WIFI Manager - Android App Source Code

WIFI Manager - Android App Source Code

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WIFI Router Manager – Whois, Who use my WIFI, It will detect your easiest gateway, which is the Setup your Router Page whatever it is, and open directly to your WiFi Router Admin Page and also gives search for Router username and Password in database(offline) by your Router Model.

Discover all information which devices are connecting to Wi-Fi network, Setup Router Page, check connected devices on your WiFi, troubleshoot your network problems and gives best network performance, with the world’s most famous & liked network toolkit.

Designed of block WIFI to monitor your WiFi connecting devices and protect WiFi security. Through this app, in some seconds you have to know how much and which device(like IP address, model name) is connecting to your router with IP, MAC ID.

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Features of WIFI Router Manager – Whois, Who use my WIFI Application:

  • Block any type of Stranger Devices using WIFI Router Manager
  • Default Username and Password List of Router –
  • Search wifi connected devices by Mac Address, IP address and Device ID
  • Show history of all connected, discovered networks
  • Show full profile of connected devices such as Name of Device, Manufacturer ID, Device IP address and Device Mac address
  • Setup Page of Router
  • Setup WiFi password
  • Check Who use my WiFi
  • WiFi checker
  • WiFi blocker for some devices
  • Default Router Admin
  • Default Router Password
  • Check devices on WiFi
  • Which type devices are connected to WiFi
  • This way to Know If Someone use your WiFi
  • Whois

What You Get :-

  • Full Android App Source Code
  • Documentation

Installation / Re-skin Support :-  IN JUST $30

Re-skin your app with your details like :

  • Add Your Logo
  • Change Splash Screen
  • Change App Name
  • Change Package Name
  • Add Admob Monetization
  • Push Notification
  • Change App Theme
  • Remove Facebook Monetization

All Re-skin details should provided by the client before working.

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