Discussion on Woo Product Table Pro - WooCommerce Product Table view solution

Discussion on Woo Product Table Pro - WooCommerce Product Table view solution

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Hi. Do you know if this product works with following plugin?

We need table to remove product depending on user role.

Check with our free version: Actually I have no that plugin for checking. You can contact with our support


gmust Purchased

Hello, thanks for the great plugin – I like to add meta woocommerce columns to the table, please how do I go about this. Thank you


MatiasI Purchased

Hi how are you? Is there any way to include the Flatsome Theme quick view option? The YITH is cumbersome. Thanks!

Plz contact with our support With more details

Hi, may i know if i want to make table can show the image, the quantity, flavor choice column and add to cart this few field, can i using this plugin to do it?

Yes u able to make this type table. Thanks


mnorai Purchased

Good morning, I have a question before I buy the Pro version….the Plugin works very nice but I want to know the following issue: I have 3 different prices for every product, normal customer, Wholesale customer and Switzeland wholesale customer. The shop show the acconding product price according to the role of a customer(normal, wholesale and Switwerland wholesale) Is possible that your plugin, take the price also acconding to the role of a customer? Thanks in advance and hope you undestand me. Regards

We need to know little bit more for understand clearly. Because its may need to do customization. since you are our pro user so please create a ticket on here: and give us some screenshots if possible and please tell us on ticket that you are from Codecanyon. then we will easily recognize you.


mnorai Purchased

Hello, I already solve the issue. Thanks anyway! Regards

Thanks a lot for confirmation.

In the case of the product search engine. I do not want that when they enter to search, I have visible products. What I want is that the products start to be displayed only when the customer starts the search. and exit the products, or the products related to your search.

this search products page:

I need resolve this issues.. thanks..

We do not have this feature at the moment. So it needs to be customized and a charge will apply If you are interested in doing so, please create a ticket at

and mention that you are from codecayon. then we can easily recognize you.

HI. please check ticket support. I waiting. Thanks.

we have replied to your ticket on our support so please check it and let us know.

Hello, I’ve done several tests with the free version, including uninstalling other plugins and I can’t use the option to redirect directly to the checkout. I imported the model code: When clicking on book/buy the redirection always happens to the empty cart page. This strange feature sometimes works, but the vast majority of the time it doesn’t. Is it something in the imported code? Can you help me? How do I fix this?


It’s our pro feature so this is not worked on the free version. You need to the pro version for this.


Do you refer to the resource with the course example table? or the feature that redirects to the checkout as it is available in the free version, right?

We have given some fixability to the user. Like, if you are an old user or you have less than 4 tables, then you will get this pro feature free. Now, if there is some problem, we can check. Please submit a ticket at

Hello, just purchased and on the free version I couldn’t get everything to look good when resizing and tried on a mac, windows, iPhone and android and so I bought the plugin in hopes I could get it to all lineup and I still can not. Is there something more I have to do to get the tables to look good on pc and phone?

Also, I don’t want a scroll bar horizontally because most people won’t know to scroll to the left, I would rather it just stack so you don’t have to scroll left and right.

yes, you can make your table responsive by following this link: . Normally our table is displayed as auto responsive like this – ( when your scrollbar appeared? in desktop view or mobile view? if you want to hide the scroll bar in desktop view then you need to enlarge your table container width and if you want to hide it on mobile view then you can set your columns as an inner item as per the given tutorial link.

