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I am using the Availability Scheduler and the plugin thinks this date is in the past (maybe February 16th 2017?) and immediately reverts published products back to draft status. The same issue post by MAMeingast

I’ve the last version (downloaded today)


The issue that experienced MAMeingast was due 3rd party plugin interference. In the specific he was using the WooCommerce Germanized that redefined the datepicker date format used by the expiration date input (in is case the default dd/mm/yyyy was overriden by the d. MM yy format).
Due to this interference, the date format submitted is not properly recognized by the Scheduler plugin putting the product as expired.

To avoid this kind of situation, manually input the expiration date using this fomat dd/mm/yyyy. Do a test an report me if this was your case.
Thank you.

Ok, thanks. I changed the date format in the wp options, and it works.

Glad to hear that :)
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Does this plugin allow to set a specific date, say 3 months in the future, for a product to come off the site and change to draft? Or is it only days of the week and times of the day?

My products are usually available for either a few weeks or months and then have to be removed, but keeping up with a lot will be difficult. Need to automate them to come down.

Ok wonderful, thank you for all the help!!

You’re welcome :)

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Will do :)


I’ve had this issue from day one. Whenever I set an Expiring date the product status is changed to draft, although the date is in the future. Why is that?

We really want to use the plugin, but it’s not possible as we cannot publish products when it’s active.

Sorry unfortunately I still see your license as expired:

Please renew it and once done, send me via private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) a full admin access to your site. In this way I can do some live debug to try to figure out if possible to see what’s wrong in your installation.

You are naturally right. I deposited funds, but never renewed the license. My bad, I’m sorry! Now all is ok and I’ve sent you a private message.

Thank you, got it. I’ll do some test and I’ll let you know by replying to it.

I want to know if its compatible with this plugin , I want to test your plugin before purchasing , if its possible please send it to me

The plugin hasn’t any specific support for that plugin and its features and It hasn’t any demo version that I can provide for testing.

Need to know if this plugin can make the schedule for the time price sale too not only to display the products??

The plugin only manages the product visibility it doesn’t alter the item price.

If you are interested also in price change according to time periods, you can give a look to this other plugin of mine: WooCommerce Pricing!


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Great plugin so far, doing just what i needed. But im having trouble displaying the messages i put in from the backend. it isnt showing on the frontend shop page or product page. the countdown time isnt showing on the shop page as well. would you be able to have a look for me. cheers!

This could be due to some 3rd party plugins that are including some bad javascript code that is raising errors preventing the WCAS javascript library to be properly executed and properly render the timer.
For what concers the shop and product messages, could be due do the fact the theme is not triggering all the needed woocommerce actions while rendering the pages, so the plugin is not properly able to inject the messages. It could also be due to a CSS interference.

If you send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) with an admin access, I can try to analyze those pages with my tools try to figure out whats wrong in your installation.

Meanwhile try to update the plugin to the latest 6.1 version and try also to disable one by one your 3rd party plugin until you find the one that is interfering.

Hi! Just to be sure before I buy this: This plugin allows me to create products and show/hide them on the store (catalogue and search) based on the availability date, right?


yes the plugin allows you to show or hide the product from the shop. To do that you have just to enable the Hide product option while configuring the avaliability for each day of the week:

The plugin has a full demo site:
user: demo
pass: demo
Where you can perform all the tests you need to be sure it fits your needs and expectations before purchasing to be sure that it fits your needs.

If you need a more complex tool to set product availability according to specific dates, you can also give a try to this other plugin of mine: Products Scheduler. It has a more powerful scheduler that allows you to set schedule product visibility according to times rules. It also has a demo site that you can test to see if it fits your needs.

In case of further info, fell free to ask :)

Thanks! Your plugin suggestion is actually more proper due to future possibilities…

You’re welcome :)

hello, i just buy your plugin and when I activate it a second “add to cart” button appears I read in the comments that someone else had the same problem. have you find a solutions? I use edukado theme

suppongo tu sia italiano, quindi ti rispondo direttamente in italiano :)

Forse ho una nuova versione del plugin che dovrebbe risolvere questa issue. Il problema nasce dal fatto che alcuni tempi non usano propriamente alcune action di WooCommerce. Comunque sia questa nuova versione risolvere.

