Discussion on Wizard Pro

Discussion on Wizard Pro

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Hi there.. i’m interested with the script, but do this form support multiple files uploading for pictures?.. thanks..

like your form. but i have aspx / c# web app. does it work? or you have instruction for .net application?

How do I get the contact information to go to my e-mail address?

How do I get the filled out information from the form to go to my e-mail address?

Ask before buying:

I could do this?

I need you in every step you send the data to a table in a database and create a summary at the end.

It could do …?

Thanks tucuta!

Hi men, a have a problem:

the problem is that I can not enter form data in the database and the example that comes is very poor.

If you could help me I will be eternally grateful

My code:

Here is the full code is that here does not look good.

Hi people, i’m waiting for them to give me an answer yet.

You could send an attachment with more real examples …? ie one to insert into database etc etc …?

Thank you very much and really really good script.

many Thanks

Incredible, no one answers.

Please I need an example of how to interact with a database, if the admin was kind enough to give us an example would be great or if anyone could do it and be grateful at heart.

many Thanks

I am having trouble getting the *required option to stop the form from moving forward. Any ideas on how to fix? Thanks!

I have implemented a registration form in a wordpress site and added scripts and css files in header.php and code in the particular page, but still not working can guide me?

live link

Demo is not working.

Demo is down