If you still have a problem then you can create a ticket at: and we will give you a better solution on there

Interesting, can I just show categories instead of products? I don’t really need products, just display categories related to custom term…

Yes, you can show your categories instead of products on your product table

is it capable of identifying custom terms too? I’m using WOOF plugin to search for Make Model Year – custom term (Audi A6 2006)

Yes, Our plugin support Custom Terms. First check with our free version:

By the way, you also can contact with our support

I’m planning to use your plugin to ceate a POS (Point of sale) page to be used at our local shop only. 1- Is it possible to add a Barcode column which will be create from the product SKU? 2- Is it possible to make the search show the item or add the item to cart when we use a barcode sccaner in our local shop? 3- Is there any custom field and plugins can be used to make that works with your plugin? Thanks

With customization, all possible. You can contact

Hello friends, I need to buy your tables plugin for a new project, but I need to be sure that the quick view displays without problems the conditional variations that are made with this premium plugin:

I also need to know if to show that quick view, this free version is enough or do I need the premium?

thanks for your answers

Yes supported and I would like to confirm that quick view free version is enough for our plugin. no need premium version. Thanks

Thanks for your answer.

If I buy your plugin and I have problems configuring what I need, will you give me support?

Yes, obviously we will support you. and this our plugin document link: you can read it. this is our support link:


Grenkox Purchased

Hello, Im currently testing the demo plug in but im experiencing several problems. I also have some doubts, here they are:

-How can i remove the circle with the cart total that is in the right bottom corner -The table does not display well in mobiles, it is not responsive. -The thumbnails does not display -The quantity selector does not work -How can I display all the items, instead of displays different pages divided by numbers.

Here you can see where im testing the plug in


please create a ticket at: . we will give you better solation to you on there and also mention that you are from codecanyon. if mention that, then we are quick recognize you.


Grenkox Purchased

ok thanks, I just did.

Thanks a lot, you will get reply asap I hope.


kirkvin Purchased

The “View Cart Button” needs to appear Below or Above the “Add to Cart Button” after the product is “added to cart”. Please add this option as this little feature is really needed.


kirkvin Purchased

Looking forward to it.

We have fixed your issue so please create a ticket at : and please mention that your are from codecanyon. we will give you updated version on our support forum.

We have fixed “view cart” display issue. now you can dwonload our plugin updated version from our github: ( ) if you dont know how to download and install file from github then follow this link:

Note: In our tutorial we said to users that download a specific version from gitub but here you need to download file from master branch. after download master branch file from github you can folllow of our tutorial next all steps.

remco12 Purchased

Demo site seems to be down? Cannot see anything…

remco12 Purchased

Seemed to be blocked by ISP. Where/in what country is the site hosted? i think the country is blocked…

remco12 Purchased

Demo runs now, country where site is hosted was blocked, Is ther also a way to get search options in a Widget?

Right now we have not a widget of our search option, but if you want then we can make it for you and for that we will need more information from you so you can contact us on this mail: or create a ticket at our support forum :

It is possible to keep a single active license in two environments, like in development and production, without purchasing two licenses? In the end is the same project and only one is exposed to final users. Thanks!

Yes, one licences is enough for you.

what theme do you use in the demos? Or which themes are best suited to use with the plugin, as I need to buy the plugin and a theme, and I want the best possible integration. I saw many comments talking about it

Thank you very much in advance

we are using our Astha( theme for the demos. you can try it. also, you can use storefront( theme it will work fine.


dailce Purchased

Great plugin have it looking and working well. I’ve just added the following plugin: - but the options I set in TM extra product options don’t seem to work with your table plugin….. any plans to make it compatible?

Also if I choose to make a product “Hidden” from catalog, it still shows up in the table – not sure if that is normal behavior. Let m know. Thanks.

thanks a lot for your comment, I would like to make full compatible with that plugin. Plz contact with And plz create a ticket with your message. Thanks

Hi Amazing work!

Pre-sale question,

does it support formula to calculate the price in a column? for example, show product price*0.8 in discount column.

Thank you.

By default, we don’t have that functionality. But you can create a discount column and do that calculation. Please follow this article, it’s may help you. If you need more help so please create a ticket at

Hi! Its possible to have multiple quantity add to cart from a variable products in a single line of product? Take a look a this screenshot: Thanks!

Yes its possible but it’s may need customize. so please create a ticket at here we will give you better support


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