Mandami un messaggio privato (clicca sul mio nome e quindi usa il box in basso a destra) con il tuo indirizzo email. Ti rispondero inviandoti la nuova version del plugin!

hi, i am interested in this plugin, but i have few presale questions; (i) i need to display one specific deal item on specific days of the week and that item should not be displayed on any other days of the week. (ii) will it allow me to exclude from the basket coupon discount? or what would happen if customer adds one daily offer and one regular item to the basket? thanks

  1. yes the plugin allows you to set availability/unavailability for one time slot for each specific day of the week. Pay attention that it allows you to set rules for each day of the week, not for specific date.
  2. It doesn’t allows to exclude coupons. The user can add to cart all the available products. In case he returns to the shop when a product is not available but it was added to cart when it was, the plugin will remove it during the checkout process dening the puchases
The plugin has a full demo site:
user: demo
pass: demo
Where you can fully test the plugin to see if it fits your needs and expectation before purchasing. In case you need further info, feel free to ask.

In case you need a more complex scheduler, you can also give a look to this other plugin of mine WooCommerce Products Scheduler. Meanwhile… have a nice day! :)

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hi, how can i configure this item to work just the way it was in your demo page.

what do you exactly mean? To see item configuration just log into the demo site:
user: demo
pass: demo
Edit the product you need to see its configuration.

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Thank you for the link. i am new to this app. i notice when i select Monday and under Purchase period, i select “disable for this day” and save. i still notice i can not do the same for Tuesdays.

To configure day availability you have to click on each day tab, then configure the availability/unavailability and then save. So in this case, after configuring Monday, click on the Tuesday tab and configure in the same way.


I’ve installed your plugin, but it hides the add-to-cart-buttons on all the single product pages. I’ve tried multiple themes, it even happens on your demo page (

I’m running the latest version of Woocommerce.

Cheers, Dennis Scholten

Thank you for reporting the issue. I’ve fixed. The update will be available to download in 4 – 5 days (CodeCanyon approval system takes awhile to approve new updates), However if you send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) reporting your email I can send you the update! :)

I tried to use the plugin and I couldn’t get it to work. It just wouldn’t save the settings like it was supposed to. It wouldn’t save in the individual product area or the bulk editor.

I found out it’s conflicting with a different plugin I have so I can’t use it afterall.

Can I please get a refund?

usually save issue are related to a low PHP max input vars. To check go to the WooCommerce -> System status menu. It has to be above 6000. If lower, please edit your php.ini and set the max_input_vars to at least 6000.

For what concers 3rd party plugin conflict, if those software are interfering breaking the plugin functionalities (for example by including bad javascript code raising errors preventing the WCAS javascript libraries to be properly executed), you have ask them for a refound not for the WCAS plugin. The software is properly working and issues related to 3rd party errors do not grant for a refound.

Hi vanquish, it seems that the plugin only works with simple products or how can I schedule only one of the variations from a variable product eg. select only one product by SKU? Thanks for your help!

the plugin hasn’t support for specific variation. As you can see from the demo site and reported in the description page, it allows only to set availability for “master” products.

Hi I have purchased the plugin with the extended license. I have a site where I manage different subdomains I want to activate your plugin .. on different subdomains but I can not! How can I fix the problem?

Ciao, suppongo tu sia italiano :)

Stai usando quindi un installazione multipress? Teoricamente la licenza ti consentirebbe di utilizzare il plugin in un solo dominio. Comunque ho appena rilasciato una nuova versione che estende la compatibilità anche a multipress. Sarà disponibile tra 4 – 5 giorni al downlaod (CodeCanyon impiega un po a pubblicare gli aggiornamenti). Comunque se mi mandi un messaggio privato (clicca sul mio nome e utilizza il box in basso a drestra) con la tua tua email, ti invierò direttamente l’update! :)


ho appena acquistato il plugin, sono riuscito a impostare una data di scadenza per l’acquisto di un prodotto, ma sfortunatamente non si visualizza la barra del countdown e lo shortcode [was_expiring_datetime] non mi stampa il valore della data ma il testo dello shortcode, puoi aiutarmi per favore? :)

per quanto riguarda il countdown devi assicurarti di aver abilitato le le opzioni Use countdown to start time e/o Use countdown to end time per i giorni in cui vuoi che vengano visualizzati.

