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Where can I find language files in german? Thanks a lot.

to translate plugin string use the woocommerce-availability-scheduler-de_DE.po you find inside the language folder inside the plugin folder. Use a po editor (like ) edit the file, translate the strings you need then save. It will create a .mo file that you have to save back into the languages folder.


kisafi Purchased

Hello, Is there a way to see the current availability settings of the plugin? For example – I want to see what I have blocked or available for Tuesday, Wednesday etc?

I’m sorry but unfortunately the plugin hasn’t such a feature.


giac_14 Purchased

Hi there, i’d be interested in changing the product status from available to out of stock at the end of the availability, is that possible?

no, I’m sorry but unfortunately the plugin is not designed to offer such a feature.

I would like to use this plugin i believe it will satisfy my needs but the demo appears not to work for me. Also, is this compatible with the simba hosting store hours plugin?

what do you exactly mean that the demo site is not working for you? I’ve just performed a test setting the availability for the Product 1 and as you can see from the following image: it seems to properly work. Please provide me more details about the issue you are experiencing.

For what concerns the simba hosting, there should be no problem if it fully compatible with wordpress hosting. However I’ve not performed any test on it so I cannot give you assure you at 100%.

i tried to set it to categories in the bulk setting and it did not work for me

I’ve just perfoemd a test assigning the availability for thursday for category 1 products and the bulk assigner seems to properly work:

Make sure you have properly selected the category and in the day tab selection, to have properly setted the availability settings for the days you need.

I installed it and it completely broke my site. I get a blank page.

wp cli does not work. No errors. Had to move the directory out of /plugins to recover my site.

Afterwards, the Installed Plugins page said the plugin had to be deactivated due to an error, but I don’t see an error in debug.log or apache2 error.log

deactiavation error message is printed due to the fact that you moved the plugin out from the plugin directory without first deactivating it. Wordpress then detects that the plugin folder is missing then deactivates it warning about the error.

For what concerns the blank page, without any further clue, it is quite hard to say which is the cause of the isseu you are experiencing. There could be several reasons that may cause it, poor server resources, DBMS issues, 3rd party plugin interference, etc.

Could you try enabling the wordpress debug mode ( ) and report me if you are getting any error? If not, If you send me via private message (click on my name and then use the low-right box) the following:
  1. you email address
  2. Full admin access to the wp-admin area
  3. a FTP access

I can try to perform some tests to see if it possible to have more clues about the issue.

Hi, I was using the plugin, it was fine, was using the Bulk availability scheduler for a few times as I was trying to understand how the plugin works. But suddenly, my site can’t be accessed (error 500).

So I went to cpanel, and deleted the plugin files/folder, after that I am able to access my site again.

I reinstalled the plugin again, and my site can’t be accessed again.

Do you know what is wrong?


without any further clue it is quite hard to determine the cause of the issue. Can you try updating to the latest 7.9 plugin version?

Try enabling the wordpress debug mode ( ) and read the server error log to see if any further clue is reported

Hi there, im getting errors on my single product edit page

load-scripts.php?c=0&load[]=jquery-core,jquery-migrate,jquery-ui-core,jquery-ui-widget,jquery-ui-mouse,jquery-ui-sortable,jquery-ui-draggable,jquery-ui-drop&load[]=pable&ver=4.9.5:2 Uncaught Error: no such method ‘instance’ for autocomplete widget instance

along with other errors. Help fix.

it sounds strange because those javscript libraries are not loaded by the Availability Scheduler plugin, are core libraries loaded by wordpress.

As you can see for example from the demo site:
user: demo
pass: demo
the plugin is not raising any javascript error.

Could you try disable the Availability Scheduler plugin and report me if you are still getting the issue?

Hello there, I just accidentally bought this plugin twice. I bought it a few minutes ago. Can I please get a refund? I only needed one site license, I just didn’t realize I already bought it.



yes, no problem. Make a refund request through this page: . I’ll verify then then number of licenses associated to your account and if more than one I’ll authorize the refund.

the refund has been approved. Please If you enjoyed my support and/or my plugin please consider leaving the 5 stars, It would help me with sales and I would really appreciate! :)
(to leave a rating: go to your profile page, click on “Downloads” and from there you can rate to your purchases)

Have a nice day!

Hi, we bought this plugin, but none of the data are saving. All the fields become blank as soon as we save.

let me know how to send you the credential


this issue doesn’t depend on the plugin but depend on the fact that WordPress is not able to save all the posted values due to a server misconfiguration. This usually relies on the fact tha you have a to low level for the PHP max input vars setting.
Check its value by clicking on the WooCommerce -> status menu. It should be above 6000. Try however to increase it by editing your php.ini file, restart your server and then check again the Status menu to be sure the modification took effect.

Once done try saving.If still not working, try again to raise that value until you find the correct setting by which your server is properly able to save all the posted variables.