Where is my cat - Construct3 & HTML5

Where is my cat - Construct3 & HTML5

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Where is my cat ? Usually, it is said that all cats are gray at night. Your mission is to find the 100 hidden cats in this urban setting using your mouse (on a computer) or by touching the screen with your finger (on a mobile device or tablet).


1. Carefully observe the cityscape, both day and night, to spot the hidden gray cats.

2. Click on a cat as soon as you spot it with your mouse (or touch it on the touchscreen) to select it.

3. Every time you find a cat, it will be counted in your score.

4. If you have difficulty finding the last few cats, you can use a hint. Click on the help button when you have only 5 cats left to find. The hint will show you the location of a cat to guide you.

5. Keep searching for the 100 gray cats until you’ve found them all.

6. Once you’ve found all 100 cats, you have successfully completed the game.


• Full game ready to be included on your website

• Resolution full HD 1920px × 1080px

• Touch mobile, keyboard

• One-Touch

• Procedural difficulty – Never the same Game


• Compatible with Construct 3

• AdMob Supported (not included in code)

• Developed on Construct 3 personal license

Files included

✓ HTML5 folder (compatible with all popular browsers)

✓ PNG graphics,

✓ Documentation (help file)

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