Per quanto riguarda lo shortcode, assicurati che il l’area di testo in cui lo stai incollando supporti la renderizzazione di shortcode. In caso positivo eventualmente prova ad incollare il teto utilizzando la modalita “text” oppure prova a scriverlo manualmente utilizzando la modalita “visual”: .

Per ulteriore assistenza, dovresti utilizzare l’account che usato per acquistare il plugin (su questo che hai appena utilizzato purtroppo non vedo associato nessuna licenza).

Hi Vanquish, I’ve tried to set up a new product on the demo site with a countdown display but I didn’t get it to work properly, or at least as I thought it would be shown. Did I get something wrong? Regards. Joao

I see in the product configuration that no availability was configured. To display the countdown, you have to configure the availability for each day of the week and then enable the countdown. See as example the availability I’ve configured for Friday and Saturday. Once done as you can see from the following screenshot:
the timer is properly showed.

Ok, I get it now, but IMHO the option Throughout the Day leads the user (ate lead me :) ) to the wrong conclusion that it will do the job for all day. A feature request would have just an option switch/control to activate it to all days on every hour until the deadline. Regards.

The throught the day means that the product is always available and the countdown timer is inteted to display:
  1. the countodown to the start hour of the product avaiability
  2. Once the stat hour has passed, display the countdown to the end hour
There isn’t any countdown timer for the expiration date. However yours is a nice suggestion, I’ll try to add in a future release :)

hiii, purchased product ef471984-dbde-4b25-a97b-b3767f715fba . Looking for customization. Need an option to make the product unavailable between tow date ranges eg between oct 1, 2017 to Oct 13, 2017.

Since our products are based on date ranges need an option where we can custom set the availablity between two specific date ranges

As can seen in the demo site, the plugin hasn’t that feature and It is not designed to offer it. Unfortunately I do not offer any customization service.

However you can give a try to this other plugin of mine:

It allows you to set avaiability/unavaiability for products for specific days of the years.
It has a full demo site:
user: demo
pass: demo
Where you can perform all the tests you need to be sure it actually fits your needs and expectations.

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Hi there,

I hope you are doing well.

Thanks for the plugin, I need your support somewhere. I am facing an issue that is, I have bulk scheduled a category for specific date/day and the countdown is successfully showing in product details page but it is not showing on the category or shop page. It should be like your demo example but it isn’t working, I don’t know why.

Please help me in this regards.


Yes beacause I’ve updeated the plugin with the latest version I’ve sent to you. Check your email inbox! :)


GenBish Purchased

Thank you so much. God Bless you. You really helped me a lot.

You’re welcome :)
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I want to display the before and after product availability messages on a page I’ve created to display the products which is separate from the shop page. Is this possible, and if so, how would I do it?

Thank you!

to retrieve the product and shop pages messages you can use the following code snippet:
global $was_post_remover;
$meta = WAS_PostAddon::get_post_meta($post->ID); 
$messages =  $was_post_remover->AS_get_day_messages($meta);
the $messages is an array that contains all the shop and product pages mesasge. print it on screen using the wcas_var_dump($messages) statement to have more info about its structures.

It should work, however I have not tested so I don’t know if it really achives what you need. Do some tests, I hope you enjoy :)


Installed the most recent version and it appears to be working from the individual product page however, our site uses a single page with item lightboxes to display individual items. The issue is on the lightboxes, the add to cart button still appears and when clicked, shows the “added to cart successfully” statement while it does not actually add the item to the cart.

the plugin only supports standard woocommerce shop and product pages. It hasn’t support for any extra theme features like item displayed in lightboxes. This is because it when themes are implementing those custom display methods, are not triggering the needed woocommerce actions to render the add to cart buttons, so the plugin cannot hook and manage the button display.

However if an item is unavailable, even if added to cart, the plugin checks if actually it can be bought and eventually denies the item to be bought.