, shortcodes, widgets, lists, up-sells, cross-sells, related).

If I update from 1.0 version, I will lose all groups perviously created?
No, WooCommerce B2B new version automatically convert old groups in new version, you will not lose anything previously set.

If I update from 1.0 version, I will lose the previous settings?
No, updating you will not lose anything previously set.

I’m updating from 1.0 version but I can’t found groups management. Where is it?
From version 2.0.0, groups are under Users -> All Groups.

How do I update the plugin?
When an update is available, you will receive a notification email and you will be able to download and install the new version.
If you prefer to automate this process and receive notification directly in the backend of your WordPress, you can install the free third party “WP Envato Market” plugin available on GitHub (

Changelog and Updates

    v2.0.1 - 16 June 2018
    * New function to avoid price structured data if prices are hidden
    * Fix: resolved issue with category products visibility when groups are enabled
    * Fix: resolved issue in mini cart amount calculation
    * Fix: minor bugs

    v2.0.0 - 30 May 2018
    * New groups management system
    * Hidden product categories
    * Extended registration form
    * New functions to easily and automatically convert old groups to new custom post types
    * "wcb2b_billing_company_required" hook to make company field mandatory is applied only to WooCommerce version before 3.4.0
    * Fix: resolved issue when displaying WooCommerce email settings
    * Fix: resolved problem when sendind customer activation notification
    * Fix: resolved random problem with minimum cart amount message
    * Fix: language domain as requested by WordPress internationalization standards

    v1.0.0 - 01 April 2018
    * Initial release