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hi i really like the look of this, but am also with Eplanetdesign and was surprised not to see conditional logic, i was using a different options script here off code canyon and had to heavily customize it for features like this after the developer abandoned it… I will see how this progresses but we too would be interested in the extended license but would like to see some of the following features…

- Conditional Logic or if not conditional logic ability to put fields inside an accordion

- tabs/accordions for layout purposes see above

- cookie control of the current menu tabs – for example if the last tab i was on in your demo was “Typography and Color” when i return to the options page it also returns to this tab and not all options.

- option to have a scroll to top button

- help tab options

- the restore and backup feature looks good but also an import/export option to allow users to move settings between different sites.

- the color picker needs a transparent option

- gradient color picker would be awesome!

I will probably purchase this at the weekend and see if i cant include these features myself – alternatively I would be willing to pay for these features too….

just thought of a few other features…

- repeatable fields - drag n drop/sortable fields

For example if you want to handle your social icons with your theme/plugin… - you can keep adding upload fields for each icon you upload - you can re-arrange the order they are presented

hope that makes sense

I’m trying to log into the demo, but after putting in the username/password nothing happens


We are not aware of such an issue, maybe it was a temporarily problem. Please try again and it should work fine. Good luck.

Sorry, I don’t know what this is or what it should be used for. It’s obviously not for white labeling the back-end, so what does it do? Can you please give me an example for it’s use? Thanks.


Whitelabel adds an options panel to your theme or plugin. You can login here: Username: demo Password: demo and see what kind of options will be added to the backend. All the best.

The demo page is not working…

Hi Claudyaguerr,

I’ve tested it right now and it’s working. Make sure you remove the Envato top frame before logging in. All the best.

Looking good! Just a quick question: Are the options stored separately or as one option array?

No. The options are stored individually in the standard WP options table and they are added with autoload = true. WP makes only one request for all autoload options at any WP initialization. When you use the function get_option, all options are already stored in the cache. All the best.

Ah, now it makes sense. I whish you good luck with the sales, I’ll keep an eye on this ;-)

Thank you. Have a nice day.

Hey, I care a lot. I hope to understand the operation. I can generate a with plugin options, without having to install anything additional. That is, I create a plugin with options, this plugin can sell without having to give the customer anything extra, ie only give my plugin folder?


I’m sorry but I don’t understand the issue and how it relates to the Whitelabel plugin. Please try to formulate a clear question. Thank you.

Hi AlexPeter I was wondering if this plugin is still supported? Unable to test demo Thanks for your time D

Hello, the whitelabel can he cleared in the backoffice information on the update of wordpress ?

Hi, I’d like to see the demo but it isn’t working? Thanks.


There was a temporary issue with the demo, it should work fine now. All the best.

Hi, i want to purchase this item , where i can find the documentation if purchased ? Thanks


For any of our products, you can find the complete documentation in the download package. All the best.

I don’t seem to be able to get the WordPress editor to show, even when using your own default settings. I am on the latest version of wordpress.

Hello Nathan,

We’ve not released yet a compatibility version with WP 4.3.1, so using the latest WP version could cause such issues. We are working on a new Whitelabel version, that should address this. All the best.

Hello, can you please let me know when this issue will be fixed? It has been 4 months now…


We have not released a compatibility version, because we did some tests and it seems to be working fine with the current one. Please open a ticket to our support: with WP and FTP access data and we will investigate on your platform what is happening. Thank you.

Hi, this looks really great. Just a few of questions before I purchase:

1. is your code installed as a plugin only or can you bake I bake it into my theme? 2. Has conditional logic been added? 3. Is there a repeatable fields type?

Let me know and I will buy it promptly.

Kind regards


Yes, the code is installed as a plugin. For your other two questions, please give us more details about what you need and we will let you know if the plugin can do it. Thank you.

Hello Alex, when you will be release new version ?

please update your plugin. + add support custom post types select box + add custom taxonomy select box + code form is not working correctly(if i add js codes is not working correctly)

Hi, we are using your plugin its nice and working fine for us. But, our question is how to export these options so that we can import again and every thing remains as we want ? We, are planning to import dummy data in which all data will be fetched including widgets, posts and options. But, we are unable to export our options, guide us how to achieve that so that we can achieve what for what we are using for ?

Hi. How to translate that plugin?

in the line 53 options.php $options[] = array( “name” => __(‘General’,’javadly’), “type” => “section”);

my text domain is ‘javadly’

in the .po file: #: admin/options.php:53 msgid “General” msgstr “Əsas”

That is not translating!

hi, how can i insert a value on the wordpress editor?

This is the buggiest plugin on Evanto… Don’t buy it.