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I am not 100 percent sure. Is it possible to display a product 24 hours per day, for example, for the next 100 or 300 days and hide it automatically after this time and give me an alert that product number 1400 out of 2600 is not online anymore? I cannot check every day which product is offline now. Alert in dashboard would be fine.

no with this plugin is not possible. You can give a look to this other plugin of mine: . it is the WordPress Posts & WooCommerce Restrict Access / Products Scheduler plugin. It has a powerfull time scheduler that maybe could fit your need.

Give a try to the demo site:
(Shop admin user role) user: demo
pass: demo

(Customer role) user: demo2
pass: demo

Do some tests to see if it really fits your needs and expectations!

Hi, Is it possible to turn off products for some days in December with this plugin? So, for example: if somebody wants to order product “X” today and delivered at their place on the 24th of December. Is that something that could be achieved with this plugin?

Kind regards,

no with this plugin is not possible. However you can give a try to this other plugin of mine: WooCommerce Product Scheduler .
This plugin has a more powerful time scheduler, it allows to select in which days the product can be visible, visible but unpurchasable or invisible.
You can also, for example, schedule now a visibility rule for Christmas.
It also has a live demo site where you can perform all the tests you need to see if it really suits your needs and expectatcions! give a try! :)

Hi, thanks for your answer! So if I’m understanding correctly, I can make a product unpurchasable for the last 10 days of december?! So if I order a product today, but select the 24th of December as delivery date (I have a delivery date plugin installed), the product is unavailable? Or is the product only unavailable on the date I’m ordering?

The product, during the latest 10 days of december will not be visible on the store. The plugin automatically sets the products as ‘draft’ during the period you have configured.

So in your case, if the customer orders now the product selecting the 24th as delivery date, the product is avaiable.
If your customer, on 24th December, visits your shop will not be able to see the product online.

Hello, I wanted to know if your plugin can set expiry date and take into account the different flavors a product can have. Indeed the products we are selling have different flavors and sometimes different expiration date based on those flavors.

no unfortunately the plugin doesn’t consider product variations. You can only set an expiring date for the “master” product.


I checked if I had “Measurement Price Calculator plugin” installed before buying. However the add to cart buttons are still not showing on shop/catagory pages.

What can I do to fix this, the plugin is pretty much useless at this point. website is:

I am running xstore theme.

Hope you can help! :)

the Measurement Price Calculator plugin causes an issue that makes the theme to double render the add to cart button.
In the case they are not showing at all, it could be due to some other 3rd party plugin interference.
Few questions
  1. Are the buttons not showing for all product, even for products you have not configured any avaiability rule? (Note: if you have configure a product to be unavaiable but still to be visible, is the normal plugin behavior to hide the add to cart button)
  2. is actually the plugin active?
  3. now on your shop page ( I see the add to cart buttons are properly showed.

Hi, in your plugin description says you it completely hides products during unavailability period. But does it change the status from draft to published, when the product is visible again? I have a product which I sell only on Monday, so from Tuesday to Sunday changes to draft but on Monday must turn back available automatically. Can I achieve this function with your plugin?


yes it will revert the post status from draft to publish during the avaiability period.

awesome, thanks :)

you’re welcome :)

Hello, I have a question, if you place every day of the week the timer from Monday to Sunday, the second next it will continue to appear or be as a draft?

If you enable the option to hide the product during the unavailability period, it will be setted as draft. Otherwise it will be visible but unpurchasabe (add to cart button is removed ).

Okay, but I will put the time only one week, seven days, after that the count will come back or is as a draft?

Once reached Monday again, the product visibility will be setted according that day configuration and so on. You configure availability according to days of the week, not for a specific week of a month.


I purchased your plugin and unfortunately I don’t think it does exactly what I am looking for.

I have the same product in multiple categories.


Product 1 is added to category 1 + category 2 + category 3 + category 4

When I set category 1 to expire, it makes all the other categories that have product 1 expire as well.

I want to share products across multiple categories, (days of the week) but only have the category expire, not the products.

Is this possible?

Thank you very much for you help,

plugin allows to bulk assign avaiability rules to products using categories. This means that if you select Category 1, the plugin will assign the avaiability rule to all products that have the Category 1 associated.

What do you mean when “expire category”? Unfortunately there is no way to set a taxonomy to expire. As reported in the plugin description:
W.A.S. plugin you can manage the availability of all your products, scheduling it throughout the day of the week

Product works on DEMO page, but not on my site. The interface and options are different. Not getting a countdown on my products and there is no option to change the before, during or after messages.

I’m sorry, but this is beyond my understanding. Is there any other way to explain it?

Yes, It seems that your theme is not fully WooCommerce compliant. Try to fix it (by reporting to the developer) or switching to a 100% WooCommerce compliant theme.

OK, I will look into that, but I’m pretty sure that it is fully compliant.


I am using the Availability Scheduler on this website: and it worked fine until recently. Unfortunately, when scheduling the expiration date for January 4th 2017, the plugin thinks this date is in the past (maybe January 4th 2016?) and immediately reverts published products back to draft status. Any ideas?


this sounds strange. I’ve just done a test on the demo site, using the booking product: user: demo
pass: demo
setting as expiration date the 4th January 2017, and the product is correctly still visible.
Which plugin version are you running? can you try update it to the latest 5.6 version? In case it is already at the latest version, would be possible to have an admin backend access to do some tests? (If so send me the login data via private message. To send a private message: click on my name then use the low-right box).

Hello, thank you for the quick response. I manually updated to 5.6 (I didn’t get an update notification) but the problem remains. I will send you backend access credentials via message! Cheers

thank you. I’ll reply via email!


There are 3 Categories, and need to be shown in different timings in a Shop. But it is setting only for one category at a time and also working for one day. Could you please tell me how to set different timings for multiple categories. Ex: Category-1 : 7 AM to 5 PM , Category-2: 7 AM to 2 PM, Category-3: 5 PM to 8 PM. in all weekdays. Thanks in advance.

to assign multiple rules to different categories, you can use the bulk editor.
Click on the Avaiability scheduler menu voice, then on the Select product categories and select the one you need, then for each day tab configure the availability then hit the save button.
Repeat this operation for all the categories you need.

The bulk editor will assign to the products belonging to the selected categories the availability rules you have configured.


Scheduled timings not working perperly.

It is not activating/deactiving Addtocart button as per the shedule timings that we set.

I updated server timings as per the localtimings(Perth AU). I configured it for customer role. Wordpress version that we are using is 4.6.1. website: Is it possible to upgrade this plugin to lastest One(WordPress Posts & WooCommerce Restrict Access / Products Scheduler) to schedule timings automatically for specific period of time. Please let me know. Thanks.

make sure to have properly configured the Time offset value in the plugin options menu. It has to be setted in order to make the server time matching your local time.

For what concerns the WordPress Posts & WooCommerce Restrict Access / Products Scheduler is not a plugin upgrade but is another plugin.
You have to buy it in order to be able to use it in your insallation.

Looks good. Can this be used on a frontpage where I embed Woo products using a shortcode?

the plugin has been designed to manage products only in Shop and Products pages, it has not been tested for pages where are used shortcodes to display products.

Feel free to use the demo site to test if it is working according to your needs.

Getting these database errors: MySQL 5.6.33.

[26-Nov-2016 15:50:09 UTC] WordPress database error You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘AND products.post_status = ‘publish’ AND productmeta_hide.meta_key = ‘_wa’ at line 6 for query SELECT products.ID as ID, productmeta_hide.meta_value as hide, productmeta_expiring_date.meta_value as expiring_date FROM wp_0drxn4srdj_posts as products INNER JOIN wp_0drxn4srdj_postmeta as productmeta_hide ON productmeta_hide.post_id = products.ID INNER JOIN wp_0drxn4srdj_postmeta as productmeta_expiring_date ON productmeta_expiring_date.post_id = products.ID WHERE products.ID = AND products.post_status = ‘publish’ AND productmeta_hide.meta_key = ‘_was_hide’ AND productmeta_expiring_date.meta_key = ‘_was_expiring_date’ made by require(‘wp-blog-header.php’), wp, WP->main, WP->query_posts, WP_Query->query, WP_Query->get_posts, apply_filters_ref_array, call_user_func_array, WAS_Remover->AS_check_if_unhide_products_and_update_cart, WAS_Remover->update_cart_contents, WAS_Remover->AS_current_product_can_be_purchased_during_current_period, WAS_product->is_product_expired_but_visible, WAS_product->product_has_expired

which plugin version are you running? is the latest 5.6 version? in which page are you getting that error?

the error is here:
WHERE products.ID = AND products.post_status it should be:
WHERE products.ID = {any_product_here} AND products.post_status .

would be possible to have an admin access? I need to do some tests on your installation to figure out what’s wrong and why your installation doesn’t fill that query inserting a valid product id.

Hello, I bought your WC Availability Scheduler. Now I see, that there is no possibility to set a product available from a later date. We sell books. We notify new books, that will be published three months later for example. So the customer can order in advance. Therefore we need a product page message like this: “This product will be available starting january 15. Pre-order now!” Is there a solution with your plugin? desta

I don’t have fully understood what you mean from “later date” and the possibility tro “pre-order” the product. So it has to be visible or completely invisible in the store? In more details, which of the following solution are you trying to achieve?
  1. the product is visible in store but not purchasable until the publish date
  2. the product is completely hidden and visible only after the publish date
  3. the product is visible in a “preorder” mode that allow the user to purchase the product for a price different from its regular (or for free)
The WCAS plugin, as you can read from its description page and how can be tested in the demo site, allows you only to schedule the product availability for each day of the week and to unpublish it at a specific date.

For your case maybe would be more suitable this other plugins of mine:
  1. WooCommerce Product Scheduler: it allows you to automatically publish and unpublish products at specific date or according to “time” rules. It also allows you to make them “unpurchasable” during publish periods. This means that the user can see the products but cannot buy them
  2. WooCommerce Pre-order: It allows you to set prerder period for a product, customizing “add to cart” buttons (in order to set something like “pre-order now”), add custom text to product and change item price during preorder

But it depends of your needs. If you send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) we can talk via email and I can better advice you.

Hello, I have a custom page with products. Will this plugin work on the products in this page ?

The plugin has been designed to work on standard WooCommerce shpm and product pages.
If you have altered or customized the standard templates or you are using some costimized pages that are not calling the woocommerce actions needed to properly render all the page sub-parts, the plugin may not properly work.

Hello, I have a problem displaying products since I use your plugin. Indeed, with the Enfold theme, when your plugin is activated, the products shown in the list disappear … Here is an example: Do you have an idea ? Thank you, Aurelien

which plugin version are you running? can you update to the latest 5.8 version? You can download it directly from the plugin CodeCanyon page.

How do you render that product list? is that a special shortcode, a woocommerce shortocode, theme component or a 3rd party plugin component? Please not that the plugin implements its features only for shop and product pages.

Could you share a complete screenshot of the availability configuration you are using for the product you are experiencing the issue? You should also send me an admin access to your backend In order to perform some more deep test to understand how that “list” is rendered and how it works (to send login data, use private message. To send a private message: click on my name then use the low-right box).

NOTE: if you have enabled the Hide product during unavailability period option, it is normal that product are hidden. Make sure that that option is not enabled.

Hi, Thank you for your prompt response. My plugin is in 5.8 version.

I am sending you admin access in private message;)

You will see, my products are visible even when they are not available. I use for this page test 3 method of presentation, grid, slider and list. With the grid and the slider no problem …

This plugin has a number of bugs, including not being able to uninstall it fully.

can you report in a more detailed way the bugs you are experiencing? Furthermore the plugin cannot deny the system to delete it. This kind of issue suggests that there is something wrong on your installation/server (and makes the plugin to not properly work).

Make sure that you have the right permissions to execute and delete the plugin folder contents, it should be 775.

Hi Good day,

Before we’re going to purchase your plugin can you please confirm that we can disable our WooCommerce products on Saturday and Sunday only?

Thank you!

yes, for those days you can select the Disable for this day for the desidered day tabs (in your case Saturday and Sunday) :

You can also enable the Hide product during unavailability period option (in the Hide product section of the day tab) to completely hide the product from the store.

You can do some tests in the demo site:
user: demo
pass: demo
To verify if the plugin features fit your needs and expectations before purchasing! :)